MixEmergency 2.4: Serato DJ Compatibility

Short and sweet: video DJing software MixEmergency is rolling out a new version that is compatible with the 1.6 version of Serato DJ, released earlier this month. Serato’s release of a new unified codebase under the DJ moniker means that many Scratch Live users will be migrating to the new software in the coming months. Since Inklen’s MixEmergency software is only compatible with Serato, this update seemed inevitable.

The new update gives controllerist DJs who were stuck on the ITCH/Serato DJ side of the fence a video mixing solution that goes beyond the Serato Video plug-in, offering features like a FX sequencer, advanced MIDI mapping, beatgrid synced effects, and even Syphon output for integrating into a larger visuals solution.

The update is free for owners of ME2, a $99 upgrade for ME1 users, and $199 for new users and available on Inklen’s website

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  • Polygon

    does it support midi out?

    • Inklen

      MixEmergency: yes, it has MIDI output.

      • Polygon

        So technically, this would be the only option to actually send some midi out of serato into Ableton, at least until, after a couple years, those slowpokes at Serato realize we want that functionality?

        Also, Inklen should DEFINITELY make a midiout-only SDJ plugin, and sell it for something like 30-40$. That would make them rich as hell.

        • polygon

          Just realized you’re inklen, i feel dumb as hell.

          • me

            that and the fact that serato has had the bridge for ableton for well over a year now … feel even dumber ??