Routine Video: Skratch Bastid Breaks in the Rane TTM57 MKII

Since NAMM 2015, Rane has been teasing the TTM57 MKII which will fight to replace its predecessor as the next go to mixer for turntablists. Skratch Bastid is the focus of Serato’s latest routine video which shows him cutting up NXWXRK by Nadus and using the mixer’s effects to build a rhythmic remix of the song.

As stated in our official NAMM coverage of the Rane TTM57 MKII, the mixer is a much needed upgrade of the original TTM57 mixer. In the Skratch Bastid’s routine, the precision of both the crossfader and the volume faders are demonstrated as he cuts in the vocals of the records. This is seen heavily around the 2:00 minute mark of the video.

Similarly, the RGB silicon pads are utilized for their ability to playback specific cue points of a track as seen throughout the video. Skratch Bastid also utilizes Serato’s FX through the mixer around the 20 second mark of the video. Skratch Bastid put the mixer through the rounds and the unit is definitely shaping up to be a considerable sidekick to a Serato turntablist. (And maybe Traktor too?)

The Rane TTM57 MKII is in stock now – $1749.00 in the DJTT store. Limited quantities available!

Watch more of Scratch Bastid in action in this awesome clip from 2001’s Scribble Jam

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  • Brian Clemons

    I wish this mixer came in a Traktor version! My Z2 had bleeding issues no matter how many times I recalibrated it in the software. I hope the next version of the Z2 is up for the challenge of TTm57 mkII.

    • KoenraadVDS

      yeah, my Z2 had sticky buttons, even after a 3rd replacement. Sold it.