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  • Alexis Turner

    beardyman is the Messi of the Music

  • Robert Cappitelli

    Pure inspiration is all I can say about Beardyman. He is the KING as far as I can see.

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  • flux5000

    Props to Beardyman. Has anyone any idea when the software will be released for us mere mortals to have a play with?

  • Fpym

    Just Bangin’ !!!!
    Wish I were there !!!
    Keep me informed if you come to Paris!!!
    Big Up to all of you DJTT armada!!!
    You always keep me inspired…
    http://www.soundcloud.com – PlayThatRecord.fr –

  • Nofuture

    Respect to this amazing Artist which you can’t hate ( a part if you have serious brain issue )

  • Ciervo

    This interview is really interesting. This guy is a life example.

  • David

    I was expecting an update by now. When the hell are we going to see this thing in detail. Better yet, when can I throw my money at DMG Audio for a consumer copy!

  • No doubt this is a fascinating and very impressive setup but does that necessarily make what he’s doing good?

    I saw him perform at Bestival 2011 on the main stage with his old Kaos pad setup. The sun was so bright he couldn’t see the pads and he was really struggling. There’s no doubt that was, if not one of the best live sets I’ve ever seen, the best performance of that festival. He put on a truly awesome performance. Clever, witty and sounded awesome. I caught him again at Bestival 2012 with such high hopes and having heard he was going to be using this new setup I thought it would awesome. Like many other people who also saw that gig, I was so disappointed. He’s producing music a different way, using different methods, all live but he’s lost that spark. Its no longer beat boxing its just live music production which in essence, can already be done using sequencers and oscillators.


    I can’t wait for this to become public

  • Anonymous

    for this video, I love him dearly. more comedian than live music producer. no, wait, beatbox champion. or all of the above at once: http://youtu.be/S7GGkKpBR-g

  • Guest

    for this video, I love him dearly – more comedian than music producer. no, wait, beatbox maestro. or all of that at once: http://youtu.be/S7GGkKpBR-g

  • Beardy is national treasure! I’ve been fortunate to see his career evolve from his resident Brighton gigs to huge festival stages, his sets are constantly moving forward. Still my favourite gig to date is when he performed with an orchestra 3 years ago. Working closely with the conductor the audience were treated to a 2hour set of never heard before improvised music, it was a proper treat to witness such a show.

    Best Artist interview to date, nice one Techtools!

  • technicaltitch

    Really brilliant article, thank you DJTT and Beardyman.

  • Great article, also it’s very encouraging that Beardyman would like to release his creations at some point.. lets all hope he gets there!

  • Troy


  • Travis Trax

    He has to have the biggest DJ bag in the world to carry all of that. lol

  • beardy is probably the weirdest dude on the planet. that setup is ridiculously cool. makes me feel like an asshole.


    This could very well revolutionize how electronic music is performed live. If loop based bands like Eoto started using this software, the skys the limit. I currently use Ableton in conjunction with several kaoss pads to do live looping, and this system can’t be released soon enough. I think people are looking at this as a just a looper. It’s a REVOLUTIONARY song creation tool. I can’t imagine what Battle Jam sound like now with this setup. JFB recording into serato and bouncing audio back and fourth between their two setups?!? Eoto’s setup up is elaborate, Tim Exile’s is really interesting, Imogen Heap’s is pretty cool too. Beardy’s setup is going to change electronic music forever.

  • Seriously, What happened to that bloody How I play with Madeon!!??

    • Spacecamp

      Let him know you want to see it.
      @madeon on twitter.

  • IMAGINE the possibilities of this system. Since he’s the only one using it right now, we only hear it as he intends to use it, processing live voice (and beatbox) almost exclusively. Imagine putting guitar, analog synthesizers, live drums, instruments/mix channels from your DAW of choice through this. Imagine having two people behind that thing. I’m so blown away right now.

    (That’s not to belittle how he’s using the system, by the way. Not at all.)

  • Oh my god. This is kind of the best news I’ve heard in ages. If this does become available to the public, it will be the heart of my live setup and it will make switching over to a live setup so much more realizable. I can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait.

  • Rick

    I’m a big fan of Beardyman and I’ve seen so many videos of him performing live with his looper pedal or the Kaos Pads. This was the first time I saw him performing with his new setup and it was the first time that I did not think “man, I wish I had been there”… You nearly can’t see him anymore behind the wall of iPads, he seems totally unfree, does not move anymore, staring at the screens all the time. Good for him that he found a better way to canalize his creativity, but comparing to what I saw of him before I am really disappointed…

  • Eoghain

    This is possibly the best artist article ever done by DJTT. So much respect for Beardy since day one.

  • BoogieJunior

    Dude is like Bobby McFerrin on about 50 different kinds of stimulants. The level of talent on this guy is incredible.

  • Anonymous

    IMO, Beardyman is just about the most important electronic music act in the world right now. He deserves to make it big internationally. BIG fan.

  • BentoSan

    Very very cool what BeardyMan has done here, props to the man for overcoming a lot of BIG challenges. Totally have very good first hand understanding of exactly what he was up against as i have butted into many of these same issues he mentions myself.

    His use of smart-mixing (advanced compressor techniques) is very cool, the feedback systems in place are very difficult to implement and i can see why he would need to code such a system from the ground up to deal with these issues.

    I can definitely see why he would run into CPU issues using max/msp – this has been creating some headaches for me in developing Mapulator (which for the most part doesnt actually even process any audio), with such a large system i can definitely see the need to rely on max as little as possible.

    Patenting such a system seems a bit silly to me as all the stuff he talks about has been done before, it just has not come together like he has put it together (then again i am definitely not a pro-patent kinda guy).

    The use of Turnado is pretty cool, its a nice little plugin. Mapulator allows you much much greater control over your effects, you could control turnado with it, to pimp it out even more. Future versions i promise are going to be absolutely mind blowing. Mapulator already goes beyond what is possible in commercially available software, future versions will take this many steps further. Can’t wait to share all my hard work it all with all and show you the future of effects manipulation 🙂

    • ladsalegend

      Shut up, you insignificant wank stain. No one wants to know your story because obviously you don’t know fuck all about fuck all. Peace.


    I used to play socom combined assault with him.

    • wanna be cool

      you’re so cool.

  • beardyman is a true innovator and one of the best performers i’ve ever seen. thank you for the information about his new setup.

  • Ben Jerry

    wow, that was one of the coolest articles I’ve read on here, and I don’t even understand 1/2 of it. Just goes to show how advanced the world of electronic music has gotten, and now it’s beginning to slip into the live performance world

  • DJ JD

    The Soundcloud imbed is not working for me. Anyone else having this problem???

    • steve

      working fine here – it’s the HTML 5 one, are you on an old browser or something?

  • kowic1987

    Beardyman is a complete phenomenon! Beatboxer/VeryGoodSinger/Entatainer/WalkingMusicEncyclopedia


      and awesome at shooter games.

      • kowic1987

        you dont say 🙂

  • $30k to make a system…. that can be done with alot less? So he loops his voice with effects on it to make music….uh how about just using a vocoder and looper station. He’s definitely creative but after watching that video, I wouldn’t pay to see him. You want to see the same style talent BUT BETTER check out “thePetebox” on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ji6sJLFc8A). Guy does it with a few mics, a looper station, and the kaoss pad.

    • Gavin

      To be fair, all ThePeteBox is doing is what Beardyman was doing 6/7 years ago. Have seen Beardyman several times now and is hands down one of the best entertainers out there and a proper raw talent. He is constantly adding new strands to his show and using technology to push things forward.

      Check this below I shot with his Korg only set up in 08!

      • Mac

        Sorry but Beardyman is a lot more talented than that guy. Blows him out of the water. Who cares if spent 30k, he’s getting his money out of the system.

      • ChaoticKaoss

        Yeah Gavin, you nailed it. Beardyman is an innovator. He brought the kaoss pad into the Beatboxing scene (and some “purists” gave him hell). If you get to the point that you are using 5 of the same product to even be able to perform to your ability (plus have 30k available to burn) why wouldn’t you do what he did? I realize that taste is based on the individual but say they were equally talented (which they aren’t), ThePeteBox is living in 5 years ago land whereas Beardyman is pushing the envelope forward. Find some alien beatboxer who can match Beardyman with no equipment and then I’ll take notice.

    • You should probably go check out a live Beardyman show before trying say this imitators better

    • Anonymous

      You are wrong

    • lol ok guy

    • Tr4gik

      Lol there is no comparison bro, u fail.

    • KIO

      Musically, just like DJ TeeOh, thePetebox appeals more to me.
      Technologically Beardyman is more impressive

    • oddkix

      you wouldn’t pay to see him? your loss…

    • djForti5

      Why do you have to choose one or the other? Thats like saying that every band that plays rock is a copy of every other band. These guys are both extremely talented and honestly id pay to see either one, and beyond that, they clearly have a different sound then each other regardless of how they perform. Its not like I only go to see one DJ or one MC, i like many. And I SERIOUSLY cant see why anyone would go as far as to diss either artist. Im sure they would even give props to each other.