Gemini’s Slate 4 Controller Redesigned For Serato DJ Intro

Back in January at NAMM 2014 Gemini announced the release of the Slate 4 controller which would be introduced as a the company’s latest affordable 4-deck controller. Until today, the controller had been pitched as being pre-mapped for Virtual DJ as the device’s native software.

Gemini pushed out a statement that the Slate 4 would no longer be a Virtual DJ controller and instead become a dedicated controller for Serato DJ Intro. This big change in software requires a complete redesign of the controller and it opens up an array of possibilities for Gemini. Read more inside about how moving to Serato changes the game for the Gemini Slate 4.

New Software Means More Functionality

There is no surprise that Serato DJ Intro is more comprehensive than the former Slate 4 partner, Virtual DJ. With the change in software, the Slate 4 can now be used to take full advantage of Serato DJ Intro’s quality effects, the SP-6 sample player, Hot Cues, Slicer, and an array of loop modes. Since Gemini chose to go with Serato as a software partner, this meant that the controller had to be redesigned to become Serato compatible. If users of the Slate 4 are looking to upgrade to Serato DJ they can do so using in-app purchases.

What is even more interesting about this recent development is the price drop of the controller itself. The Slate 4 controller with Virtual DJ ran for the street price of $249. However, after the redesign and shipment of Slate 4 with Serato DJ Intro, the street price will only be $199. Gemini is providing users with, arguably, more intiutive software while making the controller even more affordable than it once was before. Now any one who is looking for an affordable 4-deck DJ controller can find one with powerful software included in the box.

Future of Gemini Products

It is very interesting to see a company completely redesign a piece of hardware to fit a new software. Not only does this change things for Gemini’s Slate 4 controller but we could also see a stronger Gemini and Serato relationship develop out of this venture. If that happens, Serato would strengthen as a software platform and Gemini would become more valuable to other DJs who use Serato. Gemini has a lot of faith to pull resources to totally redesign their controller so we may see a lot more Serato based products come out of this new relationship.

The new Slate 4 controller will be released soon with a street price of $199.

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  • Scott Frost

    I don’t think Gemini will be around much longer….

  • ChaZ

    Wheels at top please.

  • DJ Gerard

    Awesome, my first mixer ever was a Gemini Scratchmaster LOL. Gemini always have some cool layout or feature you won’t find on the competition. Too bad I do not see push button pitch bend in that picture. I am trying to find out if it will be “Serato DVS Upgrade Ready”.

  • DJ LowLow

    In my experience, all of the lower end (sub-$300) controllers have about the same build quality. If you put them side-by-side, I wouldn’t put a Numark above a Gemini or Behringer really. Same non-replaceable faders, hard buttons, plastic stem pots, etc. What you’re normally paying for is design and software integration, so the fact that Gemini is now working with Serato really evens the playing field. With more competition…in the end the customer wins.

  • Darilov

    Gemini = Garbage..

  • smuve415

    looks like a total knock off of Numarks Mixtrack Pro 2,,, but probably half the quality, and thats saying something. Gemini needs to go the way of Vestax and give it up already.

    • Ophkey

      It has more profornance options then a mixtrack, if you update to dj you get to use the roll effects, which you can’t do with the mixtrack. Vestax have gone bust so this is the perfect time for gemini to step in. The qualty of the g4v was good and I can’t see this be much defferent.