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  • mathew0791

    can you hook up a turntable to the k2 with a sound card ?


    hi ,have you got the K2 mapping to control with virtual dj pro please,and if you have a link to DL the mapping?MANY THANKS

  • Inguss

    Can I setup with my Z2 native instruments Xone K2?somebody help please?

  • Jared

    Wow, It looks like you can do so much these days. Awesome and exciting! Another item for my wishlist……

  • FYI…I bought a K2 & have been working on a lot of custom mapping w/ it. Most recently I noticed a slight noisefloor generated by the LEDs depending on the layer you’re in. I reached out to support and they confirmed that it occurs, w/ the loudest being in the amber layer. The noisefloor is not audible during playback. I guess it is caused by the proximity of the LED circuits to the audio circuits and can not be fixed in future firmware updates.

  • Djayhooker

    Got this, one of the best built controllers i’ve owned, it is certainly pro grade.

    The soundcard goes very loud, plenty of headphone volume for club work. Yeah, an encoder for volume would of been nice but its no biggy. I use mine going into an Ecler nuo 2, very nice slim setup. So i have those 2 and a midi fighter 3D Ableton live, Sugarbytes Turnado doing channel fx. K2 is without doubt a good purchase.

    You need a 8th inch jack to phono to make the second channel, obviously.

    My only wish would be that the gate faders weren,t so long as it isn,t great for my style of mixing (breaks) either if they were shorter of they squeezed in an Xfader, then I wouldnt need the ecler at all. 

    You can rock Live or Traktor with just this, the buttons are really nice too, soft, not really great for cue juggling etc, but thats why you buy a Fighter.

  • randomdudefromtheblock

    Madeon uses it! 🙂

  • Djayhooker

    Xone k2 + 2 x midi fighter 3d  / Ableton Live = My perfect dj setup. 

    I haven’t felt this excited since I bought my djm500 and 1200s all those years ago lol

  • Pixelbreak

    wish list DJTT staff…a midimaping with the lower section button configured to the instant gratification button a la midifighter…please

  • Zach

    i got this when it first came out…loved it ever since 

  • Treebal

    Oh shit.. I love my APC40 but this little monster might make me sell it.. 🙁

  • The Xone K2 is a beast. All knobs and faders feel great. Sounds good enough for a club. Headphone outputs are loud, tested the master outputs – output to Xone 4D – came in at 0db on the mixer, 0db Master gain from Traktor Pro. 

    Most importantly the latching layer system is amazing, this thing is powerful as hell. It does take some time getting used to the mapping due to the fact there are no labels. But once you’re used to it, it is a true performance machine. Cheers. 

  • George

    Although  it looks pretty complete, this controller proves rather difficult to use without the DB2 mixer, which I believe is the product the company intends to sell. The ideal configuration will be 2 x K2 + DB2. One K2 can be used for track control, and another for FX control because the DB2 in midi mode deactivates all built-in mixer effects.

    • Voiceofsynth

       Is that true, that DB2 effects can’t be used with only one K2?
      I got the DB2 and about to get this K2.

      If so, it would be better to get novation pad or midi fighter just to control cells.

    • Civ142000

      I dont have a db2 and im using it fine

  • Anonymous

    I’m putting together some more sophisticated Ableton support for this little beast.

    “Red box” support, proper automapping channel faders and a full internal-mixer DJ template 🙂

    • Zac Kyoti

      Dude – excellent. Custom Python all the way. Let us know when you get this set up!

    • mrg12eg

      have you done this yet?? sounds great just what im looking for!!¬???

      • Anon

        He has… and it is great 😀

  • Waneiscool

    anyone think this would go well with two deckalized midi fighters? it seems like this would be a pretty good combo. easy setup and super sleek look using the midi fighters to control decks and the k2 for mixer and sample deck controls. any thoughts on this? possible setbacks? would i have to use the deckalized mapping and then revise it to make this possible.

    • Djayhooker

      Yep , I dj with ableton and two midi fighters and this is my ideal setup! It was this or a faderfox and additional soundcard, but i opted for this.
      Haven’t recieved it but my midi fighter 3d is on it way too!
      Gonna have serious fun mapping a layer to Sugarbites Effectrixs!

  • LordEC

    When the Kontrol F1 comes out will you do a comparison? it seems that this would be similarly useful for launching clips in the new remix decks (at least when NI) allows alternative controllers for that function and at the very least the F1 could be likely custom mapped to similar functions to this .

  • Metachemical

    I got two of these a couple weeks ago and I am absolutely loving them. Great for Ableton! Well built but light, all the controls are great. I’m in the process of mapping it and then getting a custom skim made.

  • sammsousa

    i might get 2 of these in the summer! when i’ll get them they are going to be stricktly for ableton! later on, when i actually start playing out, i might use this for other stuff aswell! but right now for my productiongs, i mainly use maschine inside ableton, but since i do most stuff in maschine i only touch the mouse to change something in ableton, but no more!!!!! (after the summer that is lol) 

  • alchemy

    nice piece of gear, they should make a version without the soundcard, ive looking for something like this for a very long time buy i’ve allready have a soundcard

  • majonymus

    i dont buy it, a audio2 + mixer for me thanks

  • it ould be GREAT if you could change layers individualy for the 3 section, for example map layer 1 for deck a-b and fx unit 1-2, layer b for decks c-d and effects unit 3-4. if u want to use fx 3-4 but still want to controll deck a-b, you switch the layer of the upper part, leaving the lower one in the deck a-b layer, and vice versa. that would be awesome

  • How does the K2 stack up against the F1? 

    • Ronald Edwards

       It looks like it has more knobs, it has a sound card (which may be AWESOME for feeding back into the mixer in a third or fourth channel), but won’t go full color on the buttons (which are smaller than the F1) and of course, it won’t be able to do all the things the F1 will be able to do inside Traktor until Native Instruments releases the patch that will allow full functionality of the Sample Decks without needing the F1. Not much is known about the button’s velocity sensitivity in either product so the assumption is that both controllers aren’t.

  • …and most importantly, full MIDI customization for any MIDI-supporting software, be it for DJing, VJing,… Please tell us what the NI Controller Editor can’t do, what the Xone K2 can? Don’t get this statement… I mean the X1 doesnt have multiple layers (only shift) but besides that every aspect of it is fully midi compatible….

  • Obri3n

    When using with ableton, do you get the ‘red square’?

    • Anonymous


      However, I have a K2 in the mail and I will be releasing a Remote Script for the K2 that enables Ableton’s red square in a few days 🙂

    • Anonymous


      However, I have a K2 in the mail and I will be releasing a Remote Script for the K2 that enables Ableton’s red square in a few days 🙂

  • Armanb89

    Best $300 ive ever spent, I love my K2… 🙂

    Im probably gonna get shit for this, but I think I love this thing more than the Kontrol S2 I bought (sold it after a week or 2)…. 

    • Agi22

       please tell me:why no good feelings with s2?
      I’m going to purchase it so I need to know as many comments as possible.
      Thanks and sorry for my little OT

      • RockingClub

        Don’t know why Armanb89 disliked the s2, but what I can say is that the S4 is great! I own one and love every knob and fader. Only two things that could make it the perfect unit:
        -no magnets in the jogwheels so that real backspins would be possible
        -there is a bit too much resistance in the pitchfaders everywhen you start riding it.

        But: I don’t know any unit out there topping the S4. It definitely is state-of-the-art.

  • doclvly

    yeah no master out was the 1st thing i noticed. I also dislike the fact that the regular pots only change layers in one mode. that def made me a little mad cause thats what I wanted most.

    • Xpk

      It’s a great pity for me that there’s no centre detent on the pots.

      • Obri3n

        This is the biggest problem.

      • captainBrainless

        I was worried about that, too. But it turned out to be fine, anyway 🙂 

  • I think my Maschine is going to love it ;]