10 Powerful MIDI Mappings Designed By DJTT’s Maps Community

We first launched Maps.djtechtools.com in July of 2012, hoping to create a highly useful resource full of MIDI mappings for anyone who owns a controller. One of the most exciting side-effects of the site has been the onslaught of community-designed mappings created that might otherwise not have ben possible. Users are borrowing concepts, refining ideas, and repurposing controllers for incredible new uses. Today we’re highlighting some of the most popular and most interesting mappings that use DJ controllers in a unique or unintended way.

Tekken’s F1 Ultimate FX Mapping + Isolation Effects

The FX pages in this Kontrol F1 mapping

Mapper: Tekken
Controller + Software: Traktor Kontrol F1 / Traktor Pro 2
What It Does: Designed to be used alongside the normal Kontrol F1 Remix Deck controls, this FX mapping can be enabled by pressing Shift + Browse simultaneously, giving DJs two pages of effects to control. There’s an expected set of FX related controls, and each pad is a different effect. For some of them, you can change the parameters by rotating the push encoder or pressing it in for to activate a special state (echo freeze, reverb, etc.).

Tekken has also enhanced this mapping by adding a special Isolate effects mode – based off of the isolation mapping concept originally pioneered by Stewe – read more this article.

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

Collision Mapping

Mapper: C.Lab
Controller + Software: APC40 / Traktor Pro 2
What It Does: C. Lab’s Collision Mapping takes the incredibly Ableton-oriented workflow of the Akai APC 40 controller and makes it an intelligible layout for Traktor users. This mapping is probably one of the most feature-heavy mappings on the Maps site besides some of the wild Midi Fighter 3D mappings.

There are global browser, transport, nudge, key, filter, EQ, and volume controls that are always accessible from the APC’s buttons and knobs. Beyond that, on each page is a different set of controls, including:

  • Hotcues
  • Loops
  • Instant Gratification FX
  • Remix Decks

Watch C-Lab explain the mapping himself in this video:

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

4 Deck Launchpad Fighter Rotated 90 CCW

Launchpad + Traktor, anyone?

Mapper: JWiLL (CTC)
Controller + Software: Novation Launchpad / Traktor Pro 2
What It Does: Similar to C.Lab’s mapping for the APC40, this mapping takes a traditionally Ableton-oriented controller and makes it Traktor-friendly. The idea is that the user rotates the controller 90 degrees, putting the USB cable at the rear of the unit, and the layout is deck-centric from that position. There’s transport controls for A/B,  including looping, EQ kills, and 8 hot cues. There’s simple track browse/load for each deck, and legacy sample loading/triggering for decks C/D.

It’s also worth noting that JWiLL is a mapping machine, with over 18 different mappings uploaded for various controllers. Watch him demonstrate an early version of this mapping in this video:

Download this mapping on Maps.DJTechtools.com – there’s also a 2-deck version here

Viper’s Pioneer DDJ-SX Traktor Mapping

Mapper: Viper
Controller + Software: DDJ-SX / Traktor Pro 2
What It Does: This mapping is mostly important from a historical standpoint – in that prior to December of 2013, Pioneer hadn’t released a mapping for the extremely popular DDJ-SX controller. This became the de-facto mapping for all the controllerists who wanted to use the SX with their Traktor install, with an almost one-to-one mapping for every control listed on the face of the controller.

We think there’s still tons of opportunity to continue optimizing and modifying mappings on the DDJ-SX for Traktor users for more unique purposes – we’d love to see one of the advanced Kontrol S4 mappings ported!

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

Kontrol F1 Ableton Clip Trigger Mapping

Full Ableton template for Kontrol F1

Mapper: adamkent1980
Controller + Software: Kontrol F1 / Ableton Live 8
What It Does: Moving into Ableton territory, we wanted to highlight a smart use of the Kontrol F1 by adamkent1980 for a clip triggering purpose. In this mapping, the first three channels in Ableton are controlled by the first three columns of the controller, with FX controls on the fourth column. There’s simple FX routing, scrolling around the clip focus, Low/High EQ kills, and a few basic loop/record functions – and Adam makes use of a few free plug-ins for filters, builds, and a few other cool DJ-oriented effects.

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

Kontrol F1 Ableton Drum Rack Mapping + Pitchbend

Sometimes it’s the incredibly simple mappings that rock.

Mapper: Ote//o
Controller + Software: Kontrol F1 / Ableton Live 
What It Does: Originally designed to be used in entering a DJTT performance contest, this mapping does a great job of taking a controller that doesn’t work well with Ableton Live and fixes it. It’s essentially just basic drum rack control – and if you’ve got a second set of samples in the 16 slots above the standard C1-D#2, you can switch up to them with a press of the shift button.

This is a good basic template mapping – it’s got a lot of room for DJs to build on it with their own custom mapping. The bottom four buttons, the encoder section, and the faders are all unused. If you do something like this, be sure to go back to the original mapping and click “Upload an edit of this mapping” so that others can enjoy your work!

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

X1 as Midi Fighter for Soundpacks

Mapper: thebigblaa
Controller + Software: Kontrol X1 MK1 / Ableton Live
What It Does: Similar to the pervious mapping, this mapping turns the bottom half of a Kontrol X1 into a control setup that allows easy playing of drum racks. This was originally dreamed up by thebigla to be a way to play Mad Zach Soundpacks for people who don’t own a Midi Fighter 3D/Spectra or other similar pad controller.

There’s even a second bank of control – if there’s a second set of sounds in the drum rack, you can toggle the shift button to control those sounds as well.

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

X1 Preparation Mapping

Prepare tracks, fast.

Mapper: photojojo
Controller + Software: Kontrol X1 MK1 / Traktor Pro
What It Does: This mapping was designed by one of our forum moderators to speed up his own personal track preparation process. The idea is to quickly be able to set every key element of a track with a dedicated mapping made just for prep work. Load tracks, adjust beat grid, BPM, and set loops/cues/markers on the track all with just a few controls. Having an established workflow makes a big difference when you’re playing gigs regularly and have to “process” a huge batch of tracks every single week.

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

MF3D Beat Gridder

Grid and prep with lightning-fast arcade button speed.

Mapper: Phando
Controller + Software: Midi Fighter 3D / Traktor Pro
What It Does: This is another preparation mapping for Traktor, designed to work with the concept that Ean presented in an article from 2012, “Perfecting Traktor’s Beatgrids“.

This mapping has three pages – one for setting the beatgrid, one for setting cue points, and one for adjusting Traktor’s clock and settings. On each page there’s quick access to go to the next track in a list, rewind a track, play/pause, and zoom into the waveform. As with photojojo’s mapping, the more time you spend using it the faster your track processing workflow will be.

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com

Tempo Display In Channel LEDs

Pulse LEDS in time with the beat.

Mapper: Paubala
Controller + Software: Kontrol S4 / Traktor Pro
What It Does: One of the other interesting things to happen on Maps are the small, simple feature mappings. These mappings aren’t made to be functional on their own, but rather incorporated into other mappings as individual features. It’s a very Github-style approach to building out mappings and something we’d like to see more of.

This mapping turns the channel VU meter LEDs on each deck on a Kontrol S4 into a blinking tempo meter. When your tracks are lined up and in sync, they’ll blink at the same time.

Read more and download this mapping here on Maps.DJTechtools.com


We’re incredibly proud of the MIDI mapping community and all they’ve accomplished over the last few years. Particularly we’re thankful to mapping wizards Beaubryte (who is helping update all the older DJTT MIDI mappings), Flashflooder (keep an eye out for a MIDI mapping tutorial from him here soon), Ghztomash, Stewe, Scamo, and many others who have created great tools for DJs around the world.

Have a favorite MIDI mappings that you think deserves some extra attention? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Deviate

    would’ve been nice to see a special mapping of the K2’s!

  • DoItYourself

    I really can’t believe how this is such a big deal for you guys, how are you so dependent on others to do your Midi mapping and scripting for you? Sure it’s convenient, but if you’re using digital, I think you should learn to use it for yourself, rather than copy-paste. I’m not even a computer scientist, but with a bit of homework, I can do any mapping or effects chain I want.
    I’ve only ever used VritualDJ, is there some sort of special qualification people need in order to do Traktor and Serato scripting?

  • scamo

    Thanks for the “honorable mention”. I sure wish I had the time to continue with my S4 (and other) mappings. Mapping is fun for me to do and I like how it opens up room for creativity for others too.


  • sdzfromtocho

    hope that someone will make ableton 9.1 script for mf3d

  • ote//o

    Yay, I kind of feel like the bigblaa haha. Really didn’t expect to see my mapping here !

  • Adam Arthur

    Has anyone heard anything from Native Instruments about expanding the programabiility of midi mapping?? It seems like such an obvious next step.. adding in if then else, and case statements (If D#2 is held do this effect. if not do that). I know modifiers do a bit of this but its extremely limited.. can you imagine, timed events (on press hold effect for X beats then release). One thing that would be amazing right now would be having Global modifiers that all devices can look for. In my case right now i have 2 midi fighters and on the first one currently I choose the deck i want to effect using the side buttons which sets a modifier to a value of 1 thru 4 (assigned to each deck). I want to expand the effected deck assign to Both controllers at the touch of one button.. but since each device has its own set of modifiers I can’t tell the 2nd midi fighter anything. I hope this functionality as well as the editing environment get a Major overhaul soon.. it’s a long time coming.

    • Stewe

      Adding a modifier condition slots would be good start too. I have a concept called “modifier loop” in my Spectra junior mapping. It allows for designing timers in the size of the modifiers available in Traktor (16 beats max)

      Basic idea is to have four groups of effect types (filter, color, mash, and slicer which instantly remixes a track in a different patterns). Each FX group should pack up to eight cool presets that are good for spicing a track, build up transitions with both hands on a mixer. Addition to this are three release effect buttons.

      • Wuce Brayne (the Bitman)

        Hey Stewe! I have been trying to make such a timer loop forever, but for some reason it isn’t working (not able to output Beatgrid to bump modifier values). Care to share your process for this? Been working on a REALLY cool Launchpad mapping I plan on uploading here.

  • Guest


  • thebigblaa

    Wow! Fame at last. I’m on a DJ Tech Tools post;) Feels a bit like being asked to play in the MOS or SPACE!!!

  • Ahop

    How about mapping for the ddj sr (or sx) to the ableton push? I cant figure out how to quantize it so that i can play clips over tracks in serato using my SR. Great article, great site!


  • Kieran

    I can’t seem to get the launchpad mapping to work with the launchpad s… any suggestions?

    • Toontown

      Have you plugged it into your computer?

      • Kieran

        Yes, and I’ve tried the newest launchpad s firmware… still nothing.

  • Jake Hale

    Just got a copy of The One Software and I’m messing around with mapping- does any one know of on-going discussions for using it with NI kontrol hardware?

    • djcl.ear

      The One last week released a free version so it should catch more views. This together with its Modular customizable interface, added to its easy MIDI Learn system… and still there is no forum where to discuss about it.

      • Jake Hale

        Who do we petition to get one going I wonder.

  • René via 'Allo 'Allo

    I’d really love to see the Allen and Heath K2 mapped with the instant grat fx on the lower banks…..

    • René via 'Allo 'Allo

      I’ve mapped my K2 to act as a pitch slider for each deck should I need it (with my x1)

      • Dancin' Mark

        That sounds really cool.

        • René via 'Allo 'Allo

          It’s quite nice for when the inevitable ‘laptop djs can’t mix’ dweeb comes over to the console 🙂

    • Ben

      I’ve actually made one for my k2. I can upload it and put a link on here if you want.

      • René via 'Allo 'Allo

        Ben that would be great if you could! Was thinking of getting the midi fighter just for this reason, and would prefer to use just the x1 and k2 set up I have though.

        • Ben

          I’ll upload it in a bit. but you can program any controller for it. All I did was download the midi fighters instant grat mapping then organize it all by the cc commands and if you look at the comments column it says what the command is (reverb, beatmasher 1 2, ect) then just click on each cc command and program it with whatever gear you want. Works the exact same as a midi fighter combos and all.

      • Dan White

        Add it to Maps! 🙂

    • Chris Tower

      I have a great 2 deck mapping that uses the red layer for instant grat fx on the bottom and full control of the first 3 fx decks on top (4th deck is reserved for a delay freeze). The orange layer has the cue point control and the green layer is the full mixing layer with eqs, filters, looping, beat jumping, track browsing, and all that kind of stuff. I’ve been meaning to upload it but haven’t gotten around to it, I can upload it with full instructions later today if anyone is interested.

      • René via 'Allo 'Allo

        Yeah do it Chris. Sounds awesome

  • Nick

    Anyone have a DDJ-SX mapping for traktor for the mac? That one seems great but can’t find a mac one! 🙁

    • Tom Wenger

      hey the traktor mapping files are in .tsi , isn’t it supposed to work on both mac and pc ?

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        There will be some different commands from Mac to PC… for instance “Function” and “Option” is not an option on Windows machines just as “Alt” and “Windows” is not available on MacOS. You will need to reassign these commands if you use them. I believe the .TSI file is an XML document and as such should be usable anywhere.

    • DaeJo

      you just need to change the DDJ-SX out of its serato mode

      • DaeJo

        pioneer has a walkthrough on that on their manual

        • Nick

          Getting it into midi mode isn’t the problem but the mappings for mac and pc are a different file, i need a mac one!

          • Fraa

            Uhm, they’re not different, they’re actually exactly the same. Btw, I prefer the official Pioneer mapping over the Viper mapping, it got rid of some annoying bugs that I encountered. For example when you switch decks and you want to adjust the tempo, the tempo slider sometimes wouldn’t move on the screen (and no it’s not because of Master Tempo). The settings for the jogwheels are also finetuned to near perfection as far as I’m concerned. I think I only changed a few minor things to my own liking, but 99% of the mapping was pretty much perfect.

  • Dancin' Mark

    I have an X1 Mk1 Traktor Pro 2/ Traktor Scratch Pro that provides the standard operation and by pressing shift added control of the EQ. I also mapped separate Headphone Cue On/Off so that you can cue up your track prior to playing it. I’ll be uploading it soon. I am tweaking a few things before offering it. It was inspired by
    Oliosky’s Kontrol X1 C/D deck internal mixer Mapping.

    • Dan White

      Awesome! Get tweaking and don’t forget to upload it when you’re done : )