Videos: Kontrol S4/S2 MK2 Techniques + Secrets with Traktor DJ

The new Kontrol S4/S2 MK2 controllers are in stores today (and yes, they’re in stock at the DJTT store) – and Native Instruments has released two videos showing off exactly how basic and advanced functions inside of the iOS Traktor DJ app are accessed using the new hardware.

The first video (above) is relatively basic, showing off just how to get started – browsing, navigation, loading, basic transport + EQing, pitchbending, effects, loops, cues, and flux mode. This video is clearly designed for the “new” Traktor DJ who hasn’t used the software or hardware before.

The second video (below) actually uncovers new functionality that even experienced Traktor DJ users likely haven’t seen before – mainly because the S4+S2 MK2 units allow more advanced use. Note how the loop slicer works – with variable degrees of a quantization based on zooming and loop movements. The limitations of just using the touchscreen previously made concurrent zooming while performing fairly difficult, and there wasn’t any ability to move loops that were already set. At the 2:00 mark, the video also shows off a new track move function that allows you to move to a new part of the track without scrubbing or using beat jump.

It seems like Traktor DJ is getting all the new features – will Native Instruments pull a Serato and consolidate their offerings? Sound off in the comments below: 

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  • klubjunk

    pretty sad this has only got posts form 3 years ago.
    says it all

  • Name

    I just upgraded my s2 to the new s4mkII. Been using it for the past couple weeks and I love it. Finally tried it out with the Ipad last night and its AMAZING! I have no complaints at all. The slice function def should be in Traktor though…possibly next update? I also like the fact that the Ipad charges when connected to the S4.
    At the end of the day I prefer using my laptop however having the Ipad as well makes for an excellent backup solution if anything goes wrong at a gig.

  • Erik Ev_L

    I agree that NI does need to add some serious updates to the computer end of things, however Traktor DJ has been a god send for me. Having a bad back from a car accident, carrying less and less to a gig has never become more important. And I’ve had more crashes on pc and mac laptops than I can count. And yes a laptop has more power and potential, but an iPad is quite convenient for some one like me, all be it that I am the minority. I do still have TSP2 set up, wouldn’t get rid of my decks for the world.But it’s nice to see a “pro” level offering. Way better than anything Numark at least.

  • Diego

    for me is sad that ni has taken the ipad road… i understand that the touch capabilities can add a new digital dj style but to launch the 2 “upgraded“ kontrol s4/s2 (that are supposed to be professional controllers) with this as the fundamental improvement just isn’t enough and in terms of power its a setback (good laptop is still much better and complete than and ipad). Hope to see soon a new product that changes the game or the only thing y would ever buy for this company is their stickers…

  • mock

    i really dont know why i should use a shity i pad with small harddrive and traktor dj when i can use a windows tablet or ultrabook with traktor pro . Win 8 has great touch support and all i see is things for apple devices.

  • me

    Wish they would at least leave the apple-focus and release the software and its features on other plattforms, too. Traktor isn’t worth buying an iPad or using itunes.

    • Traktor Tips

      I hear you with this – they really are focusing a lot on iPad – what if Apple discontinue their standard 9″ iPad and only manufacture the iPad mini? (unlikely in near future, but hey)

  • bassphreaK

    freeze mode needs to be put into traktor pro ASAP.

    • Dan Owen

      I posted a decent sized response but then had to register for more bullshit so I will just say I agree… oh ya, also…. NI needs to start focusing on their long time loyal customers. EVERYTHING lately is a cash grab for new customers. Ya sure, shut up take my money… but really tho, too many updates, not enough upgrades. Booooo!

      • Dan White

        On our site you can just check “post as guest” when writing a response 🙂

      • MAMware

        i agree with you, they seem to be all about profit now, got to become the classic capitalist company, then our money goes for the already millionaire “top” djs for a comercial………. the clasic style of djing cant be more complicated on this *new s series