What Will Pioneer DJ Announce at NAMM 2017?

January is always full of new gear announcements, with the NAMM 2017 industry show approaching in two weeks. One of the things we’ve noticed this year is near silence from Pioneer DJ – despite competitors throwing down serious challenges (see Denon’s new media player). What might come from the industry giant at NAMM 2017?

What We Already Know: Still Working With Serato

Let’s begin with the one piece of information that Pioneer DJ has made clear with their most recent product announcement: they’re still creating products in partnership with Serato DJ. In December, they announced the DDJ-SZ2, an incremental upgrade to the top-of-the-line DDJ-S controller:

This gives a good sign of where we might not see anything new: Rekordbox DJ controllers. The company has rolled out the entire DDJ-R series over the last year and a half – but they have not cracked the top 10 selling controllers in the US (the DDJ-S series has reigned supreme on this list for years).

Here’s our speculation on what we think Pioneer might introduce at NAMM or later in 2017: 

Something New In TORAIZ?

Option 1: A More Portable/Smaller TORAIZ SP-8

One idea for the TORAIZ lineup – a smaller version!

For most DJs, the SP-16 is well outside of their budget range as an accessory controller. It’s also a physically large addition to any setup, and not particularly portable. To get more users into the TORAIZ ecosystem, Pioneer could follow the same path as on their DJ gear: introducing cheaper, smaller, and less feature-rich versions.

An SP-8 could be designed to be a modern taken on the classic Roland SP-404 series, which continues to be relatively unrivaled as a standalone production sampling unit.

Option 2: Major Firmware Update For TORAIZ SP-16

One direction that Pioneer could really stand to expand upon with the SP-16 unit is the integration into a complete CDJ/XDJ setup. Right now, the sampling functionality is very analog. What if instead DJs could quickly pass loops, slices, and other CDJ-based data directly into the SP-16 without recording the audio and doing it manually?

XDJ Standalones Need Some Love

XDJ-RZ: Four Channel Standalone

If Pioneer turned one of their four-channel DDJ controllers into a XDJ-standalone, it might look like this.

Last year, Denon DJ added their own challenger Pioneer’s XDJ line by introducing a four-channel all-in-one standalone MCX8000 (although you can only use TWO channels in standalone mode). We’d love to see Pioneer answer back with their own four-channel unit. There’s a pretty comprehensive wishlist over on the Pioneer DJ forums for a theoretical XDJ-RZ that user Mico put together – here’s a few of our favorites:

  • 8 rubber RGB pads, full-sized jog wheels (like the DDJ-SZ)
  • 4 channel mixer
  • Touchscreen, maybe even two screens instead of one, identical GUI to other XDJ/CDJs
  • Serato + Traktor integration; DVS compatibility
  • Higher quality DAC for better playback
  • Needle strip search


An update to the most popular standalone all-in-one DJ rig on the market seems inevitable. On an XDJ-RX2, we expect that Pioneer would add a feature set similar to what was introduced on the XDJ-1000mk2. It would still be a similar layout and design as the original, just with a number of updates to bring it in line with the rest of the XDJ series:

  • A high-resolution LED touchscreen
  • FLAC/ALAC  playback support
  • New generation Browse modes – Track Filter and Matching
  • 8 Hot Cues (first introduced on the new CDJ-2000NXS2)

DDJ-SR2: A Much Needed Update

This is the only older controller in the DDJ-S series that hasn’t been updated with an incremental update. We’ve seen the DDJ-SX2, SB2, and even just recently the SZ2. But the SR is one of the most popular units – so it makes a lot of sense that Pioneer DJ and Serato would bring this unit up to the same level as its peers.

On a DDJ-SR2, we’d likely see:

  • RGB LED pads
  • Updated performance pad controls for Serato features (Pitch Play, Key shift, Serato Flip, etc)
  • Perhaps improved jogwheels – maybe with on-jog cue displays?

A Relaunch Of The XDJ-AERO?

Remember the XDJ-AERO? Maybe it’s time for a relaunch!

Here’s an interesting idea from a Reddit /r/DJs thread last month speculating Pioneer products. What if you took one of the older standalone XDJ models and updated it for 2017? Call it the XDJ-AERO2, it could be half the price of an XDJ-RX with more basic displays and less mixer/FX features:

What do you think Pioneer DJ might bring to the table at NAMM 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Wondering why there’s so much new gear news on DJTT right now? Companies are rolling out their new products ahead of the NAMM 2017 industry convention. We’re giving DJTT readers the first coverage and insights into what’s coming out:  See all of our NAMM 2017 coverage here. 

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  • Jay Kwiz

    All I really wanted was a DDJ-RZX, but with USB drive inputs. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like anyone at Pioneer is listening.

  • Joe Bagli

    A DDJ-SR 2 would be great! with RGB color pads Master XLR instead of TRS and RCA and booth output.And made for all the softwares.

  • DeepGroove

    A synth and that’s it? Complete letdown.

  • Theo B

    Dedicated FXs on each channel or 4 fXs all on 1 channel!
    Real vinyl motorised platter!

  • Sergio Herculano

    My expectations is that Pioneer fix all issues in Rekordbox and also launch a new Firmware for DDJ_RZX fixing the issues in this controller and maybe add some new features.

  • Kevin Basher

    Pioneer probably have felt the stir caused by the SC5000.

    We might see renders or a mock-up (no final product, like with the Toraiz’ first appearance) of an XDJ-2000.

  • Joseph Miller

    A mixer with pro DJ link features that isn’t $2000, geared towards XDJ-1000 users. Support for Native Instrument’s open STEMS format and functionality across their media player range and rekordbox.


    What about CDJ-450s????

  • couic

    CDJ firmware updates for usb controller support. seriously

  • MoMo

    Here’s a vote full-on production DAW sibling to Rekordbox that makes the Toraiz SP-1 rival the competition’s options..functions like a combination of Elektron’s Overbridge, MPC 2.0 with MPCX, NI Maschine 2.0, Roland’s plug-out…total integration editing like Access Virus|TI and etc.

    No jumping to VST hosting yet but if it makes the SP-1 a better thing…I’m hoping for on it.

    • Dubby Labby

      Or just make any rekordbox device (standalone cdjs, mixers and sp16) compatible with DVS. Even an standalone box (similar to Numark Dashboard but with computer inside) like new mpc live…?

    • Tony Mitchell

      Please stop

      • Theo Bishop


        • Tony Mitchell

          Because you are posting up images of non-existent products. You are adding nothing here.

          • Theo Bishop

            These are some of the features that i would like to see in the future.

          • Theo Bishop

            There just concept designs.

    • Theo Bishop

      Motorised platter & FX on each channel!

    • Dubby Labby


  • drabuziai Skelbiualio

    I think MCX8000 is almost perfect. The only thing could be missing is
    two or three more FX on the stand alone mode like Gate or https://labaigerai.lt Delay and

  • tricade

    I would guess its a RMX MK2…..

  • 8o8Ninja

    I hope they don’t plan to upgrade the DJM-S9. I’m thinking of getting one this week but don’t know if i should wait until they announce their gear.

    • Danny Valentino

      Wait!!! At least till after NAMM. I’m in the market myself for a new controller and looking at the Denon MCX800, but I’m waiting till after NAMM in case something else newer/better catches my eye.

      • ace

        Denon’s products always seem like the bomb at release time. Sadly once you’ve spent your money, you realise the many flaws. At least pioneer address their problems, Denon pretend they don’t exist. Trust me on this, Don’t get the Denon, you’ll regret it!!

        • Spacecamp

          Have you tried any product made by Denon since they were sold to InMusic? They’re significantly different products – which makes sense as it’s pretty much an entirely new company.

  • Envinite

    I honestly just wish they don’t show anything on NAMM but announce that they’ll finally give a shit with their ‘outdated’ 6 months old controller.

    • Spacecamp

      Which controller is this?

    • Kevin Basher

      Does it include WaveLab? 😀

      • Dubby Labby

        Not just Photoshop ;P

  • Simon Kennedy

    The new fat knobs pioneer club mixer (fact)

    • Kevin Basher


      • Simon Kennedy

        i don’t have all the details but i’ve been told (by someone who’s seen it & will the new top of range club mixer, and it will be something special!

    • Black Mail

      I really want a Pioneer Rotary mixer again!!!

  • guest100

    Single deck controller to match djm 450? Some DVS controller for djm 450?

    • Earnest

      Maybe an XDJ-700 MK2?

      • Kevin Basher

        The 700 has been around for just a year. Product life cycle for an XDJ is rather 2-3 years.

        • mikefunk

          whole xdj line is already overdated because is based on old design.

    • Gavin Varitech

      That’s the XDJ-700, isn’t it? Or are you talking about a CDJ with a CD drive?

      • guest100

        It is standalone, I’m thinking of a portable single deck controller. So if having a djm 450 you could choose between tts or jogs.

  • LxSounder

    i would love to see more pioneer-Studio gear

    Also a Update of the Rekordbox mobile version would be great!

  • MoMo

    I don’t know…we’ve endured 5+ years of way too many changes in Pioneer’s CDJs that I hope there’s no CDJ2000NSX3 being revealed this year. I will say that the performance and quality has improved… it’s enough to be a little forgiving about their expensive replacement….but critical about the increase in cheat use of CDJs to the point where some so-called professional DJs get into the top 10 on RA/Mixmag DJ polls, and worldwide gigs by being more of a self-proclaimed spokesperson for Social injustices, Political issues, basically mostly vocal in their fake fight for causes instead of being a really great DJ. The CDJ makes it possible for them to get to the top on other fanbase…HOLDING up handwritten signs while smacked off their tits on substance on Boiler Room…just go through the motions for smiles instead of being a great DJ. no names….

    Anyway, my only wish for improvements would be a radical reface improvement the look of their mixers. If not, can we get an official user-installable Rotary-dial fader option ?

    • benjamin funklin

      no DJs get to the top of the tree without making popular (not necessarily “good”) tracks or without being proficient DJs. certainly i would agree that once at the top of the tree many have noticeably became what you have stated. but before they became what they are now, they had to prove their chops in one way or another.

      caveat: different genres require different things, perhaps one could say EDM DJs maybe just need a ghost producer and a good mix engineer to get gigs, but that is still a hurdle to overcome.

      • MoMo

        Yeah, that part was baited but IMHO, you see and experience way too many people using all of CDJ’s advances in similar fashion like people used to complain about Traktor abusers. Another topic…I just put that right there in the middle of hope for continuous improvements and advancement without making DJing too expensive for the average local DJ to break out, and too easy for the top tier DJs to just dial it in.

    • Spacecamp

      Very unlikely they’d release a CDJ-2000NXS3 – the NXS2 setup isn’t even a year old yet.

      • Gavin Varitech

        Yep. They go at least 3 years between CDJ model updates… Even now with Pioneer DJ being an independent company that hasn’t changed.

  • Joe Moore

    I would love to see a (long overdue) update to the DDJ-SP1, even if it’s just to make the pads multicolor, like the ones on the SX2 and SZ2. Fingers crossed that Pioneer announces a DDJ-SP2.

  • MarcusMCB

    Often wondered why the DDJ-SR hasn’t been given the incremental update yet. It’s probably their most practical Serato device (in features vs footprint).

  • Gavin Varitech

    I would love an XDJ-RX2. Don’t really care about/want a touch screen or Flac support, though. To make it a little bit more like the more premium CDJs/XDJs would be nice though. Improved platters, chrome ring on platter, on air/off air lights, a separate send-receive for the RMX-1000. Things like that.

    If there was a send-receive on the XDJ-RX I’d probably already have one and would have sold my mixer and CDJs. No one want to have to put their EFX on the master out.

    • Kevin Basher

      It would probably look like a toy 😉

      • Gavin Varitech

        I get jokes!

        It might, Pioneer has been increasingly going in that direction of late. That said the RX looks nothing like a toy so I’m not too worried.


    “Last year, Denon DJ outdid the Pioneer’s XDJ line by introducing the four-channel all-in-one standalone MCX8000”

    I dont think the mcx8000 “out did” the xdj line, because even the mcx8000 was standalone,
    it only worked with two of the channels which really disappointed a lot of fans….

    it might have out did the xdj line controller-wise, but in the standalone side…. I’m not seeing it…..

    • 757Realtor

      The mcx8000 is 4 channel allowing you to work with 4 tracks

      • Gavin Varitech

        It’s a 4 channel mixer, not a 4 channel standalone Engine controller.

    • Spacecamp

      Totally, that is worth me clarifying in the article for sure. Denon Engine/standalone mode only allows two-deck playback in a four-deck unit.

    • Steve Nash

      if you add CDJ/XDJ/Turntable in standalone mode you’re able to work with 4 channels, isn’t it?

      I think MCX8000 is almost perfect. The only thing could be missing is two or three more FX on the stand alone mode like Gate or Delay and Reverb