The Vestax VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition

Nearly four years ago, I took the Vestax VCI-100 and made it better – way better. The result was a limited edition “Ean Golden” VCI-100 that sold out in only two hours. It was the first product we ever sold and it started the DJ TechTools tradition of epic mappings that squeeze every ounce of performance from Traktor. Several of the features we invented, like dual pole filters, fader effects and loop recorders have been copied by manufactures and even built right into Traktor itself over the years. Today, I am proud to share with you the next evolution of our collaboration with Vestax, the VCI-400 Ean Golden edition.


Vestax Japan is making our controller with a totally custom look including matte black paint, glossy highlights and DJTT’s signature blue colored filters. These are hands down the sexiest DJ controllers we have ever made. The ultra modern design and a sturdy metal chassis give this bad boy a seriously professional flavor. The standard labels for things like EQ are in a subtle grey, creating a very clean look while the performance sections pop out with a glossy black background.

Big thanks to Army of Me, one of our DJTT readers, who created this awesome design.


This is quite possibly the mother of all DJTT mappings. We have taken the best elements of our mappings for the VCI-100SE, the S4, and the Midi Fighter and combined them into one interface. Just a few of the highlights include:

Dedicated 2 X 4 Grid with four different performance functions:

  • 8 Step Slicer functionality (similar to the Twitch controller)
  • 8 button instant gratification page
  • 8 cue points
  • A GRID layer introduces a new level of DJing
We have two different ways to control the loop decks: 
  • Four dedicated Loop Mute buttons in the transport section. Mute individual parts and play a loop deck just like a single track.
  • Dedicated Loop Deck section in the FX area with mute, volume, filter and triggers for each loop slot.
Other upgrades include:
  • Unique Record section that easily records parts from a song with one press.
  • S4-style Loop section with encoders for loop set, length and move

The four buttons adjacent to play and pause can be set to three functions depending on your preference:

  • 4 cue points
  • 4 loop deck mutes
  • 4 Jog FX presets


As with the 100 we have engineered a custom firmware for this unit that enables special functions that were not possible any other way in Traktor. They include:

  • Special Browse knobs that allow you to load groups of loops into a loop deck with one click
  • A performance grid section that allows you to jump in realtime between 8 slices of the current phrase
  • Jog FX feedback into the Jog Wheel LEDs
  • Improved lighting scheme on all buttons that allows clear reference between modes


Every controller will ship with matte black faders and a full set of DJ TechTools Chroma Caps in matte black.


There is a really good chance these will sell out very quickly.

*To ensure you get one, sign up on this email list and we will email you the moment they go on sale*

  • We will publish a demo video and open up the store for pre-orders in about three weeks.
  • They will ship from San Francisco in mid-February.


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  • Ryan LaVictoire

    I bought the VERY first VCI-400 sold in Canada and it has been a super stellar alternative to the club set-up for smaller gigs. After 4 years now, I am thinking of getting an Ean Golden edition to add to the collection. Always liked the look over the original but had already ordered mine when I came across this one. Tell me, are there any available still? I’ve looked here and there on the net and had no luck. Love to have this bad boy in my clutches!

  • santhrax

    are there any news about the firmare upgrade for the “regular” vci 400?

  • Gareth Michael Jones

    /Will the slicer be updated to take advantage of the new traktor slicer functionality

  • Kaiser T Tr?n

    Is it possible to buy in USA ?

  • Eric Allen

    Has anyone had issues with their output volume decreasing after they upgraded to the new VCI400SE Firmware??? it’s Driving me crazy!!!

  • Adrian Blackhurst

    YES, YES, & YES! So, please provide me with a link to buy this VCI-400 package of overlays/firmware/knobs you mentioned in thread. I just bought my VCI-400 & like the new stuff your firmware would provide. I’m in Bay Area til April 9th. Please call me at 808-463-5856 or Facebook message with links & info to buy this.

  • David Allen

    Drooling already, I must not look at this, its so nice, I must not even think about buying it, but I cant see a price, David No you must not- i can’t see a price

  • Gerry Brown

    Ean did you release the firmware upgrade package yet?

  • george

    he do you guys have any vci 400 mapping for virtual DJ full version on mac? could you reply to my email thanks

  • BuckHustler

    are there anymore of these left?

  • C Calvet12

    Can you still do the Ean Golden mapping if you get the regular version of the vestal?

  • Bryanmccullough

    will i be able to connect my turntables to it like my S4?

    • DJ Barrister

      Yes, via a firmware update out next month. 

  • Allymac

    Ive been all over the net looking fo rthe answer to this question.   Will teh Vestax Vci400 work with Traktor Control Vinyl (DVS)    does ANYONE on this planet actually know the answer to this?……….if so please indulge me!! lol

  • Kit Ketterman

    GOT IT!  Ordered today and so excited to sport this stylish BEAST!  

  • Anonymous

    Now with the eminent release of Traktor 2.5 in April, will this version of the VCI-400 SE still be fully compatible and useful with it’s current layout of hardware controls? Are we missing out on some functionality, given that the Software is being updated yet again.

    Please advise before we drop $1100.

    • John Pham

      theres two switches, C-A on left and B-D on right. whats else is there to confirm? lol

      • DjTriks

        did you actually look at the picture?? both left and right switch labels say “Deck C-A”.

  • Vidmaster

    Any word on when we can expect preorders to go up? I’m excited to pick one of these up and don’t want to miss it!

  • big bart

    if the Ean Golden is so good with design i got question can you mapping vci 400 for Torq 2.0.3 ???

  • Sfkim44

    I have some questions regarding VCI400

    basically, I wanted to get vci 400 first, but then have been hearing about 3 problems.
     1. latency on Windows2. power supply is flimsy. making it powering on unstable.3. output level too low.

    I think 1 is fixed with new patch, but regarding 2, is that true? the power supply and its connection does look flimsy from the video, but it that causing problem with heavy use?
    3. is something that I’ve seen people complaining on the web. basically he was complaining that VCI’s output level is low that it becomes a problem when he is DJing in a set with other DJs with high output gears. because the master level would be set at a certain level, and he couldn’t get it to play loud although he did turn his VCI all the way up. So i’ve looked into the other products for awhile and it looks like VCI400’s max output is 10dbu(3.0V) & 5dbu(1.7V) while others are 14dbu+Is this a ligitimate concern? what does the Volage mean? I am just guessing power unit in vs. USB power or something…

     I am pretty sure there are others who want to know my concerns too, so it would greatly appreciated if someone can answer these questions.
    Thank you

    • Johnphamiliar

      theres ac power and usb power, if you gonna use in club environment than why not just plug it in to the wall too cause you gonna be plugin the laptop charger too anyways lol and as output lvl wise im not sure, hope someone can answer you on that one. 

  • Dj Kartier

    WOW.. i can’t wait to buy this the day its released… I love my VCI 100se I bought from you guys, can’t wait to upgrade to this beast

  • Djgregrrr

    would like 2 as soon as they are ready for shipping. Thanks Gregrrr 403 971 3747

  • Golden Ears

    Do the LEDs change colors according to the modes and does the Ean Golden Edition have more than the standard numbers of colors?
     In other words… lets say the regular version LED buttons light up as red and blue… does the Ean Golden version  say light up as red blue, yellow, and green?

  • Eric C.

    if i cant afford this or miss out on the sale, and say I buy the normal vci-400, will the mapping and maybe an overlay be available for those of us who aren’t cool enough for the ean golden edition?

  • michel be

    Salut à tous,

    je veux bien en réserver une mais quel en est le prix ??

  • michel be

    Salut à tous,

    je veux bien en réserver une mais quel en est le prix ??

  • Dj Triks

    could you clarify if the Deck C-A switch on the right side is typo on the proto image?

    Shouldn’t there be a Deck C-A and Deck D-B switch?

  • Dj Triks

    could you clarify if the Deck C-A switch on the right side is typo on the proto image?

    Shouldn’t there be a Deck C-A and Deck D-B switch?

  • Djfunken

    What is the physical size of this controller..  thinking will it fit in excisting cases, bags….

  • Jodywilliams24

    Looks amazing,not sure if this is still a problem but I’ve read that the vci 400 has a problem with the power and as a result they keep switching off n on,has this been sorted as its the only thing stopping me buying one,although the reloop terminal 4 does look like it could be worth a look.any advise from you guys would be appreciated…S4,VCI 400 or RELOOP TERMINAL 4 ???????

    • Janis

      I have the regular version of the vci 400 and absolutely no problems with the power supply. And if there would be any problems you could rely on your guarantee and get a replacement.
      AFAIK I would definitely choose the VCI 400 as it offers more mappable buttons than the s4 and  has jog wheel adjustment.
      I don’t know anything about the reloop but I think you can’t compare vestax and reloop concerning the build quality. Reloop is no profi equipment and the built quality reminds me often of plastic toys.

      • JodyWilliams24

        Thanks very much for ur reply,looks like I’m going vci

      • Sfkim44

        Thank you for clearing out about the power issue. I’ve heard about the flimsy power comment and going on and off. it was making me worried. another concern is that VCI400’s out being less than other controllers. (max 10bdu while others are 14+). I am new to the this and not sure it should be cocern in a long run. Basically the comment was saying that when he was going for a gig after a dj and overall sound was set up for the previous dj’s setting, no matter how much master output he turned up wasn’t high enough. Since you own a vci400 do you think it’s a valid concern?

  • Djceezar

    Hi Ean, you’re awesome and probably your day has 48h- each for Traktor;-))). I’ve got brand nu Vestax VCI 400 and it’s great but I don’t like one thing- pitch sensitivity. With pitch control set to 10% sensitivity is about 0,2%. Can You tell me or show how to change it for 0,01%? It is a real pitch sensitivity or it’s matter of mapping?

  • Delgado

    Looks nice! One of these days, I’ll switch out my 1200s, but probably not until it’s the VCI 2,365,400.

  • shinZ

    how much?

  • Parkrangerchops

    one more thing.  What do i get for my 1100 bucks.  just the controller, or do i get a copy of traktor/itch lumped in to the package also?

    • Johnphamiliar

      where did you find this price? and itch is free btw!

  • Parkrangerchops

    ok so i get the idea of a special edition but im curious if you guys at djtt are going to do another run of these controllers.  Super stoked on this version vci 400 but Im not quite ready to dive into another purchase just yet

  • Fatdigits

    Shame we can’t get these from a UK dealer. The import tax plus delivery will take this to $1400 ish.

  • Andrew

    Will this work with ITCH and Traktor by chance?

  • Bastian Hertel

    “8 Step Slicer functionality (similar to the Twitch controller)”

    is there a way to get this for other controllers or is it a vci400 firmware only.

    im really intereted how u get this done. i know software like midimasher, but i dont get
    it work smoothly. do you think this will be a a function in the next traktor releases?


    • Zestoi

      it’s still early days for midimasher, the version to be released next has quite a few performance tweaks in. i also think the config format is a bit ‘raw’ for most people so also thinking of alternatives there. it could also really do with some builtin virtual midi ports. the slicer is also runs a lot more smoothly in the not-yet-released version as the delays that need to be added to get traktor to recognise multiple commands don’t hold up other messages from being processed.

      having said that tho this vci400se looks awesome and i’d buy one if i could…

      • Bastian Hertel

        u done a good job till now….keep going 🙂
        but i think in the near future, this will be a function of a traktor release…no doubt.
        I also trying to get something will work with Ableton/M4L, but theres nothing really for on the fly audio.

        mlr for m4l works great, but u have to load the samples.

        the only big problem in your solution is IMHO that the loop is off the beat the most time. hope u get this done!


  • Scott M

    Would it be possible to use this with Serato?

  • DJ Wondershock

    Seeing this controller reminds me of the original days of the VCI-100 SE. So much functionality in such a small amount of space… I like your take on the design, but I have to say Vestax have never been the most elegant in their ergonomics. The controller looks crazily crowded despite a large footprint, like a direct and vindictive reply to the S4. The jogs being right against the edge will make nudging a track difficult when this controller is sitting next to anything else… Things like that. I’m not trying to just complain in a weak attempt to rain on parades. I just feel like the design is stacking lines, cues, and buttons on top of the VCI’s original design. But YMMV, I just picked up a Denon MC3000 because I enjoy a simpler, efficient 2 channel design. This controller wasn’t designed for my kind. But I feel like a little more thought could have been given into its arrangement, you know?

  • J3lly_069

    TS4 still the best

  • Anonymous

    how much cost the fun ??

  • :(

    Where is the sample deck control? 🙁

  • José Polanco

    Wow this is a must buy, but why wasn’t this out near Christmas when I hand a some money to burn.

  • Johnphamiliar

    im planning on ordering one as soon as release (if price permit lol) and i was wondering since yall will be doing the full custom knobs and faders, i kinda like the pink filters and stuff too so you guys can just throw the stock set of knobs and faders too? might as well why not have two sets, one stock and one chroma.

  • DJ Segatto

    Since you guys are sending it with a full set of caps and knobs, could we custom order the colors? I would like the effects knobs blue and channels C & D white. That would be sweet!!

  • Jack

    After using the S4 I was highly disappointed. It looked and felt like a cheap Fischer Price toy, not a robust tool-like interment for professionals. Haven’t seen the VCI-400 in person yet, but everything I’m seeing in photos and reading about has my hopes up that Vestax understands the high-end DJ market and is addressing it where NI ignored it. 

    • Janis

      Definitely no fisher price but solid vestax quality. You won’t be disappointed! I have my vci 400 for almost one month and the build quality is superb

  • Anonymous

    Nice Ean! Really nice.


  • Cambria1295

    Highly interested in this controller after hearing the recent s4 and s2 were not living up to the hype. Also like how Ean monitors they comments and takes into consideration what we write, few companies or people do that, I see a great product coming our way(:

  • Reigbord

    Ean Golden Edition will work with amd processor???

  • Cyril_alcazar

    Got the original version of the VCI 400 last november. Way way better than S4. Highly recommended! looking forward to Ean’s mapping

  • Ollie halford

    Will this be available to UK customers?

  • Digitalqw3rty

    I WANT ONE SO BAD… to bad I can’t afford it…

  • EuphoricF

    How will this influence the updates for the kontrol S2 and S4 mapping-updates?

  • Mac

    Hi – Nice mods and definite improvements over stock model. Quick question, were you able to add separate booth outputs/control?

  • emulator

    thats the reason why apple sells more than the others……design!!!
    great job.
    is the designer at vetsax now fired?

  • Junejhunkie

    how about a demo.

  • Ben Cove ?

    would look good if the lights where blue! video coming soon?

  • Francisco Ortiz

    I dont know how….But i am definitely getting one of these bad boys and selling everything else!!!!

  • Djpeopleskills

    Love the design.  So much better than the original 400

  • M_ntek

    Uhm, yea. You guys used to place arcade buttons where you now flip red for blue knobs. No hating intended here at all, but this “design” is mere styling.
    Surely the mapping will compensate the prize, keep up the good work.

    • Janis

      But where the hell do you want to place Arcade buttons on this superb piece of midi controller? It’s already packed with buttons, there’s no need to substitute them.

  • todd ernst

    While the design of the new VCI-400 is compelling; it is frustrating that all of the emphasis is on loops, fx, mappings, etc. Why are these manufacturers ignoring the most basic of needs first and foremost… BOOTH OUT! 

    I own both a VCI-100 and an S4, and while I like them both for their respective features; my question is this… if Numark can figure out that DJ’s want basic functions, why can’t the big boys do it? Also, someone at Vestax thought that DJ’s need 2 Mic inputs, but not a booth output?

    • smuve415

      I’ve been saying this for a minute now, even all over the Serato Forum.. I’m just baffled by the same thing – mixer after high end mixer — NO BOOTH OUT! The Numark NS6 has it – and thats pretty much it. and people have the nerve to argue with me and say a booth out is pointless! LOL! SMH!!!! Idiots.

      • Joseph Chang

        The Xone DX has dedicated Booth and Master.

    • synthet1c

      get an audio 2, map a knob or use the volume on the soundcard, done…

      • smuve415

        not done…. shouldn’t have to all of that shit.

        • synthet1c

          you are never going to get a perfect controller, at least until version 2 of anything. companies used to release a product every 2-3 years, now its every year. Until they can find another evoution of what to sell they will hold things back so they can make you upgrade later, I assume this doesn’t have timecode contol aswell, but I also assume it will come with mk11, do you think I am going to wait for it to be released? hell no, i’m going to find a solution to the problem, because this is the best built controller on the market and the best interface minus the obvious exclusions.

          as my drunk uncle used to say… “lift up your skirt and get on with it”, or use an inferior controller its your choice

  • Dellacott

    If only it had dvs support

  • Dreamr

    I am a dedicated S4 guy, but this looks like they listened to you guys. Nice controller!

  • Noelflava

    Drooling drooling… Great job on the design for all of you who were involved. I would love to get my hands on one of these to test out. : ) 

  • Zanzibar

    Soo sexy.
    Too bad,they will be sold out,when i get the cash.

  • Zanzibar

    Soo sexy.
    Too bad,they will be sold out,when i get the cash.

  • Danalog

    very slick !! nice!

  • dj wonky womp

    If this could be used as a standalone 4 channel mixer like the Denon controller It would be a God among controllers.

  • Marcus Klay

    Just one thing that I need to say to everybody designing and creating equipment: Please STOP to place the knobs and buttons on the front panel. I hate that and wonder how anybody could come up with this idea first and now everybody is copying that. Put them on the top plate like they are on every mixer. I like to place my controllers leaned towards me and in this case I don´t have a lot of space to grab and turn the knobs. And you can´t even place them on most of the stands because they have the arms right where there is a freakin knob or button on the controller. I hate that about my S4 too.

  • macsoul

    The price?

  • DJ Mateo

    What is the cost of the ean golden edition vested 400?

  • Nattevagten

    Any idea of price?

  • emery

    I really want one, but it looks like dudes will be tossing out the “old” S4 for this guy on the forums so I’ll keep my eyes out for a good deal on that instead. Super sexy controller though!

  • Dave

    Video time 😀

  • Ryan Glassman

    Damn, this is the first time since I got my S4 that I regret having it in the slightest. I mean, I still love my S4 but…sweet Jesus. I’d buy this just to have it if I had the money.

  • Djxoduzz

    looks good maybe ill switch out my s4 for this

  • Jayfreefly

    I’m curious if all the LED’s on each deck change color when you switch between channels A-C or B-D. One of my pet peeves about the S4 being that I’m a visual based thinker.

  • Joe

    So now I gotta figure out if i’m going to buy this or a S4…. why can’t u make it easy and just do a video comparing the two (both with ean’s mapping). 

  • Special Schlub

    looks good…would have like to have seen the LED and button lights a different color

    IMO there is too much yellow and red lighting on the 400

  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    Dear Vestax –  Ditch the original 400 and put the Ean Golden edition in to proper mass production, simple! (such a shame that would never happen)

    Ps – Employ Army of Me for all your products design work! You guys make some F@$k ugly
    gear but this looks amazing, for once!  

    Despite the VCI 400 being hailed as the second coming, I’m not convinced, so much has changed since the time this controller “should” of been released. If the new VCI 400 had access to Traktor’s hi res code, it would easily be the most complete controller available. Fingers crossed for firmware upgrade kits for existing and future OG VCI 400 owners.

    • armyofme4340

      Thanks Double Dutch. Ean had a lot of say in the design as well. So he def gets props for the final output.

  • Grollhanin

    i can’t help it, but the design reminds me strikingly of the s4, the black and glossy finish…somebody really likes “decent” controllers here…all is in the eye of the beholder but just changing the all red red into blue would have made it very distinguishing from the original but keeping it “vestax”. personally i prefer the original looks, but that’s just personal taste and i shouldn’t be so negative. it’s a fantastic controller, maybe the best right now, and your firmware plus the mapping will shure get the best out of it.

  • Gybp

    hi! why making the VCI-400SE in VERY limited quantities if you know you gonna sell it a lot????

    • Maxx

      What is a lot? Consider how big the market for this really is….

      • Gybp

        Im sure they will sell more than 300 units first month

        • Campark43

          Prob end up like the midifighter which was supposed to b limited to 500. Bottom line money matters.

          Just saying it is limited will make faster sales, more desire to get one before they disappear forever…..

          No hate intended, just obvious business sense by the guys at djtt.

  • Tonal Desires

    So, this thing looks amazing!

    I already own the VCI 400 and there is one major question:

    Is there a way to get the firmware and/or the mapping without having to buy this Ean Golden Edition?

    I would pay up to 50$ for this, but I know your policy with mappings doesn’t work that way (anymore).

    So please reply, I bet I’m not the only one who wants to know this!

    • Weltraumpapst

      vestax provides a firmware/driver upgrade program, so we people with a unit already bought need just the firmware file 😉

      • Tonal Desires

        I know, I know 😉
        But I think there’s no way to read out an existing firmware from the VCI. So DJTT has to provide the firmware, or we are f***ed 😉

        And of course the mapping would be awesome and essential, too.

        I hope Ean will release the files together with the explanation video!

        Greets from Germany, Spacepope! 😉

    • Ean Golden

      Thanks for the feedback.  it’s possible we could put together a Overlay/firmware/knobs package for $59 or so that would upgrade a regular 400. 

      • Disco-tecadj

        And what about the mapping?? Do you will release it??? Because I don’t know if I’ll have the money at time to buy the EG edition, in this case, I’ll buy a regular later……

        Thanks for the answer !!

        (Sorry I’m French xD)

      • Tonal Desires

        I would definatly buy such a package!

        Though I’m only interested in the firmware and the mapping, I bet most of the DJTT followers would love an all-in-one package.

        So please release it!

        Greetings from Germany

      • Owen

        Reading this reply made me so happy.

      • matloh

        thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lindsay

        Would this upgrade also give you the improved led lighting for different modes?

      • Example

        i’m in the same boat. would love to be able to update my vci-400 and would gladly pay that.

      • Tim Tucker

        +1 for the upgrade kit idea. I’m seriously thinking about picking up a stock VCI-400 now rather than wait for the EG edition because I have issues with needing instant gratification. ( Apologies for the horrible joke ) :-p

      • Earfill7 1

        Please do Ean that would help alot!!

      • Fabian R

          No news on the firmware package?

      • Adrian Blackhurst

        YES, YES, & YES! So, please provide me with a link to buy this package. I just bought my VCI-400 & like the new stuff your firmware would provide. I’m in Bay Area til April 9th. Please call me at 808-463-5856 or Facebook message with links & info to buy this.

      • santhrax

        any news about the firmware??
        where can I get it for the regular vci 400?

      • Alan Wayside

        Okay. So. Fast forward a few years…
        Is this an option?
        I picked up a 400, and I want the upgrade, ha ha ha!

  • Rockson

    Brilliant very impressed i want one!!. Now this is out the way can we know have the MF pro vids, the S4 mappings fixed, the whats in your bag vids, the traktor tips and tricks as promised etc etc. Come on im not asking for Much 😉

  • Euphoricf

    I’ve bought myself a S4 some days ago. The VCI-400 SE looks nice, but I personally think I wouldn’t use the half of the uber-mapping.. So I will stay with my S4.
    To all VCI-400-SE-Dudes: HF 🙂

  • djmaxone

    Looks sick no doubt.

    Have the jogs and faders had the HD firmware treatment a la VCI100 SE 1.4 FW? Ie are they higher res than standard midi?


  • RockingClub

    Another revolution of controllerism! First wasn’t much impressed by the VCI 400 but what you guys from DJTT made by giving it a much better look, a new firmware and tons of new features is just GODLY!

  • Mynamesmatt

    I would buy one of these sexual beasts if only it had a booth input! Why they didn’t include it ill never know ;'(

    • djmaxone

      booth output do you mean?

      • Mynamesmatt


  • ivan zilch

    i really want to know if they can match  the precision and sensitivity of the default native instruments jog response (like in the s2/s4), in the past non NI controllers always have shaky jogwheel responses compared to native instruments’ own hardware

  • Otto Trigitaliz

    Damn you now i want one …. uhhh

  • Weltraumpapst

    will there be a upgrade kit? or software to upgrade the firmware via usb? 
    when will the mapping be available??

  • sameoldsong

    awesome 🙂

    i have one serious gripe, though: the glossy finish on the performance section. first, it looks cheap. second, and more importantly, it’s a fingerprint magnet.

    please consider keeping everything matte.

    • FUFR

      same as on the S4. touch it and the marks are visible forever..

    • Ean Golden

      I really dont like the glossy on the S4 either but in this case it’s glossy paint which does not pick up finger smudges at all. I pinky swear! The acrylic on the s4 does for sure.. 

    • Djgregrrr

      we can make a matte over lay for this purpose, personally when I get ahold of mine they will be re-wrapped with carbon fiber see sample at dj gear tab, if you like

    • Djgregrrr

      we can make a matte over lay for this purpose, personally when I get ahold of mine they will be re-wrapped with carbon fiber see sample at dj gear tab, if you like

  • Brinx

    Absolutely amazing! But will it work with DVS?

  • Eric C.

    I’m gearing up to get a Twitch next controller, but depending on the price, this’ll probably replace it. Hoping the price stays reasonable.

    • trixner

      The standalone basic 400 is $999, this won’t be cheaper.

  • Dingo

    Will it have stand-alone mixer function? Pls pls pls

  • Kaz

    Can’t wait!!

    Looks really great! and I love the 8 slices real-time grid mode!!! just AWESOME!!!

    Will it have a built in sound card ? or is it a MIDI only unit (so that i need an external sound card) ?

    • Campark43

      Will have a sound card, look at the outputs. Prob a good sound card, haven’t tested the beast yet. Would b a shame if it didn’t have a top notch sound card.

  • B-Rukks

    Price is the real question….sub 900 without traktor included then i would be in for sure, love the look of it.

    If its bundled with traktor then 1k…again price will be the real question as to weather ppl pre-order because most have gear to offload to come up with that cash and that usually can’t happen quickly

  • B-Rukks

    Price is the real question….sub 900 without traktor included then i would be in for sure, love the look of it.

    If its bundled with traktor then 1k…again price will be the real question as to weather ppl pre-order because most have gear to offload to come up with that cash and that usually can’t happen quickly

  • Herp

    you can’t do this to me, I only have one kidney I can sell! 🙁
    too much want..

  • Quenepas

    I thought the S4 was going to be pretty hard to best. Then Pioneer went full retard with their offerings and felt like they didnt even try. Now it has come full circle to Vestax reclaiming, once again, the controller crown. 

    Then came the special edition. Absolutely delicious. I mean like I could put this between 2 pieces of bread and eat it completely. No BBQ sauce needed. 

    Good job.

  • Golden007Fan

    Finally! The mother of all controllers! N.I see and learn. Nuff said!

  • Matt M

    What software will this be compatible with?

    • Pedroferreirapulido

      obviously traktor and for any other, this is midi capable so… just do the math 😉

      • Matt M

        Sorry if this is a dumb question, but would this work with Serato Scratch Live (with the SL box of course) or Itch?  I currently have a VCI-300 MKII that I want to get rid of in favor of this.  I also have a Rane 68, and CDJs that I use most of the time, but I like how small the VCI’s are.  So would this work with Serato perhaps? again sorry if that’s a dumb question.

  • Apurvsuri

    selling my s4 hit me up

  • Nigel Greenways

    So will there be a mapping released, or are some of these features only applicable with the custom firmware

    • Ean Golden

      most of the best features will only be compatible with the firmware. We had to innovate on the hardware to make them work. 

  • faderswagger

    I’m in love.
    I think they should have incorporated the armyofme knob right into the overlay.

  • pazkeeper

    I declare this a WIN

  • anon

    Omg SEX! Just literally listed my s4 on craigslist yesterday. Now to start saving for this puppy! Big ups djtt and Ean love your mappings dude.

    • Moralintoxication1

      ean dosent do the mappings 

    • Ean Golden

      thanks man- I do design all the mappings but have help in the office to actually execute them. 

  • synthet1c

    does your firmware allow an external timecode to route through the soundcard? I read that was being looked into by vestax a while ago, that is my biggest concern with the vci 400, I’m not fussed if it isn’t scratch certified as I don’t use traktor

  • ?(????)


  • Chakra26


  • Punkwisdom

    That is so cool, I really do believe out of ALL the controllers, including the S4 & DDJ T1 THIS is one i WILL buy for sure, plus points for gear envy!

    • Pedroferreirapulido

      same for me

  • NotSoSiniSter

    Ean! How many of these are going to be made? It sounds like there won’t be a steady supply? Also, will you have a firmware upgrade tool for people that buy the regular 400se? 

    • Markku Uttula

      To paraphrase Marty McFly: “What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Malaysia” 😉

  • Monstar

    That just looks and sounds amazing.

  • jay

    I think that’s the most complete controller I’ve seen. I really want one now. Ean will there ever be a future version with arcade buttons on the 2 x 4 grid?? VCI 400 Ean Golden Arcade edition… eh? 

    • Henryb

      No way u would have to do the hole body of the controller to do that

      • Riko Roos

        So What? Add another couple of bucks and place the grid in front of the wheels too please!

  • Smaze


  • Anonymous

    Can anyone say S4 killer?

    • Anonymous

      vestax you are being charged with first degree murder of the s4, how do you plead

      • jay


  • Campark43

    How many ean golden’s are you making?  Why not continue to make them? 

    Looks awesome, still can’t believe you didn’t go with the DJTT nurple knobs, come twist em:)     

  • Slak Jaw

    The added features sound awesome! Looks pretty good too.  I did notice a typo on the overlay though :-).  The right deck select switch should read B-D not A-C.
    Personally I would like the text to be more visible; I can’t imagine being able to read it as is in a dark booth.

    • armyofme4340

      That’s not a typo. It’s how the feature of the unit works. That’s not on the overlay either 🙂

      • Bort

        Errr…I dun geddit. 

        That means decks B & D are always and only assigned, whereas you can has to selections of A or C simultaneously?

      • djmaxone

        sorry what do you mean? this is not clear 🙂

      • Slak Jaw

        I’m talking about the tiny toggle switches that switch between controlling Deck A/C and Deck B/D (ie jog wheels, pitch faders, etc.).  If this is like any other 4 deck controller out there the text on the right toggle switch should read B/D not A/C.

  • Tom

    Am I the only one that is a tiny bit disappointed with this?

    I bought one of the VCI-100SE’s back in the day (without Arcade Buttons);
    and when I heard that a custom VCI-400 was coming I knew it would be my most likely upgrade to my now sadly aging VCI-100. But now I’m not so sure…

    Where’s the arcade buttons? The heart of DJTT’s custom controllers (and If i remember correctly the sole inspiration for making the VCI-100SE to begin with!) [I did notice that under the JOG’s there doesn’t seem to be much space to fit them, but surely those big grids on each side were just crying out for arcade replacement!]And grey on black! I do realise this is a controller designed for customization, so the whole ‘bland’ look is what you are going for, but when you’re in a dark club, I would have preferred some bright labels (for the few labels that do exist; eg: EQs) and definitively the option of replacing the Black knobs when ordering with some of your other fluorescent colours.I recognise that ultimately it is about the mapping, and I am sure that it will be incredibly impressive and that without a doubt for controllerism this is the best controller on the market. And I think I will still pick one up down the track as an upgrade; but ultimately I felt like there was so much potential to ‘grow’ this controller into a flagship incarnation of what DJTT stood for, but that it is so close, yet just not there…

    • Ean Golden

      Sorry to disappoint Tom but the arcade buttons were just not possible in this controller. There is simply not enough room 🙁  – I will take into consideration your other suggestions though! 

      • Dj Triks

        i agree that the grey text may be extremely difficult to read in a dark club. but absolutely gorgeous pick with the matte black on black, and fat blue knobs…ultra dope. will there be overlays available through djtt?

    • Spencer Graham

      Get the midifighter if u want arcade buttons and STFU lol this is tight i just hope it doesnt cost an arm and a leg

    • Killerfanatics

      I have to disagree with the brighter text. That’s what makes Controllers look cheap and toyish. No need for all this color.

    • Quenepas

      Eeeeeeeeeeehh………. Yeah I agree with the grey on black labels. Although 2 things: 1) after you play with it for a while you’ll end up learning the button placement so on the not-that-long run you will appreciate gray on black clean look OSX Lionish ode to grey 2) There are like a billion shades of gray available. Ean could request a sample of the black matte material with the word grey written in grey hundreds of times asking around office, donut place, chinese restaurant which shade of grey looks best having usability and elegance all in one. Just like this very same website, which is all grey on top, sides etc. My custom made work desk is grey with all else on black. Looks pretty. Very pretty :D.

    • Chris Jennings

      Choosing the color of your knobs would be nice. 

  • Lombardstore01

    how much?! how much?! 

    • Ean Golden

      The price is not finalized yet but it’s probably going to end up at $1099

  • Sm00sh

    now that all this is out of the way can we see some overlay love for the VCI-100. still an amazing controller. 

  • armyofme4340

    Whoop whoop! Enjoy the design folks

    • hindidjian

      nice job armyofme4340!

    • AILIE


  • cabdoctor

    FIRST! I get a free on!

  • Parkaust

    oh my god!! i want now please