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  • Arrrgh, how is there no template provided? all these snippets from an obviously solid contract and no template? 🙁

  • Rider template please!!

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    thanks alot for the info.

  • If you are the headliner, and people are coming to see you, how can you possibly provide an alternate in the event of a cancellation? Britney isn’t going to send Lady Gaga to fill in for her.

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    This is the best article on the site in a long time.

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    is 100 bucks per hour or reasonable. I want to start charging for gigs but no idea how much to charge.

  • ErikB

    thats funny, about steve aoki cuz its absolutely true. I brought my own gear to the club when I had to open for him, and what happened… he got champagne on my cdj 2000’s. It did not break my equipment thank god…. but I still really enjoyed watching him perform. anyways i just wanted to share my experience related to this article….

  • DJ Trizz

    What about residency contracts? Any advice/examples… 

  • Amazing how so many DJs overlook a contract and don’t even use 1 at all! Should always try to cover yourself!

  • you’re dooing a great job u guy’s (m/f) @ DJ Tech Tools
    Love this article

  • Deposit typically & legally indicates that it is refundable, even if you use the term “non-refundable deposit.”  Better to use the term “retainer” or even better, simply “payment.”  There is no wish-wash with the term “payment.”

  • Great info, Learn something new everyday… Indemnity lol

  • Anyone else want a new DJTT video segment now called: What’s on your Rider? 😀

    • That would be hilarious- there are some really nutso riders out there. 

      • I believe Diplo had something about a 20 ft inflatable gorilla . . .

      • Steve Aoki: What’s in Your Rider? I can just imagine how that segment would go..

  • Lowpass

    another thing to remember is work visas. you can’t (legally) play paying gigs on a tourist visa and border guards are surprisingly wise to most of the tricks. If they google your name (and they will) and find out you’ve lied to them, you’re in a world of screwed. It famously happened to Richie Hawtin and cost him a pile. http://www.mixmag.net/words/features/top-12%3A-dance-music-legal-battles

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    great article I have already been FU#$#$ over by a club this year!!

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    I want more of this kind of great articles 

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    Great article… would be even more helpful to show examples of riders.

    Also, there is an implied link for indemnities that doesn’t appear.

    • Spacecamp

      Link updated, learn all about indemnities now! 

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    Very useful article. Thanks!!

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    Great read! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Great and useful article!

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    Thanks for that article. Keep it coming! Good stuff to know, especially for a noob like me.:)



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    • This is the kind of DJ related news I need to hear. Have been asking a number of blogs for business tips like this and you’re the first to do it in a concise way.   Thank you very much.

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