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  • Aaron Leese

    Vote for Angelo – those videos are off the charts good

  • Digital Dj Tips recently launch scratch lesson for Digital DJs : http://scratchsuccess.com/join-list/

  • Anonymous

    i saw it was an article on DJ Schools and I thought “oh great! they’ll probably have a Dubspot review!” Then I saw the word “affordable” lol

    • Anonymous

      well, affordable is a relative term… relative to how highly you value something and how much “scratch” you have in your pocket to spend. 

      the scratch djing stuff dubspot does isn’t online. you have to spend $1500 bucks PLUS go to NYC.i will tell you that if you are new to Traktor and struggling, their digital djing with Traktor Pro 2 is really very good. it was available at a discount the first time they offered it and i decided to pony up the cash. dj endo was the lead instructor on the videos and he is an NI product specialist. i learned a LOT about Traktor and got a good background in the history and practice of djing before it went digital.if you can afford it, i thought it was pretty good. i learned a lot. what i did not realize was that it is really centered around electronic dance music. my interests were really centered around mixing “analog” sources — old rock, soul, funk and Motown — and the Dubspot class isn’t set up to get into that area.

      • Anonymous

        I can afford it if it really is worth it, i am pretty good with Traktor but was thinking about learning Ableton Live from them. thanks for the insight

  • Darrel

     If my kids ever ask for DJ school they are grounded and sent to their room till they don’t suck at DJing.

  • Anselm

    You got the wrong link for the “Spin now” book 😉

    • SmiTTTen

      This has been fixed – Thanks for spotting it!

  • Thatonedj

    The one thing that is almost impossible to find, is a scratch tutorial geared towards the cdj user. 

    • ThatotherdJ

      the principle’s more or less the same

  • I just went to Studio Scratches to try to use their website. It is rather difficult if you want to start as a beginner turntablist and work your way towards master. The flow doesn’t make since. I just gave up. However, i did notice that they are starting a schools type system soon.

    • Emma Short-E Holmes

      Hello! try this playlist it features all my tutorials in order:

  • I need an Ableton tutor guide one of these. Unless there is one you made already? As im struggling with all these different youtube guides of different ways to do thing with the software that i have no clue about… but trying to get into it.

    • Djjasonpaul

       There are a number of DVDs out there and youtube vids on Live. I learned most of it myself over the last few years. The askvideo pack seemed to help a friend of mine get up to speed rather quickly and I was looking into the Battery 3 tutorial from the same.  Winksound.com and Dubspot youtube vids show a good deal of the basics.



      •  Wow didnt think id get much a response but thanks alot to all. ill def look into the website and might pick up that dvd tutorials from the web too. Cheers all

    • Hey Anthony…in what capacity would you like to use Ableton Live?
      I teach Live at a media school as well as online.

    • Hey Anthony…in what way would you  like to use Ableton Live?
      I teach Live at a media school as well as online.

    • Hedghy

      check out tomcosm.com …. his tutorials are awesome

  • Skigurly

    QSU is a really good value. i learned soo much and you can actually talk to Q!

  • Obvious Alias

    DJ Angelo offers extremely helpful vids, and of the four resources listed, I think he does the best job for the beginner or intermediate scratcher.  I use his vids to help go back and polish basic techniques and to practice basic patterns that will help add variety to what I am already capable of doing.  But then he is also able to clearly describe and demonstrate complex techniques as well, and does so in such a way that anyone can come away with an understanding of how to do the technique properly.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Short-E trully is a beast! I only found her youtube videos just last week and my jaw dropped to the floor! How sexy is a girl cutting, flarring and crabbing and doing it better than most dudes can ..mmm mmm mmmh! My dream girl right there!

    Dj Angelo! If more teachers had this approach in my day, maybe I would have continued school. Just saying. He is amazing!

    Another excellent writte

    Great work SmiTTen!

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with all the spam?!

  • Duringtherapy