Spanish Promotion Agency WIP Bans Traktor From Events

WIP, a Barcelona-based agency and label that throws parties, books events and manages artists, has issued a strong statement on Facebook that they’re no longer going to allow Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software to be used at events that they throw in the future.

In their statement (Editor’s Update 4:40Pm PST: looks like their Facebook note was taken down or deleted!) the group bemoans not the technology itself, but the type of DJs and performers use the software as some type of a crutch:

“The real issue is with “artists” who swear they can play any format be it CD, vinyl, usb and or Traktor but whose Traktor sets are nothing but stale, bland and outright insulting to a paying crowd and promoter.

We’ve  also grown tired of the endless issues with missing cables, problems with timecode (learn how to use your gear before you play out), taking up the previous Dj’s time to set up your gear (cause you didn’t want to come to the club early and set up your Traktor), how is it you play 5 times a week and still don’t know how to set it up right?

And, more importantly we’re fed up with the general laziness shown by 99% of “artists” that we’ve seen and heard playing Traktor.”

While we’re absolutely not going to pretend like we haven’t seen performers with a lazy style in the club, it’s odd to see this agency point the finger at Traktor. What about performers who cycle through the same CDs every single gig, whose set lists look identical every night? You don’t need to use Traktor to be a bad DJ – Ableton, Scratch Live, ITCH, CD, and even vinyl DJs all are capable of sitting back and not putting on incredible sets if they’re not into it.

Banning Traktor seems a bit excessive – why not instead make sure that the artist puts on great shows? A little bit of research can go a long way, and that’s something that a connected agency and clever event promoter should have a responsibility to do.

{via MixMag and WIP’s Facebook}

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