• Infinite Sinewave

    I love my Quneos

  • bill

    The surface texture is what it feels like? In a hot and humid environment, I want to know if those sliders will be slippery or sticky feeling. http://www.obdiag4u.com/

  • Hans

    As far as i know micro usb is the most durable of the usb connector types. What’s to complain?

  • aw same thing. i think i will collect one. 🙂

  • Chrill

    Really needs a new traktor mapping the stock one is crap and it would be better as a secondary fx controller with an instant gratification mapping

    • Chrill

      I’ve tried but its near impossible to get the LEDs to work

  • Just got mine for Christmas and haven’t gotten into mapping yet but am loving it already! Extremely flexible and adaptle especially since I can use it as Controller for Traktor and for DAW’s as I produce more thn DJ these days.
    Love it..Thx Ean

  • wocasfasf

    I have had my quneo for about a month and I absolutely love it. I use it on traktor unfortunately I was missing some control that I could only achieve by pairing it with an x1.

    • Chill

      Me as well but since the x1 has play cue loop sync control I am stuck with two of the same controls

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  • peboer

    Props on the first sentence, Markkus : “No one can accuse Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) of eschewing modernity.” Not your everyday gear review!!

  • Dude, I totally want your job… 🙂

  • this thing is very cool and i would like to get one…. BUT, i want the samples more

  • Ryan Supak

    To me, the thing that counts is playability. Shame to hear it doesn’t come through where it counts. Thanks for the review. rs

    • Ryan Supak

      To whoever marked this comment down: do you disagree? Is the review mistaken? I personally would like to know if your experience differs from the review.

  • douchebag43

    Very cool. The drum aspect adds value to a very versatile piece… if it could do backflips while giving me a reach around I’m sold.

  • Brian

    What does the surface texture feel like? In a hot and humid environment, I’m wondering if those sliders will get slippery or gummy feeling. You mentioned that it’s not as responsive as a MidiFighter, but what about compared to something like a Launchpad or Akai APC40?

    • zippy

      It’s just like your phone: You have to scrape the finger crud off of it once in a while. Truthfully the sliders do tend to build up gummy crud quickly, which can be annoying if you’re somewhere humid. Also, because it’s a touch surface, expect some value jumping when you set your fingers down on the sliders.

      • Stewe

        So we need to map one “towel” shift? What I mean is: when this button is pressed – it currently and automatically disable all slider’s functions so those can be cleaned with out any messing to live set.

  • mark

    One cool thing I saw from digitaldjtips review is the LED feedback: When a track was playing, the LEDs would pulse with the beat on each track pad, so you could see if your tracks were beatmatched just by looking at the LED’s on track A and B.

  • cheezy….the lights look horrible. the machine itself looks horrible…when its running it looks like a Hawaiian xmas tree.

  • Richard III

    Is the beer test soundtrack brastislaboys – Stach stach??? You guys are crazy dudes…

  • Stewe

    Anyone can handle one bier i guess… Just kidding, that little sucker is awesome!! Nice throw btw 😀

  • I haven’t been this turned on by such a hot little flat thing since the glory days of Vanessa Paradis.