Advanced FX combos in Traktor Pro

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  • Freak Roller

    i was able to custom map this  on my Hercules 4 mix. it works seamlessly! thanks DJ Tech Tools for showing me whats up once again!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, the one with the Cassius chords literally made me tear up a little… Great stuff.

  • Rooshdy

    Hawtin uses a bridge between Traktor and Abelton, i.e feeds data from traktor into fx on Abelton Live8 and out to mixer. Unless you gotta Mac you may struggle to find that sound in Traktor.
    I’ve been attempting to recreate simple delay/reverb/filter sounds heard on decks, FX & 909. This was successful useing a standard filter plus a reverb both chained, with delay T3 on the advanced. I use a akai LPD8 to do this.

  • Jordan

    Does anyone know how to make the effects used by techno DJ’s such as Hawtin & Loco Dice? similar to whats found in this clip. Its used in build ups by the majority of techno DJ’s. I reckon its something with reverb, beat masher and something else.

    If anyone knows how to do this through ableton as well that would be a great help!


  • Dylan

    Been using TTFX for a while now and so pleased to see it added to your new mapping via preset. Keep up the great work guys. Oh and desperate for a Midi fighter but May not long away now.

    To Ben – Its just timing and practice. Been DJing for 17 years and i find Fader FX intuitive and musical. Try practicing splicing and cutting on an external mixer ideally with a turntable then utilise the same principles to the VCI. This should help with your timing.

  • fafaleroi

    Oh oh oh thanks for using my track, very cool effects

  • Gary

    I can’t tell how you are tuning on the effects. The only thing on my system that makes the effect button turn ‘red’ = on is touching the disc. that makes the first effect turn on ….the other I have to run on and off manually but you seem to do it on the vci??


  • dj rjh

    I need the mp3 to the Fafaleroi song. It’s mad sick

  • DJ Ray

    Thanks Ean. Love seeing you at work. Really appreciate it.

  • Immuzikation

    I got the fader to turn on Effect 3 using Firmware (1.1/1.2). I can’t explain Why this works for me, but it did.

    I assigned these to the fader, in this order (which seems to be important):
    Effect 3 On – Direct – 0
    Effect 3 On – Toggle – Inverted
    Effect 3 On – Hold

    et voila…

  • Quenepas

    McLovin’ this…………..

    Like peeps above me, how to maybe do banks of FX presets if available? Maybe shift + whatever may let you scroll thru the presets?

    Thanks for the video Ean!

  • Trump

    Ean- This is awesome. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking into effects combos lately, so you couldn’t have picked a better time for this vid in my eyes.
    However, I’ve been trying to find a few superknob combos like your Freeze trick or this one ( from ArmyOfMe.
    Anyone have any suggestions here?

  • Mr.Nicklebe

    Pretty please post how to change the effects presets. You said a while back when you did the live chat thing for the 3.0 mapping that you’d be telling everyone how to change the presets. There’s so many midi commands in the Tsi its crazy hard to find the commands that have the presets in them :p

  • Anonymous

    please more! love your effect chains, trying to recreate some of these effects in ableton, having some trouble, anybody else trying it in ableton?

  • dj professor ben

    These sound great when you do them; when I do them they sound like crap 😛 Can you give any tips on what movements you are practicing to have such fine control over them? It almost always sounds like too much when I start going in fader fx mode.

  • Tearz

    I like the shirt! (y)
    and great combos, never used the turntable fx before, it sounds good.
    thanks ean for this great video

  • russell477

    I really like the use of the Turntable FX, the sudden cuts of the beat sound great…

  • Boris Frankfurt am Main

    Thank you for your great Job Ean!

  • Nicholas

    Great post once again. Been using the same effect combo as the last one for quite a while and it’s real cool to see that you like it also 🙂

    All the other effects combo look great too, i especially liked the first one. Really cool of you to be sharing them…but if you keep it up like this you are gonna create a new generation of way too good and smart djs and there is gonna be way too much competition around ahahahahha

    P.s Gotta love the shirt too ahahahahah 😛

  • Nate8210

    loving all the fx’s shown and will be madly practicing them,
    also by any chance would any one be able to post how to change the Fx Presets so i can replace the old ones with these new advanced or different Fx on the VCI-100 3.4 mapping, keep up the great work Ean 🙂

  • ridim

    great POST.. more of this plz

  • Cmster

    [quote comment=”28797″]Its sad how easy you make that look.[/quote]

    Just so so good

  • Lupine

    Loving the last combo too! It is really musical and seems to work well with a variety of music. Thanks once again for sharing all your hard work with us.

  • Peter


  • BRad

    Wow the dj tech tools black screen at the end the volume is way high compared to rest.

  • Steve

    Really like that gater/FFTR combo

  • Schemester

    Its sad how easy you make that look.

  • DJ Bloo

    too good.