Phase + Filter = Essential FX Trick

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  • Dizzy

    Ean, you are by far the best thing going for digital djs on the net. Thanks for passing on all of your incredible knowledge. And I can't wait to get my hands on a set of those grip mats.

  • luv2xra

    Another Great video. Trying it out as I type this.

  • Ean Golden

    they do more than just add grip- they extend the non touch sensitive area making the jog wheel much more useful so there are no accidental triggers.

  • rBOB

    Excellent add-on!! I bought a box of those rubber grip finger tips at Office Max for extra control over the slick surface, but the touch sensor on the plates wouldn't engage at all while wearing them. My hands have gotten used to scratching on the plates, but they slip from time to time when my hands are too dry.

  • Ean Golden

    Those cool grip mats are awesome! They are a brand new product we are about to announce and have for sale in a few weeks.

  • aiden

    ^^oops..the anonymous one above was me^^

  • Anonymous

    ya, that 'The Who' track remixed by sebastien on aoki's essential mix is tight.. wish i could find it for sale..

    and, very nice post ean! gotta love that deck copy feature!

  • Burndownthediscos

    It's SebastiAn "H.A.L."

    He's pretty much the best thing going in electro if you ask me. He's on Ed Banger records

    Check out his tunes Walkman (re- edit), Greel and Motor

  • jimmymac

    Hi Ean,

    What are those cool grip mats you have on your VCI, they look useful?

  • poseur

    very cool! presumably, one can use the track delay control in Live to create the phase effect?

    sorry, gotta ask… what's the name of the track? (also very cool.)