Serato Projection Mapping on Turntables and Mixer

We’ve seen the guys behind this project show off their Serato projection mapping before, but since their last update, they’ve really stepped it up about twenty notches. VU meters on the mixers, waveforms on top of the vinyl and next to the mixer – incredible stuff, click above to watch the video!

Video Description:
This is a projection mapping project we’ve been working on for about a month as of uploading. It’s a user interface for Serato Scratch Live that is vinyl rotation reactive, as well as sound reactive, and makes it possible to mix using Serato without having to look at your computer screen whatsoever. We Have Real time Waveforms Streaming across our mixers, or our vinyl platters, and we have started to incorporate video effects that are controlled by wii remotes. We are also working on controlling effects with motion capturing using a camera.

Much more to come!

Engineered by Mark Morris & Bruce Lott

What would you project on your turntables? Let us know in the comments below. 

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