Pioneer’s Kuvo: Set to Revolutionize the Club Experience?

About a year ago Pioneer announced a new social media network for DJs called Kuvo which links clubs, DJs, and audiences together. The system has been implemented around the world in many countries where clubs, DJs, and audiences alike have been connecting and sharing music with one another through their online social network.  As of October 15th, Pioneer re-launched the Kuvo platform which makes us wonder what has changed and why Pioneer really wants the world to know Kuvo exists. Read more inside about the re-launch of Kuvo and how the network aims to revolutionize everyone’s club experience…again.

Pioneer's Kuvo Meta Data

Kuvo’s Re-launch

Kuvo soft launched earlier this year and officially re-launched at the Amstedam Dance Event convention. Right now the system is only being used in a handful of cities but Pioneer is offering to have Kuvo installed at no charge for a limited time to select clubs. Once installed, the system opens up more opportunity for a greater bond between DJs, playing in Kuvo clubs, and audiences with the Kuvo app on their smart-phones.

For Clubs

  • Club goers can find exclusive Kuvo clubs within the app.
  • Clubs can be followed and rated via the app.
  • Promoters can send messages regarding events directly to Kuvo users.

For DJs

  • Playlists are uploaded in real-time.
  • Audience can like and comment on tracks, giving DJs instant feedback.
  • DJs can send messages to fans through their track’s metadata.

For Audiences

  • It is easy to follow and receive updates from both local and touring DJs.
  • Tracks played throughout the night can be bought straight from the app.
  • People can see who is DJing and what they’re playing before even walking into the club.
  • Photos can be shared and cataloged within the app to record the experience.

Kuvo has a lot to offer and it is clear that Pioneer wants the brand to succeed, even with its slow growth in the past year. Globally, almost 2,000 people are on Kuvo as clubbers and only 278 clubs are registered. Currently over 100,000 DJs are registered for Kuvo but it is hard to say how many are actually playing out considering the small amount of clubs that actually support the system currently.


Kuvo: The Social Way to Play and Party

While not much has changed since the original launch besides the website and app, Kuvo has matured as a product and network. Many clubs have the Pioneer hardware already and just need an internet connection to be on board with this new social style of djing. The re-launch is aimed at the club experience but could potentially be a bigger impact at festivals. More and more festivals are being streamed online so it would make sense to have Kuvo implemented so people around the world could connect in new ways with their favorite DJs even if they are not at the event.

Learn more and sign up for Kuvo here.
What do you think? Is Kuvo really going to transform a club experience? 


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