TORAIZ SP-16: Pioneer DJ’s First Sampler, Syncs With CDJs

Some amazing news from Pioneer DJ, who are announcing their first major piece of live performance hardware, the TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and step sequencer. With a 7-inch touch screen, analog filters based on Dave Smith’s Prophet-6, 16 sampler engines, and quantization syncing with CDJs via Pro DJ Link, the TORAIZ SPP-16 is gunning for a prime position in DJ booths around the world. Keep reading to see all of the details!

TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler: Integrated With CDJ Setups

This is Pioneer DJ’s first foray into production gear, and it’s a bit of a departure from the rest of their products that exist on the market. The unit is expected to release this summer for a price of $1,499.

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Naturally most people into dance music production will want to immediately compare this to the Roland AIRA TR-8, but with the feature set outlined below, it is exciting for DJs using more traditional setups who don’t want to have to mess around with MIDI syncing outboard gear or Ableton Live:

  • 16-Step Sequencer: The TORAIZ SP-16 has a sequencer that allows DJs to quickly drop sounds into 16-step loops, and then modulate the sounds with the knobs below the touch screen. The buttons change based on the colors assigned to each sound – and you’ll be able to save and play back up to 256 patterns.
  • Touch Screen Control: The main display on the unit is a 7-inch full-color touch screen with detailed sample information, which allows browsing and loading of samples. The display also shows real-time waveforms and full details of the sample’s characteristics.

  • Multicolor Performance Pads with Velocity: You’ll recognize these pads from the nicer DDJ units – they’re the same pads! Load up to 16 samples to the pads, then finger drum freely to layer sounds on the fly. The lights reflect the colors you’ve assigned to each sound. Yes, there’s velocity detection.
  • Analog filters from Dave Smith Instruments: An amazing addition to the TORAIZ SP-16 is the addition of analog filters from Dave Smith’s iconic Prophet-6 synthesizer. The filters have control knobs for Drive, Cut Off and Resonance.
  • Pro DJ Link and MIDI clock: Quickly add the TORAIZ SP-16 to aCDJ or XDJ set-up using Pro DJ Link – the sampler will snap one-shots and loops to the beat of the master deck so you can layer multiple sounds over your tracks and they’ll always be in sync. It also has a MIDI clock so you can connect other devices via USB and stay in sync – and according to the press release, Pioneer will add connectivity with DAWs and synths at a later date.
  • Inputs and Outputs: 

  • 8GB of onboard flash memory and real-time processing The TORAIZ SP-16 delivers 16-voice polyphony (every sample can be played at the same time), even while using time stretch or editing the sound using the touch screen amp envelope. The 8GB of flash memory means that you can store a fair amount of content onboard – no need for a laptop.

In a second video from Pioneer that’s just come out, Dave Smith talks about the development of the project and collaboration with Pioneer – and even he agrees that the “ease of integration” with the standard in modern DJing setups is what makes this sampler unique.

Does Pioneer DJ’s new sampler sound like it might revolutionize your DJ setup? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Gary Brannon

    I cannot get either my Traktor S4 or S8, or Traktor for that matter, to send a MIDI signal to my Toraiz SP-16. And this is after 1.30 firmware update. The Toraiz screen indicates that it’s set to receive MIDI, but the input indicator never lights up.

  • Anthony Aggs

    I like how this looks!
    I have owned/own Maschine, MPC2000XL, MPC1000, MPC Studio, DSI Tempest, Komplete, Arturia collection, Traktor S2mkii, Korg Triton, Yammi Motif, Roland Fantom, Trilian, RME UC..
    I dig all this gear I have mentioned.
    I don’t know why, but I’m one of the people who prefer not to have a laptop on stage.
    I wish i did like having a lappy on stage because the possibilities are endless – in the studio i use a laptop to make beats, usually maschine or mpc studio.
    Hopefully I will get my head around it and want to use the laptop live.. But I just like the feeling of having synths and samplers like mpc’s when i’m on stage.
    I’m keen to check this out for sure.
    I would LOVE to see something that combines the Toraiz with one deck attached to it

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  • 1000 Cutts

    OOOh this will upset the NI fanboys..

  • Michael Wagner

    Hopefully this will push NI to finally integrate Machine and Traktor (and by extension most of Komplete), maybe Traktor Pro 3 and Machine MK3 will release together with full integration and Machine as stand alone hardware. hey, a guy can dream right?

  • couic

    aweso- wait… why the pads on the left ??? I can’t use this.

  • Jake Bergeson

    This is great IMO. It’s like Maschine, Akai, TR-8 and pioneer had a baby with prophet 6 filters, and it all syncs with CDJs without a laptop.

    What could also make this even better, is if you can then clock other pieces of gear to this, or even sequence other pieces of gear with the sequencer. Thank you pioneer and DSI for pushing things in the right direction and allowing us to do it all without the laptop. (Some of us truly hate using a laptop on stage. Just personal preference.)

  • calgarc

    I was sold at Dave Smith…

  • CUSP

    I suppose the more appropriate comparison for the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 should be the AKAI MPC Touch. It had an initial retail offer of $1,299, but is now down to $799 in most places.

  • Nik Howard

    Looks very interesting.

    Makes a Machine look very good value.
    What’s next, Rekordbox DAW?
    I guess there may be a software editor too?
    NI need to stop messing with Stems and properly inter grate machine and traktor
    Interesting it has 1/4 ins/outs not RCA
    Yet another use of Ethernet cables, shame Denon, Pioneer, Allen and Heath, Dante, etc won’t all use the same standard?

    Will look forward to a review

  • Scott Frost

    I think they should c hangs their named to Pion$$$$$$$$r.

    Roland has samplers out like this years ago. For $600. There’s no need this to be as expensive as a high end laptop. It’s worth 799.

    Get the new iPad Pro with launchpad and your better off. Plus you can midi sync.

    • Daniel A. Garner

      Comparing this to an IOS app is plain rude. And why does everybody keep saying “oh, just use midi clock” when it’s nowhere near as good as pioneer’s phrase-synchronization. If it’s too pricey for you, keeping gawking at it.

  • Black Mail

    I wonder if they’re going to go full AIRA in their approach, a new mixer for those 8 outputs?!?!

    • CUSP

      I’m fairly certain the unit should be able to do an internal mix-down for stereo output… it does have an internal sound card. You are right to be concerned though. As a sound engineer, there are a few things which are more annoying than having one piece of gear sucking up 6+ of my D.I.s at a show… but not that many.

  • BoldFaceType

    Reasonable is relative. Pioneer does make quality stuff. My main piece of kit is Pioneer and I love it, but I bought it used for a “reasonable” price. Pioneer is not the only manufacturer that makes great kit (Allen & Heath). IMO Pioneer tends to charge a premium.

  • BoldFaceType

    Less than a year after it’s release the price will go down. You might want to wait a while anyway. The product needs time to work out it’s bugs, and give the user base time to create content.

    • Shash'U (Fool's Gold)

      yea, I hope pioneer does listen to their customers for those future fixes, but knowing Pioneer, prices rarely go down that much.

  • No Qualms

    If anybody is interested in experimenting with samplers in their DJ set. Akai MPX ($99) & Akai XR20 ($299) both have midi so you can sync them with Traktor. Same thing but much cheaper!

    • Jake Bergeson

      Close, but still different. If you don’t want to use a laptop, this looks like perhaps the only way to sync a sampler with CDJs

      • No Qualms

        Yes you are correct that this is the only way to use a standalone sampler with CDJs. But I’m presuming that 99% of readers don’t have a $10,000 Pioneer setup in their bedroom. They most likely have a laptop and controller setup. This way they can experiment with the idea cheaply to see whether they enjoy it or not before spending $1,500 on a sampler they may never actually use.

  • No Qualms

    I already have a MidiFighter Twister for a sequencer, F1 & D2. So I can do all the things described. I have a MPC I use for drums in my studio. So this little unit appeals to me. If I was a rich bastard I’d probably snap one up for the hell of it, but otherwise it is unnecessary though still a cool idea.


    Big, fancy filters, too many outputs, this is not a DJ product.
    But I look forward for the smaller and cheaper “DJ version”.

  • I dont hate you

    I think you are paying for Pioneer club proof build. That said, this isn’t filter per voice, just looks like a stereo master. So if you put that next to something like the DSI Tempist, it starts to look like a bit of a ripoff. That said if pioneer has put in some hi quality internals ?

    But think the Tempist is analogue filter per voice, high quality pads, digital control, no it’s not a sampler, I’m just using it as an example of how much things cost to build. That time stretch algorithm needs to be pretty tasty too.

  • Matt

    I guess this is an Electron Analog Rytm with a better/touch screen but no onboard drum synthesis? seems cool though. I think to be a truly useful standalone production tool it would at least need a chromatic mode, which i haven’t seen any mention of yet…

    EDIT: just saw the ‘Scale’ button below the beat grid. interesting to see where this goes!

  • Vecchiarelli

    Just got off the phone with my rep and the ETA on the SP-16 is somewhere around August 25th.

    • Dubby Labby

      It is not usual in Pioneer gear… They only announce things ready (or near) to sell… Mmmm… If these ETA is right everyone could expect some release from other brands (A simple update in F1 D2 with class compliance drivers and ipad pro mini combo with new version of traktor dj app could bring some competition…)

  • MoMo

    On the design, I have to say that at first glance it looks too much like a photoshop’d render of someones idea of what Maschine 3 should look like – using some pieces from the Maschine Studio and some Pioneer unitss.

    I know it is real and that they were only keeping the look uniform with the rest of their DJ equipment but it looks too much like a fake Maschine 3 photo.

    • blub

      haha. first think I thought was that is was a mock up xD

  • MoMo

    It is a pretty good idea from Pioneer. I just fear they may not have gotten it completely right.
    For one, I don’t like the fact that there’s step sequencing triggers on the bottom of the unit when you should be able to accomplish the same thing with the 4×4 pads. If it doubles as keys, I guess it’s okay but…hmmm, did it need to be there amongst 4×4 pads?

    For two, the design didn’t need to look just like the other DJ products. It looks good for the CDJs but it’s stale uniformity applied on the mixers and controllers. It’s probably not the best time to unveil a radical design change across their products but it would’ve been nice if the unit looked like it was it’s own thing.

    Three, the name had me wondering what Toraiz means. I don’t really care what it means but it would have been nice to just have it as SP-16. Adding the Toraiz is trying to give it more character like the Renaissance or Maschine but it’s going to be a wonder for a while. The name isn’t catchy or commanding, kinda sounds like a ballet move. 🙂

    8GB seems like not a lot of onboard memory but that’s a lot for a standalone unit. You’d want more but consider what the other units have. If you can use higher GB thumb drives or the link, it will be great.

    Well we all need to wait until after Musikmesse 2016 and after we’ve seen this in action but….I like the idea. Makes me realize Pioneer having the ability to sync the unit to other players kinda kills trying to troubleshoot running a multiple hardware/software controlled live set-up.

    Oh, and for the folks out there who complain about the MPC Touch and Ableton needing a laptop, I say…so what! If you are using a DJ software, how else do you use Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox or whatever software? Sure, if you only use CDJs and add this – it could be a standalone unit, but Rekordbox is always at your disposal so don’t hate on the laptop.

    • Sral Kowski

      toraiz = to raise …
      there will be more stuff like the sp-16 in the future, i bet 😉

  • Darrin

    before I even saw the name or logo, for a split second I thought it was a Maschine Mikro standalone update – and was kinda disappointed that its not NI gear. its an odd combination of gear like Novation Circuit, TR-8 and the Korg Electribe Sampler – so when you combine those pieces of gear, this is maybe not that outrageous as far as the cost goes. its more than I would want to have to spend to get this kind of functionality but it does have the Dave Smith name behind it, not just Pioneer. depending on the actual price on release, is it close to the Tempest? should a person just get the tempest?
    Also, the argument is always made that Pio gear is expensive but its meant for the club – many reviews of the DDJ line suggest that the controllers are a better, more cost effective way to go for home use. so are pros now bringing this to the club with their USB stick? will this gear also be marketed towards users with DDJ controllers so that beats are crafted in the home/studio prior to performance?
    I can’t see how there is a huge market for 2 x CDJ 2000 Nexus 2, a DJM 900 Nexus 2, maybe a Rmx 1000 and now this? in Canada, we’re well over 10 K. I’m not saying there isn’t a market, its just that they could sell so many more units if they reduced the price. they’d be even more ubiquitous as a DJ brand.
    rant over.

  • DJ Bluetooth MIDI

    Dave Smith filters are the Eddie Bauer of electronic gear.

    • CUSP

      There’s going to be a Dave Smith Ford Explorer?

  • Monty

    Damn, this thing is on point!
    I’d really really which they had a more open mided aproach towards compatibilty though.
    I can’t buy it because I can’t sync it with Traktor. What a shame 🙁

    • Monty

      If they won’t fix this problem, NI will steal all their customers with a new product!

    • Vecchiarelli

      It has MIDI in/out so you can sync it to Traktor just fine.

  • Vecchiarelli

    Pre-ordered it this morning. $1,500 for a hardware sampler with analog filters and a touchscreen is reasonable.

    • Mark Smith

      One of the very first sensible comments I have seen thus far about this today.

      • Claude Young Jr.

        I have to agree with you both. People need to understand you get what you pay for. The current gear on offer is mainly crap these days because most people want everything basically “for nothing”. There are plenty of other options but for a pro user or someone who just likes quality gear this is a total winner and extremely affordable.

        • CUSP

          I still think that CDJ controllers and record players are way overpriced, that’s not getting what you pay for, that’s gouging.

          This is a good piece of gear, but it seems like the sound card and computer inside are ways of increasing the price and doubling-up on the gear we use if we already use Serato or Traktor (two computers, two sound cards) in this era of inter-connected gear, and hiding the fact we’re using a computer if we’re using it along with turntables. So this is probably better marketed as “Machine for the Turntablist.”

          On a side note:
          I have to presume that one of the reasons why laptops are still popular is because of the real estate available to the user for interacting with music. A 7″ touch screen might be good for some people, but for someone moving around a lot, you’ll probably have to stop moving your body to the beat and concentrate on what’s on that little screen just to poke it, and choose an option… that’s my opinion at least. Try it with your cell phones (without picking them up) on something like iMaschine.

    • I dont hate you

      Yeah but if you think, the Tempest is filter per voice and only a few hundred more, it starts to feel over priced. All the analogue parts I’m guessing would cost more too. I know ones a drum machine, but next to that it feels expensive. Pioneer gear is built to last though and sounds good.
      I guess things are worth what you are willing to pay.

  • John Wylie

    of course its not a TR8 as thats an analog emulation and this is a sampler, more like a MPC, AKAI have taken too long to release a new stand alone unit, well done pioneer for stepping in. But so many questions i have: only one analog master filter? does it also have digital filters or EQ on every track? Effects? Song mode? Is it designed as a capable song production tool or just some extra for the DJ to play with?

  • Heinz

    They missed audio inputs. If this could take a signal and sample in real time so you could further chop and loop in sync while playing….it would be taking things to another level.
    This is basically a stripped down octatrack with pads and touch screen.

    • Simmo

      no they didn’t. it has 2 audio inputs.

  • Kristoffer Melendres

    TR-8 + Maschine = TORAIZ SP-16

    • Luiz Zen


    • Mark Smith

      You need a laptop for Maschine. You don’t need a laptop to be able to use the TORAIZ SP-16.

    • Nathan NoFun Webb

      My setup exactly! Much more worth $1,500

      • Mark Smith

        There is only one problem with your comparison. If you bought those two you still need to buy a laptop.

        • Nathan NoFun Webb

          True but if its one or the other then good luck reading emails and watching cat videos on your new sampler ;P

          • Claude Young Jr.

            The old “reading your email” thing.. so 2000’s. Very old school. You do know it’s 2016 right? Its like when I go DJ with the “Vinyl purist guys”, I crush those guys week after week on CDJ’s. How? With a bunch of exclusives content no one has either self made or from other producer friends. Its all about the music coming out of the speakers, not how that music is delivered ultimately. Its about moving asses on the floor.

          • Nathan NoFun Webb

            It is 2016 Claude yes and boy am I bored of the vinyl/digital thing too! But its interesting to hear your conflicting points of it being ‘about the music’ ultimately when you also consciously feel that you ‘crush’ vinyl DJs. I play with vinyl DJs all the time and we dont compete because for us it purely is all about the music. My comment was a joke, hence the cat videos bit! Maybe you should watch some and find some innocence in your competitive life 😉

          • CUSP

            Hey, maybe we should show up to your show with air horns, scream over megaphones claiming “you suck”, light off fart bombs/ use fire extinguishers all over the place, unplug the speakers, and pour baby oil all over the dance area and claim we’re just joking? It’s just innocent fun, right?

          • Claude Young Jr.

            Somebody needs a hug badly… thats all i have to say to you unknown commenter #2.. next

          • CUSP

            Here’s a cactus… hug away.

          • Claude Young Jr.

            And now your 5 min are up later…

          • CUSP

            Does anyone know you, other than the guy no one wants to be there, opening for the people they *do* like?

            At least my reviews come from a viewpoint that can help others.

          • Claude Young Jr.

            And why would I care if you showed up and said I suck, You would have already paid to get in! You have no idea who i am or what i have done and I have NO idea who you are and don’t care. Opinions and assholes everyones got them. Must have touched a nerve with you guys. So touchy.. its amusing.

          • CUSP

            I know you act like a bully, and you have no remorse for your actions. If I wanted to get into a show you were on, I could probably do so *for free* because A/V stage work is my day job… which means I have all access, and a crew that actually likes me. You know what Stage Crews don’t like with a visceral passion? Unapologetic, blow-hard artists that think coming from Detroit means they’re something to be feared. If you think you’re tough-as-nails, and you want to “bring it”, you’re certainly welcome to come try your tough-guy act, but that’s on you. Maybe you can “find innocence” after that.

            What’s your stage name again?

          • Claude Young Jr.

            Good thing I only work with the best. I mean i made a simple comment and your all ass bent out of shape. Its cool whatever, its been fun. Keep playing w those lights Jr. Later…

          • CUSP

            Funny, I’ve asked, but no one seems to know who you are.

          • Claude Young Jr.

            Or maybe you dont know anything about me, where i from or what i’ve done. Im from Detroit, its a competitive place place to be a DJ which is a good thing. Ive also been doing this professionally since 1991 all around the world. So when its time to hit the decks its a competition. This is what i get paid to do not a hobby that ill get bored with when tis no longer convenient. Perhaps you should check the credentials before you open your mouth. I can lay mine on the table, how about you? Just another in a long line of sarcastic commenters who are out of their depth and uncomfortable with confidence. It comes with achievement. So when i speak i can back up what i say. Cant really say the same because I dont know you and wouldn’t give you advice on whatever it is you do for a profession, its obviously not being a DJ.

          • CUSP

            Yep-yep-yep. I keep hearing “but you’re using a computer” every time I hear a vinyl purist… but what they don’t get is that they’re arguing semantics. 7th standard deviation (that’s less than 1 in a million, statistically speaking) cares what you use, the rest care how you use it. To those who say “but you still need a laptop” I respond, “Yeah, but you need vinyl… I’d rather have my problem than yours.”

          • Shash'U (Fool's Gold)


        • Vayca

          Only in case you didn’t already have a laptop, which is rather unlikely these days.

  • Maurício Lopes

    WTF??? Prefer Roland Tr-8

    • lukas

      its a 16 voice sampler, not a pcm drum machine

  • ShiftFunction

    So it’s a TR-8 for more than triple the money…


    • Simmo

      It’s a lot more than that….

    • Vecchiarelli

      Umm what? The two are hardly comparable. The TR-8 is an analog emulation drum machine whereas the SP-16 is a 16 voice sampler with a touchscreen and analog filters. $1,499 is perfectly reasonable for something of this calibre. It shares a space in the gear market with products like the Elektron Rytm and DSI Tempest not budget stuff like the Roland TR-8 or Korg Electribe.

    • Claude Young Jr.

      Not even close…

  • Lâm HUA

    Ticks all the boxes. Even the “Pioneer Premium Tax” one.

    • Luiz Zen

      Yeah, extremely expensive 🙁 I wonder why putting so much energy (money) on filter (analog) stuff from Dave Smith. Without that fancy components, would it cost still that huge pile of money?

      • Mark Smith

        This thing is a tank when it comes to features though. It even trumps some of its competition out there, Let’s see exactly what I feel is really innovative for what this piece of equipment is and can do.
        – Multicolor Performance Pads with Velocity
        – Analog filters from Dave Smith Instruments with control knobs for Drive, Cut Off and Resonance
        – 8GB of onboard flash memory and real-time processing
        – 16-voice polyphony (every sample can be played at the same time), even while using time stretch or editing the sound using the touch screen amp envelope
        – 7-inch touch screen
        – The buttons change based on the colors assigned to each sound – and you’ll be able to save and play back up to 256 patterns

        Yes I copied this from the article however I feel most of these features are not available on any other stand alone sequencer or piece of kit that will even sync up to CDJ’s. I don’t really see how some people I’ve seen commenting here and at DJ Worx say you can do what this does with alternative pieces of gear for less money. Syncing Maschine to Traktor using the midi clock doesn’t count as you need a laptop, Maschine, Traktor, and your preferred controller and this kind of setup still will not compare to this.

        • Vayca

          And how exactly does that not count in the case of Maschine? All those things together still set you back for less than the Pioneer taxed CDJ/DJM setup, which for god knows why apparently is perfectly fine for you. I won’t even get into the details of feature sets here that open up when you use the Native Instruments setup.

          • cintaerty

            This machine is completely standalone, with Maschine you need a computer and soundcard.

          • Vayca

            It’s not completely standalone, see my comment to Spacecamp. And it would still be cheaper.

          • Jlonz

            Because you load samples onto the device via a USB stick it’s not standalone? That really is a stretch, lol. Also they haven’t said this unit can’t live sample either (it does have 1/4″ inputs).

          • Spacecamp

            You don’t get a standalone unit with Maschine. If you want to include that in the cost, include the price of your laptop.

          • Vayca

            I could do that and when I do I would still be off cheaper than Pioneer’s alternative. And that’s when I wouldn’t already have a laptop to begin with.

            I would understand the price better if I weren’t able to say what I did just now… Also, 8 gigabytes worth of storage space is nice (though not that extensive for 1500 bucks) but where are your fresh samples coming from through that USB drive? Wouldn’t that be a laptop again?

            The point of buying a laptop therefore is moot as it would still be required for the TORAIZ and the Maschine still is cheaper with a fresh laptop included.

            No matter how you look at it, it’s pricey and not completely cutting out the computer.

          • CUSP

            While true, what you get out of Maschine is more than just the laptop hooked up to a drum machine, you get a fully integrated workstation (but they don’t like to call it that).

            I think it’s pretty clear, this is a response to Maschine for people who hate computers in their DJ kit (even though the computer is inside the device) because you can do pretty much everything on both controllers (except you need a computer for Maschine).

            While I like the general idea of the touch screen on a controller like this, I have to be thinking “What happens when I mis-play a note and hit the screen?” which is something I’ve done a bunch of times with my Mikro Mk2 during a set. Please note, I’ve also played with touch screen DJ apps and noted that drops of sweat acted like a finger-pull down the screen (in the middle of a set), I cannot imagine what will happen here.

          • Daniel A. Garner

            I’d call it an instrument, not a controller (seeing as it really isn’t meant to control anything, although it seems that support will be added). Also- if the touch screens are anything like the XDJ1000’s, you won’t have trouble. They aren’t sensitive like iPhones, more like pushing a soft button.

          • CUSP

            Fair enough… it’s an electronic instrument.

          • CUSP

            Fair enough, but if you want anything more than what’s built-in on the Toraiz SP-16, you should factor in a computer as well. It’s really hard to get away from computers now-a-days, and it’s not beneficial to avoid them.

          • Daniel A. Garner

            The difference in reliability comes to mind here. And all CDJ/XDJ users have to own a computer of some sort to prepare files anyway.

          • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

            most people already have a laptop. no need to buy one solely for this and, as such, don’t need to include in the price.

        • CUSP

          How is using Pioneer Sync any different than using NI Sync? Are you saying that a software connection (not a Cat-5 Connector) somehow disqualifies it?

          When you look at hardware replacement as a systemic thing, it’s a smarter idea to have things piecemeal, as you need merely replace one part of the unit (or carry one part of it to your gigs if the gig is lower key). Right now, you can buy a very good (refurbished) MacBook Pro for under $800 or or iPad2 for under $300 (for the touch screen part), and a brand new Maschine Mk2 for somewhere around $600, so the price is comparable… except you can use the laptop for anything else you want when you’re not playing out. To me, that makes a big difference.

          If you have the money, this is a pretty nice device that seems just as capable as what already exists. If you were to pair this unit up with a “traditional” CD DJ Coffin, you’d be spending hundreds more than a typical Native Instruments Controller DJ set up (the S8 costs about as much as two CD DJ units and a mixer), Machine Mk2, a stand, AND the laptop, and you still couldn’t get the routing you can get from MaschineTraktor.

          I love Dave Smith (for all that he did for electronic Music), it’s great that you can just plug this in, patch it, and go, but you’ll need to assign these outs to a mixer capable of handling more than 2 inputs (AKA a 2-channel DJ mixer), and that’s something people often forget about… which is something you would not *need to do* with the NI Virtual mixer (I have a mixer and choose to mix externally).

          No matter how you look at it, these types of devices add a level of complexity to DJing which is non-trivial. It’s wise to look at everything from a fresh perspective, and figure out how you’re going to use a drum machine/sampler… most CD-DJ coffins do not have any extra space.

          • Mark Smith

            Go watch the video from Musikmesse on Digital DJ Tips. The SP-16 usies Pioneer LINK which is their proprietary language between their CDJ’s, DJM’s, and now this. Unlike MIDI their LINK sends beat data as well as phrase data. Syncing to Traktor’s MIDI clock is nowhere near as precise as LINK as MIDI is not able to send this kind of data or link in that manner with other devices.

  • Acid Avenue

    No midi? Really?

    • Simmo

      It has midi in and out

      • Shash'U (Fool's Gold)

        i mean who reads spec details anyway? .gosh.

  • CunTROLLerist

    “One Take Tracks”
    “The Aira TR-8 is analog”
    Please let Vekkked test this…if NI allows you

  • 100 K !

    Dude. Just use ableton.

    • timonweb

      Ableton is a great tool but can’t be tightly syncronized with Rekordbox. Of course, you can use midi sync, but that’s just a tempo information not a grid sync which is way more better thing.

    • lukas

      nope, i played 4 years with ableton and i wanted to get away from the computer, so i bought an octatrack. but this one here could be a killer. exactly what akai did wrong with the mpc touch, you have to use a computer.

      • Unreallystic

        I can’t lie, I was getting money together to get a Touch and then found out I needed a computer to use it…nope. At that point its a MPD with a touch screen, I got enough other devices to take care of that niche. The one thing that intrigues me about this is that you DON’T need a computer. Still not going to pay 1500 for essentially an MPC with a sequencer….

        • Wee Garry

          Mate what are you talking about. The MPC range has a sequencer ( one of the best ) Also just because is a sampler it dosnt make it close to an MPC, totaly different feature sets.

          • Jerzey

            MPD is not MPC, which is why his comment holds up. Check out the MPD line and the “features” to understand what he means.

          • Ralph Dejean

            he said mpc with a sequencer not mpd

  • thundercat

    suck it NI! you have waited and waited and done nothing to integrate Maschine into Traktor, Consistently ignoring request from users/fans/DJ websites and the like for yeeeeeaaaarsss… seemingly in favor of putting all your attention into stems. Pioneer have well and truely one upped you

    As another mentioned here leaving the midi port of the NXS2 mixer does really really seem designed to limit solid sync to this or other pioneer devices. This plus the trend for less native support of the new Pio mixers/CDJs with Traktor/Serato etc really seems like an overall loss for DJs who don’t want to be forced into the Pioneer world

    Hardware looks nice and fun to play with

    overall seems sad for the industry

    • tricade

      I’m full with you !

    • Quenepas

      Agree! NI not incorporating Maschine on Traktor, which also makes perfect sense for stems it’s just idiocy and lunacy.

  • David B

    I see this as a CDJ replacement.

    It’s Traktor without the bulky laptop.

    • Billay

      It seems more like a Maschine without the bulky laptop.

      • CUSP

        Really? Laptops are bulky? Really?! Maybe you’d be happier if you had something like iMaschine, it removes the bulk of the buttons and knobs and such.

        Point being: All DJ set-ups require some time and space. If you have a problem with “bulk”, get a laptop stand… it’s not like the Pros don’t do it.

        • mikefunk

          Try to switch on a laptop, software, connect everything. Then compare it to this thing. Switch and it’s on and ready. I try to get away form laptop as much as I can. Computers suck really for live performance. And they are faulty.

          • CUSP

            If you’re doing it right, you plug a Maschine controller in to a laptop, connect the computer to a sound card, power it up and you’re good to go. To ensure untangled cables try taping them in 3″ intervals making a harness out of it (presuming you put the drum machine in the same place every time).

            I love computers for live performance so we differ there… opinions.

            Everything is faulty at some point, so what happens when the computer inside this device fails, can you use it? My guess is no. Alternatively, if a computer fails with Maschine, you can replace it with another computer (that has Maschine on it). I have a back up computer for just such an emergency.

          • Daniel A. Garner

            Just curious- how many times have you personally seen a piece of Pioneer gear fail during a set? I myself haven’t experienced that, But I can count the number of macbook fails I’ve witnessed on 2 hands.

            Yes these units have computers, but they were built to do one thing very well. I feel that Pioneer is answering the industry’s need for a dedicated EXPRESSIVE instrument in the DJ booth. Up until now, there hasn’t been a way for DJ’s to comfortably synchronize “production-style” equipment with the industry-standard club setup. I could see these holding a permanent place on stage next to a pair of CDJ’s- perhaps utilizing the multiple outputs for channels 1 & 4 on the mixer (think channel 1 for drum loops, channel 4 for one shots and vocals, and channels 2&3 for playing decks). I predict an ever-expanding line of CREATIVE units (under the TORAIZ name), catered toward CREATIVE performers and DJ’s who have a need for rekordbox-compatible solutions.

            Our macs are marketed personal computers (capable of handling production, gaming, broadcasting, etc. but would I trust them to stay on for 12+ hours playing tracks and running effects without any hiccups? Sadly, no. I’m an ableton guy and I LOVE midi controllers- so I can never ditch the laptop when it comes to live performance, but when it comes to the DJ booth- there’s no comparison to the workflow and stability of dedicated hardware.

          • CUSP

            How many times? I think it was 3. Probably because they were not serviced and abused. Everything fails, when hardware fails it typically stays failed until fixed, like bad buttons and potentiometers. Most of the time when software fails, you just restart it, so always have a back up and be comfortable switching over.

  • StridxrDie!

    I want it…it’s so expensive, but I want it!

  • Eloy Zoet

    Any info on what CDJ models are supported? (i.e are the older CDJ900’s compatible?)

    • Simmo

      presumably any that support the pro dj link

  • jorge garcia

    isn’t this what the boomchik was supposed to be?

  • AuralCandy.Net

    Oooh…me likey! 🙂

    Conspiracy theory: is this the reason why Pioneer left MIDI-out port out from DJM-900NXS2, so that the only hardware sampler one could add to their CDJ/DJM-setup is the Toraiz SP-16.