• DJ-1

    The inclusion of Serato and Traktor track info compatibility is crucial….. As soon as i read this review I went out and downloaded the app on my iPhone. I can already see that it can pick up my cue, & loop points from Serato. Now the big question is, if i make any edits to addtional cue points, loops, etc… will those changes in the DJ app synchronize back to Serato when I resynch my iPhone???
    Personally I’ve held off on purchasing an iPad because I’m looking for an app like this that will allow me to work my music on the road, and then sync my changes to Serato when i get back home. Is this the solution I been looking for?

  • eLover

    Really professional app. The touch experiencie is excellent. Now, we need a good Soundcard exclusive for this app (lets go, Stereomusik!!!). And then another features, like sync sampler player or 4 decks, more fx maybe, record the mixes…

    Congratulation for the developers

  • Hey.

    SO I took the plunge and bought this last night. I was going to by the Red Bull one, but then I thought for an extra £15 it seems to make sense to have MIDI controller access.

    I’m going to do a video review soon, but here’s some thoughts so far:

    Overall, it’s great. I’ve tried it in two modes – routing to an external mixer and using the internal mixer. The EQ on the internal mixer is great. Kills work well and are intuitive. However, if you want to really ‘move about’ I found internal mode too cluttered. For example, if you want to do a quick mix, there’s no headphone button on the load page. A small thing but an important one.

    Routing out to the external mixer (using the Griffin cable) works really well. I get to use all the great FX (looping is really good, as are the delays and filters) yet I manage to control levels and EQ too. I’m not the daintiest of people (and have big hands!) so this works better for me. One thing to note is that the mixer page disappears when routing externally, which means you can only see one deck at a time. Someone else pointed out that this page could just have the waveforms and key buttons (play, bend etc) without any of the mixer controls. I hope this is something they introduce.

    My biggest disappointment is that it wont map to the Novation Twitch. Or I don’t think it will. Have used my Camera adapter and it just doesn’t see it. I thought it was Class Compliant but I guess not. I’ve emailed support so hopefully this can be fixed. I think the two would work great together.

    Other thoughts: tweeting your tracks live (good fun but could get annoying!), grid editing is excellent, cue/loop management very good, it’s stable (if you shut down all other apps), browser sorting works really well (shame you cant see waveforms of other tracks playing so you know if you’re running out of time!). It’s also a shame there’s no internal record feature.

    I really ummed and ahh’d over buying this, but I’m glad I did. Taking £800 laptops to house parties and clubs is not ideal, and this is the most solid iPad app yet. If you’ve got a spare bit of cash, give it a go. Christmas is coming. It’s what Santa would have wanted.

    • Stéphan Vuylsteke

      Do you have a NI soundcard (Audio 2/4/6/8/10), and could you perhaps test is they work with this app? Really curious about that!

      • I’ve plugged my Audio 2 in and it didn’t work. I’ve been told they’re not compliant (in other words, they need drivers to work). Sadly the Twitch is the same.

        Been playing more and more for a couple of days now. There are suggestions I would make (and will!), but I personally think I could use this live – just as long as I’m wired to a mixer. I used it with my DJM800 the other day and it was SO much fun.

        Quick video I made too. Not the best I’ve ever done but you get to see it in action. This uses the internal mixer.

  • I want to like the iPad for DJing, but it will take a while longer for me. I did however see a solution which is NOT Apple-based that I’d like to at least try… the Acer ICONIA which has two touch screens and seems to be a lot of what I’d want (two separate touch screens in a compact space complete with touch virtual keyboard)… why won’t Apple make something like this if for nothing else just the dual displays?

    Back to the Program review: At least computer users can’t say that the iPad isn’t as functional as the laptops now because this program seems to have a lot of what DJs want at a very reasonable price. The touch screen seems to bypass the need for a controller, but I’m not there yet mainly because I’ve had too many problems with touchscreens when playing live already. I like the USB integration of controllers but my first experiences with touch screens will still haunt me (at least for a while).

  • I just want to throw it out there that a Microsoft Surface PRO Tablet is going to put all this laptop versus tablet debate to rest. I can’t wait to run TRAKTOR on it with a full dj setup and just using the touch screen slanted over the mixer for track selection and information.

    • Stéphan Vuylsteke

      Surface pro + external monitor + wireless keyboard & mouse might very well be my next setup. The i5 + rumoured 4gig RAM is more than enough for my daily usage, and the surface would also suit my club setup much better.

      • Please note the Surface Pro’s price and weight compared to an iPad’s price. It’s much more a laptop with a touchscreen than a tablet. The Surface RT is a “real” tablet, but you can’t run desktop apps like Traktor on it.

        You can use an iPad with DJ Player for 5-6 hours running from the battery. It’s definitely not possible with Surface Pro + Traktor. Also, Traktor is not designed for the touchscreen. So what’s the benefit using it over a laptop?

        • Stéphan Vuylsteke

          The iPad and Surface Pro really don’t compare to eachother. The iPad is more like an add-on, whilst the Surface Pro can be a core workstation (especially in addition with periferals such as an external monitor). Most professional applications won’t be ported to iOS (or Android, for that matter) anytime soon, so the need for a desktop OS remains. Enter Surface Pro.

          The benefit over a laptop is its portability, multipurposeness (tablet + workstation), and durability/waterproof (think drinks flying around the DJ booth).

          • I had a Surface Pro in my hand yesterday (yes, it’s not released yet, don’t ask how). Don’t look the numbers, it’s portability benefit is not that higher over decent laptops.

        • Actually, the people at Native Instruments say that Traktor is full touch compliant. I’m looking into the Acer ICONIA as it’s already out, has two monitors and they’re both touch screen (like the Nintendo DS).

          • I guess it’s compatible with some touch API, but Traktor’s user interface is definitely not designed for touch. Too small controls for example.

          • I totally agree that the screen is too complicated for touch-only controls, it’s a pity that Native Instruments doesn’t allow their applications to break out portions of their software onto multiple screens. My “touch experience” with Traktor has lack-luster at best. My experience with touch screens made my decision pretty clear… I’m using a physical controller now,

  • Stéphan Vuylsteke

    What I can’t really figure out from this review is whether I’d be able to connect my Audio 2/4/6/8/10 to the iPad, route 2 channels externally to a club mixer, and use an X1 in MIDI mode to control the app.

    Something like this would be an ideal setup for me: portable, cheap, versatile and beer-proof.

    • I have no info about USB Class Compliance regarding those products. If they are, then it’s absolutely possible.

      • Stéphan Vuylsteke

        Can anyone confirm whether the NI Audio line is USB Class Compliant (+ source)? And what about the X1/F1 in MIDI mode?

        This might just make me buy a second hand iPad 2 just for DJ’ing.

        • According NI’s website they all need drivers for Mac OSX, so i guess they are not USB Class Compliant. But as new Audio products are having XMOS chips inside, they might be compatible still. The only good way is to test personally in a store.

  • Great review. Will need to try it. I wonder how Cross DJ for iPad compares: http://www.mixvibes.com/content/products/crossdj-ipad-pictures

  • St3pupdj

    So could i plug my s4 in and use the audio and midi to control this app?

    • I’m afraid it’s not USB Class Compliant, doesn’t work with an iPad.

  • I love the idea of this for off the cuff DJing, parties and such. A bit like the pacemaker.

  • Orge

    Can you easily export prepared track information (grids, cues, loops etc) to Traktor with this?

    • No, it’s not possible to write information into audio files stored in the Music Library, and especially back to tracks managed by iTunes on your computer.

  • Those of you who’ve been at DJTT for some time, know I’ve been hunting for the perfect iOS DJ app: http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/12/20/djing-on-the-iphone-the-good-the-pretty-and-the-pointless/

    I’ve been actively using DJ Player now for about a year and it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Yes, it takes some getting used to not having the physical feel of buttons but lately with their MIDI controller integration, that’s one less thing to worry about.

    I always have the iPad in my bag as a backup and I can’t tell you how many times it saved my night. Besides amazing battery life and incredible stability, the gyroscope driven effects gives it an added great performance aspect very much like the Midi Fighter 3D. The crowd LOVE it!

    Great review, absolutely on point with my experience with it.