Serato DJ 1.8 Out Now: Key Detection, DJM-S9 Support

Serato is moving fast on their new update, (fair enough considering that 1.9 is already on the horizon), and today have launched the new Serato DJ 1.8 version. The new version finally brings key detection into the software – keep reading for a full list of features in the new update.

Serato DJ 1.8 Key Analysis:

The new version of Serato DJ 1.8 has a built-in key detection system, you can analyze the key of your tracks offline, sort tracks by key, view keys in a color-coded system for easy matching, and display them in any format (Camelot, Open Key, Musical Key notation). The analysis is Serato’s own – we’ll be testing it soon in a new Key Detection roundup.

Pitch ‘n Time DJ Gets Advanced Key Features

For Serato users that have the powerful Pitch ‘n Time in-app purchase, the new Serato DJ 1.8 update makes it even more powerful. PnT will now allow key shifting, matching, and syncing – meaning you can easily have Serato repitch your track to mix in key easier. Pitch ‘n Time has already proven to be an extremely powerful plugin for just $29 – managing to keep the key locked even at extreme BPMs – so we expect it to continue to impress.

Serato DJ Hardware Remapping

Tired of your Serato DJ hardware having controls that just don’t make sense to you? The new hardware remapping allows you to remap any MIDI devices that Serato DJ supports. In MIDI mode, it’s click-to-map with any control that you want. It’s a basic mapping functionality, similar to Ableton, and right now you can’t remap platters, input switches, shift buttons, and performance pad mode buttons.

Right now only supported hardware works, and no official Serato Accessories yet, but check out the controller quickstart guide here.

If you’re making a lot of new mappings for Serato DJ 1.8, we recommend uploading and sharing them on the official DJTT mapping repository at

Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer Support

Last in the feature updates for Serato DJ 1.8 is support for the upcoming Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer – keep an eye out for a full review of that mixer coming soon, which is due to be in stores in the next month.

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