Musik Messe 2010- New DJ Controllers

Without a presence at musik messe 2010, Dj TechTools sent one of our dedicated forum members, Maxxis, deep into the thick of the trade show to find us some cool new gear. Initial reports from other blogs have been short on anything eye catching, so I was quite surprised to see  3 new dj controllers that might spark your interest.


MANUFACTURER             Reloop

NAME                                 Contour

MRSP PRICE                    N/A

MAP PRICE                 N/A

IN STORE DATE                 July/August 2010

KEY FEATURES            4 Channel audio interface included, Metal Chassis, 4 encoders with LED rings.


MANUFACTURER             iCon

NAME                                 iStage

MRSP PRICE                      100 €

MAP PRICE                        90 €

IN STORE DATE                 June 2010

KEY FEATURES            Velocity sensitive Pads, Dual Color LEDS, Single Encoder,

MANUFACTURER              iCon

NAME                                  iCreative

MRSP PRICE                       100 €

MAP PRICE                         90 €

IN STORE DATE                  June 2010

KEY FEATURES           Multi Mode Touch screen offers several different types of control including;

  1. Piano: X-axis as 16 notes and Y-axis as 8 steps of modulation
  2. Drum: Touch screen divided into 8 drum pads
  3. Fader: X-axis divided into 8 portions for 8 faders and Y-axis as sliding up and down for volume change
  4. Creativ 1-3: Push, Rub or tap to the touch screen to create complex phrases with a single finger

MANUFACTURER             iCon

NAME                                  iDJ

MRSP PRICE                       100 €

MAP PRICE                        90 €

IN STORE DATE                 June 2010

KEY FEATURE            USB DJ Controller with OptiSen™ optical scratch wheels (Touch Sensitive)


NAME                          Otus Raw
MRSP PRICE               699 €
MAP PRICE                not established now
IN STORE DATE         middle/end May 2010
–    Velocity Sensitive Pads
–    8 Rotary Knobs
–    7.5” Jog Wheel
–    Two Heavy Duty Pitch Sliders
–    Deck Switch Button

The Otus RAW is not new but they re-engineered a few features and are preparing to release it finally. Great!


WildStyle VCI-300 from Djs Face


Big thanks to Maxxis, who ran around the fair all day shooting photos for us. There were a few other  new controllers that we didn’t show in this post but to be honest, these were the only ones that really caught my interest. Shout out in the comments if you saw anything else that should be added to the post and what gear we should review in the coming months.

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