Traktor Trutorials: Quick, High-Quality Traktor Tutorials

Native Instruments is now hosting a new series of video tutorials known as Traktor Trutorials. The series contains nine different tutorials each running, on average, under a minute. Each of these routines contain shots of the gear, a list of instructions, and screen recordings of Traktor. Check out all nine tutorials below.

Jump The Beats

Hotcue Juggle

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S4
  • Trick/Tip: The basic introduction into hot cue juggling.

Infinite Loops

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S2
  • Trick/Tip: Mix between tracks using loops.

Four Play

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S4
  • Trick/Tip: Quick and dirty tutorial for playing four tracks at once.

Dub Freeze

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S4
  • Trick/Tip: The Delay Freeze function is a great way to mix between tracks. This tip actually made it into Ean’s latest tutorial on Making Space in a DJ Mix.

Phat Loops

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S4
  • Trick/Tip: Phatten two tracks with your signature custom loops, then mix between them.

Washed Out Transition

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol Z1, Kontrol X1
  • Trick/Tip: Use Traktor Reverb to wash out sounds and transition between tracks.

Trippy Chords

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S4
  • Trick/Tip: Use delay with hot cues on chords to get a lo-fi, dreamy sound.

Stretch It Out

  • Controllers Used: Kontrol S4
  • Trick/Tip: Get into Macro FX and create this down-lifter, stretch sound for beat drops.

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  • Linz&Mars

    Great little snippets. Got some great ideas from this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Rolfski

    A bit too short for my likings, forces you to replay and pause these videos too often to deconstruct what they are actually doing. A 2-5 min format with some additional explanation would have been better imo.

  • antmaper

    Who still using traktor these days?

  • el JOKER5

    Thanks for the video tutorials. They are very helpful.