• This is clearly an update to fix bugs. It doesn’t have new features and that’s great. DJ software should be updated with bug fixes more than it should be updated with new features. There is a reason why Serato is more stable than Traktor and it’s because Serato focuses their development teams on fixing bugs while NI waists their dev time on new bullshit like the F1.

  • dj goldfinger

    Linzmar has a point!

  • Linzmar

    Once again another update that doesn’t add any useful features.
    As you can tell by only 2 other comments on this, that the excitement is kinda missing. I can’t remember the last update that I was excited about.
    I love ssl but I wish they’d add something useful for all users such as a ‘refine search by bpm range’ feature. Every user would find that tremendously helpful. Instead they’re too busy giving all their attention to every little controller that comes out.
    I know Serato DJ may end up merging with ssl but don’t forget about improving ssl all together.
    end rant.

    • Bug fixes are exciting. I wish Native Instruments felt this way and just released bug fix updates without rolling out some new feature that is broken. Fix your shit first then worry about new stuff.

  • Tony Letesque

    Wait a minute… I thought Serato was so widely known/used because it was extremely “stable”, all those bugs don’t look too stable haha

    • When Serato began using MIDI and built in FX they lost their stable environment. But it takes DJs 10 years to notice things. Even so it’s still more stable than Traktor because Serato focuses on fixing their problems before rolling out new features.

    • Bis


  • gowstpop

    Any news on serato dj and the bridge intergration??