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Virtual DJ 7.2 Released With Colored Waveforms

Over at Atomix Productions the development team continues to work on the long-awaited release of Virtual DJ 8, a complete rewrite of the popular DJ software – but to tide over its users, they’ve released an update to the software with a few popularly requested features. The biggest change is the introduction of colored waveforms to the software, like those that have been found in Traktor and Serato for a while now. According to the changelog thread in the VDJ forms, the waveforms are colored to roughly match the sound spectrum, with the low ends as yellow/purple/red,  mids as various shades of green, and highs that have a brighter blue color.

A number of smaller changes also came through in this update of the software, including:

  • video fade-to-black independent from audio volume (with VDJScript “video_level”)
  • changed volume faders default curve (quadratic by default, can be changed with VDJScript “levelfader_curve”)
  • video can be delayed from audio (with VDJScript “video_delay”)
  • fix cover download from google and from amazon
  • fix adding cached netsearch results to cloudLists
  • added 9 new controllers

More Info:

  • I don’t see the colored waves like in the picture is there something I need to do??? I’m still getting the red & blue waves…

  • Angry Dude

    Looks pretty shitty to be no offense. They need to change that interface. This program has always looked like a concept Dj program from the 80s. Those colored waves look super low quality and I bet a kid could draw a better interface with crayons.

    • Anonymous

      while the waves do look low quality and cheesy and bad, there’s no need to bash VDJ for stepping in the right direction

    • totally agree with you.. it’s very versatile and well built, but I’m sure new program layout/interface would improve their sales! If they made it better obviously aha

  • Michael

    V8 looks great. Saw the show on the BPM – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! Hope it does not take that lok until they release it. I rteally want to play with this tool 😉 THUMBS UP Atomix

    • clearblu

      New graphics engine in vdj8 will sort the look that people seem to hate,I’m not bothered about other dj’s seeing that I use it,I get stick all the time from the traktor crew but I’m not arsed I let my sets speak for themselves.I went from Traktor to vdj,both good software but vdj suits me best.Some people need to look past the apperance and try it out,it will surprise you

  • It’s amazing the comments made by people that have only looked at the ‘book cover’ and never read the book or for that matter only read the table of contents to draw their conclusions. Just because the book cover doesn’t look appealing does not mean the story is bad. Guess that’s where the saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover” comes from. The cool thing though is VirtualDJ allows you to change not only the book cover – but allows you access to multiple stories with out having to buy the Encyclopedia Britannica series.

    And with every VirtualDJ release – which comes more often than others and doesn’t alienate it’s current user base by dropping support for ‘old’ technologies – continues to push the industry in its own way just like everyone else – Traktor has clearly done that recently with the ‘remix decks’, Serato well nothing recently amazing there other than maybe the bridge to no where.

    Can’t wait for VirtualDJ 8, its going to be amazing!! But in the meantime, I will take what they give me as its stable as hell and will be rockin’ 7.2 this weekend!!

  • dj xponent

    VirtualDJ keeps getting better and better… cant wait to see what vdj8 will bring

  • DJ Mick

    Nice! Finally .. been wanting this.
    And having looked at the VirtualDJ 8 sneak previews it looks like they are stepping it up big time .. Cant wait to get hands on experience with the v8 release

  • Andres C

    VirtualDJ can play any video and music file and also karaoke if you want… Also supports more than 185 midi devices so far and could be used with 2, 3, 4, 6 and up to 99 decks. Unlimited cue points, best search engine, can broadcast over internet. You are not obligated to use an specific hardware or sound card and all CDJs from Pioneer are natively supported (Including the new CDJ-2000 Nexus)… and you can change your skin to whatever you want. Of course for a DJ who has pay for their software he also get free lifetime updates and free plugins download (skins, effects and samples) for lifetime too. It is compatible with VST effects as well. I really think not all really know what could VirtualDJ really do.

    • The CrowdBoy

      perhaps have a more profesional look? better effects, and better sampler and effects integration, improve searching mode (not engine but the aparence) stop designing silly looking skins and design a well thought piece of software that not only looks profesional but performs like it!

  • DJ Xtone

    VirtualDJ kills them all when it comes to video mixing, and controller support. Even mapping controllers in VDJ is a breeze compared to others. And far more powerful. Its my favorite tool for mixing, it just has more powers and features than the rest.

  • Memorix

    Virtual sucks.

    • Dough

      Virtual Sucks ? is that a porn site?

    • ChrisC

      Whats Virtual Sucks? sounds like a nice XXX rated site.. :p

  • chris

    It took them 4 years to make a rip off of serato and add cd cover art? lmao

    • OICU812

      A rip off of Serato? VirtualDJ was the first software to do video. Luckily VirtualDJ didn’t rip off all of Serato’s awesome features like: Limited hardware support, Limited to 5 cue points, Limited to MP4’s.

    • Meowmix

      Also, im pretty sure VDJ has had cover art at least for the past 3 years, probably longer.

  • By far the ugliest GUI of them all. Not only does it look like a 90’s graphic design gone wrong, but it’s full of wasted space. I realize you can customize your own skin, but at least hire a professional studio to redesign the default skin. I’ll do it for free with customized vector art. VDJ8 scaling is very nice, but still looks horrible. If you cannot hire any talent, at least copy Serato DJ. I like how you can simplify Traktor, and then go advanced with a click of the mouse or MIDI controller.

    • lauti

      they must be in love with the way it looks, cause there’s no way they haven’t heard the “yo, your program looks like a shitty windows 98 program” a million times already

    • SuperAceMan

      The software is completely skinable and can be changed if you’re not a fan of the default interface. There are 100s of different skins available on the website.

    • NormanB

      Looks a lot better than Serato for sure, that do have a 90s interface. And VDJ doesnt look bad at all. And looking at your site, I’m pretty sure they wont take any graphic advice from you, nor feel hurt. If anyone have crap 90s design, it must be yourself. Seriously dude.. you claim to make logos and that was all you could come up with for yourself?

      Myself I’m happy to see the different choices of DJ Software give features users ask for, and VDJ adding color waveforms is a nice step up.

      • What features in Serato DJ make it a 90s interface? Are you a beta tester for their new software that hasn’t been released?

        You’re judging my interface skills on a logo (on a random blog that is used for my uploads) that was done by my nephew who was eleven when he did it. Brilliant.

        If your such in love with Virtual DJ Interface, then I hope you don’t upgrade to VDJ 8. Because its already been updated.–520×337.jpg

        • NormanB

          nah… its at your profile page at Discuss, and its clearly your page – it features recent and new info posted by you, your recent work (that by the way look really cheesy, and any interface i’ve seen from any brand looks better), so sorry for not taking your words and opinion to weight. And VDJ 8 looks good, and had good reviews from all the big dj sites. But I know who you are, and you are a fan boy of your own prefference of dj software, and all respect to that. But posting up puke every time you see some competition is getting old. And definitively not any authority on graphics, take care of your own work first, just a friendly advice, you have FAR to go before it even starts to look any good.

          • I never said it wasn’t my page. Read my post again. The logo is meant to look ‘really cheesy 80’s Hip-Hop’ by design. The new one I’m developing is even more ghetto than the one my nephew did for me.

            Have you ever owned a Serato/Rane product? There is a big reason it’s considered pro. If Virtual DJ was so great, then why did they go after Adion for VDJ8? To help improve the software. Us users tell them what we want improved (like an ugly default GUI) and they do it. The squeaky wheel (user feedback) gets the grease. Plus competition keeps everyone in check and forces companies to invest in R&D.

            By the way, Traktor is my preferred DJ Software. With my own GUI, I hope VDJ8 can be on the same level and surpass it. I’m also helping develop another DJ Software in the works.

      • Angry Man

        How does this look better than Serato? What are you stuck in the past? This program looks like crap. Im pretty sure after all fake DJs out there this company has enough cash to have someone design a pro looking interface. This is like the Fischer Price of DJ software.

  • fthatb

    I sure hope there’s other options to the carrot ooloured waveforms in the screenshot lol, gotta agree, very non aesthetically pleasing software lol

    • Sequel

      Same waveforms as serato have. I’m sure they will add options for more pleasing color range for those who dont like the serato “carrots”. Already saw that in VDJ 8 demonstrations, where it shows waveforms more like traktor.

      • Anonymous

        are the still cheesy/low quality?

  • still the ugliest UI of all DJ software…

    • Alex Krijanovski

      Really? I think Serato is least visually pleasing UI.

    • Meowmix

      You can always change it with any other of the 100 custom skins. I recommend CDS4.