Cross DJ: The First Pro DJ App On Android?

The team at Mixvibes has a lot to celebrate today after launching what has potential to be the most successful DJ application on the Android platform. For many developers, building a DJing application that would work on the massive range of Android devices posed a major challenge – but Mixvibes took on challenge and is supporting any device with at least a 4″ inch screen, 1GB of RAM, a dual core processor, and Android 4.1 – and promises low latency and fast load times across the application.

Yes, other small time developers have tried to tackle the Android platform, but this is the first release from a recognized and respected brand (Mixvibes also develops Rekordbox – the system Pioneer uses for library management) with the resources to actually execute and support an application. This also means that the feature set is top notch – there’s BPM detection, sync, quantize, smart-seek (like Traktor’s BeatJump) manual pitch bend, XY pads, hot cues, recording, and even the ability for the interface to scale dynamically for 4″, 7″, and 10″ devices.

We haven’t had a chance to test it firsthand yet, but Cross for Android is available starting today in the Google Play store for $4.99 or check out a full featurelist on Mixvibes’ site here.

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  • DJ Zoosh

    Just tried it out for 15 mins seemed very similar to traktor dj for ios one thing i do recall it saying somwhere that you could split the output like traktor dj if you have a splitter cable like a griffin on I have had a look around cross dj but cant find anything mentioning it anybody any ideas?

  • Danny

    Just installed it on my Galaxy S3 and been playing with it for 20 mins or so. Its great fun! I wouldn’t use it to play a gig or anything, but it will be perfect for jamming on.

    The controls are very intuitive, I was able to start mixing straight away. I haven’t encountered any latency issues on the S3 yet.

    Great work by Mixvibes! Highly recommended.

    • djfourmoney

      Why wouldn’t you use for a gig? Aren’t you just playing house/trance/techhouse anyway? If you can do what you need for 2-3-4 hours then its fine for a gig, you just said you have used it for 20 mins.

      I think you’re just saying that after having spent untold amounts of money on Apple hardware and Traktor…

      • Tesno

        Professional tools for work, toys for fun.

      • yeager

        lol .. apple is garbage

    • DJ LINK2U

      Agree – Even for mixes (not gigs) I think I ‘ll use this one, very responsive. Doubted on latency, but only if you start the complexity it you can notice it (slip roll + fx – analyze at the same time).

  • Dj hero

    Five stars app! Improvements like more effects should be added. I’ll use it to Dj during my next private party.

  • evilapa

    What about the infamous Android lag? I know it’s gotten better, but touchscreen latency and accuracy is still nowhere near Apple’s. It’s very noticeable for an iOS user.
    And what about audio latency? This has previously been an issue in Android, due to a lack of necessary APIs.

    • djfourmoney

      My LG Optimus G Quad Core has no lag Jellybean 4.1. Some of that “lag” you speak of is often things like Samsung’s Touchwiz and other stuff. If that “concerns” you get a Google Nexus 5, no lag, pure Android experience.

      Naaa, stay with Apple, since your making excuses.

  • chris

    looks very similar to Blackberrys Pacemaker.
    The big Problem with Android and Dj-Software, is the architecture of the components.
    but for a small live-gig …… maybe in collaborate with ….. *search* …. hm ….. aaahhh an Fostex Hp-P1

    • chris

  • Cyribro

    I’m a loss here… how would you be able to cue a track before you play it? This concept is really neat and something I could jump on, I wouldn’t need to carry my laptop any more and I’m sure the team could make it to where you could link up your mobile divide to CDJs or something since this is from the same team as rekordbox. I guess I’ll keep my eye pen for the next generation controller.