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New Redesign + Features

It’s DJ Techtools’ birthday this week (Thursday!), and I’m excited to give you all a preview of a new look and feel for the site, including a new personalized section, My DJTechTools. Instead of just a preview, think of this as your chance to get involved and provide us with valuable feedback on what you want from your DJ web community.


Over the past five years, with your help, we have grown a blog, a forum, and a curated DJ store into the number one DJ site in the world. Each month we host 1 million visitors and are closing fast on one hundred thousand registered forum users. Many people would be content with this achievement, but at DJTT HQ, we won’t stop until this is the most amazing online DJ community in the world.

In the coming months we’ll be launching a series of new features that will build DJ TechTools into a fully integrated online community. You have already seen, which was our first (and with hundreds of mappings, very successful) web community feature. Now in the future we will be engineering and testing similar services and features that make your DJ life even better.

This week we are rolling out three new elements. Please take this opportunity to check them out and provide us with your feedback: 


Since the header style has not changed that much in five years, It’s definitely time for a facelift. We are bringing all of the sites under one new roof, with a common navigation to make all of our sites easy-to-use. This new style is simpler, cleaner, and you should be able to get to any part of the DJ TechTools world from every page.  We didn’t want to lose our fun DIY spirit, so each section of the site has its own set of hand-drawn characters and personality.


Think about all of the content that is relevant and unique to your personal DJ career:

  • Answers to questions you posed in the forum
  • Product updates to your gear
  • Responses to comments you post
  • New articles or news pieces on topics you care about
  • Updates to mappings, and personal messages from your friends and collaborators on the site
  • Past downloads of free content, or products you purchased
  • And much, much more

We think all of this should live in one single, easy to access place, so we’re introducing: 

Consider this your personal DJ feed of everything that is relevant to you. It’s totally free, all you will have to do is register and tell us a little bit about yourself so we can start tailoring content and information to fit your unique needs. Eventually this profile will be your only login, and will have an associated identity and reputation around the site for everything including the comments, store, forum, and other new community features.

At launch, your login will only work in and (not the forum or the comments). Over the next few months we will also integrate the forum, the blog, and the comments so you have a one single login to access everything on the site.

Register for free here. * 

*If you already registered for, you are good to go! Forum users will need a fresh login. 


On Friday, we will be launching a brand new DJ Techtools webstore that will make it really easy to buy things, check on your order, and download products you have purchased in the past. It’s going to be lightning-quick, very minimal and extremely functional! All of this is thanks to our new head developer John, a long time user in the forum and established local San Francisco DJ.


The most important thing we can build are features you need to become a better DJ and get more enjoyment from music. Have any great ideas or know what we can do better? Tell us, and don’t hold back! To all of our expert designers – what are your thoughts on the new minimal look? What about MyDJTT? – what features and community resources would you like to see? If you ran DJTT for a day, how would you make it even more useful and fun?

We’ll read every single bit of feedback that you all share in the comments below – because this site should first and foremost be useful to the users, our readers – you.

  • I think you guys are doing an awesome job! Its made you become one of the best sources of DJ information from beginners to pros alike. Even bought my S2 from you guys!

  • ZooYork

    iPhone App would be great I would be proud to sport this lol

  • OnlyME

    The search function is not working at all. Is it only me?!

  • Rec-N-Play

    You guys have a big load of seriously usable information. You also made so many great videos, make them easier to find! Also old posts could be way better organized! The side bars should be filled with all your awesomeness. Categorize, re-organize and display all the cool topics, videos and posts you have.

  • BLNT

    I’d love to see posts more often – daily? (with more contributors….hopefully this would be achievable. )
    * And more topics – I haven’t seen much on the net about VJing (video SL) tutorials, tips, performances ( it seems only big names like Fatboy Slim, Chemical Bros ect have any decent video shows)
    * I’d love a section dedicated to DIY mods or construction of controllers, projects ect.
    * I like the idea someone had about posting charts or top 10s – but with links to beatport or Juno to download the charts/tracks.
    * Maybe a section dedicated to OS/android apps for DJs with reviews/links/ requests to developers/software makers.

    To be honest, this site is awesome.
    It’s nice to see you’re keen to expand/make it greater. I’ve been a reader for 3 years now and always check whats up.
    Can’t wait to see the changes implemented.

    p.s. advanced mapping tutorials – explaining modifiers and macros a bit clearer too – that would be awesome


  • Angus

    WOW, I never realised I shared my Bday with DJTT!!! Madness!!

  • a news update about a planned future layout update. slow news day?

  • djostreet

    A way to tag articles that you particularly enjoy/found useful, and then a quick way to access them again from the my.djechtools page. I can’t count the times I’ve thought “Oh, crap where was that article with that cool thing?” and couldn’t find it.

  • Shorouk

    A forum dedicated to samples sharing.

  • DjSheikh

    there should be a section for the beginning dj’s. Most the the feedback i
    get from the forums i dont really understand because i dont have much
    experience yet. If there would be one, that would be great and very helpful

  • Anonymous

    A single search across all site areas.

    Single sign-on for all site areas. I know you mentioned it is coming, but I just want to make sure.

    Standardized mobile access across all site areas.

    Standardized UI elements across all site areas.



  • Stewe

    More giveaways, more competitions, more mapping tricks and controllerism tutorials,

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Since everything else seems to be relatively handled, there’s only three areas I’d like to see explored; 1) More info regarding “Reading the Crowd”, 2) DAW Integration with DJ Software (for undertones and transitions) and 3) Developing a Unique sound (how to find more music you love to play out).

  • djocco

    a forum where djtechtools and the users can share and suggest new music to each other.

  • Online TSI Builder… please please please

  • Anonymous

    for your birthday you should give out those little birthday bags filled with whistles, candy, toy car, and a midi fighter 3d 😀

  • Marked_One

    I suggest some Traktor mapping examples or some advice: how to do advanced mapping in Traktor and other software? Maybe, even some one button macros.

    Sorry, for my poor English. Greetings from Poland (Middle Europe) 🙂

  • Joetomic

    Perhaps a feature where a member can input the various pieces of gear he/she owns and then receive specific news/updates/mappings regarding said setup…

  • Jonas Peeck

    if you wanna complete the “record store feeling” that you’re aiming for with djtt you should definately find a way for people to share their favorite tracks on djtt- so that you guys can create charts. Maybe create the possibility to create “crates” that can be shared thru djtt- kinda like spotify playlists- but for DJs and people who love edm 🙂

  • 2010 design is still the king of the hill IMO. I like the tailored feed concept.

  • Timmy Put

    A page where users can build, preview and trade sound packs (and single samples)

    • Nadir

      And sell!

      • That is a horrible idea simply based on the fact that then every single sound has to be checked to see if it’s a legal sample or not. That’s very time consuming and the legal ramifications are staggering.

        • Nadir

          Or, djtt can put a disclaimer, saying that content is not their responsibility. If someone gets caught, then that person gets blasted.

          • That really doesn’t matter at all in today’s legal system. DJTT is already telling you guys how to make your own sound packs using the tools available to you and sharing the ones they make. Sharing more is a great idea, but selling them? A legal team would eventually get involved. Why risk it? Why not just share to share?

    • Patrick

      ^This is an excellent idea

    • m always looking for places to upload classic sample rips because i cant find anything anywhere!

  • Anonymous

    Email notifications or RSS subscriptions for updates in myDJTechTools so that it is easier to see when there are updates or things that you need to see.

  • I think a live mix forum would be awesome. DJTT radio with the ability to create rooms to play in, gain followers, and share live mixes.

    • that would actually be really fun; people could take turns

    • DJTT blogs about sites like this and perhaps it would be best if DJTT just picked a winner amongst these sites to be the official DJTT community go to live-mix site with an embedded feature scrolling text RE which DJTT community member(s) are playing live right now. DJTT should keep focused on the tech as this seemingly simple radio project could be the workload of a whole nother site.

  • SVED

    Shirts, Shirts, and more DJ Techtools shirts! More apparel would be cool!

  • Redesigns happen people. They are essential to a functional site. If they didn’t you would be complaining about how they never update the site.

  • Toontown

    sounds good! sub-domains are great for your organic search results (not that you need much help, but the store will benefit the most). change is good–onward and upward!

  • Uncle Funky

    Actually I like the Robert Crumb style (apparently) hand drawn logo you use in that greetings image. I thought that was going to be the new look and got pretty excited.

    I think you should reconsider and go with that for a really unique web presence.

  • derp…

  • gameshack

    Not another redesign! Boooooo!!!!

    • junglemonkey

      Dern kids, git off mah website!!! ;p

  • Rutger Willems

    nooooo, not again!

  • Nick Howarth

    The ‘Shop’ dropdown is huge..
    I see usability problems on certain browsers.

    You should split it like the ‘Community’ one.

  • have a section for different product performance vids on the mappings of different controllers also i believe throw some more performance vids of the midi fighters like with the super knob and such also i think you guys should have a huge concert for controllerists to raise money and then send us vids 🙂 a feature i thought would be cool would be making the forum where every time someone posts on it noteifys you on your phone

  • rayco

    Just one thing – can you add a space for Denon MC3000 mappings on the midi-map section? I’ve just completed a big re-mapping and looking for a place to park it. Good luck with the facelift.

    • you should be able to make that entry yourself (I did one for the mixemeister control and I had to add the entry myself)

      • rayco

        Thanks for that

    • Connen

      Oh please go ahead. Another happy MC3000 owner….

      • rayco

        Hopefully by the end of the week

  • GJ on the developing the layout (& everything 🙂 ) through the years.

    One thing I do miss, is the store with “bedroom DJ”, “pro DJ”, etc. categories, that was introduced some time ago and suddenly disappeared. I guess that wasn’t working for you, but I, personally, loved it.

  • i’d really suggest a dj gig adverts database. with area, genre, experience and such, filtered down by linking into your new account. you could have reviews by promoters and even party go’ers, on your account. Gaining you experience (rep) points. if this bio data could be linked into facebook it’d be an amazing and unique djtt feature. that’d be amazing. non current djtt members would soon register when they saw its worth infront of 100’s of millions of people. it’d be like a new band page.

    • junglemonkey

      or link to existing resources based on a user’s zipcode/country.

  • lightsequence

    for the store, you guys should design some fresh new shirts/hoodies/stickers/key chains,goodies…etc

    • they should sell a vinyl record that says DJTT or something cool like for sound code or just to look cool

  • michielygil

    Great idea to tailor-fit the content based on the gear you’re using. I would even go further and integrate forum threads and articles based on the gear you have registered (and music interests and general interests). Also, little sub communities based around gear/music would be a cool feature, Where you can discus your gear, mappings, etc. It’s something the forum did great in the past, but it grew too big and divers to have a good central point for a specific gear discussion and share experience.

  • This is going to be great! A personalized paged for each user is pure genius. Keep it up!

    P.s. Happy Early Birthday!

    • smith

      …wishing a Happy Early Birthday brings bad luck!

      I like the idea to link the store with forum threads for reviews, opinions etc.

      Another great feature would be to send out a MidiFighter to every new registered user! …Not?