• Mr Offensive

    this is all for U.S. , what about U.K. ?

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  • dickd

    Can someone please clue me in as the where the hell he might have go these numbers? annual DJ insurance for 300 bucks? is the real life? if so can someone please send me the link.

  • Another important note for the traveling DJ: most personal vehicle insurance policies won’t cover an accident if you are “engaging in transporting goods for compensation or a fee”. Example: I haul a trailer full of gear to some of my gigs. If my trailer jackknifes and causes a pile up, the cop is going to start asking me where I was going. If I’m going to a gig, my personal car insurance isn’t going to pay for it. I would either have to have a commercial policy, or “going shopping”…

  • TheBlendKing

    I have two questions! 1) Can those who already have insurance recommend sites that offer coverage for DJs.  And 2) Is It Legal In The State Of Florida To Require That A DJ Company Be A Member Of The American Disc Jockey Association To Purchase Liability Insurance? I Tried To Renew My Liability Insurance With A Company Called RV Nuccio And The Provider Is Telling Me That I Have To Be A Member Of The American Disc Jockey Association In Order For Them To Provide Me A Policy! Can They Do That?!!?!?

    • Dougie JFresh

      No, no you do not have to be part of an association to get Dj insurance, if they say so, they are misinformed. All that is needed is Dj Insurance for event or for year. They are concerned with insurance per se, so if your equipment is stolen (get), it hurts someone thru mistake or accident (Liability), you are covered and if sued from club or place for their damage, you are covered.

  • Telperionthebrave

    This is good information.  I remember when I lived in fresno wedding photographers had insurance on their cameras, which sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars when combined with the lenses.  I’m just now getting into DJing and I had no idea how expensive it would be, but this appears to be a smart thing to have.

  • Graham

    Just as an FYI, this article should be amended…… Crime Coverage does not cover lost wages if a club decides not to pay. Crime policies are for Employee Dishonesty, or Theft. Forms of Non-Appearance policies will provide coverage for lost wages due to weather and other reasons, but not because a promoter decides not to pay. This would be considered a breach of contract or intentional act, and is not covered by insurance, that is a legal matter.

    Graham – gorleans@mmibi.com

  • Insurance for DJ’s is very important, whether you’re playing at private parties or starting into the club scene. While equipment coverage might be the first thing on everyone’s mind, General Liability is also very important. What happens if someone slips while you’re performing and claims your music was the reason they fell? While this may seem groundless, it does happen (especially in CA). Your Equipment policy will provide no coverage for this.
    To make a correction to the original article, Crime Coverage would not cover lost wages if a club decided not to pay. Sorry, but this is just not true. Crime coverage does not cover contractual liability. A crime policy could cover stolen money or music by an employee of the DJ, but nothing in regards to loss of wages. Coverage does exist for lost wages or show cancellation, but it is not Crime coverage.
    I am finishing up development of an insurance program specifically designed for mobile and up and coming club DJ’s. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or would like details about our program. GOrleans@mmibi.com.
    – Graham

  • I would not want to be at a club that goes up in flames that would be super terrible. I think I would rather be at a wedding. Weddings are great but the best part of a wedding is the photographer. Wedding photographers are probably the most important part of weddings because they are the ones who capture all of the special moments.

    • DJ

      Your Dumb

  • Insurance is a great idea. I never really thought that DJ’s had their own insurance plan. When it comes to photography I really think it might be a good idea for me to get some insurance for my equipment incase something terrible happens. You just never know!

  • I didn’t know there was such thing as gigging insurance. That’s cool– you really take a lot of equipment around and it’s a pain if it gets messed up or something.

  • Insurance is very important but if something happens to your equipment, hopefuly never, visit us at http://www.mosdj.com. We sell DJ Equipment, Pro DJ Lighting and all DJ Gear for less. Find the lowest prices in the industry at almost wholesale price. Pioneer, Odyssey, Numark, Mackie, chauvet and more.

  • Mark Stewart

    Ean, any ideas on where to get decent insurance on vinyl.

    I have a collection of over 3500 super rare 60’s soul, funk, R&B and Northern Soul 45’s which I take on average £25,000 worth (200×45’s) to gigs all across Europe, and always in my hand – never the hold/baggage compartment.

    I have been doing this for well over 15 years (25th year as a DJ), and have never been able to get “gigging” cover.

    I have cover at home, which (due to the nature of the vinyl) has to be independently valued each year (at a cost of course), but have yet to find cover less than a few £1000’s per year.

    All the best
    Mark Stewart

    • Graham O.

      Anything valuable such as that can be included into policies like a fine arts floater. Wine, collectibles, memorabilia, etc. At this point the records are more of a collectors item than just music. They should be able to insure your collection in the same way artwork is insured. If you want to talk more, shoot me an email, gorleans@mmibi.com.

  • Ronnie Dilan

    Damn!! I have been gigging for about 6 years now and I have had awesome luck not getting anything stolen or damaged. I have enough gear to have to worry about it now!! just thinking about loosing my laptop or one of my controllers due to theft or damage is frustrating. I am giving someone a call on monday and getting some coverage for my gear.

  • Wow, thanks so much Ean. I have wondered about options like this for a while. Saturday is the first gig where I’ll actually be taking my DJM800 out at…and its been driving me nuts worrying about it. Thanks a bunch! Gonna def invest in something like this.

  • Good reminder.. better safe than never.

  • Great article….I like that Djtechtools.com give you more than your run of the mill information from web aggregation. This is great… me and the crew was just thinking about getting insurance for the studio… I didnt know that it would be that cheap. Thanks….. Peace 129.50 BPM @ Urbstar

  • Great post!

    I’ve ran into a couple mobile DJs and it always seem like they never want you to get too close because just think about it, you have drunk people running up to the booth wanting to play Free Bird and next thing you know, they’re toppling over your gear and spilling drinks on it.

    It’s like any other business expensive if you think about it, if you’re making your living from mobile DJing you’ll need insurance in case something like this happens.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • RCUS

    I have my policy through musicproinsurance.com. So far i have about $14k worth of stuff covered for about $130 a year. the policy says I’m covered for earthquake, vandalism, liquids, fire, and theft (supposedly everywhere i bring my gear). They offer an additional “touring” package that i’ve yet to look into since i’m really not playing out that much…yet =) . The fact that they offer this separate “touring” package raises a red flag with me regarding taking my stuff outside my home with my current policy though. Since I haven’t had a claim, i can’t give you any reviews other than signing up for it was pretty painless. Hardest part was making a list of all your stuff and writing down all the serial numbers. Great article though. I will be pulling out my policy and checking the wording to cross check with the points posted.

  • DjR3

    WOW! Great article!
    I’ve been Djing for house parties and lil things like that for a while but in the last year i’ve been in the club/ rave scene and insurances never even occured to me! Call me crazy if you will! But this just opened my eyes! Damn!
    As soon as the place opens up after the holidays i’m in the ofice first thing! Thanks again!

  • For theft and accidental damage, insurance is absolutely necessary. I’ve seen too many spilled drinks, sprayed champagne bottles, and the greatest hazard of all, the drunken idiots who make it into the booth.

    However, for fire insurance maybe be useful for people with a lot of equipment, but I can tell you that if the place goes up in flames, I’m sprinting to the back door with my laptop under one arm and my vci under the other. =) Ean, you should make that another selling point for the Traktor/VCI setup, “You can also get out of potentially dangerous situations with all of your gear in a flash!” haha.

    @djfreshstep nice article again.

  • Insurance is KEY! I’ve had to use my business insurance a few times…i have coverage tied together with my record label’s business insurance…covers my equipment to the total value of its purchase price, not just what the current value is…it covers if its stolen from the car (which is what happened once while unloading to the club), or if its smashed, dropped, spilled on, etc…

    i pay a 250$ deductible, and i got a ton of loot to cover my losses…my laptop, headphones, it even covered my cel phones that were in the dj bag…and my dj bag itself, and all the cables!

    it breaks down to about a whopping 25 dollars a month…totally worth it!

    But the thing is, its all under my business…i am not sure if the insurance companies will allot this type of coverage to individuals whom are djing as a ‘hobby’…

    GET THAT BUSINESS LICENCE AND MAKE YOUR HOBBY A BUSINESS! so many tax breaks….your music purchases, your cables, equipment, all of it! get that money back from uncle sam!

    -Dj Dennis
    Selekta Recordings

  • james B

    first lol, great artical any help for guys based in the uk…