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Video: Introducing Beardyman’s Live Rig, The BEARDYTRON_5000 mkII

Live-looping visionary Beardyman just released the below brand-new video telling some of the story behind his new live rig, which is made up of multiple iPads, proprietary custom looping software, a synth, and a sampler. The video gives viewers a pretty good idea of not only what the rig is capable of, but the amount of pure-custom solutions that it took to make it possible.

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Unfortunately, the video still doesn’t let us see exactly what his interface looks like and how his workflow is assembled. This leaves us with just one question:  when’s the Beardytron iOS app coming out? If the interface and workflow is kept so closely guarded, there could very well be some kind of concern about a commercial entity trying to make their own ripoff version.

Beardyman is currently on tour around the US, headed to the UK next month. Learn more about him on his official site. 

  • Guest

    I bet i could do the same things in Ableton.

    • r

      its not

  • truly this lady is sweet

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  • Zanzibar

    lol… did anyone notice the “Penis. 12X Teddy Rukspin” line in the opening start up message?

  • Fan

    Honestly i liked his stuff better with just a few kaos pads. Going to see him live shortly so i will hold complete judjement. But the video doesnt have the heart that came through in his simplier setups. Classic example of too much, just being too much.

  • and yet I still want to take it further

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    now there is a true visionary

  • i remember when beardyman used like one mic and a korg kaoss pad. then 2 then 3 kps. now he moved on to his own software on ipads….. toplad. always a pleasure to see live.

  • I’m pretty sure the Ipads are just remote interfaces to a software running on a pc somewhere else. For anything else ipad + Wifi is a really slow interface to transfer uncompressed audio, process it and then send it back

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a multi-threaded sound engine… software engineer in me goes “well, duh. Wake me when you’re using compute shaders on the GPU and we can talk wavefronts”. But dear lord I love these guys.

  • At first it was AI, a few updates later, sentient, then self aware, then……

    I wanna be a Ninth level sound wizard for sure, great post

  • Guest

    Ok fine, it doesn’t seem great, it’s just the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

  • Seems great. I hope they will do a real piece of hardware to control it, I hate working with tactile stuff.

  • Stewe

    ZZ top!

  • rad