Traktor Pro 2.11 Out Now

For the first time in a year, Native Instruments is shipping a major update to their DJ software, Traktor Pro 2.11. The new version includes a few major new features, including Ableton Link, a Remix Deck step sequencer, and Pioneer DJ NXS2 support. Keep reading for details and videos.

Editor’s warning: As always, we are obligated to remind you that updating to a new DJ software right before a gig is a bad idea! Make sure you test everything out. Here’s how to roll back quickly to an older version if things go south. 

Traktor Pro 2.11: Ableton Link

In the new version of Traktor Pro, they’ve added the very powerful and increasingly common Ableton Link. This feature means that any other software using the Link protocol can be synchronized with Traktor. Any changes to the BPM are propagated to the other softwares.

You can add as many other softwares as you want – including Ableton Live and Serato DJ instances – all over a local area networks (Wi-Fi or ethernet).

Watch two Native Instruments employees show off how Link works in the video below:

What’s special about Ableton Link is that it goes beyond simple MIDI clock synchronization – and in our testing, tempo drift and latency is much improved. You can adjust the tempo globally for all the connected applications, and start/stop playback without doing so on the other linked apps.

Remix Decks Step Sequencer

Yes, Native Instruments is joining the step sequencing craze. We first launched our own Remix Deck sequencer with the Midi Fighter Twister years ago – it still is a powerful solution that’s a bit different from Traktor’s – but it is very exciting to have an official sequencer that anyone can map.

Traktor Pro 2.11 includes some sample step sequencer content, and it’s automatically pre-mapped to Traktor Kontrol S8 and D2 controllers. Stay tuned for a powerful mapping for the Midi Fighter 3D in the next few days.

If you make a MIDI mapping for the Traktor step sequencer for your controller, please upload it to DJTT’s Maps repository so others can try it for themselves, comment, and improve your work!

NXS2 HID/DVS Support

We wrote about this in a separate article earlier today – but finally users of Pioneer DJ’s NXS2 setup have full HID support. This means that you can control the decks via HID on the CDJ-2000NXS2s, as well as use the DJM-900NXS2’s audio inputs for DVS control.

Traktor Pro 2.11 is available now in Service Center or on NI’s website under Updates.

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  • Joca Eduardo

    Have you noticed that after upgrading to 2.11 the channel faders LEDs keeps one segment lit even the deck is paused? I’ve made a research and noticed that even on NI’s videos. Does anyone figured out how to solve this glitch? Cheers, Jorge!

  • Senator Wax Davis

    you guys forgot to mention timecode mk1 compatability! this means older hybrid midi players will work with traktor again!

  • Anree

    Any updates on Autogain balancing or Limiting settings while recording a set??? Otherwise old autogains and limiters on traktor pro 2 are terrible

  • Rado

    How can I send the audio from Ableton to Traktor? I would like to have to programs open on same computer. Or maybe I just have to play traktor on my audio 10 soundcard and the ableton by audio jack just straight to the mixer?

  • Juan Andres

    So.. Has anyone actually tried the DVS function?
    I am having problems getting a timecode signal from my TT’s into Traktor through the NXS’2 mixer.

  • cael69

    hi, what was the name of the app used to demonstrate Ableton link in Traktor 2.11 in the first video, I understood “fruit machine” but have had no luck finding the app in the app store?

  • Dean

    Looks OK but wondering when a proper integration between
    machine and traktor will be released You
    would be able to do so much more than this basic upgrade if this was possible

  • Dj Richi AC

    i swear… i was waiting for them to say f1 and indeed they said it… i scream a loud yes sooo loud that my gf came to see what was going on… i’m a happy man. Now i just need to see how that works with the f1

      • Dj Richi AC

        hey man, do you know where to find a mapping that actually works? i donwloaded the tsi from the controll manager but even if the steps are showing in the f1 i don’t get any sound

        • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

          i don’t know. i haven’t tried the official release yet. I was part of the beta testing and the TSI they provided me worked just fine.

        • Devlin

          When updating, the mapping is downloaded as well. If you try to import the TSI, you’ll find the mapping for the F1 in the default folder.

  • DJ Possess

    I’m still syncing Traktor and Ableton via Midi Sync and the EXT button in Ableton. Does this mean I don’t have to go this route anymore and can use the Link button w/ Ableton 9.7 and Traktor 2.11?

    • Mikias


  • Velanche

    If it’s possible for the sequencer to work with the S4, that would be awesome. I hate to have to buy another piece of hardware to get that functionality.

  • S_Rig

    Next amazing update would be to re-wire from Traktor to Ableton without any third party applications. If that happens, the capabilities will be truly endless.

  • Anthony Alonso

    ALready mapped deck c to my CMD LC1 as the step sequencer. Once completed, mapping will be uploaded! SUper fun!

  • PoissonPilote

    I installled the update yesterday and I can deliver my first impressions.
    I have an F1, I m running ableton synchronize on Traktor by midi.
    1- I had a mapping page about instant effects, installation of F1 sequencer mapping put the mess in it but after reupload the effects TSI file, everything went back OK.
    2- The sequencer file need to be run on user setting mode, mean that in this way, my 2 pages of midi mapping (instant effect and deck C control) are useless. :-(((
    3- I can run in midi mode but in that way it’s the remix deck control that i lose, then make the samples loads just fucking tricky as i need to do it with mousepad 🙁
    So it’s better for me to keep my ableton layout for run drum sequences and forget Traktor sequencer. Still use F1 for play loops and control my track deck C

    4- Link: very tight synchro but some bad impression I have little problem with sound since I run it. and one time, i run link to synchronize trakor and ableton and I never get the synchro (YES, I verifiy that synxc buttons were engaged 😉 ). I finally came back to my mid synchro and everytthing is ok

    there is no emergency to change something in my set up
    The sequencer is usefull for me only if i can run it on a midi page but copy the mapping will be a long and tricky job as there is so many command lines.

    I d better like to have big improvments in the mapping section in order to make mapping mor quicly and confortable with some undo, redo, multiple cop,etc functions

  • Billy Badazz

    The effect section sucks now! Nothing ever works! NI doesn’t give a shit about real DJ’s, (meaning, real dj’s that actually play on real turntables,) the only thing NI cares about is selling more shitty controllers for techno DJ’s. Maybe I should switch to Serato where they care more about real DJing. *sorry about the ranting, but I held my tongue for long enough.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Every software has it’s issues, no DJ platform is exempt. You’re running a Mac, so you run into the 32 bit limitation issue that causes Serato to crash with larger crates. Personally, I run Cross when I happen to install a version of Traktor that is a little unstable. I didn’t see the point of reinvesting in hardware when I’ve already paid good money for it. Your most cost effective Serato interface is the Denon DS1 at $300 plus any in app purchases for upgrades and you’ll have less control over your software than you do now with your Z2. As for Traktor not being for “real DJs”, look up Shifty or Craze.

      • Billy Badazz

        All sorted out. I had some major problems with missing files and whatnot. Thanks for the feedback!

    • SweetGwendoline

      There were no changes to the effect section. What are you talking about?

  • Djg Stefan

    Great new stuff. But, that they have not fixed the “List Row Height” problem in two updates is soon going to make me switch to Rekordbox DJ. The “List Row Height” is now also adjusting the space between the playlists, witch is not suppose to do. If you like me have the “List Row Height” on maximum so I can see the cover art, it makes to playlist window way to spacius.

  • Syl

    Has anyone figured out how to activate the sequencer with a Midi Fighter 3D? Can’t even get it to become a sequencer, stays a remix deck… 🙁

    • Syl

      I kinda get it, the GUI within Traktor doesn’t change, it only the GUI on the actual Native instrument hardware that’s changing. It becomes a bit trickier to custom map…

  • lovedjing

    Why is Ableton Link on/off button not MIDI mappable !??
    So painful ;(

    • SweetGwendoline

      It has a hotkey… I think Shift+Space…

      New: Added keyboard shortcut for resettin LINK downbeat (Ctrl+Alt+Space)

      • lovedjing

        MIDI mapping please… ;(

        • Stewe

          Here you go: Add In > Master Clock > Ableton Link > Reset Downbeat

          • lovedjing

            Thx, but I already knew.
            Not “reset downbeat” but “Link activate/deactivate switch” !!
            If I wanna make next song’s bpm to be LINK’s bpm, I should manually type the bpm value in traktor’s master clock
            or once deactivate both app’s LINK button…

  • Derek Mortenson

    Do they have a template for the F1?

    • Rohan Yellore

      Yes, it comes with the update. You can find it in the controller manager. However you will have to decide which of your decks you want to use with an F1 in advance (for example i wanted to use the bottom right deck, so i used the Deck D mapping)

      • ShiftFunction

        How are you getting on with the F1 sequencer? I’m finding it really struggles to keep time and trigger samples correctly. Likely to have to scrap the idea pretty soon.

        The only reason I wanted it was because the channel I have Maschine coming into on my Xone:92 doesn’t route to the filters. I wish I knew how to mod it!

        • Rohan Yellore

          i was jamming with the final release for a few hours and had no issues with timing… getting it to work on the F1 was a bit fidgety but it stuck to timing just fine during my session. I did have some odd timing issue with the first beta but i haven’t been able to recreate that.

  • Raj Palvankar

    Would love a Twister mapping for this…

  • Eric Huber

    LINK! 🙂

  • Eric Allen

    Yes!! Twister mapping Please!!

  • Kev Rokken

    So no auto mapping for the sequencer on the S5? That’s goofy. ?

    • Mike Jenkins

      Agree kinda pissed about this

    • Kamza

      Yeah you’d think the S5 would be considered. Its not a cheap piece of kit ??

      NI seriously pushing me in the direction of the Roland DJ 808 and Serato ??

    • Peter Bjöns

      But it will be able to run if mapped right? Cant be that much of a hassle? :S

    • Mojodrum

      I agree the S5 is not cheap if they want to sell more they better include the sequencer.

  • killmedj

    Excellent! I love this update!

  • Julian Knight

    pitch is finally mappable !
    are you goings going to do a mapping for the MF twister ?
    like changing the volume control button for pitch control ? that would be awesome

    • Stewe

      That is not true unfortunately. We all hope that pitch will become available via MIDI mapping in the future.

      • Dag Sonikku

        So…is it mappable now or not? I have been waiting to be able to map pitch but I heard nothing about it with this update. This is the first I ave heard of it