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    i want to become a dj in clubs and make money and make songs so people can get there mine off of work

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    Temple Nightclub in San Francisco – http://www.templesf.com – has started to implement this technology. The club's owner, Paul Hemming, has challenged himself to create the "greenest" nightclub in the world. That includes the piezoelectric dancefloor, retrofitted energy-efficient LED lights, vertical gardens, kitchen grease used for biodiesel, integrated solar panels, "urban wind mills," and serving local, organic food. I think it's a cause worth supporting if you're in the area, or a cause worth spreading in your own. Cheers.

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    but what if the dj trainwrecks now power for the club lol

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    hmmmm… This give me an idea about pornostars and bedroom furniture…

  • Taz

    "Sweeeet! Just mix, blend, and scratch it so they can?t tell." That part was hilarious.

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    LMAO ! thats gold… erm i mean green :

    Nice find!