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Video: Using Maschine’s Ableton Live Template

From the DJTT email bag: the Native Instruments Controller Editor software was very sneakily updated in December, and in doing so has also included a brand new update to the Ableton Live template for Maschine. Check out this video doing a rundown of the new template – starting out with getting the whole thing set up in the controller editor and moving on to a full demo of all of the clip/scene launching, mixer control, instrument performance, and more.

If you’re just interested in checking out the demo, skip forward to 3:10.

If your Controller Editor doesn’t look like it has this up-to-date template, be sure to open NI’s Service Center application on your computer and see what updates you might be missing out on. Does anyone use this Maschine/Ableton template to perform live? Let us know! 

  • Kuja

    Hey. Can anyone send me those templates for Live 9? or share it on file sharing site?

  • ROB

    So Im using the new template with MKI, scenes, only can trigger the first 16 scenes in ableton, is that the same with the MKII? such a bummer cause i use the scene button so often, much more than just the first 16

    • Gil

      hey Rob did you ever find a solution for this? I know you can use the buttons to browse higher scene numbers, but only one at a time. Would be great to be able to navigate in blocks of 16 scenes!

  • Madd Martigann

    Now that I have Ableton 9, the template is not working. I can use it with Ableton 8, but now when I try and use “The Bridge,” Serato doesn’t show the Ableton plug-in, probably because it’s default is Ableton 9, any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a Live 9 template out yet?

    • Anonymous

      NI service center has an update since yesterday for Live 9

  • rod

    Ableton 9 I mean,sorry!!

  • rod

    I can’t use the new template with ableton (?? is that right??

  • Leeds

    I think that the able ton product is awesome wen combined with maschine


    Does this mapping only work with maschine Mk2?

  • damn i can’t stand how he keeps saying MACHINER.

  • I never understood why Native Instruments made the Maschine work with Ableton, but not with Traktor. I L-O-V-E my Maschine Mikro Mk2, I just wish I was a better musician… I feel like I’m wasting it’s awesomeness. (Practicing-practicing-practicing… still working on it). I saw that update, but I thought it was just an enabler for Maschine inside Ableton (the VST and all that). I had no idea I could use the Maschine like a mini Launchpad. I’m sure someone will make the Maschine work with Traktor someday, but this seems like the best work-around so far.

  • modeless

    I’ve been using my maschine with ableton for a while now, at first i tried the old template and sort of built onto that, then switched to trying ableshine template which was a little too indepth and complicated for me to get. I probably just didnt spend enough time with it. This template however is pretty quick and easy to use. I really enjoy doing melodies with the scale selection.

    I’ll probably still spend the money to buy push when it comes out and continue to use maschine just for the maschine software. a 4×4 grid to launch clips is a bit cumbersome. I’m sure in conjunction with something like launchpad it’d be a lot of fun. I suppose it all really depends on your workflow and what you want to accomplish.

  • Im so happy I own one of These Beasts!

    • I gots the mikro but it is awesome!

    • Spacecamp

      Do you use it with Ableton at all? Would be interested to hear if you like it!

      • I have been using it with Ableton since i got it, but mainly just running instances of Maschine in sync with Traktor through Traktor internal MIDI and Ableton’s clock (since Im pretty sure you need a MIDI cable to run Maschine synced in its standalone). I’ve been loving it as a addition to my live set, for vocals, builders, live looping and one-shots But having this on top of that is going to be killer! ( I was aware of this templates existence but not its awesomeness!) I mean Maschine is only single processer DAW so I can’t load it up with intricate drum patterns and such without it maxing out and causing bad bad things…. However I can now make those patterns in Maschine export the audio and load up Ableton all heavy then I still have all of what I was using Maschine for on top of that! So stoked.

      • Ginkgo

        I spent a long while trying to find a smooth workflow with Ableton and Maschine. As I was getting into production, Live just offered so many choices, and Maschine countered with a simplified, intuitive workflow, albeit one with that had some shortcomings. As I got more into Live, though, I couldn’t help but want it all. I tried all the available templates (Ableschine, Maschine Advanced, Megatron are all interesting.) The more I learned, the more frustrated I grew.

        Now, with Live 9, I already find myself the improvements make my workflow a lot faster, and I’m pretty sure that Push will give me the hands-on, intuitive control that I learned to crave through Maschine. What I ultimately want is something simple enough to be intuitive, but complex enough that I don’t have to use other programs to achieve the same results. At the moment, my money’s on Live 9/Push.

        (Also, I have to admit, I harbor a small beef with NI for designing a second generation Maschine controller that didn’t offer Traktor remix deck functionality. I’m sure they’ll get around to it eventually, but let’s be honest- that was lame sauce. )