Maschine 2.2 Update: Scales, Chords, Touch Knobs, and More

Maschine has announced a brand new update to their software that adds to Maschine. The update, which came out in Service Center today, improves the functionality of the software through changes to scales and chords, the arpeggiator, and key board integration. Read more below about the new features of Maschine 2.2.

Improved Production Tools

Maschine now has Scales and Chords!

The basis of all music lies in the notes and specifically the scales and the chords of a song. In the new update of Maschine 2.2, there is a new scale and chord engine. Fully integrated into the workflow lies the powerful engine that is as simple as Native Instruments recent Komplete Kontrol keyboards. The user simply selects a scale and then by using the Maschine’s 16 velocity pads the user can start composing melodies that are always in key. Also the engine encompasses a feature that play’s chords directly into the composition via Chord Mode.

The new update extends Note Repeat into a fully functional arpeggiator that allows the user to play any number of notes while Maschine turns the combination into a melodic pattern. By using the arpeggiator with Scale and Chord modes, the user can get some crazy polyphonic sounds that are always in key. The arpeggiator is also recorded directly into composition which allows for post performance changes. Lastly, the update also allows for the user to utilize a Komplete Kontrol keyboard within the Maschine environment. With the light guide of the keyboard, users can expect to have a full, complete grip on their music within Maschine. Everything is always in key and all synced up.

Also, Maschine users can expect the following new updates:

  • A batch function to set all sounds in a group to the same MIDI channel. MIDI export available on the Group and Sound levels
  • Undocked NI plug-in windows can be pinned to remain active when not in focus
  • Scenes can be selected/triggered via MIDI input when MASCHINE is running standalone
  • Mix page on MASCHINE and MASCHINE MK2 controllers has been expanded and now provides access to level and pan settings for groups and sounds
  • A setting that only turns the metronome on when the Record button is enabled
  • Real time group erase function.
  • Play quantize option –notes played live on the pads are quantized in real time
  • Control software views from the navigate page on MASCHINE and MASCHINE STUDIO controllers
  • ALT+Drag for copy-pasting single elements (patterns, scenes, plug-ins) in the Groups / Sounds lists and the plug-in chain
  • Browser performance improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes, as well as performance and stability improvements

Current Maschine 2 software owners can update for free on starting today. Want to get your hands on Maschine? Support DJTT and buy from the store!

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  • Swamy Kitcha

    Does the Chordset Chords adapt to the desired Scale too ?

  • Fernando Recalt

    2.2 is a pain in my studio i have to get back to 2.0.6 , come on N.I get hurry and fix those bugs !!!!!!! or my money back !

  • jess

    i have the s49 keyboard and maschine mk2 and couldn’t be happier. .. i mapped an f1 to control ableton and my set up is SO COLORFUL. haha

  • SoulKite Genna

    someone knows how to acrivate scale and arpeggiator on maschine mk2 and studio?

  • CUSP

    I’ve been so busy recently I haven’t been able to play with the new features or figure out if Maschine sends 2-way info to non-NI keyboards. I suppose if it doesn’t I can still use Ableton 9 for that purpose.

  • Rob

    Anyone know how to access the harmonies/ chords feature through the software or the original maschine controller?

    • audiojunk66

      For scale and chords hold down Pad Mode en chosse scale key chord in the display., for the arppegiator hold down note repeat.

      • titiand

        what button do you push to choose scale/chord mode. mine just says “choke” above the line that is above group and mode?

  • Lak

    Anyone noticed the document saying – only the Komplete Kontrol keyboards can be used for triggering arp and chords. Otherwise you have to use the pads. Bummer. Haven’t tested yet. They are forcing me to become an NI gear junkie. Not that I mind.


      I saw a video on youtube that showed that you can use the Komplete Kontrol software with any midi keyboard, as long as you have Komplete 9 or 10.

    • CUSP

      Is this true even in the VST?

  • Mutis Mayfield

    and Trigger Finger Pro going 250 euros with integrated secuencer and chords… mmm… next!

  • Luiz Zen

    “Numerous bug fixes, as well as performance and stability improvements”

    Has someone seen any real improvements on performance? Loading a few kits (few groups) used to lead into a lot of CPU usage.

    • Rob

      Well, mine seems to load a lot faster (from startup).

      • Luiz Zen

        Hi Rob. I didn’t mean the startup load time, but the amount of CPU load that Maschine takes for playing just a few kits with some beats sequenced. 🙂

  • Burcin

    I hope none of any Maschine owners bought Ableton Push just for this “scale and arpeggiator” features before this update.


      The Ableton Template for Maschine Studio has had scales for a while (I actually prefer the colored pads on maschine’s layout to the one on Push, really don’t care for Push’s pads lol)

  • stefanhapper

    Is there any official documentation or tutorial video on the new features?

    • CUSP

      It comes with the download.

  • CUSP

    OH HELL YES! I’m just hoping that other keyboards will be functional with Maschine.

    • tobi

      ??? USB Keyboards always worked with Maschine.

      • CUSP

        I meant two-way communication… LEDs and LCD text fields.

  • Maddox

    Yes I’ve been waiting for the arpeggiator for too long!

  • deejae snafu

    which maschine/s does this update apply to?

    • jest

      I believe all of them.

    • Chaser720

      If your talking software Maschine 1 vs Maschine 2 (paid upgrade) I’d guess its just Maschine 2. Hardware, they would all apply.

      • CUSP

        All Maschine hardware, but Maschine 2.x software is required, as this is what is being updated.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Only depends on the software version you own. You need at least 2.0 to get the update for free.

  • killmedj

    Oh god I hope this means there’s a meaningful Traktor update soon!

    • Chuck

      This is about Maschine.

      • killmedj

        Thanks bruv. Keep up the good work.