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Introducing the Midi Fighter 3D

Today we’re very proud to usher in the newest DJTT creation: The Midi Fighter 3D controller.  Equipped with 16 RGB arcade buttons and full three dimensional tracking of the controller’s movement in space, this latest addition to the Midi Fighter line is our most ambitious and expressive creation to date. (The Midi Fighter 3D is available in our store now!)


Price: $249
Ship Date: Available Now! 
Ships With: Button and MF Configuration Software, Right angle Blue USB cable.
Unique Button Messages: 70
Unique CC Messages:  68

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable high performance RGB arcade buttons 
  • 4 banks of controls
  • 6 side buttons 
  • Optional hand strap for full instrument control
  • Full 3D motion tracking of five degrees of movement (Patent Pending) 
  • Highly grippy rubberized feet and sleeve 
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Compass for absolute orientation tracking. 

Is this the controller you were going to announce at BPM and then NAMM?
* Yes – it took us longer than expected to get absolutely perfect 🙂

What about the Midi Fighter Classic and Pro? 
* All existing Midi Fighters will continue to be supported and sold. The Midi Fighter Classic is our fully personalized boutique version that is made to order ($179). The Midi Fighter Pro ($299) offers a different workflow for specific DJs require robust, analogue-style controls.  If any customers purchased a Midi Fighter in the last 30 days and wants to upgrade to a 3D, you can return it for a full credit towards a 3D.
Can I purchase the 3D now?
YES! Buy it now!

Will this controller only be available through
* This is the first controller that we will also be offering through a few exclusive retail locations around the globe. DJTT is looking for a few great music stores that really love our products and want to help support controllerism. If you know of a store that you would like to see the 3D carried in, please let us know! Just email: chris (at)
What are the side buttons for? 
* These are six shift buttons that can be used for preset selection or just about anything you want. We will be releasing a hand strap that allows you to hold the 3D in your hand and activate the side buttons while holding it – guitar style.

Can I set the colors of the buttons on the fly? 
* Yes- the firmware for the 3D is amazing! It allows you to set the colors of the buttons with various patterns, blinking, and effects all from software via MIDI-out commands.

How accurate is the 3D Tracking? 
* The range of each movement is always absolute and reliable so you can always find a value through muscle memory. The values and quality of the data coming out is unprecedented.

Can we customize the look of the 3D
* The first batch will be matte black, with the ability to control the color of the arcade button rings via software. In the future we may produce special editions in various color configurations but for a full custom build- the Midi Fighter Classic is the way to go.


The Midi Fighter 3D is the culmination of over a year of very hard work from everyone at DJ TechTools. Big props are in order to:

  • Michael: For your tireless effort in bringing this to light and dealing with my perfectionism. This a triumph of engineering!
  • Robin: For creating the best MIDI controller firmware ever!
  • Peter and David: For helping make the 3D super-sexy!
  • Mark: For helping teach us how to manufacture a great controller
  • Chris: For helping pull this project through (and continued mapping skills!)
  • Daniel: For creating a great MF utility!


  • mhmoad naeed
  • ontroller works well

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  • Eddie

    I have a Midi Fighter 3D that has a glitch. Lights flicker on there own once in a while. When that happens it triggers my samples by itself. Also 3 buttons have no response and another button is stuck. How do we go about repairs???

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    The controller works well on the table too with slight angles and rotations that are more for you and less for the audience. The way I am using it here is quite dramatic and will not suit some dj styles. However, for those that want to get physically connected to their controllers – picking it up feels really amazing.???? ??? ????

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  • Carl Stuart Murray

    How long until we get an iOS or Android tablet app so we can use this EPIC controller truly on the go? I would pay good money dollars to not have to carry around my laptop anymore, or even need one.

  • ade alfonso

    hi..Ean….where did I can get the MidiFighter 3D at indonesia, any distributor at jakarta ?

  • Guest

    Ahhhh that’s fucking sick.  Next level, push it forward dudes!

  • Jquintanilla25901

    with the button color customization. Could it work with the classic and the pro or does it just work for the 3d?

  • Zonta

    Can I purchase the 3D now?
    * “No, they are not on sale yet. We are however taking reservations for the first batch which will ship in late March, early April”. 

    It is now past mid April, what’s up DJTT?

  • DJbaz800

    does this come with a program like traktor?

    • Zonta


  • idk

    i see this as adding a new dimension fore entertaining the audience. not only can they rage to your music but watch you rock out at the same time! much more “expression” and interaction.

  • cannot. wait.

  • Freeman1580

    Are you serious?? I just bought a classic about 3 months ago and now your going to hit me with this?? Now what do I do? Drop $250 more? Your killing me DJTechTools, but I still love you. Actually, I would love you even more if you let me upgrade…

  • I can’t start to express how much I appreciate the work that was done to make this MidiFighter happen.  I am highly impressed and I can’t wait to put that bad boy in action.  I have always thought in the past that the MF would be pretty bad ass if I could just control it with motion.  This will definitely free up a lot of buttons for me on my VCI-300 and will step up my Traktor sets. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering when a wireless version will be available. That must be the next step.


  • Anonymous

    Simply WOW!

  • Svettyspagetty

    When does this come as wireless!!!

  • ProcristoW

    So when can I buy I actually I won’t two I’m sign up for a reserved spot . haven’t received any emails yet. from you guys what’s up

    • Zonta

      Hopefully very soon. They said “late march early april”. It’s already mid april…

  • 100% Brilliant.

  • Vigox

    Very very nice box!

  • Balexand

    if you can program the rgb lights, I’d like to see a training mode, where it flashes when you’re supposed to hit that pad

  • I don’t think I want to be holding this in my hands, tilting the damn thing all the time. Cool concept, but I’d rather a tilt control in say… a pair of Power-Gloves. -DJ ATARI_2600

  • Aaronliven

    Will those buttons be available on the Midi Fighter Pro as well?

  • Aaron

    The Midi Fighter 3D is honestly actually something new, the only other dj midi controller ive witnessed that involves somewhat the same concept is the Hercules Air (Or something like that)…

    But just as a side note to everyone who is saying things like “lose the usb cable” and “Oh you should have done this”… You guys should probably take a step back and think about the guys at DJTT! Dont you think they have alreayd gone over these possibilities 1000 times over…They are trying to provide something new for Dj’s but at the same time affordable…

    And Ean…if your reading this…PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THE RELEASE! Im waiting so i can be the first to purchase the MF3D since im all the way in Canada 🙂 and if you can i have a couple questions about a DJ setup project ive been planning that im 110% sure your going to like 😉

  • Jonathan

    In response to DJTT saying  “We are however taking reservations for the first batch which will ship in late March, early April”
    I’m hoping soon?

  • Beyondcashed

    how about wireless midi fighter 3D… too many forseen problems


  • marcus


  • Pretty funny how everone says evrything else is overpriced Pioneer, vestax etc… but this is not.

  • Triplehexxentertainment

    whats the best way to hook this up with TP2 without using dj controller?

  • neotechtonics

    When, if ever, are you guys gonna produce something useable by people NOT using a pc/mac? Where’s a 5-pin MIDI out? cos I’m sure I could put this thing to great use… alas.. USB only = hardware fail. And I can’t for a second believe that having a 5-pin MIDI out in addition to USB would bump the price up that much.

  • Guest

    Brilliant job DJTT. Excited to watch how this develops and might even get one myself.  As for the complainers/haters… You will find life much more enjoyable if you don’t take it so seriously – especially DJing!

  • Djfonso83

    How about a midi fighter with a arcade joystick to give a 2 dimensional plane to mix effects? 
    Call it… Midi Fighter 2D

  • moonunit

    agreed. It’s neat and all, but it lacks usability. How am I supposed to work with my other controllers if I have to pick one up and tilt it around? It’s kinda limiting in that way… would much rather have seen 16 mini X/Y pads

  • Loudist

    Is the design 100% finalized? Because I think the USB connection would be better placed on the top edge of the unit rather than the bottom. If this is absolutely the final design, how easy would it be for me to switch the control panel 180 degrees?

    Many thanks.

  • Looks great, but what I’m struggling is to imagine how I’d use this with Serato? I can understand that I can map cue points (made redundant with the HID mode I use), rolls & loops (nice feature), but what would be the benefit in the ‘3D’ mode. Can anyone think of any examples how it could come in handy? 

    If there’s some ideas, I’ll buy this for sure

  • Does it “zero out” meaning if you set it on a surface on a 10% incline, will have 18 degrees of effect on? Or does it know that your table ain’t flat?

  • Chimpo

    Um. This is a two hand-held device? Poor design. Not ergonomic. Cable is gunna pop out.

  • fuzzybutt

    Does anyone think that the midi fighter pro is still better?

  • Test123

    Great product but you look as though your having a stroke in the video!

  • Blisstimothy

    Once you set the colors.. do you need a pc to use it? Id like hook this into one of those new MIDI hubs that use USB devices.. but if it needs software running that this is a no go.

    • You don’t need to use any special software to use colors.

      • Blisstimothy

        awesome… looking forward to this.. will use this as an octatrack controller then

  • your homie

    i just dont think the world is ready for this

  • DJG.3O5

    This is Eye Candy in 3D.. I guess if U don’t over due yourselves then this is a cool item to add to a set., Big Ups to DJ TECHTOOLS

  • Josh David

    You guys are amazing!  I love this concept and I think it has a huge place for future DJing and performance.  Do like the ideas from the comments of making it wireless.  Maybe there is a way to blue tooth connect it and give it some range around the booth… I can imagine rocking out front of the stage, on a speaker… YES!!!!!

  • Omarbahour

    I just got a mfp beatbasher and i want to know if this does basically the same thing as far as effects go because I don’t find much use of the faders so this seems
    Like having 6 effects banks would be better? What is your opinion an also I I was to return it for this would I get the difference back?

    • Omarbahour

      And would it work just as well if you use it sitting on the table not just moving it around?

  • What I particularly like (being in the UK for the foreseeable future) is the fact that such an exciting piece of kit will be sold globally, according to the article. That’ll save me a bomb on shipping! With this approach of mass accessibility, it would be great to see DJTT develop mappings to go with it for more than just Traktor. This is a slightly selfish request as a Virtual DJ user (until I can afford to justify making the switch with a bundle), as I would love to get my hands on one of these with the view to the controller remaining in my set up as that grows and changes.

    You guys have a blockbusting product on your hands – I actually cannot wait to (afford to) own one!

  • DJ eXtol

    OMG! What am I suppose to do now? You guys are geniuses in simplicity! Give me one of everything. Seriously pushing the boundaries, simple, complex, and very expressive. Good Job team!

  • Reptarjr

    Soooo does this mean Ean isn’t going to finish his controllerism essentials series? I mean, new product, new instructional videos. Don’t forget about us original midi fighter owners! 

  • Nicholasbrunello

    Shoulda went with a Nintendo powerglove concept.

  • This looks totally freakin sweet. I doubt I could fit it into my workflow, given that I play more chilled, subtle FX, long mix stylee. I can imagine this would be fun to bust out with though. I think the audience will appreciate being able to connect the performer’s movements with variations in the music. Great stuff!

  • Djlytsout


  • Guest

    Make that shit wireless!

  • Deejay Gee

    Im sorry what you all think this is sexy .

  • 1878blues

    knowing my luck I would definitely rag the usb cable out of the socket or worse end up flinging this across the room.

    knowing my luck i’d then have a law suit on my hands 🙁

  • product is amazing. haters are even more amazing. criticism is one thing but some of you fools are just trolls and punks. i’m with the dude who said “If you’re worried that you’d look like a tool using this to just DJ it’s
    because you would.  This is next level kit for next level shit.”   True dat.  Oh, and a Wii remote is the same as this thing?  Kids get REAL.  PSHHHHHH

  • Are you selling the L-connector USB cables separately?

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought this sounded a bit silly… but after the video I am totally sold, that thing does look like it’s easily worth $250.  *Mad* props to the engineers who put this together.

  • Ean & Staff,
    Congratulations on being a visionary in this every expanding craft of performing arts.  Without your talents we’d still be watching logos going in a circle on a platter.  (That was once fascinating too!)

    Continued success,

    ~ DavidTag

  • Lester S Dsouza

    Hey Guys !! Nice work. Why don’t u get an app for the IOS or Android platform.

  • Sanity


    The Wii controller has the same technology – PLUS WIRELESS – and costs a TENTH of the price.  Also easy to hack to use as a midi controller.

    Those fancy arcade buttons cost about a quid, they use the same usb boards every time.  You could literally make it yourself at home.


    • Anonymous

      The Wii controller requires you to place two LEDs on your TV and point the device in that direction to get absolute motion – it does this using a specialized video camera that tracks up to four points of IR light. If you don’t point the device in that direction all you get is relative motion that is subject to drift over time (hence the trigger buttons to reset the tracking). The MF3D uses “sensor fusion” to achieve absolute positioning without any external requirements, plus it does so with the lowest latency over USB that we could manage. You won’t get that kind of responsiveness taking a measurement, sending it over Bluetooth, receiving it then converting the HID message to MIDI and getting it into Traktor.

  • AT

    Seriously, a wii controller for $250.  Shameful

  • i want 2 of them and a really really big freaking bag of what ever you smoked to make this………vent

  • Rockin’ out at EPR, I see. :3

  • I wonder if this could be used with the future wireless usb or maybe even bluetooth so that you don’t whip your laptop across the room.

  • there is so much potential for this device, it’s absolutely amazing. I will buy one of these. blown away.

  • Anonymous

    awe for fuck sakes guys, I’m just getting used to my original! now i have to stop salivating 

  • Sami Eräjää

    Just counting the possibilities of what else other than effects could be controlled with this … Truly inspiring.

  • Owen

    Any chance the midi fighter pro might get the RGB arcade buttons? Traktor 2.5 with MF Pro would be pretty sweet. I mean the 3D looks like a game changer but I can’t decide what to spend my money on. Technology is just moving too fast these days. Two MF pros would be the ideal set up, but with the new version of Traktor coming out anything without RGB buttons is probably going to be obsolete. Maybe one MF pro and one 3D would work better. Only time will tell.  

    I am very happy the 3D will work just as well for the left handed people out there. That was always my main thing against the MF Pro. Everything is backwards on them.

    • Loudist

      I’ve already asked this question, for exactly the same reason. The answer was, No.

  • Puikegast

    my budget allows me to buy the cable only…. where can i buy it?

  • great tiger

    Wow, looks dope. MAKE SURE THE USB IS SECURE THOUGH!!!

  • How about you make a complete mapping instruction for the MF Pro BeatMasher before you make anymore stuff? Thanks.. 😐

    • Ryan Supak

       Yeah, it would be great if simpler stuff were fully supported — this new thing does look cool though.

  • DjbrunoTinoco

    you guys are sooooooooo nuts 😀 I’m absolutely getting one of those :O

  • Rich

    The cord has to go

  • Alejandro Adame

    WOW! That SUCKS! As in, now I gotta save up for the VCi-400 AND this KICK-ASS piece of Kit! Music manipulation at an all time high! E.G. and DJTT, YOU ROCK!
    ~DJ REiGN

  • I think the form factor is the best looking I’ve seen your MIDI Fighter come with (everything else looked like an electronics project). I get that you’re trying to make a low-cost, high-value controller and you do with this item, but as many others have pointed out, with the technology (accelerometers, compass) included inside, the untethered USB cable becomes the weak link in the chain. I like this device, especially the multi-color LEDs, but I have concerns regarding it’s “pick up and play” ability.

    Perhaps modifying a wireless PS3 / XBOX 360 / Wii Controller in conjunction with OSCulator could help here?

  • Amazing piece of equipment, that you pulled it off for the price offered is incredible from a product development standpoint.  However I don’t think that your average workaday play-other-people’s-music DJ should be the target market for this, it’s clearly much more of an instrument then most jocks are used to.  If you’re worried that you’d look like a tool using this to just DJ it’s because you would.  This is next level kit for next level shit.

  • John


    • Anonymous

      Sorry, not this time.

  • Samsam

    I wouldn’t even use the floppy rotatey stuff, those multi colour buttons, shift keys and 4 function buttons are worth the money.  Any idea on how much UK shipping will be?

  • Mewtant

    but would you want to see someone shaking a box on the front of a stage at a gig ????

    • Nibber

      Yes, even if it might look foolish it shows your not hiding behind a laptop sneakily checking your facebook…

  • Loudist

    Is there any chance the RGB LED button rings and four bank buttons could incorporated into a new version of the MIDI Fighter Classic, for those of us who don’t want all the motion-sensing stuff? MIDI Fighter 2D perhaps? It’s just a thought…

    • These features will only be found on the 3D

      • Loudist

        The bank buttons and colour-changing LED rings are going to be perfect for the Traktor update that’s on the horizon and, given that the market for people who want to stand on stage shaking something the size of a small tea plate and pretend that it’s performance art is utterly infinitesimal compared to the number of people who could use the device I’ve outlined above for DJ’ing, audio/visual production and conventional controllerism, I’m quite shocked that’s not even a consideration.

        • We did consider that – and then we decided it needed some form of expression as well, then we added the motion tracking, if its not your thing you don’t need to use it, the features you outlined above are still all there.

          • Loudist

            Fair enough. I’ll take two. 🙂

  • I nabbed the second ever from the first run of midiFighters, and I’mma jump on this one (hopefully) at least as quick

  • Jak

    Does it come with a pu**y magnet? This is a big jump from a standard midi fighter controler, kind Of makes me wonder who really built it.

    • The same team that designed the MF Classic

      • Rogue75

         Plus one 🙂

  • Paulalexsaltis

    Will this new product be compatible with Traktor 2.5?

  • kato

    Looks nice! would like to see a MF pro with rgb buttons. will the RGB buttons available for sale?

  • It would be awesome if the future MidiFighter Classics get the same chasis with 4 banks mode available on those top rectangular buttons!

  • Holy Crap! This looks sick!!

  • Mavis Concave

    The accelerometer and compass aspects are pretty cool, although at first I’m not sure how or why I would use them.  But being in the device opens the door for some really positive experimenting!

    The customizable color rings around the arcade buttons and the 6x shift buttons + 4x bank buttons alone are enough to justify the price point. This may be exactly the DJTT release I have been waiting for… I’m almost certain this will be my first Midi Fighter.

    Thank you for all of your hard work guys! It might take a while for people to fully catch on to all of the possibilities this controller offers, but I’m confident that it will add depth to digital DJing and controllerism movements.

  • Blisstimothy

    Its a shame no one at DJJT thinks too far out of the box. 1st The margin for error having a cable yanked out or even worse pulling your laptop. The color LEDS and shift buttons is a huge WIN. The 3d part is FAIL for the price increase

  • PazKeeper

    This inside my guitar would be so much win

  • Spencergraham0

    looks amazing! way the upgrade the midifighter! diggin the side buttons

  • Toca

    Man, I can’t wait to express my expressive expression with this expressively expressive device!

    • aaron

      yo dawg i heard you liked expression…

  • Do these guys do Combos too ?

  • Eberts

    Not crazy about the look. Old MidiFighters had soul, this is pretty sterile and manufactured looking. Takes away from the DIY DJ community.

  • The buttons are neat, but the accelerometer is pretty innovative in the context of this application. I don’t forsee a need for it, so I probably won’t get it, but I hope you guys sell a ton.

  • Seriously

    Will the Midifighter Pro be available with the multicolor led arcade buttons and the shift function buttons?

    I don’t need the motion but the layers and programmable LEDs on a Pro would make it useable, I would bet I am not alone on this.

  • GregKandi

    Cant wait to see what ean golden can do with this!!

  • Dave G.

    That is very impressive. Taking gesture control to a whole new level. I think that is a huge step in the right direction. I imagine quite a few DJs out there do a head Bounce/bop as they mix so why not add these expressions into your mix…. I also like the fact that you include software to customise the colour.

  • propan

    See daedalus for a perfect example of how something like this can be used well (he has a monome with a gyro, accelerometer etc for effects)

  • Shaoba McCoy

    I love you guys at DJ Tech Tools. But this bull needs to stop. DJ need to focus on different specks of a show. We should not step on the toes of the host or performers. The little light show box and the gyrations of Ean just proves my point. Take the experience off your self and focus on the music.

    This little box does nothing special that any controller can do. Would you honestly use this over a Kontrol X1?

    This crap is like the DJ dropping a verse over an instrumental in his set. Gimmick crap.

    • guywithknife

      What on earth are you talking about? DJ’s *are* performers and should do whatever they can to engage the crowd. Otherwise, may as well just prerecord the set and hit play. Much cheaper than hiring a DJ, right? But also boring as hell! DJing is more than just music alone – its live performance.

      Anyway, if you don’t like it, fine. Don’t buy it. Personally, I think its worth the price just for the nice case, rgb leds and extra buttons (compared to the midi fighter classic). The is a bonus.

      • Shaoba McCoy

        A dj is a performer that delivers innovation without gimmicks. If you want to job on stage and guitar it join a band. Focus on reading a crowd a playlist can’t do that. Focus on not looking cool but creating a dope atmosphere. Carl Cox, Larry Levan don’t need a light show to Rock a party. That’s why turntablist don’t general make good party DJs nobody wants to hear crab scratches, flares and clicks all night long. Same for this shit. Who wants to see somebody on stage doing that bullshit. It’s not about the man but music.

    • Neurotique

      As a PowerNoize DJ, I would definitely take this over an X1, and I own 2 of those

  • Aphro79

    I agree with all the cord problems…..

  • Anonymous

    LIon battery plus charging off USB is simple enough (Adafruit have the parts for around $35), it’s the FCC certification for wireless that costs $$$. Plus finding a way to get low latency out of a WIFI or Bluetooth communications stack.

    • guywithknife

      and computer-side software: there’s no USB-MIDI for bluetooth as standard, for example.

      • Fredpiston

        What ? You guys are living in a desert hole or what? its been 5 years that i’ve been controling my effect with wireless Wii remote and doing the same shit via blutooth to midi with two remote for 60$

  • Redcarlsen

    it looks really cool and I bet it is fun to play with, in the bedroom. At the end of the day, i love the colored led’s for visual feedback, but that’s about it for practicality sake. 
    it is enjoyable to feel hands on with the sounds. however it has been touched on and spoken of countless times, but far too many (usually newer) dj’s don’t know how to use appropriately use effects. I can see them ruining people’s dancing grooves while they’re jumping around like an idiot playing with effects with this thing haha.

    Not trying to be negative or downplay this item! it is pretty awesome, and you guys have done a great job. but please dj’s! don’t feel you have to be playing with effects during every second of every track! 

    •  there no dj’s…..this is the art of controllerism

  • I do often hear turntablists talk about the lack of feel a DJ has with a Midi-controller. That vinyl helps the DJ connect and touch the music via the platter.  I think this is certainly on the same wave length.

  • chris

    too many Haters on anything now a days….. This 3D thing is BAD ASSS!!! Great Job Tech Tools….Ill definitely be buying one of the first ones!!!!

  • Titan

    I liked it. It’d a be a nice tool to include in my set once I can afford it. Being a live mixer, to have a tool that you can move around with and get different effects with each movement, it sounds like it would really opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

  • The joy stick/knob is YOU. YOU MOVE with the controller instead of needing to move a joy stick around or fiddle with knobs/extra controls. 

    Not to mention, you can finally do something productive and more performance oriented instead of just jumping around in a booth you can literally move and control your music. 

    To those saying that you’ll look like a fool dancing around with that. I’m sorry but you’ve missed the point entirely. You’re saying that a guitarist swinging their body around as they do a crazy riff is socially acceptable and a controllerist moving their controller to perform crazy fx combos with the music is not?  

  • Alexandre Favilla

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Fatlimey

    That is an astonishing price.

  • Just needs bluetooth and built-in rechargeable battery.

  • Tekuno

    its pionier work like kraftwerk, many years ago… you are breaking the rules of this game! but no one cries : Cheater!

    • Person

      Except that monomes have been doing this for quite some time…WITH accelerometers.

  • guest

    “Five degrees of motion”
    Does the 3D tracking register as five diferent MIDI controls then?
    And do they output data as if the user was turning a knob?

    • Anonymous

      Five CCs per button when activated (left, right, forward, back, rotation), times four bank of 16 buttons. Enough control for you?

  • Brutallyreal

    Stick a joystick on the thing and consider me sold

  • What would be sweet is if it could be WIRELESS!

  • dj flb

    am sorry but it looked nice, then he started throwing it around, dont think it would suit my sets!

  • This is going to become the only controller I use in my setup now.

    Maybe my classic too.

    So excited.  The MF Pros were relatively unimpressive after the classic dropped, but these are going to be huge.

  • really. i just bought a midi fighter last week and you come out with this dope as* s*it

    • Paul Bernacki

      Read the article you can return yours for credit towards one of these.

      Sometimes I wonder if people that post comments like yours work for DJTT.


      • Spacecamp

        We’ve got WAY more important things to be doing, don’t worry. 

        • Paul Bernacki


          Good to know you guys are still grassroots and indie. I hope going Ito retail doesn’t change that. Supply chain and major growth is a plus. I jut hope you never have to have douchebag CEO.

  • nxtonic

    In the wise words of that cup-stacking girl….YES!! OH MY GOD!! I am so ordering this thing when my next paycheck comes in 😀

  • Jke Johnson91

    agree with Mik would look like a bad bellend dancing round with that in your hand ahaha

  • Meshna

    Glad to see the upgraded feet. My MFpro tragically lost one in transport about a month ago. That would be disastrous for the MF 3d 

  • hmm I like the custom colour setting and the overall look
    what about an updragde for the MIDI Fighter Classic/Pro?

  • Lightrefraction

    Its a arduino taking its cue from a monome. I think it looks awesome. Great work. Think I’ll pick one up.

  • JuanSOLO

    Really nice work guys!

  • Marco Garcia

    That controller looks really cool but that USB cord kills it for me. You can’t do some soft of battery powered WIFI/blutooth version to get rid of the USB cord? It is however a FUCKING GREAT IDEA!

  • Aaron_is

    can we upgrade our midi fighter classics to include the 4 bank buttons?

  • Djkaveatl

    You are a fucking genius Ean. Who else would think of this???!! I’m reserving mine right now!!!!

  • S.I.N.S.

    Any chance of having some sort of return deal if we have a previous model? Such as, if I have the MF PRO BM could I swap it in to get one of these beasts?

  • Jasonmd2020

    I’m hoping these come with extra long USB cords. I’m really digging the 3D idea. Now I can spaz out onstage with the rest of my band instead of getting stuck in the back behind the mixer. Its either this or a theremin…

    • It comes with a 2M right angled USB cable. The right angled connector makes it nearly impossible to yank it out.

  • can we also still use the old midi fighter mappings? and will the price drop for the old midi fighters?

  • DjFlog

    Hi DJTT
    My Midifighter Classic arrived here in Germany one week ago and I totally love it. But is there any way to send it back and upgrade it to a MF3D? That would be awesome.

    best greets from Germany

    • proben

      it says they will credit you if you purchased in the last month, and you can return it for the upgrade.  But I imagine you’re responsible for shipping costs, which to Germany are probably not trivial.

    • Zulu

       Hey DjFlog,

      wieviel hast du denn für deinen Midifighter bezahlt, also inklusive Transport, Zoll etc.?

      Beste Grüße

      • DjFlog

        158 Euro für Midifighter Classic incl. Transport und dann noch ca. 30 Euro Zoll. Lohnt sich aber wirklich!! Ist echt ein klasse Teil. Wenn du aber noch keinen hast würde ich auf den MF3D warten, weil der sieht einfach nur Hammer aus. Ich probier auch noch meinen wieder umzutauschen. Mal sehen ob’s geht…..

        • Zulu

          Besten Dank! Das ist ja wirklich in Ordnung, dachte, es wäre viel teuer. Der MF3D kommt auf gleich mal auf meine Einkaufsliste…

          • RockingClub

            Die deutschen DJTechtooler am Start! Gefällt mir! Falls ihr, oder jemanden den ihr kennt übrigens Interesse an einem originalversiegelten Traktor S4 Scratch Upgrade Kit für grad mal nen Hunni (Porto umsonst) hat, lasst von euch hören! Einfach mal im Forum, Rubrik “Buy and Sell” vorbeischauen 😉

  • Selling in shops around the world is music to my ears, import tax really puts a downer on anything purchased from foreign shores!

    I bet I’m not alone in wanting it for the multi coloured LED’s more than the 3D thing. Brilliant to see new interesting concepts, the design looks great, I would never of guessed that was coming! But I’m gonna have to get my hands on one before I’m sold on dancing around with a controller.

    • Caine

       yep deffo the flashing lights that does it for me to. Not to sure on the 3D thing. Works well for someone like Ean not to sure how a lot of Dj’s would feel though dancing around on stage. I reckon there would be a few puzzeled looks on the crowds faces. ” What the hell is he doing shaking that box with buttons about” kinda look. 

      Still I’m holding out for the F1 at the mo that looks pretty awsome as much as I really want a midi fighter thats gota be first on my wish list.

  • Julian

    Ok, this is AWESOME! Gotta get my hands on this, perfect companion for my S4!

  • Drew Pluta

    So you’ve developed one of the slickest controllers ever with the sole intent of increasing the world sales of gaffer tape?   Secure that damn USB cable and you’ll have my order!

  • The fixture fixer

    So for $100 more bucks i bet you could put a lithium polymer battery “bc its flat and designed withstand shock i.e. dropping it” in it and a bluetooth card. If this device could be wireless it would be amazing!  Aside from that I will definitely have to get one and be the first to mod it to be wireless. 

    • Interesting theory ;p

      • The fixture fixer

        Its not so much a theory but a need of the unit.  I designed the newest battery system going in the helmet radios for the SEC just last year.  I am not as familiar with the wireless side but I am rather positive I could use some brain power to figure it out.  If one wasn’t so expensive i would defiantly done this already.  You throw me a demo one and I’ll make it happen…. 

        • Thefixturefixer

          I would also like to add that this product looks amazing and I really want to buy one even if it’s not wireless. Besides latency is a bitch!

          • The wink was supposed to imply that you should find it well prepared for that :p

          • Thefixturefixer

            Awesome! ill have to get one when I order my next controller. I am really looking forward to it and the VCI-400

  • Jesse

    oh godddd

  • Xoduzz


  • Tay740

    A cable lock I funk is a must or even perhaps in the future a need to make it wireless.

  • Tim Maguire

    Absolutely beautiful. I love to see engineering quality at this level. Well done.

  • Shubaduba

    It looks great,the features are great,but i somehow can’t see myself turning this from left to right,and playing with it like a guitar during a set.Thought that the buttons were there for that purpose.

    Nontheless,great job DJTT,another great controller.

  • what overall latency does it have?

  • track0x1

    Sweet. Now I can use starpower during my set! #lol

  • Jones Chris091

    .. I Would like the extra shift buttons as a retro fit for the classic…. I don’t think my dad dancing would go down well as I spaz out with the glitch FX! Great to see that the Techtool guys are developing new gear for thier community, I would like for them to put out a special mapping file for the VCI 100 mk2! Come on guys what happened?

  • Ninob1213

    whats the track name for the vid? Is it an actual song? anyone..

    • Nisus

      Si Begg – Bangin

      • yup, nisus got it! whaddup dustin!

      • yup Nisus got it! waddup dustin!

    • hmm, i have it at home. cant remember who. hit me up again i know i’ve got it.

  • Michielygil

    Any info on pre ordering from Europe? What’s the price/are we able to preorder too?

  • this is beautiful!
    new creativity and def forward thinking!!

  • Zimfella

    BOOM! another inovative product fromm DJTT!

  • fuck me, I’m absolutely wordless

    • Yaya

      I read that as ‘worthless’. And then I wondered why so many people liked the fact that you were worthless. And then I..

  • Djluke3

    Will djtt. Make mappigs for it?

    • SmiTTTen

      That’s like asking if you’re going to put milk in your cereal. 😀

      • Djluke3

        Well I just wanna know how soon they will be out. I’m not very good at mapping anything in traktor especially nothing complex like this. Just wanna know I’m getting my money’s worth,

        • Yes the DJTT mapping will be available when it ships. 

          • Djluke3

            ok now I’m 100% my only small piece of advice would be to include just one tape that needs no motion to work. i think some djs are nervous about always having to move it around

  • Theyswiminmoney

    cool for thugstep but not sure it can transfer to other genres :-

    • Why do you think that?

      • Ryan Supak

        Yeah, it looks good for wobble basses and “ill” sample triggering, but I think we’re gonna have to wait for Vestax (or another big company) to release a true multi-genre controller. Honestly the “mass produced one” will probably be $99 at Guitar Center too, which is my monthly budget for plastic controllers without which I can’t make good music.

        But for thugstep/brostep DJs this is just the ticket.

  • M.

    Jaw dropped… On my list now…

  • RyuJn

    will there be an Instant Gratufication mapping for it?

  • Johbremat

    The accelerometer is pants.  But everything else? 

    Nicely done.

  • Jeffgold7115

    Ok. This is really cool! But… What’s with the cord. I mean seriously! This amazing technological feat and I still have to plug in…not to mention the real possibility that it could discount during a live set! Loose the cord, then you’ll really have something.

    • Anonymous

      the cord is probably a requirement to be able to get the sustained communication from the 3d to your software. somebody really mashing on the buttons might swamp a Bluetooth connection (not to mention that you can hack a BT connection… I suppose that could be looked at as a way to increase audience participation though…)

      • Jeffgold7115

        Who would actually go through any trouble to hack this? What about wifi connection? Look at today’s video game systems that make use of motion detection through a wireless connection such as wii and playstation. I’m sure there’s a practical way to make it wireless. I think it was just overlooked.

        • Of course the possibility of making it wireless was not over looked – we chose to omit it for now to keep the price of the unit low, if there proves to be a significant demand for it in the future we will consider a premium wireless, battery powered version.

        • Of course we did not overlook this possibility, however we chose to omit this feature to keep the price down. If there proves to be significant demand for wireless we have a path to deliver a premium battery powered wireless version.

        • Mattmangrease

          Both the wii and the ps3 use bluetooth.

    • whitestariv

      At first I was sad to see my pair of midifighters probably won’t be able to be upgraded to have those features. but theres a whole lot of similar stuff to do with an iPad, it already owns the midifighter 3d in a lot of features, it’s wireless, the potential for mappings is much bigger it and it already tracks motion. I think it’s time to step up in terms of controller design, I feel this will have a minor impact for longtime users of midifighters, it only seems interesting for DJs with no gear…

      I know a company in SF that produces hardware with similar functionality to that of a kinect but much better IMO, it can track several points with more precision and it’s much more portable, if only these two companies could hump eachother and really come up with a fresh, funky and innovative controller involving hand motion tracking instead… I’d definitely get one but this wire thingy and the fact that I already own a pair of midi fighters kind of disappoints me, it really is but a minor upgrade, I find it negligible even for recent DJTT followers.

      This isn’t for us guise, gtfo.

  • Asd

    Holy shit. I want one. 

  • DJNickMiller

    It would be good if the unit had a cable lock on the unit… I can foresee all sorts of situations where the usb cable gets jerked out in the middle of some gnarly move…

    • Spencer

      Use tape.

    • Michael

      That is the point of the right angled USB connector, if the cable is yanked the force is lateral so the cable is far less likely to come out from the socket

      • Blisstimothy

        LOL!  yeah and the point of your inner socket breaking from being bent back and forth is why its made with titanium metal or cheap china metal ?
        Ever owned any midi gear and for a period of time to see what happens when forces is exerted onto that port. It will break.

    • Yeah i was thinking about that too. you could do what guitar players do and attach it to the body. I agree it should come standard though.

    • brodie

      Make a wireless version…… im sure u could find a wireless standard that would meet the required bandwith and latency standards!

      • stargamess

        Wireless would be a great idea !

  • Rutger Willems

    when i saw 3d i tought it was some kind of pocoloco controller

  • Anonymous

    Great device! The only but i’m not so sure about is that the cable remains connected while moving the thing heavily. Maybe it would be better if the cable was attached  to the controller. But with a little help from a gaffa tape such type of problems can probably be solved.

    • Jeffgold7115

      Or it was wireless through wifi or bluetooth. I feel like they completely overlooked this.

      • guywithknife

        I’ve been experimenting with wireless MIDI myself over the past few months and think its definitely possible, but did have some issues with severe latency when sending many MIDI notes at once over bluetooth (also, windows and osx have no concept of MIDI over bluetooth, so I had to send it as UART and use a Serial to MIDI bridge). The best bet would be to have it wireless between the controller and a base station which connects to your computers USB as normal, but this would definitely have added a few more months to the development time and god knows how much to the price tag.Its definitely a mod I hope to tackle, but who knows when/if I’ll manage to pull it off in a way that’s useful to others.

  • EuphoricF

    Nice. At least you built an “wii-controller” for DJing.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t think the Accelerometer will be needed, can image the crowd looking on whilst you throw shapes with it on stage or in the booth and thinking (what the hell is he doing!!). however this will go down REALLY well with the upcoming new Traktor sample decks with thye multi colour LED’s on each button 😉

  • Whitepaperbag93

    I think you should be calling it the Midi Fighter Accelerometer …

  • Nomad

    This looks pretyt awesome. i’de like to see a real video demo of this in use in a set.

  • Wow….very impressed

  • TJP

    Far out.  DJTT you never stop amazing me.  This is really pushing the boundaries.  Congrats.

  • adam stueve

    cool but 3d really… still a cool idea

  • Michielygil

    I like all the extra buttons on there without tampering with the classical look. Don’t need the 3d stuff though, but cool idea!

  • Contact

    great stuff… great idea… thanx a lot!

  • Mik

    cool concept but im afraid I might look like a twat using this on my set

    • Guesty

      I could see this adding a “performance aspect” to say a studio producer type in a live band situation… trying to do something with the hands and look busy along with the band… but even then at the end of the day thats still pretty poser.

    • Dude Breh

       Do consider that simply tilting the unit off of a surface creates modulation… no one says you have to hop around like a fool!

    • The controller works well on the table too with slight angles and rotations that are more for you and less for the audience. The way I am using it here is quite dramatic and will not suit some dj styles. However, for those that want to get physically connected to their controllers – picking it up feels really amazing. 

      • Ean this is great.. This is good for those stepping out of the dj moniker and heading towards perfomances. Thats why controllers are so great these days and this just helped up the ante even more. Sky is the limit. 

    • Asdf


      Cough *Paper Diamond* Cough

  • Yep