• Guest

    I bet i could do the same things in Ableton.

    • r

      its not

  • truly this lady is sweet

  • hell yah zanzibar penis teddy rukspinners

  • Zanzibar

    lol… did anyone notice the “Penis. 12X Teddy Rukspin” line in the opening start up message?

  • Fan

    Honestly i liked his stuff better with just a few kaos pads. Going to see him live shortly so i will hold complete judjement. But the video doesnt have the heart that came through in his simplier setups. Classic example of too much, just being too much.

  • and yet I still want to take it further

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    now there is a true visionary

  • i remember when beardyman used like one mic and a korg kaoss pad. then 2 then 3 kps. now he moved on to his own software on ipads….. toplad. always a pleasure to see live.

  • I’m pretty sure the Ipads are just remote interfaces to a software running on a pc somewhere else. For anything else ipad + Wifi is a really slow interface to transfer uncompressed audio, process it and then send it back

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a multi-threaded sound engine… software engineer in me goes “well, duh. Wake me when you’re using compute shaders on the GPU and we can talk wavefronts”. But dear lord I love these guys.

  • At first it was AI, a few updates later, sentient, then self aware, then……

    I wanna be a Ninth level sound wizard for sure, great post

  • Guest

    Ok fine, it doesn’t seem great, it’s just the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

  • Seems great. I hope they will do a real piece of hardware to control it, I hate working with tactile stuff.

  • Stewe

    ZZ top!

  • rad