Smokin Joe Mekhael Breaks World Record for Longest DJ Set

In case you’ve been out of the world record loop for the past few days, Australian DJ Smokin Joe Mekhael is in the middle of what he’s hoping will be the longest DJ set on record. At nearly 105 hours already, he’s closing in fast on the record set by Brasil’s DJ King earlier this year (120 hours and 19 minutes). Editorial Update! He broke the record by twelve hours, see inside for videos of the magic moment! 

Check out Joe in his moment of glory, breaking the world record for longest DJ mix in the video above!

We’ve reached out to Joe himself to hopefully talk to him and ask him about how he’s holding up, but until he gets back to us, we’ve got a bit of knowledge from our collegues over at InTheMix.AU:

“I cannot use USB sticks, CDs are my option here,” the man told DJ Warehouse recently. “The longest track I will play will be a progressive house track ranging between 10-15 minutes. Smokin’ Joe Mikhael does not take the easy way out! I cannot repeat the same song within a 4 hour timeframe, however I plan on taking that one step further by not repeating a song for the whole 168 hours.

“There’s no limit on Red Bull or Caffeine however the doctor advised against much of it as it can contribute to having a heart attack. And obviously Smokin Joe Mekhael will break this record without using drugs!”

Joe plans to DJ for 7 days straight, a total of 168 hours.

Smokin’ Joe Links:

Think you could break the world record? Is Smokin Joe off his rocker? Let us know in the comments below! 

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