Featured User Mapping: Kontrol X1 Preparation

Mappings are one of the greatest things about the community that surrounds DJ TechTools, so we’ve decided to start featuring one of our favorite user-created mappings on a regular basis. This month’s is a mapping by a moderator who really does a bang-up job on the forums, Photojojo. The mapping is made for the X1, and focuses around prepping tracks with super-efficiency. Read on for details and a download!

What we like most about this mapping is that it creates a really smart workflow for processing new tracks and getting them DJ-ready in a hurry – something that most DJs spend (or should spend) quite a bit of time doing. This mapping allows the user to select tracks, set and adjust beat grids, loops, hotcues, and fade in/out points with speed.

You’ll need:

  • Traktor Pro 2
  • An Kontrol X1 in MIDI mode (simply press Shift + Hotcue to set it to this mode)
  • Photojojo’s preparation mapping (download here!)

Simply load the mapping into the Traktor Controller Manager and and start setting the essentials. With a little bit of practice, I felt like I was already really getting a benefit out of the workflow that Photojojo has set here.
We recommend keeping the above photo up next to Traktor while you get used to the mapping, it’ll make your first few tracks go a lot smoother.

Feeling left out because you don’t own an XI (yet)? Amazon is here for you.

Want to thank Photojojo for this mapping and give him some feedback? Check out this thread on the forums!

Think you know of a DJTT user mapping that deserves highlighting in the next Featured User Mapping article? Let us know in the comments below, and vote for the ones that you think deserve it! Be sure to look in the comments first to avoid double posting.

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  • Danielkaye

    Is there any way to speed up going through the track? I love the precision of using the SHIFT/BEAT buttons, but it’s a little too slow if you know what I mean! Can I speed that up somehow? The mapping is amazing otherwise though! Thanks!

  • Mikkel Birkeholm Petersen

    I have a problem with this mapping.
    I imported, but when in MIDI mode i get nothing, as if the mapping is not being used.
    Any help? Running newest version of TP2

  • Juli Greutter

    I’ve got a problem with this mapping…

    when i import it, and start the Midi-Mode,
    the regular X1 Mapping is erased.

    So that means for me that i have to import the Mapping every time i import new music.
    is there a possibility to use the Mappings side by side?

    • Stewe

       Import your regular mapping, switch to MIDImode, then import preparation map.

  • Ingo Sabage

    Good mapping. You should bring us another mapping to use X1 as a mixer. I’ve found a bunch of them, but aren’t good enough.

    • SomeDJ

      oooooor you could try to learn how to do it yourself! It’s fun! 

    • Skate-in-goofy

       I remapped the X1 in normal mode to switch it as a mixer : I simply mapped the Knobs with the shift button then, you can now control the EQ section easily.

  • Djpossess

    I need help with a mapping idea please. I have an X1. I’d like to have one effects knob turn on and control 3 effects at once: (example) Delay/Reverb/Gate. Since there are 3 effects knobs I only want the first one on A+B to do this. The rest of the X1 controls can be factory settings. I can’t figure this out so any help is awesome!

    • Rooshtang

      see mapping macros, its easy, basically add: effect select, effect on, wet dry amount for each of these effects you want to control. Then hit learn and turn the same knob. you can tell traktor to see the knob as a button or jog, and types of control like direct or relative.  This is important to learn. Set to direct if you wanna enter preset values, eg turn and effect cuts straight to 50%, very useful for mapping pad macros where say one effect 3 presets, 3 pads say for example beat masher or beat slicer. My friends asked similar questions, I always say watch this girls video, pay attention, practice what she shows you and most importantly learn that these are important skills in mapping, think outside the video, try making some of your own effects. 

  • Diego

    someone should make a cool simple video (ean golden style) that goes through all the functions for best usage. 🙂

  • Chayan Tranceaddict

    Since all the major NI midi controller mappings are made by djtechtools, can we see a crzy djtt mapping of Kontrol x1 ?
    i would love to see one! i hae two kontrol x1s and a audio 2, i would love to use another x1 😉

  • Getcrunk

    Would be more awesome if you guys would show a mapping with the X1 for serato users that use the X1

  • Anthony Rice

    i wish this site was for serato users.

  • Emery

    This is awesome. having this with the S4 would nearly eliminate the need to touch the mouse. does this map cover deck A & B? another dumb question – what is fade in/out? 

    • Djdagrn

      That’s what I’ve been working with.  S4 and one X1. It’s the ultimate DJ setup. But, would be nice to get one more X1 in order to control tracks C & D. One X1 i devoted to controlling the effects on A & B. I just have to use the S4 controls for track C & D until I get that second X1. 

    • Chris Jennings

      I use the fade in/out markers to mark where vocals start and end in a track. 

    • Chris Jennings

      And I set the mapping up as device target so whatever deck is in focus is what it will work on. 

  • kevinsantosdj

    Cannot download the mapping when I click on the download link I get this message:

    Error 404
    Oh no! You’re looking for something which just isn’t here!

    • Spacecamp

      Fixed now – link broke when I was making an edit to the article : ) Thanks for the eyes!