Pioneer’s RMX-1000 Now Available White; Includes RTAS Plugin

We’re having déjà vu again with Pioneer’s announcement this morning that yet another one of their products is going to be available in white – this time it’s the RMX-1000-W remix controller. At this point, they’ve got to be running out of products to add a -W to the end of, right? That being said, the white RMX looks pretty slick – and as we’ve noted in the past, we’re never ones to be upset about new colors for gear. Pioneer has even put together a new video showing off the the new lightness – see down below.

Also in this same announcement, Pioneer has ported the RMX-1000 VST/AU plugin to the RTAS format, meaning that Pro Tools users will be able to run the virtual RMX unit natively.

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  • Anonymous

    Hands down the most annoying demo video ever

  • Anonymous

    Why RTAS?! No one uses protools!

    • RockingClub