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Spanish Promotion Agency WIP Bans Traktor From Events

WIP, a Barcelona-based agency and label that throws parties, books events and manages artists, has issued a strong statement on Facebook that they’re no longer going to allow Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software to be used at events that they throw in the future.

In their statement (Editor’s Update 4:40Pm PST: looks like their Facebook note was taken down or deleted!) the group bemoans not the technology itself, but the type of DJs and performers use the software as some type of a crutch:

“The real issue is with “artists” who swear they can play any format be it CD, vinyl, usb and or Traktor but whose Traktor sets are nothing but stale, bland and outright insulting to a paying crowd and promoter.

We’ve  also grown tired of the endless issues with missing cables, problems with timecode (learn how to use your gear before you play out), taking up the previous Dj’s time to set up your gear (cause you didn’t want to come to the club early and set up your Traktor), how is it you play 5 times a week and still don’t know how to set it up right?

And, more importantly we’re fed up with the general laziness shown by 99% of “artists” that we’ve seen and heard playing Traktor.”

While we’re absolutely not going to pretend like we haven’t seen performers with a lazy style in the club, it’s odd to see this agency point the finger at Traktor. What about performers who cycle through the same CDs every single gig, whose set lists look identical every night? You don’t need to use Traktor to be a bad DJ – Ableton, Scratch Live, ITCH, CD, and even vinyl DJs all are capable of sitting back and not putting on incredible sets if they’re not into it.

Banning Traktor seems a bit excessive – why not instead make sure that the artist puts on great shows? A little bit of research can go a long way, and that’s something that a connected agency and clever event promoter should have a responsibility to do.

{via MixMag and WIP’s Facebook}

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  • suck it

    this guys… Wip, (Alex & Dia) are fucking pricks & morons, they own money to half of the city, pay the Artists before making judgements !!! nobody trust this guys anymore in the city, so I think their opinion about anything just dosen’t count. like we say in Spanish, “breeding crows and they will peck your eyes”, this guys are the most unprofessional promoters I’ve ever worked with, and again PAY YOUR ARTISTS !!

  • Brian

    I use CDs with or without Traktor and I have to admit I completely agree with this promoter for 99% of Traktor-only DJs.

  • sam

    I agree with this agency

  • DJGregTheColombian

    this is plain out bulls—t!
    The problem is not the program. IT S THE DAMN DJ who does not know what the F— he is doing.
    the other problem is hiring a ton of DJs at cheap prices.
    What the f—– do you expect? A TIESTO show?
    Of course they will F— up your gig regardless of what software they use. You can give then a damn RANE 15,000 with al the damn buttons in the damn world, and and Pioneer 1,000000000000 and they will still f—- s—t up!
    Please, what they are doing is avoiding the real DJs because they command more money and replacing them with kids who don’t know s—t but will play 10,000 hours for $100 bukcs.
    Get the F— out o here with that sh—t!

  • Blackbeard

    Before i begin this rant, i would like to say this.

    Been a dj of 21 years, have spun on several venues, parties and clubs so iam not a beginner.

    I have used most of the equipment known to man, from the first pioneer cd players, CDJ 300, 500 to todays CDJ 2000 Nexus

    Ive used Denons Dn 2000, the one without jogwheels, *lol*, technics cd 1200

    , technics 1200, no not as a dj but just for fun to get a understanding what beatmatching on vinyl were about.

    At home i have different setups, latest from Pioneer, Denon and Native instruments

    so im familiar with most of the systems up to date.

    Nuff said about that.

    The majority of people who use digital controllers suck, as they dont have the experience as a real dj, its the same with most house djs, how hard is it to stand 2 hrs and play music in the same 128 beat through and through, or even the s.c showcases where someone is all over the place and buttonmash everything i about 2-5 min, thats not dj’n or clubdjs mixing in and out of the safezone of 50sec to 1min intro and outro, no creactivity or mixstyle, as many want their set to be “uncolored” no effects, no scratch whatsoever.

    Its what i call “Blandmixing”

    And sure there are guy like Ean Golden that blows everything out of the water, but they are FEW, but i would not call him a dj, more of a purist controllorist, just like with a turntablist, he or she is not a dj, but purist when it comes to scratching and vinyltrix

    Regarding to the “Discjockey” title, well as soon as people stops using cd or vinyl the DJ are officially DEAD, and reborn in the Digital jockey or Media Jockey, but you’ll never be a deejay anymore! simple as that.

    Digital jockeying has killed the business as we know it, its been more easier than ever to perform, you dont need any direct education, and many venueowners or audience dont really care. what you do as long as you play the right music.

    I know for a fact because i use both systems, both cdjs and controllers.

    and i noticed a change when traktor was introduced, both among djs and venueowners, the quality degraded when i comes to performance, technical gear, they didi not bought CDJs or real mixers anymore, just left a space with two cables, the pay for a dj was cut down.

    I use CDJs where i have the space, and controllers if i play out of a shoebox as there are clubs that are cramped as h3ll.

    Most of the digital comressed music sounds really bad also, you definately hear the difference if you play the tracks on expesive sytems aimed for quality and not volume.

    DVS is perfect for a radioshow or home entertainment, But in a big club, even if i drive traktor myself i dont think it has a place in a djs arsenal.

    Personally i would ban every fkn syncbutton ever created, as it kills true creactivity and fuel lazyness and bordom.

    If this is a technical evolution, i can say im not really happy about it

    Not as long as the quality of the overall performance and music diminishes

    This is a personal preference, and im sure im not the only one having similar thoughts. And no im not a techhater, rather from it i love tech and gear, but on my own terms.



  • Anonymous

    So, what about those BMP displays on CDJs? Coming from vinyl I couldn’t believe how easy it was. With a laptop and controller it’s even easier still; and that’s great IMO.

    • Blackbeard

      i started out with Denon 2000, just play, cue, pitch a crate of “original” records a numark “vanilla” mixer, headphones and ideas, it worked like a charm, took some time, but with effort and patience i reached my goal.

      Im not certain the situation had been the same if i could skip ahead, with all this tech we have today, i can get / find music anywhere, its just up to me if i want to buy it, i would have saved $10 000’s if i just downloaded it all, the gear is much much more cheap then before, quality has been degraded as the lifespan is less.

      All in all its really easy to become a digital jockey today then it was to become a discjockey before.

      No craftsmanship, No real skill or creactivity involved.

      Im certain that guys like kid luke or dj baby chino would not even had seen the light of day as Digital jockeys!, if they had to went the mile because it was not just to press play and say that the level is about a 6 and do some babyscratches.

  • Stefan

    traktor and serato and other software programs have made it easier for the hobbyist to become a gigging DJ… I think to be a real DJ you should have to Master all of the Old forms/ mediums before going on to new ones..

  • Allen Sanchez

    How about they get rid of ugly DJ’s too … too short, too fat, too dark skinned, better yet, lets eliminate them on the basis of penis size or education level, or if you can’t scratch on 1200s you’re out and if you haven’t paid dues to the old school vinyl dumb ass douche bag society then you can’t call yourself a DJ

    • Blackbeard

      im certain that guys with really big cocks dont have the interest, comptence or patience to learn the craft.

      So cockjocks is out of the question, the same the brainjocks, maybe they have the intelligence, but lacks patience, fortitude or stamina.

      I have no problem with people wnting to be deejays, but dont drag the crafts reputation in the mud as many does now!

  • Jenn

    This debate could go on forever, I’d just like to point out the number of people calling themselves “dj’s” now is astronomical compared to even seven or eight years ago even, when double dropping for example was a normal thing(manually). I can literally count on one hand the amount of times in the past few years I’ve been entranced by two songs mixed together perfectly for a duration that shows the skill set of a dj. The proper Dj possesses many qualities to do the job, not just the technical, which is what we are primarily debating here. Too many Dj’s now are so focused on their ego and what being a Dj can do for them, It should be the other way around, knowing your equipment 100% and going to extremes to enhance your skills to benefit the lives of others. If you don’t have the time and energy to rifle through a zillion tracks to play for people and you choose ones that come easily to you, and probably your audience, you don’t deserve to play for anybody. Some people just don’t have the ear for it. I’m not saying that there aren’t great dj’s out there that use software to play, but if everybody can do it, what makes it special?

    • Blackbeard

      Spot on, its so much attraction on beeing somone, that the light of the performance disappear, To many djs or at least people wanting to be the next avicci or calvin harris . . .

      The aim of any dj would be to enhance the experience of the music you play, dont matter if it is someone elses or you own produced music.

      The army of wannabees gonna kill the scene, not the industry, cause they massproduce controllers instead of real dj gear as we know it

  • Combine harvester

    Blame the workman not the fucking tools.

    • Blackbeard

      Sure put the blame on someone, but if you have persons in your employment, and you tell them to change, cause the style they use is undermining your business and youre not happy about it, yepp you fire them, but what if most of the emplyees are the same.

      You do need to make an example and a statement.

      So If you are DJ, (Discjockey) (Digital Deejay) you probably love music right?
      well the least you would think is that you try to get familiar with the deejayprofession and what its all about, not just press play or overuse the effects
      or just vanish behind you screen!

  • #everyoneisadj

    Respect to those that have some skill. Sync button pushers will NEVER get my respect, I dont care how good your set list is..

    • You’re just a dick then.

      The art of beatmatching.. To mix 2 fucking shit tracks together flawlessly.

      The art of Djing goes beyond synchronization. It’s musical knowledge, track selection, programing and crowd awareness. The crowd really doesn’t give a flying fuck whether the DJ is using sync but they do react to a good track and shit one…

      it’s all about the music….
      It’S always been about the music.
      What to play and when to play it.

  • notificaion

    Software is all about how you use it. I’ve seen people put on killer sets in traktor that there’s no way I could ever do with my cds because i’m simply not fast enough. However, I think traktor has eliminated dj’s ambition to have a good “flow” to their sets. The goal seems now to be to pack as many songs as possible into one set. Usually I’d rather see a dj play 15 songs in an hour on cd’s or vinyl than 40 songs in an hour using traktor.

  • johnny

    A DJ does nothing !
    It is just a figure on stage or the club that is there to symbolize the real art form that is MUSIC PRODUCTION/ARRANGEMENT.

    It doesn’t matter what he uses to “play” his set, he/she are in fact not “playing” anything at all.

    You are all gay !

  • Lucy Rodrigo

    LOL Imagine They Don’t Let Richie Hawtin Or Porter Robinson and ETC. Play Just because they use Traktor LMAO, this Clearly was a mistake cause there’s so many’s Pro Dj’s that use traktor lol that’s like saying you can’t use hi hat’s in ur live set haha !

  • Ross Reynolds

    Good thing I use Virtual DJ MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • The problem with the agency is bad management. When you book an artist you must see him live or at least try him out beforehand…anybody can “say” they can mix. I admit I started with Virtual DJ… as an amateur, but i learned how to beatmatch on both vinyl and cdj and am using traktor because of 2 things:
    1. You don’t have to carry 1 heavy bag of CDs (that can get scratched, can get lost etc). or vinyl.
    2. Creativity: everything is a lot more easier, cuepoints are faster to set, you can do a lot more to make people have a good time, you have a whole bunch of effects you can combine etc without routing 1000000 delay units and reverb units and foot pedals etc (though they help too if you add some to your sets… like loco dice for example).

    I play tech-house, but learned to mix any other style (including sh*tty commercial music) and Traktor helps me organise my sets a lot better. Why shouldn’t I use it?

    Again the “bug” is in hiring DJs that use sync all of the time and then they say they manually beatmatch (big No-no!)… but wait, richie hawtin uses sync (and I remembered he admitted that), but he does that so he can be creative while playing. Because nowadays nobody wants (in house music) DJs that just go from one track to the other (stale).

    A DJ is an entertainer, and as long as he gets the crowd going and makes them chear and the music flows, who the f**k cares what medium he’s using.

  • papi-chollo

    It’s not the arrow, its the indian who shoots it…

    I’m not a DJ… but I am a musician with 20 years of classical guitar training, playing in bands of numerous genres, and a “bedroom dj” for lack of a better phrase. Any tool that can be mastered and used to create music is beneficial to the progression of MUSIC ITSELF. Don’t hate on traktor because you think the software allows people to cheat and be posers because they don’t use vinyl. Thanks to traktor my song writing and music comprehension has improved tremendously, and the endless opportunity for self expression has allowed me to do things with my guitar, effects pedals, and options with traktor that I only dreamed of doing before.

    Lastly, there is NOTHING that sounds shittier then an over-confident dj scratching over a mix in some dated, shitty, “look at ME I think I understand music” sort of way

  • Knbl (:

    Ok, open traktor, go to preferences, quit the bpm from screen, maximise the browser, remove phase meter, dont use sync.

    Practice a while, bet a sandwitch to real djs who can mix better with tape on the cdjs screen.

    Enjoy your free lunch.

    I learned ona shitt numark controller with a super small pitch fader, the day i first used cdjs i feeled in heaven. The only downside is you need to almost memorize the song strcture.

  • So you Blame Traktor ? I believe this conversation started by Traktor, Just to hear the words from the DJ’s. How Taktor meant to them. “A Promotion indeed” ?

    As so many DJ’s mentioned below, the essence is that “Traktor is just a tool used by a DJ” and it depends on the person who works in it. There are many DJs who creates a Thunder Clap in the dance floor using Traktor and at the same time There are so many people who use it as S**T. Thats why the conversation started.

    So I agree with the DJ’s who said that “The greatness or the problem, both depends on the DJ and not the tool”.

    A good DJ can Blow the crowd in any tool. Thats the Magic of a real DJ. So stop talking about which tool is best !!!!! Its a personal preference for a DJ.

  • I use half vinyl and half traktor scratch software on Technics … What does that make me? It’s not about the equipment that makes a DJ but i hate the people who don’t use a pitch slider to change tempo… Just takes the fun and skill out of it.

  • Topcat

    I have to say this. i have read all the posts. and my personal view is that i believe traktor is a creative bit of kit. i have an s4 and its awesome. but i also have techies and cdjs and i love most of all building a mix with records. Say what you will about beatmatching. it is a skill. but can be mastered. Kinda fast if ur praticing alot. i think useing records makes u conserntrate on your techniqe and the music u play too. alot if kids i work with use traktor/serato but dont practise anuff. its the genaration “instant” after all. dont get me wrong thought new technology is great when ppl use it right. problam is alot dont. the industry moves so fast now ppl dint get long to learn be4 it changes again. keeping ppl distracted from the art of it and more on the gear. plus this “creativity”buzz word is only a sum of what new buttons or effects were given. which means the companyies only have to invent a new one to add a grand to the price. we all dj rats following the pio-piper. its time we all stopped telling n dissing each other and get on. djing is awesome. beatmatching is just one link in the chain but itsthe basis of djing. so i agree if u cant ur abit of a pussy. but u can so .. its all good ppl… dvs or controllerists , vynalists .. were all the same. its the tunes and how much u connect with your crowd and your music that matters

  • Kapsloc

    What a bunch of door knob licking twats! Honestly, a little bit of research into your DJ’s will help!

  • Nathan92

    It’s not that I like Traktor. It’s that I hate Serato..

  • Lion

    You know what. I started DJing 15 years ago. When i started, there was no computer. There was what you had which was your ears. DJing has come along way since then. I have done everything. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I still DJ in Magalluf everyday every year. DJing has evolved to computers like it or not. It’s so much easier to bring just a harddrive and a mix deck, and I tell you what. What hasn’t changed is you still have to please the crowd. That is the be all and end all. Everyone thinks they can DJ but have a room of 50 people or 2000 people jumping is the same. The crowd knows what it wants. Its not bedroom DJing. Its about the moment, the feeling, the heart. We all know Vinyl sounds best but who cares. Evolution changes things. Even beatmatching really dont matter if the crowd goes mental

  • louis Laporte

    To the Promoters! “You Get What You Pay For!”

  • Dvj Deepak

    Im DJ Deepak from India and its been almost an year since i’ve started using Traktor just to deliver quality in my work but not for shortcuts in work but i do use the technology in situations like when vocals are about to clash (back or front beat skip in Traktor),cue point search and so on but never misused the technology. It can only be done by unprofessionals,wannabe and bedroom dj (who depend on MIDI controllers for learning basic DJ’ing but had never ever touched a DJ CD player in their entire life!!

  • Sounds like what they need is a new booking agent, not a ban on a specific software…

  • pepe

    Why do you call them “performers”? They are just behind a desk selecting and playing songs, that’s not a performance neither a show, Even if I’m a DJ myself, I’m tired of that shit, Leonard Cohen is an artist, a DJ is just a DJ, HE ONLY PLAYS SONGS, do you get it?

    • desi

      if you are talking about traktor and the like djs then yes, but otherwise wrong on so many levels. you just dont get it

  • w00t!

    Exactly. Talk about laziness.. Do your research before you hire some random guy for your party!

    • w00t!

      probably a stupid marketing move, as someone pointed out..

  • DamnDj Matt

    I use Ableton to warp my tracks and play a mashed up keymatched ecletic set (think hendrix riffs dropped over hip hop) with Tracktor and s4 controller using sync.People dance and have a good time. I get paid. Bedroom Dj’s who hate on anything except vinyl need to get off their asses and do a Saturday night somewhere rather than just sitting at home practising the same 4 bar mix over and over…..

  • Simon Bass

    Happy to be a DJ, not an Artist…

  • It’s like thinking that every immigrant is a criminal.

  • Ban DJ´s who play lossy compressed 320 Kbps MP3´s…… FLAC,WAV, CD-DA or analouge vinyl is what it take to make a large venue soundsystem show it´s full potential


    regardless of anyones opinion on this matter, computers and software like Traktor are the future and nothing is going to stop that. People always argue about the crap when new technology comes out. Calligraphers were upset when the printing press came out, drummers were pissed when the 808 came out etc…

    • abcdefuck

      uhuh and now Calligraphers and 808’s are highly sought after and all of these new analog synths are now being released why exactly?

  • tr4gik

    Lol this is weird I just saw the same stupid prejudice comment on a local bar

    Basically saying they are taking demos … but not in Traktor because they dont want a “SYNC” set and Djs who cheat. The moroness is contagious.

  • Darilov

    What does the dj software have to do with deejays that just suck big time and don’t know what fhe f**ck their doing??? I’ve been a traktor user for more than two years now and never had any issues connecting equipment or with the sound. The spot for which I’m resident dj at every Friday is always packed in part thanks to traktor allowing me to make more creative mixes. When you suck you suck no matter what you use!! The Spanish agency got some balls to ban Traktor. F**ing Morons!!!

  • anyone else listen to Tiger Tiger Woods Yall today about other golfers hugging the putter? Its frowned apon in golf now because they realise they are kind of cheating and in some way gaining an advantage… I feel thats whats happing with DJs and modern day CTRLists, DJs will always be the Tiger Woods of House & Techno…

    When ever I want to watch a Youtube video review of a new bit of DJ Gear all these reviews seem to churn out the same electropopremix crap and when I think of DJS using sync within there sets the type of person I think of is an 16-20 year old white American or Aisan dude making heart shaped hand gestures covering a sound thats bad enough, but made worse with 24/7 FXs laid over nearly 6mins of each track… and then all the other sync using DJs that try to distance themselfs from that sound who like to think they are a little more underground but in my view there mixes just sound souless. You that’s the bit a good beatmatching vinyl, CDJ or FlashDrive dj can do, inject soul into there control, and create more of a groove by mixing of the seat of there pants…

    My only issue here is the youth of today not liking what I was brought up on over the last 13 years, maybe the mayan calendar was right and the end is the 21/12/12, but not the apocalypse we all fear but more a DJ apocalypse and all the good DJS just disapear on this date and are replaced by the Youtube Youth, just like Man replaced the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs will be replaced by you & your S4…

    You are free to play how you like and by what ever source you wish, just stay away from the shite tunes and dont youtube yourself unless your exceptional…

    My real issue I suppose is with Youtube…

    • Rosebush

      Your issue is with the new youth not having the same taste as you? Why should they? They like what they like.

  • Geno

    my god. use what you bloody like. it’s only other DJ’s that really care or act like little bitches about all this. I personally don’t like Traktor. So? Slag me off for using Serato Scratch Live which HAS NO SYNC FUNCTION? Slag me off for using vinyl as well. This is worse than the CD revolution. I love vinyl, so I use Scratch Live. Could use Traktor Scratch Pro if I wanted. A vinyl user can embrace technology too you know. All this bitching about format is nothing but ignorance. If you can’t beat match anyway then you will probably bugger it up with a sync button too. Incredible.

  • 0601

    …it says more about them…how difficult can it be to hire/find a good dj : )

  • Guest

    This is by far the most annoying comments tread I have ever read through.
    If beatmatching is such a sacred art, then how is it possible to perfect it with simple software coding? There is no software that can read the crowd, pick tracks, transition those tracks and rinse/repeat.
    PS – To the vinyl purist: No one wants to show up and listen to you do a 2-3 hour DMC style routine. Have you even been to a club in the past decade?

    • cornholio

      I will show up and pay to watch a real dj create a one off mix from nothing but a box of vinyls anyday over some poser using some cheap ass shitty software to do it for them.

  • mcboy

    all you guys talk about not being a real dj because you use updated software…not valid. Like one of the DJTT articles stated earlier in the month “?”As the debate rages over the growing sophistication of DJ and production equipment and how easy it’s getting to do things that used to take manual skill, those close to the craft take full advantage of the advanced, up-to-date gear”

    • 11king

      by definition this is LAZYNESS.

  • Wow. This is like banning cars because of shitty drivers.

  • Anonymous

    a bit exesive but its one of those one guy ruins it for everybody things

  • zion

    That is stupid look at some of this high end paying djs that carry cd’s they pop a cd in push play and then they go fuck around with the crowd and next thinh u know 15min go by and he set is still going on I dont hear any one banning thous fucks

  • Last sentence of the article says it all.

  • crazy

  • slamma

    Usually traktor users are “press play djs” and they arent even talented. I said usually, and there are some who are talented nd kno what theyre doing. But for the most part they arent entertaining or professional

    • slamma

      Traktor users plz Invest some money in your set before you think your some kind of real Dj doing this for a living.

  • funny

    a perfect example is porter robinson on beatport when traktor/controller/laptop failed live on the air and in front of a packed studio audience. with no backup plan he had no clue what to do next. this shit happens all the time.

  • Musicman

    Ean Golden Uses Traktor.
    If its good enough for short hair jesus is good enough for me. : )

  • well i use tracktor(s2)but don’t use the sync button,simple as that…

  • pioneer cdj’s have quantize, sync, and you can hook a laptop up to them via rekord box.

    Traktor has quantize, sync, and you hook it up a computer to use it.

    What’s the big problem?

    Serato is not DJing with vinyl. But let’s all be honest… who REALLY wants to lug around crates of records and pay for needles all the time.

    Unless you hunt a deer, prepare and cook it… you are cheating!


      right, as if carrying around and setting up a laptop and controller is any easier or cheaper? not even close.

  • ricecake

    If I were a shitty DJ, and I am, I would just claim that I know how to use serato, or if the club had adequate gear claim I’m awesome on CDJs

    • fotryx2

      Congratulations! You’re now a professional DJ circa 2012!

  • WIP, a Barcelona-based agency and label that throws parties, books events and manages artists, has issued a strong statement on Facebook —- THESE GUYS ARE MORONS! JUST STOP BOOKING CRAPPY DJS AND YOU ARE GOOD! DON’T BLAME SOFTWARE FOR YOUR POOR TASTE IN BOOKINGS! IT IS CLEAR THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT TO BLAME SOMEONE FOR YOUR POOR TASTE! SO GET OVER IT!


  • WIP, a Barcelona-based agency and label that throws parties, books events and manages artists, has issued a strong statement on Facebook —- THESE GUYS ARE MORONS! JUST BOOKING SHITTY DJS AND YOU ARE GOOD! DON’T BLAME SOFTWARE FOR YOUR POOR TASTE IN BOOKINGS! IT IS CLEAR THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT TO BLAME SOMEONE FOR YOUR POOR TASTE! SO GET OVER IT!


  • Traktor Scratch Pro doesn’t kill parties, Stupid Motherfuckers Using Traktor Scratch Pro Kills Parties.

    • Doe Roody

      and there are a shitloads of stupid motherfuckers out there funk fakin that shit killin parties.

  • Junior Santiago

    Men you miss understand and they write it clear on the statement. They don`t pint the finger on traktor. They point the Finger of lazy Producers that are making Millions with DJ Gigs actually playing pre recorded sets.

    • Junior Santiago

      quote: Nothing against Native Instruments and their software, which is great, innovative, and an amazing tool, as are pretty much all of NI products (love Komplete, and Maschine). Yes, Traktor does crash every now and then but it has to do more with “artists” shitty setups, and beaten down laptops (CDJs and vinyl needles also can and do fail occasionally) they don`t point no finger on traktor at all

  • bizzwax

    I’ve only heard of one or two ppl who’ve played there. They’re not very big. Hopefully its not Pacha who’s gonna join the bandwagon… then u really close a lot of doors. The idea of art is opening doors for creative people… they’re going the wrong way..

  • Chaser720

    Technology is evolving and DJing with it. Sure there is an argument for DJing to be an art form and beatmatching being an acquired skill but it really only goes so far. CDJs display BPMs which you can match them then press the play button with the beat… beatmatched. There’s a lot more to mixing then just beatmatching.

    It’s all about what comes out of the speakers.

    • john77

      definitely more to it than just beatmatching and yes, what comes out of the speakers matters, I agree.

      but if you have ever dj’ed with cdj’s you would know, they may show bpm’s but they are not 100% accurate and you will always have drift when beatmatching two or more songs. now try using effects, samples, loops and more decks. especially if they are different genre/styles and originally different bpm’s. cdj’s do require skill, moreso than software-laptop combo which ones tracks are warped will always be in time, no skill at all required.

  • Mantis

    Here’s how I see it. Using a controller with “sync” and all the newest technology should allow you to do things you couldn’t do with just vinyl. Often (certainly not always) a vinyl DJ will simply smoothly mix songs from record to record by ear, which is impressive and can be great/awful depending on song choice, interaction with the crowd, etc. So, if the same DJ switches to a controller and does the same thing with a sync button (without taking advantage of the extra features going digital allows), he would probably be bored senseless. I believe there are things you can’t do without a sync button. If you are cue point juggling, remixing on the fly, dropping new beats/samples in and out of the mix, and applying some sweet effects, all at the same time, that can potentially create exciting and unique sounds and moments not possible without sync. Is one better or worse? Of course not. What do you enjoy doing? Do you like to “play” your controller like a musical instrument and assemble mixes on the fly, even if it means you have to depend on the sync button occasionally? Have at it. Do you prefer the feel of real vinyl, and get excited about organically blending sounds together by ear without help from technology? Good for you. Either way, just enjoy what you do, and the audience will decide it you’re worth listening to. It seems ridiculous to force one definition of “DJ” onto such a diverse world of talent. We are all just creating sounds that hopefully move others in some way.

    • brian b

      What you say is correct but I think the point is that with vinyl or even cdj you cant be lazy when mixing. With software you can and many are simply because they dont know anything about djing and are lazy

  • Shitty Spanish club that no one is going to is shitty. Also, hospitals are now banning antibiotics and pain pills because those make medical staffs lazy and bad care-givers.

  • Sambo

    I learnt to beat match by never trying to learn, I just picked it up using other DJs’ Serato/VDJ timecode set ups. I can now, given a collection of vinyl, create a fantastic and eclectic mashup that will rock the room (providing the vinyl collection is adaptable) in a matter of seconds, I do it at the club I work in two nights a week without fail. After I realised I could do it, I figured out why my body had learnt to do it, and it was because I was trying to emulate all the amazing things I could do in Traktor on the (IMO) less capable Serato Scratch and VDJ. Occasionally I use my own Traktor set up, no time codes, and rock the club just as hard. And why do you think that is?

    It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the hits by using your foreskin as a kazoo, or using Peruvian panpipes to make dubstep, or using 7 billion turntables on fire and a mixer with 500 effects, the crowd do not care. All they want is good music and good vibes. Banning Traktor is the same as saying “We’re too lazy to vet our DJs, so we’ll just carpet bomb a harshly generalised section”.

    • ziiiiiiiiiiing

      so you are saying that it is the same thing if one dj uses 6 turntables, 2 mixers, hardware effects, hardware synths to make a mix and another person uses a prerecorded dj set that just clicks play, so long as the crowd likes the music? honey, you are missing the whole concept of club music.

  • Ludovic

    lol at wip. I can smell the “VINYL4EVER” puritans taking advantage of this.

  • Big Nose

    I think this Spanish promotion agency needs to better research WHAT the DJs they promote do rather than what they use to do it on.
    I have been a professional DJ since 1981 and sure a lot have things have changed in that time, but the essence of DJing remains the same – We’re paid to entertain people that have paid for, in part, that service on their night out.
    It is therefore irrevant to their business what a DJ uses to get the result – The result, for the promotion Co. is that the DJ is making them money by being asked to return to venues or requested at other venues.
    I guess they must have noticed a trend with their Traktor DJs, but it surely highlights a weakness in their business that they are concentrating on what the DJ uses (in terms of DJ software) to do their job rather than how successful they are at their job ie. making sure as many paying customers are having a great night.
    I believe this is just as achieveable with Traktor as with any other way of playing tracks – if done properly.

  • howdy y’all

    There is no comparison between a DJ who puts their head down and bust ass manipulating 4 vinyl decks, efx, mixers, live synths etc. over 3 or 4 hours to create a unique one time only live experience -vs- somebody who stands behind a laptop hands in the air, heart signs, jumping on tables and running into the crowd yelling slogans on the mic for 30 songs in 45 minutes, same thing over and over every night. Absolutely no comparison what so ever. It takes a lot of time, a lot of money, sacrifice, real passion and dedication, skill and investment in yourself and your craft to get to that level of talent. Its really no different to any other job or career. Not everyone can do it. This is ‘what separates the men from the boys so to speak.

    If you disagree, either you have never experienced a real DJ event, in which case you really need to! or you dont know squat about DJ’ing in general, in which case your opinion does not matter. I pay to see and hear >experience DJ’s create, not re-create.

  • BLEH

    My father is a stonger dj thand your’s . . .He can lift Vinyl crates 😛

    • BLAH

      i think the real question here is can he please lift his nutsack off my sheeps ass?

  • advanced technology is a lie

    because of software like this you have pre-teens producing and “dj’ing” now. I’m sick of hearing this argument “technology is the way foirward, it has evened the playing field and made real producers step up their game blah blah blah”.. RUBISH I say! how has this advanced technology helped the music industry? the only people making any money from it are the companies making the products.. they’re making a lot more money now. certainly not helping dj’s, now that anybody can dj the only way to make a living from it is to be famous. to become famous you need popular songs (or be on a reality tv show), to make popular songs you need to know how to produce.. well, now because of advanced technology and instructional videos everybody can re-produce a popular sound in minutes, because of this record labels are more interested in what you look like and do on stage than what you make/play. the market is floaded with people who know absolutely nothing about music and frankly dont really give a shit about it beyond being popular with their friends, partying and getting laid, the people who havent put in the time to learn theory or how to actually MAKE sound rather than sample it.. it all = 99.9% crap music and 99.99% crap dj’s, only the top 1% or less and the companies making all of this crap software are making any money. the people who invest their entire lives, entire savings, dedicated and passionate songwriters, producers and dj’s that actually live the life are being put out of business because of generation now that not only wants, but expects the world at their fingertips with the push of a button, scratch that, with a hand wave or voice comand.

    I ask, is it easier to make an ORIGINAL “hit” song today as opposed to 20 years ago? no, a melody is a melody is a melody and people have been making “hits” since the begining of time. the difference is that today people who cant write a melody, cant create new sounds, much less a song CAN be in the game simply because software will do it all for them. are live performances any better than they were 10, 20, 30 or 3000 years ago for that matter? no, if anything shows are much worse because now you dont have to do anything but push one button and your entire show will operate itself. are songs better today? no, if anything the quality is worse because most electronic music is sample, re-sample, re-sample, copy this, copy that etc. based. just look at the life of a song or original sound today.. it is literally becoming “15 minutes of fame”, where before a song could be popular for months if not years and years. are producers, dj’s, record labels etc. making more money? no, we’re making less and less each year that passes by. so how exactly has advanced technology helped the music industry? it hasnt, it has made it far worse. the ONLY people benefiting from all of this advanced technology are the fakers who want the money and fame without putting in the work and of course companies putting out the products and laughing their way to the bank, PERIOD.

  • Whitehouse

    I can kind of see their point if I’m being honest and a lot of
    people seem to have missed it here.

    As a DJ and promoter I have seen countless issues where the below
    statement is concerned.

    “We’ve also grown tired of the endless issues with missing
    cables, problems with timecode (learn how to use your gear before you play
    out), taking up the previous Dj’s time to set up your gear (cause you didn’t
    want to come to the club early and set up your Traktor), how is it you play 5
    times a week and still don’t know how to set it up right?”

    If I had a penny for every time we had a visiting international
    DJ’ play for us who was unable to conduct the basic set up process without
    interfering with the warm up DJ or wrecking the sound engineers head by
    claiming the mixer or deck isn’t working when in fact it’s their own soundcard,
    cabling or computer that is the actual problem… I’d be a bloody millionaire!

    I am a Traktor user myself but have yet to be fully convinced
    that I could deliver a better DJ set using it over vinyl or CD’s.

    Some of Traktors biggest advocates are probably the scenes most
    boring DJ’s with the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Luciano all being
    guilty of marathon wankathons behind their computer screens.

    To be fair though I think the agency should really just do their
    homework better when it comes to booking DJ’s in the future and they could
    avoid the problem altogether.

  • had to post again… this agency is done… explanation very short… their managers are not too smart in electronic music or any music thats up to date for that matter

  • @e0dbd69ff9d92b4b7c6cb5967eb0d882:disqus .. phyfes breakdown is so comical…. DISC JOCKEY??? R U SERIOUS… LOL?!?!? ummm is this post about traktor or back to the future?!?!?LOL.. seriously…. i bet most badmouthers here haven’t even used traktor… don’t get me wrong.. cdjs are bomb.. but traktor is just a different kind of djing… long story short… many things that can be done with traktor that cdjs can’t… can’t say anything for the other way around… done.

    • sassylilfatassbeeyotch

      such as.. say.. traktor will dj for you, cdj wont?

  • That’s a bit unfair. i only started DJing for a year and a half and i am still a really emature DJ.

    Like some here said, to buy some real turntables and record vynil discs are a bit expansive and you need alot of time to record them and take them from one Place to another, but of curse i would love to have one. Any way i use traktor and even with this prg. I can do some mistakes with the syinc on. Making me to pay more attention in what I’m doing. Not saying that you have to look at your PC all the time, but at least practice so it only happens at home or at the Studio. Looks more like propaganda.

  • Mike Hunt

    As a promoter and DJ for 12+ years, I’ve seen many DJ’s (famous or otherwise) shut down clubs because of laptop/controller failures and software crashes. It happens A LOT… The same cannot be said of vinyl or CDJ’s. If it does happen and equipment fails, its on the club, not the DJ.

    As for the comment “general laziness”, personally I dont book or go to see a DJ because of their cheerleading antics, I go for the music, no matter what they do behind the decks its all that really matters. In fact, the less stupid they act, the more interested I am. The people “pressing play” and then jumping around on the mic, crowd surfing etc. the entire set are the ones who need to be banned!!

  • Andre

    Honestly, what my clients look for is a good show, a good beat, reliable equipement and a friendly approach to their guests. They don’t care and don’t bother with what kind of gear i use except that they want my music and speakers to sound good and my setup to look professional. I Dj festivals and corporate events. I use traktor for audio sets and vdj for video projection sets. I use a Denon mc6000 wich lets me control one software of the other relying mainly on my hability to use my mixer and not the software. I use sync and quantize and love not to have to spend 90 seconds to align my beats like when i started in 1987 using 2 Teac tape decks with pitch control and my technics 1200 turntable. I love technology and i feel it’s letting me be more creative. I would refuse to work with a promoter who would want to micro manage my performance and tell me I cannot work with a laptop, my kontrol F1, my APC20, and go back to CD Players in my huge road case. I beleive like many that these guys are running a publicity stunt. We should not mention their name. We are giving them to much attention and importance for who they really are.

  • I think there will always be this kind of situations…i started Djing in the Digital Dj Era with Notebook + Software + Midi Controller, as other users had comment already, sometimes i think in buying some turntables and to go “Old School”, but, as they are expensive gear and in Brazil is rare to find vinyl with good tunes in my style, i simply adapted to the new gen of Djing. Sometimes i feel the “look” of other dj’s and promoters, but honnestly, the bigger picture is to offer the crowd a nice time, a dynamic set, and to be abble to create some kind of message and personal style to your sound. I´m not worried about this kind of announcements cause: if my sound is good no matter what i play with, the important is what comes out to the audience! The Digital Djing Era brings all kinds of new possibilities: much more creative set’s on the fly and the need to know all your tracks from the beggining to the end to make a difference. There are many bad Dj’s in the tradicional setup, and i prefer to have a great time listening to great pro’s using Software than “shitty” Dj’s in the “social accepted” setup. The future is now! The problem is the “low budget dj’s” need of the agencys to have more profit…well the result is this…good pro’s can drive an “old mini couper” and still do a great race, but don’t discard an “new mini couper” driver just because it has more tech. Old or new tech the important is a good show!

  • Hi! I´m a dj from Spain and I am surprised to see the amount of negative comments that many write here about the post. I think you should read the full story that the WIP agency put on Facebook

    “So we’ve decided that all WIP events will be Traktor free from now on.

    This decision is solely based on the hundreds of experiences (none positive) that we’ve had over the past 3 years with “artists” using Traktor, and on the equally large number of “suggestions” (aka complaints) from our public every time a Traktor “artist” fails to deliver.

    Nothing against Native Instruments and their software, which is great, innovative, and an amazing tool, as are pretty much all of NI products (love Komplete, and Maschine). Yes, Traktor does crash every now and then but it has to do more with “artists” shitty setups, and beaten down laptops (CDJs and vinyl needles also can and do fail occasionally)

    The real issue is with “artists” who swear they can play any format be it CD, vinyl, usb and or Traktor but whose Traktor sets are nothing but stale, bland and outright insulting to a paying crowd and promoter.

    We’ve also grown tired of the endless issues with missing cables, problems with timecode (learn how to use your gear before you play out), taking up the previous Dj’s time to set up your gear (cause you didn’t want to come to the club early and set up your Traktor), how is it you play 5 times a week and still don’t know how to set it up right?

    And, more importantly we’re fed up with the general laziness shown by 99% of “artists” that we’ve seen and heard playing Traktor.

    The problem is not only that you are lazy, but that you clearly show you have no idea whatsoever of how to build a set, read a crowd, work a track with your “special” efx controller, and that you play the same tracks that all of your buddies play (in the same order!) which makes you completely forgettable and interchangeable with any one of 10,000 Traktor Djs out there.

    Once again, Traktor is a great idea and a very fun and useful tool, but unfortunately buying it doesn’t magically turn you into a DJ, at least not a good one, and it doesn’t come with instant music culture and/or instructions on how to do all the things that make a Dj and a performer good.

    As open minded as we are with new technologies, it is clear that there is not and there will never be a replacement for taste, personality, experience and education; so , dear “artist” before you buy your copy of Traktor please make sure you acquire all of the above, then and only then will you deserve the attention and financial reward you so desperately crave, and will do this great software the justice it deserves.

    To all Traktor “artists” who have a list of tracks you play in the same order at every gig regardless of what’s going on on the dancefloor, who spend more time on Facebook on your iphones while your pre-arranged set plays on, who use the same effects on the same tracks that every other Traktor Dj is using the exact same way, you who use sync because you can’t beat-match and stare at your computer screen ignoring the people who’ve paid to see you, thank you, but no thank you.”

    I think that now everything will be better understood. i don´t know why the agency delete the post from facebook. But I get it thanks to Google and their cache 😉

    • campark43

      Seems like they r using the word traktor the way Kleenex is tissue paper, traktor is controllerism.

      Bottom line, ignorant people run that company, guaranteed to b using controllerists sooner or later.

    • In my opinion this agency simply failed in finding the right djs. I’ve seen the list of artists who played for them. None of them I’ve heard about, except Dubfire. As far as I know, Dubfire uses Traktor too. I really would like to see the footage of Dubfire failing to deliver decent set, because I believe this did not happen.

      And first of all, if there is a person responsible for finding and selecting djs for the gigs. It is his fault he continues to invite djs who are shit. It can happen from time to time, but when it is happening all the time I’d blame this promoter in first place!

  • what about richie hawtin using traktor all the time? f**k this prom agency

  • Decitronic

    Lazy performers? How about lazy promoters? If you don’t take 10 minutes to look for a sample set or do basic research into the act that you’re hiring then don’t complain about them being lazy.

  • noiteilustre

    Teach them how to mix, and how to work with the tools, it is not on being a dj, there is a know how, a taste, and experience…

  • DJ Jason Paul

    ahh they took it down, bunch of lazy ass promoters and booking agency not doing their homework on the talent they are hiring..

  • lolwut

    Only in DJ culture do people bitch and make a big deal about the medium used to play other peoples music.

  • Count Von Schweppe

    I wonder if this agency has close ties with Pioneer? First they build all the features software into their new CDJs and then start to slowly build a press campaign to discredit Traktor. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some kind of shadowy PR stunt.

  • calkutta

    wow,this is a first…especially since Ibiza is in Spain.The bottom line is research who you are booking.real research…too many new DJ’s will steal mixes and hand them to promoters saying ‘thats all me’ and then jus show up with just traktor and think thats all they need.Back when i was booking shows,we booked DJ’s we knew were amazing,or had opened for other amazing acts.One cd or mix is not enough anymore,we check references and back catalogs just like any other booking.banning traktor is truly retarded…is serato ok,or i-pod?-lol,
    come on…really?

  • Simple solution: bookers that do their damn homework. Who’s lazy now?

  • hakim

    yeah, I totally understand these promoters, but for me the question is, why do so many people want to bring their laptop to gigs…? I mean, I’ve been to so many parties that people are spilling drinks close to the dj booth. I think if you know how to rock a party you can use tracktor to do that, but I think you should either hook up your laptop and controller either before the club opens, or just do it when your set starts and not in the last 15 minutes of my set…

  • boulgourmort

    respect yourself by buying and playing vinyl… Traktor is no excuse to lazyness… Traktor is pure lazyness…

    • Anonymous

      Respect my balls as they massage your face.

    • Anonymous

      Remember what sucked? Carrying your vinyl to your friends house for a party. Oh, also, he doesn’t have turntables or a mixer either, so could you lug 100lbs of gear over? Thanks.

      Look, I love vinyl. It’s incredibly fun to play on, but I need some portability in my life. Plus, digital music is loads cheaper to importing records from the UK (as, apparently, all the record stores here closed).

  • A bad workman always blames his tools…Banning Traktor makes them look dim and if it was a publicity stunt, it has backfired. Maybe 10 years ago this kind of silly attitude would get some sympathy but now all it does is show thier ignorance.

  • Pillau

    All vinyl players are DJs, but not all DJs play vinyl. At the end of the day, it”s just music, if you can play then you can play. However, I do believe that learning to mix properly is a vital component in becoming a DJ. During the years it takes to perfect this, you are also learning about the various elements that make a good set. You are learning about structure, you are learning about segue, you are learning an appreciation for the tunes you are playing that I honestly believe are vital to understanding the art. You learn to let the flow of the music dictate the pace on the floor, not having to rely on brash effects or synthesized transitions to get you through. Too many kids think that because they have software that syncs everything that they are somehow ready to play out. Fools. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. How many digital DJs can honestly say that they have spent that sort of time with their equipment and their music? Learn to mix and when you can, then make the jump to Traktor or whatever, but learn your craft first. I have seen so many digital DJs fall flat on their face in clubs as soon as they have an issue with their setup. So many of them can”t even hop over onto CDJs to get the job finished. These guys are pretenders and they are fucking up the industry and lowering the bar for those of us that care. Give me Theo Parrish and one bag of records over any digital fool and his billion tune hard drive any day.

  • alfiesingleton

    its all about the performance, i use this with a midi controller, i dont even touch the laptop for my set its just where the songs are.. a bad dj is a bad dj, the pros of using traktor are that you can update your library easily at any time. NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO BE A VINYL DJ. people have to start somewhere and as long as they arent complacent and they get the crowd jumping then its fine i dont see the need for snobbery!

  • f0x

    Yeah! Great agency! Start banning all digital software and you’ll get my favourite agency on this planet! Thumbs up for that, digital is shit!

  • The problem, im my opinion, is clubs booking “unknown” DJs just because they have thousands of fake likes on Facebook and they don’t do the appropriate research on who they are booking.

    But I do share their opinion on “controller” DJs that often come last minute, try to set up their shit during previous DJ’s sets and often have to use other peoples material… Now, instead of having a simple 2x CDJ / 2x Vinyl set-up, I often see DJ desks with 4 controllers and have people talking shit when I ask for turntables saying “Dude, you’re taking up all the space with the turntables”.

    I think DJs should be able to adapt to the material the club has to offer instead of being 100% controller DJs that can’t do shit outside of their confort zones.

  • Well this plays into the “too many wannabes” problem. With the software companies adding sync and all these DJ ASSISTANCE TOOLS, there are alot of wannabes walking around like their shit don’t stink. They think just because they have the same stuff as that big name dj they can get gigs. They practice will all these DJ ASSISTANCE TOOLS and think they are the next EAN GOLDEN because of it. I have already seen newbies buying Traktor, then turning around and lying to promoters and other djs about how long and where they’ve DJ’d. Fact is the wannabes are messing it up but the software companies are making it too easy. Remove the damn SYNC buttons, quantizing, and all that. Give the dj world back to the djs who practice year after year to perfect themselves. Not the lames who get a numark mixdeck for christmas. Everyone says “It’s not what you use it’s how you use it”….right? Then why keep adding all this crap to make it easier? If you are good then you won’t need auto sync and all that. It won’t matter if it has a LCD display or cue buttons or not. If you can dj, then you can survive without all that crap. Traktor isn’t the only one to blame for this mockery.

    • There were TONS of wannabees that couldn’t mix trying to gig before there was s sync button too. They didn’t care that they sucked, they were more than willing to prove it over and over again in front of a live dancefloor (for free no less).

      Software hasn’t changed anything except for to make thier sets more bearable. But when you assert that they would not be out there trying to play parties if they didn’t have the sync button, you are 100% wrong. They have ALWAYS been out there, more than willing to embarrass themselves in front of crowds of people (most of which couldn’t even tell).

      • Not nearly as many as previously. Not even close. Since controllers began in production, the wannabes figure just buy it and go for it. Thing is they mostly were just bedroom djs. Now with the price drops of software, the vast choice of controllers, and the dj assistance tools make it SOOO much easier to learn how to dj. Those djs who couldn’t mix for crap before, now they have a button and many more that make it easy to make them sound better. That boosts confidence (inflates the ego) and they step out of place. Those kinds of djs belong in a basement or bedroom, not in any performance scene. They rely on the tools to make them “bearable”. You cannot tell me an extreme increase of wannabe djs has not risen in the last 10 years. Everyone is a dj now. Ipads, iphones, controllers, software….it’s too easy to get started as a dj and the added “hands free” crap just makes it worse. I’m positive that if those idiots didn’t have sync and constantly screwed up mixes, the clubs would fire them. Instead they get helped by the program and thus get more gigs. People say “oh he/she isn’t that bad. I could use a dj.” So why pay the professional, $200 he/she deserves and actually has great talent, when you can get an idiot who pushes play and takes free drinks.

        • fred baker

          So fucking true! Software + people who dont have a damn clue about music are ruining the industry.

  • Guest

    Well this plays into the “too many wannabes” problem. With the software companies adding sync and all these DJ ASSISTANCE TOOLS, there are alot of wannabes walking around like their shit don’t stink. They think just because they have the same stuff as that big name dj they can get gigs. They practice will all these DJ ASSISTANCE TOOLS and think they are the next EAN GOLDEN because of it. I have already seen newbie buying Traktor, then turning around and lying to promoters and other djs about how long and where they’ve DJ’d. Fact is, the wannabes are messing it up but the software companies are making it too easy. Remove the damn SYNC buttons, quantizing, and all that. Give the dj world back to the djs who practice year after year to perfect themselves. Not the lames who get a numark mixdeck for christmas. Traktor isn’t the only one to blame for this mockery.

  • Guest

    Well this plays into the “too many wannabes” problem. With the software companies adding sync and all these out DJ ASSISTANCE TOOLS, there are alot of wannabes walking around like their shit don’t stink. They think just because they have the same stuff as that big name dj they can get gigs. They practice will all these DJ ASSISTANCE TOOLS and think they are the next EAN GOLDEN because of it. I have already seen newbie buying Traktor, then turning around and lying to promoters and other djs about how long and where they’ve DJ’d. Fact is, the wannabes are messing it up but the software companies are making it too easy. Remove the damn SYNC buttons, quantizing, and all that. Give the dj world back to the djs who practice year after year to perfect themselves. Not the lames who get a numark mixdeck for christmas. Traktor isn’t the only one to blame for this mockery.

  • 🙂

  • attention whores

    who knows this agency anyway?

  • i wish you great success in the future.
    loool, so rediclous.…

    Dj´s using traktor like Richie Hawtin r bad dj´s????

    • Rosebush

      Well, they did say it’s only 99% that are bad…

  • Nic

    think it’s a little silly really. At the end of the day it doesn’t
    matter what you use to DJ. CDjers will rip on traktors, vinyl djs on
    cdjs. To me it always comes down to track selection and how you read
    the crowd and flow your set. If you embrace
    technology doing so then good for you. I use traktor because I like
    the ability to mash up songs on the fly and do live remixes using a few
    trigger claps, kicks and snares to buff up old soul records.

    you have an annoying setup you be courteous to the dj before you; bring
    your own power board, set up out their way; plug in last minute and
    then prove your worth by showing you can mix a great track in from

    Dramas =0

  • This is ridiculous.
    Its clear that they aren’t looking into this well enough and are just booking bad DJ’s and obviously this agency has found it easier to ban it than try harder to find people with more experiance. These guys made up excuses and took a shortcut for solving a problem instead of trying to get a better solution.

  • steve

    I find this all very strange!

    A promoter banning Traktor and swearing Dj’s etc just weeks after the disaster in the Madrid Arena by none other than (Traktor user, Swearing and crowd surfing extraordinaire Mr Steve Aoki) anybody else make the connection or think they are trying to save face ?

    Although IMO TWATS like Mr Aoki do deserved banned, Dude your a Dj not a Rock Star get over yourself and stop givin REAL Dj’s a bad name!!

    • Steve Aoki is not a Traktor user. He plays on Serato Scratch Live.

      I agree with everything else you said though, especially about Steve Aoki (a twat who couldn’t be doing more harm towards the club scene or DJ culture).

      • steve

        Sorry I stand corrected, I actually ment a Laptop Dj 🙂

  • What a backward company they should take more time looking into the dj they are booking instead of banning traktor a lazy dj is a lazy dj they can be using any format not only traktor. TOSSERS!!!!

  • F**K YES!!!!

    It’s about time that a people dicided to get rid of this stupid-ass “EJ” fad that’s been going on…

    There is something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with a “DJ” who can’t do anything w/o a bloody laptop by their side…

    The only reason that a computer has ANY business onstage is for artists who do live PA shows; especially now that everybody has CDJ’s to use.

    • Anonymous

      Fool. CDJs is faking it compared to vinyl. If you’re embracing vinyl fine, but you’re hiding behind CDJs? hahaha.

      A real DJ can flow from Vinyl to Traktor to CDs to Live music and back.
      CDs are dead. AIFF and FLACs in Traktor rocks. Vinyl lives and will always be the origin. Get over it!

    • You are a grade-A moron. Using a laptop means that the DJ can’t do anything without it? Sure. Don’t you know how you came to this conclusion but most of the best deejays on the planet today are using a computer to carry their music around. Many of these people were also rocking CDs and before that vinyl before that and were still the best DJs on the planet at the time.

      If you want to talk about someone like me I have been deejaying on vinyl, then CDs from 2005-2011, and now Traktor in 2012, for 17 years. I don’t use sync (my tracks are not even properly beat gridded) and can guaranty I can mix vinyl or CDs just as good as anyone on the planet. Just because the music I play just so happens to be on a computer now doesn’t mean the computer is doing any of the work for me or that someone that still hasn’t made the move to Traktor/Serato is better in any way.


        but it DOES mean that you are getting “lazy” by gradually switching from one format to another simply because it is easier to do the same thing ;/

  • FUCK them HAters….and EVERYONE who keeps talking shit about the SYNC button is full of shit too. ITS NOT MAGIC! if ur shit doesnt have a good beat grid it wont work so why the fuck are so many ppl bitching? LIVE and LET LIVE!!!!!!! even if u do have a magic sync button if ur track selection has anything skrillex YOU AUTOMATICALLY FAIL BEEOTCH!

    • Hob Renry

      oh come on, we all know you secretly BEAT off in sync to his songs in your moms basement

  • imthealien

    Ban all carpenters for using nail guns too then…… f+ckbags

    • Sarah6

      ok, using your analogy… there is a reason why egypt pyramids and roman buildings are still standing, while nailgun built prefab houses only last 30 or 40 years, if that. who woulda thunk. f+cknuggets

      • keepitreal

        Pyramids and ancient Roman or even Greek buildings were not made with wood, but with stone, brick, etc…. just saying

      • Kwasi

        And pyramids and roman buildings took years to build with thousands of slave laborers…

  • Mert

    I agree with there are really a lot of people how know nothing about traktor and the technology… They play really boring sets, so i have to sleep on the dancefloor . I think this are mostly the people who are Djing many Years ago and now switched to Traktor but they only spend just a little time in this system so they didnt learn a lot about Traktor. I am more a bedroom DJ but a lot of time i have to think they are stupid… and thats why in the middle of germany many people dont like digital Dj… so bad for me 🙁

  • Maxy

    crazy lots of angst and passion in reacting to this facebook post. Working some of the newer CDJ’s is so easy that I dont understand what all the fuss is about, if they only want CDJ DJ’s then get rekordbox and rock up with a usb stick and headphones, make it easy on yourself, have a tempo in mind, maybe 126bpm and rock the house. Sure saves a lot of drama and cable swopping, if they don’t care what you use then plug in Traktor and rock the house, whatever! Its the music selection and groove that matter people!

  • RomAeo

    this is so stupid… they should hire someone that uses virtual DJ…

  • The original post can be seen here.

  • Tommy S

    this is the most unbelievable thing iv heard in a while….A shit dj has nothing to do with what softwere he/she uses….i use traktor with the kontrol s4 and and im yet to get a complaint.

  • Sounds to me like they don’t know what they’re talking about and meant to say software dj’s in general, because why pick on Traktor and not on Itch, SSL or VDJ? Dos this mean that they will only allow DJ’s on vinyl or cdj’s? Hope they don’t decide to have anyone play that is a dj/producer that does more than just blend their own music together.

  • The same thing that happened when cdjs started taking over the dj booth seems to happen right now, its a vicious circle, Old vs. New! Djing is not about the medium being used to perform, its about selecting good music and vibrating with the crowd. I believe that this statement was deliberately posted just to create a fuss around the agency which to be honest i don’t recognize and would not care to know if they believe that Pc’s, Mac’s or Dj software can be held responsible for an unsuccessful night.

  • Big perm

    You are on point.

  • People can do shitty sets with any platform, like you said, even people using CDJs without a laptop or any program can just upload bootlegs they make that have everything already done, or mini-mixes on them and fake a performance or do a mickey mouse job.

    Traktor isn’t the problem. The “talent” they’re booking clearly is.

  • Butcake

    They need to buy a rodec thingy that brings out the connector of the mixer so connections changes between sets are easy. I understand the problem. I use traktor timecode at resident location and it is a bitch.

  • bidders

    They should ban displays that show bpm on cdj’s while they are at it..

    • bidders


    • Totally different, m8…
      At least ya still have to put forth SOME time & effort on CDJ’s that nearly all EJ’s never take the time to learn.

      • bidders

        Yeah maybe but when I started to dj in the 90’s we only had our ears, I’m just saying if this hipster company are gonna get all uppity about technology then why stop at just traktor, they should ban every aid a modern dj has be it visual cues or not.
        And just for the record I was being sarcastic. I used to be a vinyl purist myself but you have to move with the times, I even have a colour TV and a mobile ‘phone’ that has the internet on it, and even a camera!!

      • Dillinger23

        at least you did until the 2000nexus which has a sync button!

    • Bass

      if u are a good DJ u dont need BPM display m8 😉 thats the argument of Traktor “DJ’s”

      bunch of Kids

      • bidders

        Anyone can beatmatch on cdjs, there is no real effort needed to move a slider till the numbers match up, see it all the time, just google ‘Serato face’ for evidence, anyways, technology is there to be used not ignored. the real point is that it is their fault for either not properly researching the dj they book, or for believing some muppets personal hype without any proof of them being able to select tracks that go well together for the vibe they want at their partys

  • Turbo

    sounds like they are pretty lazy themselves, given they just take the DJ’s word for granted that they can do XYZ without actually checking or doing any research on the DJ. If they deliver a crap DJ than it is solely their fault. So rather than banning traktor, get someone who is better at selecting DJs!

  • The venue is responsible for the shitty DJ’s they book. To blame anything except their own laziness is an attempt to pass the buck.

  • Dillinger23

    I am a digital DJ now, but the following is fact. Vinyl/CDJ DJs have no fear of mixing with laptop, controllers, whatever…….Laptop/controller DJs are terrified of stepping out of their comfort zone and using anything other than their own equipment they use at home. FACT. Digital DJs are less flexible.

    • Right on.

    • I may be an exception, I dunno, but personally, as someone who started out on my laptop with a controller, I’ve been constantly trying to save up for some CDJs or even some real turntables. I started out on a controller with my laptop because that was the cheapest option, and working for minimum wage does not exactly facilitate buying the more expensive gear.

    • whee, big sweeping generalizations about people who do things differently than yourself are allllwwways “FACT”!

      • Dillinger23

        love the humour in your comment 😉 but you missed the point. I sold my decks/mixer years ago, and now am a controller Dj! But what I see is controller fanboys (of which I am one) denying the obvious which is that 99.3% of all clubs in the planet only have decks (whether vinyl or CD) & a mixer. Almost none of them over the whole planet have controllers!! This is the simple elephant in the room that no controller only user wants to face.They may well change in the future, but it certainly hasn’t yet, and it is NOT the same as CDJs arriving in the booth at all. PEACE OUT 😀

  • Pieter

    Fuck them to be quite honest. Just some stupid booking agency, that wants to stand out as “cool” and “hip”.
    I like my Traktor as much as I like my CDs, my USB Sticks and my Vinylrecords.

  • amen

  • jajaja I’m Traktor User and playing with CD players too. My sets are not better or worse when I’m playing with CD, only different

  • Justin Milla

    As stupid as this is its an entertaining read. Plus a good way to get press.

    • THIS is NOT good press for WIP… This i simply an admission that they Dont know what they’re doing, & also that they continually book “UN” professional Dj’s.
      BAD press all round!.

  • The problem is not Traktor, it’s WIP promotions shitty booking agent who doesn’t know who they are booking.

    • They clearly said it’s not the software.

    • The_Rad

      I’ll be the kid to walk in with Ableton using it just like my Remix Decks. lol

    • Probably they seem to think the shitty DJ’s disappear with Traktor

  • Or maybe, Just like DJ Sneak… It’s just another self promotion campaign on the subject.

    On a funny side, you know that “Fake DJ” Track by Camoflagu3, I promised not to say who they are, but one half of them has a video on youtube on their other artist name, playing a mashup, with their hands in the air, using a s4. that ofc isnt being touched at all.

    This bashing on laptop DJ’s are the lazy “i can match two cdj’s, i’m the best there is” DJ’s last sad atempt to get some sort of recognition…

    Shame we can see through it, let’s fight these fuckers back. I don’t know how many times i’ve had to tell hipsters that i’ve played vinyl, and that it does not matter, and that it is indeed more simple than spinning the setup i use. They just don’t get it. Ignorant fuckers.

    /rant off

  • Drew Reid

    Hahaha, Fantastic work DJTT community. That clueless ‘organisation’ named WIP received so much back-lash that it would seem they have deleted the post! If they lacked faith in the power of Traktor before, they certainly know about it now 🙂

  • Guest

    This is simply an excuse aimed toward the pile of “I was never clever enough
    to get a real education” brigade, who thinks Djing is an easy way to make cash & look cool. The amount of DJ DOUGHNUT wannabes, who think a 15 bucks a month “VIP” DJ account & a PC worldLaptop is enough to get a career. here is your answer.

    YES: Traktor IS buggy, (If not set up on a vanilla Laptop)

    Simply as much as badly burned(x8 anyone??) /cheap blank Cds were 10 yrs ago.

    CD’s/CD’Js ALSO was a crutch for the
    fanboys who thought a few Green Blanks is all it takes to be the next
    Sasha. I CAN assure you (yeah most of you reading this) yeah you lot who are in it for
    the wrong reasons…pure & simple. I can understand the agencies standpoint (but blaming solely Traktor Is completely toytown on their behalf. for sure) All I suggest
    here, THIS “statement” had been coming for a while, albeit from a loopy
    agency, who obviously hasnt a “Dan Doo” about what a DJ actually does or
    needs to do. I aim this solely to the amount of unlicensed, Non Tax
    declaring brigade who have lowered my art into a pile of poo….. Learn
    the craft! As for Mickey Mouse Agencies…..get back to doing “Beer”

    • Well put, Like i said in my post. It’s the lazy mans last attempt to get some fame, as they never had it in them in the first place!

      But crappy DJ’s does not bother serious artists as much as most may think. As crappy DJ’s will always be crappy DJ’s, those who master the art wont be compared to those for long. At least that’s what happen to me (i hate to put it like that, but that’s just how it is)

  • Dillinger23

    i think it comes down to the same thing. If you cannot play on an media, and in this case the media THE CLUB chooses… CDs… you can fuck off, and to be honest, as I said previously, I can’t argue with that. Many here will put up a defence of digital djing (which I am now myself), but if you cannot play a set WITHOUT a laptop and SYNC (which lets be honest is what they are REALLY saying), then stay in your bedroom. Even as a (now) digital DJ, I have to go with them on this one. A DJ who can lay a set on vinyl or CDJs will ALWAYS be able to play a set on a laptop, but the reverse cannot be said. A laptop DJ cannot always play a set on vinyl/CDJs. Those who first learnt their shit on ‘hardware’, do have a practical advantage over those that have only used software. it’s the ‘elephant in the room’, but it’s still there, no matter what any ‘digital only’ boy/girl says, and that will ALWAYS be true until EVERY club in the world STOPS having CDJs/vinyl + mixer as their baseline installation. Name ONE club in the world that has a controller as the basis as its setup….. NONE. name ONE club in the world that has CDJs + mixer as its baseline setup…. oh yeah…. every single fracking club in every single fracking city on the planet. FACT.

    • Few good points there bro…… !

    • Snaaz

      The name of the club was Blurr Ultra Lounge in Newport News, VA. Hercules RMX and VDJ set up with some standard club mixer. They screwed up and got a bunch of lawsuits and w/e and went under… But I have seen it before, So try again.

      • Dillinger23

        Fella, that is what’s called the exception that proves the rule. You show me a club with that setup, and I’ll show you a club with a shit PA also, and as a punter you would cruising for a bruising of a shit night out. I started clubbing in London, UK in 1990, and I have had some amazing times in some REAL dives, but no matter how much sawdust on the floor and scaffold in the ceiling, a real promoter will make sure that at the very least there is proper equipment, which means 1210s/CDJ 800s (minimum), and a decent installation mixer. The whole point of hardware is it does not fail, like a laptop will. And again my friend…. stories of failing CDJs (which you do seem the type to start quoting) are the exception that proves the rule. I would estimate numbers regarding laptops failing (crashing/freezing/disk read error/usb cable knocked out/etc) probably run about 10,000+ times a CDJ failing. But I’m 100% sure you will keep trolling me. 😉

        • Anonymous

          “The whole point of hardware is it does not fail, like a laptop will.”

          A laptop *is* hardware.

          • Dillinger23

            Anonymous. Figures. That sure is pure pedantry and what we call i the fucktard industry ‘splitting hairs. Everyone but you (whether they agree or not) clearly understood what I meant, but you went several miles out of your way to deliberately misunderstand. What a huge bore.

          • Anonymous

            A laptop is hardware though, so I’m not sure what you bitch-fest is still about…

          • Dillinger23

            you are being deliberately obtuse. For the cheap seats here it is again. 99% (at least) of the worlds clubs use CDJs/vinyl decks/installation mixer. DJs who choose to use controllers take their own, they are never onsite, MAYBE only as part of a rider for an established DJ who already ‘cut their teeth’ on the decks/mixer paradigm. Any DJ who learnt on the decks/mixer paradigm can use a controller easily, but those who have only used controllers for the most part cannot adapt to the decks/mixer paradigm as easily. Now you can debate the ‘justness’ of the continuing ABSOLUTE dominance of the decks/mixer paradigm as much as you like, but you simply cannot deny it. Controllers are for the bedroom and those that are lucky enough to get booked by a real club take their own. Everyone else shows up with Vinyl &/or CDs, &/or increasingly HDDs/flashdrives. Deny it all you want, but clubs have STILL not adopted controllers as part of the onsite equipment. Like I say, debate the ‘fairness’ all you like, but it is still a fact.

  • djblahblah

    Truth. People are tired of bullshit. Time to learn about to beat match again…

    • Steve Zorilow

      As if driving a crowd & a party was only based on beatmatching…

      • beatmatching, the hardest thing to do. Seems to be something one can learn over 20 years. Let’s ruin it for the “i can beatmatch” cd djs and inform that 9/10 Cd DJ’s uses a foolproof trick to be able to “beatmatch” tight for long times, every time, even without headphones. So stop the bullshit, the only anti laptop hate i can take is from turntableists against serato scratchers, as part of the skill is to change records and needle drop…

        The rest is regarding artistery, because to be honest, sync cant save a bad DJ, everyone with little sense knows that!

        • Anonymous

          And like, really guys.. how long did it take you all to learn to beatmatch? Took me about 2 months of vinyl practice when I first started out, and I didn’t even practice every day. Beatmatching is a great skill that I do think every DJ should have (Oh Traktor, how many times you’ve been wrong in your song analysis) but it’s not the ONE thing that makes someone a good or bad DJ.

      • Dillinger23

        its not the ONLY thing, but if you cant do your basics. You need to know how to WALK before you can RUN. Otherwise, all you are doing is STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS… and that is a fundamental lack of respect for craft.

        • The sync button doesn’t teach a noob how to beatmatch, mix harmonically, time things out, or how to equalize things.

          • Yet you can mix harmonically, tiem things out and equalize perfectly while using the Sync button

          • Anonymous

            Bullshit. It still takes musical ability to make a good mix, drop bass in and out elegantly without losing presence, use digital effects without sounding lie a wanker.
            Music is about when. When to do what and why and to what effect. The latter means you have to use your ability read the floor. It’s the latter that distinguishes a great dj from a mediocre one. If you can read the floor and give them what they don’t know yet they need, then you’re one step beyond already.

          • tr4gik

            No kidding why the hell is to hard for people to understand this? And put everything on ONLY ONE skill like beatmatching. Like if you have this skill that’s it you’re a DJ now. Nobody talks about EQing, phrasing, crowd reading, song seleccion, I guess all of thats not important at all … right.

  • This is retarded, are they for real?

    It’s too fucking bad they are blind and cant figure out if that 18 y old kid cant mix for shit, or if they don’t take their time to look them up. Spend more time in this scene, and you might be able to tell the good ones from the bad ones apart IN SECONDS just by talking to them…

    If you’re lazy, i got a lot of people in this scene who are just alike. But if you cant figure who to book and what not to book. Then switching jobs might be a good idea, seems like hopping jobs might just be the right thing, as they don’t seem to have been in this industry for long…

    We should ban people who say “it’s nice when it’s a little offbeat, makes it real”

    SHIT THE FUCK NOT, who the hell enjoys listening to an offbeat mix, have Vinyl DJ’s these days become so bad that offbeat mixing is acceptable? Once or twice, slightly. But what the hell. I’m tired of this shit.

    Stop trying sucking up to the big boys, they wont be impressed if you can “match” two beats endlessly starring at the pitch meter adding/removing 0.80% …. That’s almost as bad as sync…

    If they are banning laptops, they should duct tape the displays on the cdjs, and we’ll see how many of your “well respected” DJ’s that still can mix…

    Fucking amateurs

    • keepitreal

      Duct tape the displays! That comment is priceless and so true!! Major problem today is the promoter or client wants top performance for shit pay so as to make a killing. You always get what you pay for in life, just saying….

      • Blackbeard

        Ban computers, ducttape the displays and NUKE the fucking syncbuttons! The business have done a clusterfuck as if they were smart, the computers should not be visable in the booths, just have a display that the dj could see, but i guess its a question of APPLE, as they want to show the public how great their fruit is!

        A big business clusterfuck, thats it!

  • I’ve been known to put on some of the best parties, house parties to say the least. I swear by ‘Traktor’ and this is coming from someone who started DJing using Vinyl when I was 14. So to say they won’t allow people using Traktor is like locking about 1/4 of all new up and coming DJs.
    I’m just saying really

  • Anonymous

    Publicity Stunt!

    • Spacecamp

      Perhaps so. I didn’t even consider that yet- but they’re most certainly getting a lot of notice just for a rage-filled little Facebook note.

  • Jack

    What about all the CDJ users with a box of CDs who literally stand there doing nothing whole one tune plays and then throw the other tune down right at the end of the previous song? Are there sets any less stale or bland than these traktor users?

  • snickers

    A bit excessive yes, but i can definitely see where they are coming from. The other week i went to a club that hits you with a 15 dollar cover to get in and i stayed maybe 30 mins because the dj was literally playing a song for 45 seconds then used traktors built in sync function to “transition” to the next pop track. I still believe that a dj should go in and have an audition before he or she gets booked. Banning Traktor isnt really going to fix people sucking 😛

    • dummy

      no, but it will definitely weed out a shitload of posers innit ;P

  • DJ Paul H

    Sad. Blame the technology not the DJ. That is lazy thinking, WIP. Like all vinyl and cd DJs are guaranteed party rockers. What a joke. Here’s a thought, do your homework before hiring a DJ. Crazy idea, huh? There are Traktor/VDJ/Serato DJs out there that can do things that NO vinyl or CD DJ can do. You should hire those guys instead of the same old same old tired few guys you rely on. Just one guy’s opinion…

  • They need to stop booking shit DJ’s. I use Traktor and had nothing but great feedback. It’s the DJ’s not the Software. Morons.

    • jordan

      i agree

    • phyfe

      Mate, real DJ’s don’t use traktor, DJ stands for Disc Jockey. It’s funny how people start using these things then call themselves DJ’s like, seriously, It’s just as bad as taking a Laptop to a club and using VDJ to mix.

      • senorawesome

        yea seriously…..who uses a computer and updated technology to dj now a days? It’s like using a computer to write an essay instead of type writer -_-

      • Epicfail!

        “Real DJ’s blah blah” First of all, if you were a real Dj, you’d know that’s hard & expensive as fuck to mix on vinyls nowadays. A vinyl is like 9€, and there is like 3/4 interesting song coming out by month. There’s only a few underground labels left whose edits song in vinyl, but they’re really not many of ’em. I switched to traktor beacause of that. So stop bitching about subjects you don’t know shit about. Thanks.

        • realy?? you dont know shit about music then. there are lots and lots of techno/house/tech-house etc labels out there and bringin on really great music! yeah but its to booring to search the proper label and the proper artist on discogs and juno, it’s easier to go on youtube and RA month 50 top. it’s hard to mix? yeah technics dont have auto-sync

          • funksoulbruvva

            Frankly it’s 2012 and we’re done with tech-house now, like disco back in the day, grow up already

          • your mom

            says who?

        • IamCoogi

          There are tons of labels that produce tracks on vinyl still, what are you talking about? lol

        • Blackbeard

          I never said that vinyl is the only true form of a music performance, and sure vinyl is just for a selected group of people with the economical means.

          But mp3 and computerjokking is killing the scene and industry, not the venueowners as they earn ALOT of money on our war, they have no need to pay top dollar for a noname as they can get anyone, cause most of the guys want and will kill for the oportunity to play HOUSE!, h3ll they even play for free.

          And with the internet evolution and bittorrent protocol they mp3 has killed the industry of “good” music and quality.

          Now you have guys that will spin rips from youtube just to have the latest tunes, they buy a shitty laptop for $200 and a controller for 100, download beatport top 1000 from torrent and then they call themselves djs.

          You would NEVER see this behaviour in the 90s, and you would never see this if we did not have internet!

          Sure its the future, but it gonna fuck everything up!

      • Alan Lockwood

        I Play with Vinyls, Cds, and now I’m using traktor more than 15 years working as a dj. The thing is that doesn’t matter what you use if you can make the crowd jump, thats what I think. Personally with traktor I can do great sets and play live while when I was playing with cds or vinyls couldnt do it by my self. Why they don’t stop booking amateur dj’s? Well it’s all about money, a DJ who has experience never will be booked for 100 €. Now they want great dj with experience and technical knowledge for free.

      • Anonymous

        Richie Hawtin uses Traktor. So your “logic’ then suggests Richie Hawtin isn’t a “real” DJ? Yeah, right.
        It’s your argumentation that is fake.

      • Anonymous

        “Today, the term [DJ] includes all forms of music playback, no matter the medium.”

        • benny24

          So because my phone will play music when someone calls me, I’m now a dj too? Awesome!

          • Chirpy

            Nope, it’s your phone that is the DJ. No wait, it’s the person that is calling that is the DJ. The phone is the controller.

      • Andre

        I taught we had this coversation cleared a long time ago. You should go back and read previous articles to get the feel of 2012 dj technologies that are available to you these days. As long as you love what you do and what you use to get the people dancing, keep doing it, what works for you is fine with me.

      • Saint-10

        funny how the original dj started in Jamaica and they just played music for people on a single record player not mixing tracks together or scratching or whatever you consider djing so thats basically using a laptop in a club so technically if your going off of the term dj your statement is wrong shit changes over time just like the meaning of a producer if your stuck in one time period i guess your right but it almost seems like time moves forward continuously not on loop and as time moves forward there are advances. just like the 3d tv, people that had black and white shit tvs in the past still consider a 3d tv a tv its basically the same thing. all you haters on using traktor, itch, virtual dj or whatever your hating on obviously have never used the programs you can manipulate any song on the spot basically making a remix as you go using effects, loops, scratching, or whatever that can get they crowd amped sure there are some people that just play the songs like its playing off a laptop and try to mix one song into another but there are also alot of people that have their hands moving the whole song your grouping every software dj into one category maybe try it out or get the correct information on shit before you go posting negative shit about “djs” or whatever you categorize them as.

        • In Jamaican culture the dj is the man speaking/chatting over the records played by the selector… Just saying

      • 12inch

        Wake up! I´ts not the tools. All about skills! Let´s make it interesting. Time and Place? and let the skills talk….

      • Rutger Willems

        So your saying it’s because we don’t use disks? So what exactly is carl cox doing when he puts a SD or USB in his 2000?

        • hui91

          thinking about where he gonna get next cheeseburger?

          • tr4gik


      • really real dj’s don’t use traktor well i guess Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Joris Voorn, Umek, Luchino and many more dj’s like them are amateurs too right. Seriously DJ’ing has moved past records and cd’s into programs like this that allow you to access you music much faster then cd’s or usb. When used with CDJ’s as the controllers there is no difference in mixing yes thats right unless your using sync you still have to mix

        • Dakota Fred

          The keywords here are “unless your (its you’RE BTW) using sync”. No, nobody uses that!! :)))

          Traktor is OK and certainly understandable for nightly resident DJ’s, but it’s a bit amateur, unreliable and frankly lazy for big name touring artists to use it.

      • I always try my best to stay away from these debates because they’re so ridiculous but I just can’t help myself replying to this comment…”real dj’s don’t use traktor” ……….WTF, so if we’re talking about traktor dj’s we’re talking about traktor and serato cos they’re pretty much the same, so that means we’re saying that dj craze isn’t a real dj, dj premier isn’t a real dj, dj revolution isn’t a real dj, the fucking beat junkies aren’t real dj’s??!?!?!?!? I have been dj’ing for 16 years now, 14 of them have been on vinyl and 2 have been on timecode vinyl, absolutely nothing has changed for me apart from the fact that it gives me more freedom. Here is a little routine I did using Traktor, please tell me how I could do this without traktor, if you agree that I couldn’t do this on regular vinyl but you still say that ”real dj’s” don’t use Traktor then you’re saying that ”real dj’s” aren’t allowed to progress…… well fuck it I don’t wanna be a ”real dj” then!!

      • Gandoe Dyck

        just like we should still be using old VCR crap and old cellphones? Go with time dude. Or do not go with time but leave the people that ARE going alone!

    • They clearly said it’s not the software. But since most of the djs who suck around there use traktor, they decided to ban it. Not saying it’s a smart idea but it is their call.

    • buy a set of cdjs or turntables learn how to beat match and then you have the priority to talk about it, if not your just the same as a guitarist who has never played his instrument and has bought a piece of software that enables him to play without actually learning the skill of the instrument.

      • OMG why is everyone so stuck on beatmatching????… why do vinyl djs diss traktor or other software users…. but not the other way around… its silly already…. sounds like many other things i know.. playing a guitar? vs using software.. r u serious?….. its so silly already get OVER thinking that beatmatching is the right of passage to djing… its 2012… beatmatching CLAIM TO FAME IS OLD….. GET SOMETHING NEW!!!… beatmatching?.. so silly of an argument already.. traktor users can beatmatch… learn about the levels of sync in traktor before u blab… ahhh its just ridiculous already… beatmatching.. taking that one to the comedy club

        • campark43

          Can believe the stupidity of some people. Descrimination against traktor users, reminds me of stupid stuff like black on The back of the bus.
          I play guitar, practiced piano, DJ’s with vinyl, and now use traktor. So I will never DJ for this stupid company fine.

          Serato users r just JEALOUS, think they r the best, knob jockeys. Software doesn’t mean shit. Although it does help to have the best which is traktor.

          Sera to users quit crying, I can throw insults all day 24/7 if I want. Doesn’t take much brain to b a idiot.

        • ian

          Beatmatching is the most basic dj skill learned by djs. That is why djs get defensive when ‘controlerists’ claim to be djs. Sorry man if you can’t match 2 beats you are not a dj and thats it. There is nothing wrong with being a controlerist, just don’t claim to have dj skills when you cannot beatmatch. Hitting a sync button is not beatmatching. Its all about feeling the music, feeling the vibe, and making decisions to bring up the crowd level whatever you are…controlersist or dj.

          • atom12

            like you need an MBA to beatmatch.

          • Rutger Willems

            Guys lets be honest for a minute…. beatmatching is simple as hell!

          • Chirpy

            No, grab old classics and ride them. You will crash, as will most people. It is a skill someone needs to call themselves a DJ. Period.

        • Cheers

          Only people who can’t beatmatch defend the sync button.

          • Kinnik Kinnick

            Not true. I started DJing 10 years ago, on Vinyl. I can beatmatch vastly different tempos and beats in maybe <20 seconds. So what?! Who really gives a shit? If I use a sync button, everything sounds identical. Only difference is people get to watch me spinning. Even with great technical prowess, beatmatching takes some time, that 'could' be put to better use elsewhere. This is especially true if you (like me) don't pre arrange all your tracks and need more time to pick the next song / feel the crowd.

      • The original DJs used mixers with no EQ. If you DJ on a mixer with EQ, you’re CHEATING!!!!

        • Grouser

          or a crossfader..!

    • asdfghjkl

      I’m sure that the promotion agency started to hire amateur DJs because they’re cheap and promising-according to their soundcloud pages- and now trying to find a target to blame. (made me remember the episode “Goobacks” from South Park)

    • Blackbeard

      I dont know about you, but most of this shit is because of us all, we dont put a demand on skill or craftmanship.

      If you wanna / gonna be a mechanic, doctor, lawyer or teacher, you need an EDUCATION, but any dickhead, tits & ass, lazy ass, guy, girl, man, woman can call themselves a DJ, no education needed what so ever, sure its a good thing if you have experience, but not necesarry, but likes on facebook, your own prodiction, great tits, ass or abs will get you among the stars pretty soon.

      So all in all, we have spent our time, fortune and patience for nothing
      we could have bought all of this for a few bux, i just have spent more time in the gym and chatting up girls in the bar instead of playing music and perform my work.

  • sammsousa

    at first this seems really stupid! but this is probably a shity agency wich doesnt know any good djs, they djs show up, with nothing but a kontrol x1 and horrible tunes, the promoters see them basicly doing nothing since they use synk and blame it on traktor

  • Guest

    I’ve been know to put on some of the best parties, house parties to say the least but

  • pedro

    PR stunt. are you telling me they wouldn’t book tenaglia or Hawtin cause of traktor ?! pfff… this is pure PR. Very well done by the way, cause it will draw attention from lots!

  • djsosofresh

    They said it themselves: “The real issue is with ‘artists’ who swear they can play any format be it CD, vinyl, usb and or Traktor but whose Traktor sets are nothing but stale, bland and outright insulting to a paying crowd and promoter.”

    the issue is with the ARTISTS, not the technology they’re using. they should pay more attention to the talent they’re bringing to their events rather than the tools they are using.

  • Glickmix

    Ignorance seems to go high up latter these days. Sad to put the blame on one the greatest DJ innovations in our history.

    • Guest

      This Really surprises me, I live in Spain and I don’t think Traktor is the problem, They mentioned swearing etc and after the Tragedy a few weeks ago at a Steve Aoki gig in Madrid Arena (We all know how he loves to swear and crowd surf etc) I think they are trying to pass blame instead of them owning up that they had far too many people in the Gig if it was them who organised the gig, I don’t know but it all seems a bit weird.

  • Dillinger23

    To be honest…….. I used to be CDJs and mixer all the way, now I’m traktor and controller…… I cant fucking argue with this at all. If you can’t burn your tunes onto CD and play your set on CDJs… you probably shouldn’t be playing at a club.

  • They seem like they don’t know what they’re talking about. This seems like a “too cool for the room” backlash to a bad incident they had once or twice. They’re responsible for their own bad gigs. If they had bad DJs it’s their fault for booking them, promoting and not trying to see them live.

    I’m ALWAYS willing to come down and play for free to show my skills before I’m booked. But I’ve also had venues get mad at me for not being a hip-hop DJ when I never promoted myself as such.

  • Absecon

    This takes the whole old school vs new school thing to a whole new level. There’s A LOT of anger in that post.

  • Rumblejazz

    On the flip side if you rock with Traktor you could probably call them and say “hey, I really know what I’m doing, I’ll come down early to set up and show you”

  • Wow! Retards!

  • The response of the day! “You don’t need to use Traktor to be a bad DJ – Ableton, Scratch Live,
    ITCH, CD, and even vinyl DJs all are capable of sitting back and not
    putting on incredible sets if they’re not into it” Totally true! . An artist doesn´t need a Grand Piano to play also “off key”, Is not the gear, is how ecstatic gets the crowd , no matter what instrument you use to play the music…..

    • Spacecamp

      Glad you agree. It’s kind of like how anyone can be a horrible driver despite their vehicle… although perhaps not if you’re rocking one of those new Google cars!