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  • Hgean Kid Nebula

    I’m just surprised anyone can stay awake that long…

  • Bruce Wayne

    niggahimmewidabeat 1take

  • Eric

    all vinyl attempt?

  • Michael Gumbo

    l want 2 break the recode


    currently DJ Tomsta is approaching to break the world record. He is at 167 hours at the moment: https://www.facebook.com/djtomsta

  • None

    He gets 5 min of sleep for every hour djed.. He can accumulate those min which he did. Plus how much meth did he smoke???

  • i want to do something like this with a couple of dj mates, where people pay a one time entry to a club and then the mix goes on for a month or so 😀 now that would be an idea…

  • Challenge Accepted!

  • Had to of taken Progivil or Adderal to stay up that long. Sheesh…

  • Had to of taken Progivil or Adderal to stay up that long. Sheesh…

  • loco

    “There’s no limit on Red Bull or Caffeine however the doctor advised
    against much of it as it can contribute to having a heart attack. And
    obviously Smokin Joe Mekhael will break this record without using
    drugs!”… caffeine and all the crap in red bull are drugs! what a dumb statement 😛

  • Anonymous


    • Kate

      Learn how to spell you LOSER!

  • Looks tiring.

  • I’m sorry, but 7 days of spinning non-stop without drugs? Nope, didn’t happen. I was in the Army and they routinely made us go without sleep for 2-3 days during jungle training. We were given stimulant shots to stay alert after 36 hours.

    I just don’t understand how he can do that without altering his chemical system.

    On a side note, it sounds like a richie hawtin set. I haven’t heard a musical change in over 5 minutes! (Please dont tell me to leave DJTT because I said something bad about Richie, just had that happen at another UNAMED dj site I used to read) 😀

  • eschebach

    did he complete the 7 days?? 

  • Anonymous
  • did he do it?

  • me

    Yess I…just saw the last 2 minutes…razy guy…rrrrrrreeeeeessssppppeeeeccccctttt…..!!!

  • DutchM

    He must be passed out, same song for an hour now

  • I think he has called it a day.

    • Saoudi

      he actually called it 7 days 😛

  • Drhiggens

    no but really what I have been hearing sounds like a loop that has not changed in about 5 min

  • Machete1349

    Where is he?

  • Anonymous

    129:09 not in the picture. Pee break?


  • changop

    he started dj’ing clean shaven

  • Goboxmusic

    Hold on man!!!

  • Russian DJs with you!!!!??????? ????!!!

  • Russian DJs with you!!!!??????? ????!!!

  • Anonymous

    I bet he smells right now

  • Not to mention, what is up with the shitty sound quality, and lack of a proofread on a banner that is RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE. Its ok, I really dont want to see his face anyway.

  • This guy sucks. Blending the last 15 seconds of one song with the beginning of the next does not constitute mixing.

    Wand some good music? http://www.deephouselounge.com

    • dh

      you’re an idiot for saying that his style of mixing is not real mixing.. you even used the word blend to describe his “not mixing”… blend is a synonym of mix.. hater

  • hang in there mate !!! im coming past for lunch tomorrow to share fist pumps !

  • TIEN

    Congrats on the record Joe! I’ve been watching this way too long haha. Finish strong!!

  • Did he just get a request???

  • Jareth

    GO JOE!!

  • serious respect ! ! ! ! !  ! how he has managed to stay awake is crazy ..i mean 24 hours no problem, 48 eehhhh after that christ how can he function let alone dj … 

    • DonmecZ

      I once stayed up for 3 days then had to work as a bouncer in a moshpit in a heavy metal concert. I puked. It was shitty times for sure… But i dont think I can stay awake for more than 4 days. not even just sitting in a chair and doing something enjoyable… heck i couldt really dj for more than 4 hrs… my ears get tired and i start to sweat and it drips into the fader… not cool… how about you? what’s the longest set and/or the longest time you stayed awake for?



      • twintip

        ooooh, about 16 hours B2B with a friend of mine. otherwise 8 hours to myself. and, I had “help”

  • Matt


  • Pabloco

    10 days without sleep can kill you…. nobody should ever take this world record that far

    • DonmecZ

      well said!

    • It’s like the previous anual sauna world championship in finland.
      One guy finaly won.

  • Alberto Florez


  • DonmecZ

    7 hrs left. He’s looking tired but i believe in the power of dementia…lol jk, go joe go!!!

    ju kan dowwwwet!!!!!

  • Audio Domini

    Has he slept since he started???!!!!????

    • Remote

      I think so iirc last time I read about one of these they get like 4~hours sleep to every 20hours or something. It’s rather bad for your health not to sleep

  • It sure is easy to be cynical. How about a bit of love for the man!?

    100 hours + so far, please feel free to have a go.

  • Viszla


    20 minutes and still counting…. THE same 4 bar loop…

    • 303bassline

      it was a sanctioned break

      • Viszla

        oh. didn’t know that. ty!

        do you have any official rules for this?

  • Lem865

    there is currently nothing playing! fail!

  • I hate to be a hater in this case but, why does anyone want to do this?

    • 303bassline

      fuck off bellend

    • Spacecamp

      “Mallory is famously quoted as having replied to the question “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” with the retort “Because it’s there”, which has been called “the most famous three words in mountaineering”.”

      • Really? You’re quoting the man who climbed the highest mountain in the world, to make a point about the accomplishment of DJing for 1 week? 😉 Climbing the highest mountain requires amazing physical, psychological strength, it’s down right dangerous and you have to practice for years to become that good.

        DJing for 10 hours or 10 days, is no different, it just requires less sleep and a butt load of caffeine. It’s dangerous, sure, but for all the wrong reasons. It doesn’t require any particular skill, certainly not with BPM counter and electronic music. Set the tempo, filter, EQ or pull down the sound… and repeat for a week.

  • Michael75

    12 hours off the record!! Go man Go

  • Another BIG ADVANTAGE us digital DJ’s have over this guy ( right now ) imagine the stacks of CD’s he needs to complete his 7 days without silence or repeating tracks.

    i’ll pick a laptop with a SSD full of music over lugging a CD bag around any day 😉

  • Djtonyrella

    Always thought Sven Väth is the craziest motherfucker….

  • Noelflava

    Go Joe!!

  • coke

    107:49… dead air… or it was just a slow part?

    • The audio stream is dreadfull, thats the problem…

      You’d expect a little more effort to get the audio spotless, i always thought DJ-ing was about sound and stuff, i guess i was wrong 😉

      • 303bassline

        oh have a cry. the guy is having a go and its a live stream from an actual club over the clubs wifi. Its not like you are going to record the set for future listening. 12 Hours from now that place is going to be epic!!!

        • I was’nt trying to be negative about HIM, just staying awake that long is incredible on it’s own let alone DJ all those hours…. But you’d expect him to have some sponsors or something who would supply him with a better live stream which is able to carry the sound a little better….

        • I was’nt trying to be negative about HIM, just staying awake that long is incredible on it’s own let alone DJ all those hours…. But you’d expect him to have some sponsors or something who would supply him with a better live stream which is able to carry the sound a little better….

  • Dsmit

    Too bad the camera zoom sin so much. I’d like to see the turntables he is using and watch what he does etc, not only watch his head ans massage girl..

  • M.C. Rhizz

    This is insane! Not only is he staying up for a few days, he is constantly having to come up with music to mix. Go JOE!

  • Clockwerk

    Can I get the track list? lol

    • shroomer_nick

      do you have 10Xterrabytes free space for the word.doc 😛

    • Shouldn’t be too bad. He played songs that were 10 minutes long in 168 hours. 6 songs per hour. About 1008 songs. haha.

  • Acidistic

    may the beats keep you alive man 🙂 Your fuckin nuts!!

  • Rogue-DJ

    Awesome, so now he can be sick of DJing and every track he has. “Everything in moderation….”

  • Why is there no sound on the feed?

    • Spacecamp

      Hmm, seems to be there just quiet. It was louder yesterday, I feel like. 

    • Ustream is really the wrong (albeit the best known) plattform for such a stunt. There are better ones like Livebeats.com.