The Numark NV II For Serato DJ: Upgraded For 2016

The original Numark NV was the first DJ controller (besides CDJs in HID mode) to come out with integrated screens that showed a wealth of information from Serato DJ. Now, Numark has done an incremental upgrade to improve the controller based on feedback from their users and the DJ community at large. Keep reading for the details on the Numark NV II.

Numark NV II

  • The Numark NV II will retail for $699 in the US
  • Available Summer 2016
  • Compatible with and includes Serato DJ
  • The on-screen browsing, track displays, etc have been updated
  • The unit has a visual design makeover – which apparently reflects future designs that we’ll see from the company in the future
  • The jog wheels now are touch-capacitive
The Numark NV II (left) has a slight facelift over the original Numark NV (right)

Better Browsing + Sorting

There are some basic improvements to the experience of browsing and playing tracks on the Numark NV II, including:

  • The NV II adds gridlines to the waveform display “so DJs can visualize the beat of their tracks more accurately.”
  • Improved new navigation control with push-to-load tracks via the selection knob, sorting by metadata in browse mode (album, artist, title, key, BPM), and build in controls for beat jump and quantize on/off

However, we’re wondering why all Numark NV users can’t get these two improvements – surely a firmware update is warranted?

Touch-Capacitive Jog Wheels

In addition to improving the on-screen experience, Numark has made the jog wheels on the unit touch-capacitive. Numark has been adding touch-sensitive controls on their DJ controllers for a while now – but mainly focusing on knobs for touch-to-activate filters, FX, etc.

It seems like these jogwheels are touch-sensitive in order to improve the experience of the user. Numark’s press release notes that the jog wheels have an “adaptive learning platter technology” that adjusts based on their use – similar to how some cars adjust their acceleration styles to the driver:

“Touch- capacitive means that the platters actually sense the DJ’s ‘style’ of use and they adapt themselves to that individual user. They “remember” how fast or slow, subtle or hard the DJ uses the platters and they provide the exact amount of adjustment based on past usage.”

So far we have limited details on how the jogs’ touch technology is actually used on the unit – will it be something that users can adjust, or is it completely under-the-hood? We’re interested to find out more soon once we get our hands on a unit.

There’s not too much different on this controller versus the original Numark NV – perhaps Numark has put all of their powers of innovation into the standalone MCX8000 setup. That being said, the controller looks a bit nicer than the original with the new darker jogwheels – so if you’ve been considering an NV, the NV II seems like the way to go.

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  • James Dreyer

    Original NV users posted on Numarks forum for over a year requesting these exact firmware updates from Numark. One of their customer service staff repeatedly promised a firmware upgrade was coming, then they release the 2, tout the changes were from customer feedback, and don’t provide an update to those who forked out $800 for the original NV. Once there were about 30 odd complaints on the forum thread, the same employee (Chris) basically mocked/belittled the customers and a week or so later Numark just deleted the thread. I called and expressed my disappointment and was assured someone would call me back asap. Nothing… Appalling service and i will never buy Numark again.

  • decon

    If just one brand would remove the mixer, and sell the players by themselves as seperate midi controllers. There is no market here, and i feel like a lot of djs would prefer jogs and pitch fader to NI x1. Having the option to use an external mixer is very attractive with midi interfacing controlling dj software would be great

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      It was done years ago, it’s called a DJ Tech Kontrol One. Most people didn’t care, you can do the same thing with a cdj.

    • Martullia

      That’s my problem whit all in one controllers to. It’s nice for home users but it’s not something you will take whit you. Also i hate controlling 4 channels whit only 2 decks sure it safes space but it will never be my cup of Thea.

    • Christopher Allen

      numark v7 does it. stanton scs.3 does it. native instruments does it with their controllers. stanton scs.1 does it. behringer has some cheap-o midi controllers that do it. You can buy denon sc2900s or sc3900s with a x600 or x1600 mixer. they are analog but approx. 90% midi mappable. so can be used for midi, hybrid, timecode, or standalone. pioneer x1s are standalone midi turntables w/o a cd slot. so i don’t know what you mean. there is a market. it has been done. and most midi controllers with a 4 channel mixer have inputs for adding additional inputs so you do have the option of controlling 4 channels with 4 decks, but obviously that would be too huge to be an all in one 4 channel mixer 4 deck midi controller

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    Correct me if I’m wrong. But I think the S8 hit the shelves earlier than the Numark NV.
    The NV was just announced earlier. So actually the S8 was the first (of a new generation) of controllers with displays.

    • Stewe

      Not really. The NV was out there even before all those pics of Kontrol S8 leaked.

      • DJ Rock3t

        Maybe hard to remember that far back. 🙂

  • HSSL

    it looks so cheap and plasticy

  • thundercat

    wow Numark… what a kick in the pants for original NV owners

    the original marketing/promo pics for the NV1 have the gridlines showing then the unit came out and they were hidden all of a sudden… fast forward to now and they are a ‘feature’ worth buying a new version with a new colour scheme (ala NS73 anyone?)

    and still no key sorting?!? users on the forums have been asking about this for over a year now…

      • thundercat

        fair enough, I stand corrected re key sorting

        still some BS re marketing the display of beat grid lines as a new feature tho

        • DJ Rock3t

          Yes I agree, main reason I will stick with Traktor & my S8, w/ all midi 3d N twister & turntables when I want or need

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      If they really keep this as a feature just for the NV 2 and don’t give NV 1 users a firmware upgrade I would nominate them for the shittiest business move in DJ history.

      • Christopher Allen

        i think that still goes to pioneer. they would have half the features for double the price and club owners would expect you to pay for them because “industry standard” or re-skin a technic, paint it black, and call it the turntable of 2016. numark may choose to leave out features but at least their prices are always reasonable and their products (at least the mixers) are built solid

    • Phoenix Mary Lilitu Laforest

      true but would you rather them not fix the problems ?


    The MCX8000 is actually by Denon.

    • Nosboost300

      which is owned by numark

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Both are under the InMusic umbrella.

    • Spacecamp

      They share product designers – all a part of InMusic, as noted below.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        You can really see the Akai bleeding through the product design as well, the pad mould and layout are very recognizable.