• Damien


  • gRxnch

    dammnnn what’s he drop at 1:28?


    i hear trap beat. go craze!

  • DJKyleHughes

    Finally a turntablism routine with some flow

  • lauti

    it was good, but not nearly as good as PREVIOUS craze/traktor video
    routines were. I hope shiftee’s video really brings something
    interesting with the z2.

    ps: fuck i was sleeping but woke up because its too damn hot down here in buenos aires

  • As always Craze is amazing. I’m just going to out myself as being an idiot here and ask how he even changed tracks/samples. I watched this three times and I still can’t figure it out.

    • T

      1.24ish i guess he changes one atleast 😉

    • theres 2 buttons to toggle the 4 buttons between triggering hot cues on A or B or for launching samples in C + D