Routine: Skratch Bastid & DJ Izn: “Cold Cut”

DJ IZN is back with another routine, this one a collaborative bit with Canadian DJ Skratch Bastid. The two styles blend really well together, with Skratch Bastid cutting on top of IZN’s controllerism melody triggering on a Maschine and Kontrol F1. IZN writes:

Skratch Bastid and myself got together a few hours before our show and came up with this. We combined turntablism and controllerism to create a 2 minute routine with tonnes of funk and old school flavour. Bastid did all of the cuts, while I was playing brass melodies and doing vocal build ups on the Maschine. This was recorded in the DJ Lab of the University of Regina.

Watch below:

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  • Gil

    Wonder where his sounds were retrieved from? Any ideas on the sax?

  • Toontown

    If you’ve never jammed with another DJ before, it’s fun as fuck. Even if the end result isn’t very impressive (not saying anything about the video), you introduce new challenges to your ear that makes you a way better DJ. It’s especially fun in this format–turntablist to controllerist.

  • DJNR

    Awesome exhibit of both styles of DJing!!