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The New Pioneer XDJ-R1 = AERO + CDJs + Remotebox

Tonight Pioneer’s showing off a brand new piece of kit, and no, it’s not another color variation on a piece of already released gear! The XDJ-R1 not only packs a pair of CDJs for playback, but also is being touted an “all-in-one wireless DJ system” – meaning it can be controlled over WiFi by a new controller app for iOS, RemoteBox. The intended workflow here seems to be that you’re free to run around the room, meaning if you’re too busy Aoki-ing it on top of the audience, you’ll be able to choose and mix in the next track.

The controller seems to be a next-level of the XDJ-AERO launched last summer – adding not only CDJs, but also some of Pioneer’s coveted Color Effects. Check out the feature set in the launch video below – the key points are just beyond that!

Here’s the key points of the announcement from Pioneer themselves:

  • Availability: Late June
  • MSRP: $1099
  • The XDJ-R1 is the first-ever all-in-one DJ system that can be controlled wirelessly with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Made possible with built-in WLAN/Wireless Direct and Pioneer’s exclusive “remotebox” app, available free of charge on the App store beginning [May] 30th, 2013
  • Emphasis on “all-in-one”, the XDJ-R1 features dual CD players, USB port, and mixing features including Beat Sync, Hot Cue, Sampler, Beat FX, Sound Color FX and Quantize Function.
  • rekordbox CD is included in-the-box and the system is also compatible with Virtual DJ Limited Edition software, available for download in June, 2013

If you’re not into running it as an all in one, it of course has a bit of MIDI functionality as well.

Learn more about Pioneer’s XDJ-R1 on the official product page.
Thoughts? Worth your hard-earned cash? Want a full review? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • ayayay

    except no wireless link to rekordbox! this suuuuuckssss

  • Dillinger23

    Word on all the forums everywhere I can see is that this unit is plagued with problems, that are probably firmware, but could worst case scenario be hardware related. Suppposedly quantized loops slipping out of phase on tracks that have been anaylsed on rekordbox, and a ton more. Pioneer is pretty much not repsonding to accusations that the unit is majorly flawed and simply asking people to ‘send videos in showing the problems’, several of these vids are now on Youtube. A shame, i was going to get one! I will be waiting for a while now.

  • Joe Carroll

    Ditch the CDs (to cut costs), add a waveform to the display, and make it compatible with Android, and I might ditch Traktor and my Denon.

  • Chris

    Technically we are MP3 Jockey’s Now a days…. but no hate because I Love technology and I cant wait to see what crazy musical creation will come from these ideas.

  • Benjamin Goulart

    Aero has no balanced outs.

  • chimsey

    does this need a i-pad or i-… to play ? . or we can just plug in usbs or cds and just get started…

  • JMS

    @ at dj mazter
    Don’t be ageist old fool I grew up in the 8 track era. Just was surprised it had CDs.

  • aba

    is this coming out with a 4 channel version ?

  • Scoop

    Can this be used with just flash drives or does it need a I-device?

  • dimo p

    Just send your mate to the gig to plug the controller, relax in your the set from you ipad, while in bed via wi fi(mate will give you all details about crowd etc through viber). Job done, mate collects money (give him something like 10%).

  • DJ Mazter

    “Haha, they’re still called DJs today, even if they’ve never touched an
    actual record or disk. Hopefully the word will evolve, or we’ll come up
    with something better.”

    Yeah they will be called SBTDs

    The producers gets all the clubgigs dont matter if they never have spun outside their home before, the real djs gets the weddings and private parties.

    Sad development.

    The producers should stay at home and leave the gigs to the pros!

    • delshad

      Wow this post just gave me cancer……you sir, are a retard…..go play a wedding or some shit…..

  • DJ Mazter

    Denon did this last year,


    Well buy the AERO then if you hate cds, for me its not the dealbreaker as most of the music sounds best on CDs, mp3 sux donkeyballs and pioneer wont implement the flac conversion, so for me its either cds or Wavs!

    But then again Aero dont have any cool features, so tough luck!

    Pioneer wont drop cds any time soon anyway, most of us older guys have cds in our collection, and that works best!

  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem I see with this? The Apple logo on an iPad doesn’t glow….hahaha….jk.


  • Anonymous

    A company taking the collection and tracklist management problem seriously, that’s commendable.

  • pxlbrk

    remotebox is useless without the controller…it runs on demo mode but you can do nothing, just browse the different sections…a total let down since I would have been nice as an alternative for Traktor since it’s free.

    • Dillinger23

      With respect dude, of course its useless without the controller. The clue is in the name…. REMOTE. Its a big like saying that your television remote is useless without….. the television! 🙂

  • pxlbrk

    hope they pass on these updates into de DJM-900…more control over FX and wireless communication with devices and app…the mixer needs and update to keep up with CDJs and controllers.

  • Mike

    It seems that Rekordbox is not built into Remotebox. What was Pioneer thinking when they made that decision? Being able to see the waveforms within the same app as the controls would have been nice. The lack of a “record to USB” feature is also disappointing.

  • Chaser720

    Bring on the new wave of controllers. DJTT and NI I’m talking to you…

  • tr4gik

    This sh_t is tight .. it really looks like a very simple setup. Good one Pioneer.

  • JMS

    Why the Cd slots? If this did not have CDs I would consider it. I feel like this is a unit to sway people into transitioning into digital since so many are hesitant. Pioneer tries to sell it as- you don’t need a laptop to lug around but instead you will lug around an iPad, some CDs, and USB sticks. I dunno…

    • superstardjfrosty

      I do all kinds of gigs. Clubs, weddings, private parties, and corporate events. If someone comes up to me at a wedding with at CD, the answer is usually no. Nightclub, hell no; but when a CEO of a major company comes up to you with a CD, you better be ready to play it, and you don’t always have time to burn it onto your laptop, or hook up a cd player.

      The XDJ-R1 attempts to be an all in one solution. If it only had a holder for my beer.

    • Why not? This is a major feature other controllers lack. I think the point of having CD’s in there is so that you can have guest DJs that are still using CD’s and have yet to convert to Rekordbox. Having CDs is a major selling point for me personally. Also if someone is playing on CD they have already converted to digital because CD is a digital format.

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    Wow, I think they did a lot of stuff right here. I’m not rushing out to get one but I think it’s very interesting. It’s an affordable way for DJs to get used to the Pioneer workflow so they are comfortable on CDJ 2000s that are quickly becoming the standard.

  • waterdrop

    lol @ those pitch faders..

  • dyfunkdj

    they said 10 years ago that vinyl would be obsolete. There are still djs mixing with vinyl. There will be untold gimmicks coming out in the near future but I think all formats will still have their place.

  • djwahbeo

    Can’t wait to get this. Glad I waited instead of getting the DSX. I mean I am a total techie first, part time HOBBY dj second and this will do just FINE. I also love the backpack that they made for this controller!!! Great fit!

  • Gulli Johansen

    I will buy it for sure and there are already a few songs that come to my mind 😀
    Last night a XDJ-R1 saved my life – I’m in love with a XDJ-R1 – Sexy XDJ-R1 in da club – God/Devil is a XDJ-R1 – XDJ-R1 got os fallen in love – Come on XDJ-R1 – and sadly the last song is Everyone is a F**king XDJ-R1
    read XDJ-R1= DJ
    I was thinking of getting the Aero but it lacked some things that I really wanted but XDJ-R1 seams to have most of thoses futures added so I’ll droll over it for about a month to deside if I realy want it

  • Slak Jaw

    This looks really cool, but from the video it appears there is no waveform display on the hardware or in the remote app.

    • XCAKID

      What do you need waveforms for??

      • Slak Jaw

        I’m guessing you’ve never DJed with a laptop. It’s true that waveforms aren’t necessary, but once you’ve gotten used to them it’s hard to imagine not having that extra visual information at your disposal. If this unit supported waveforms and 8 cue points instead of 3, I would consider ditching my laptop and going back to USB drives or CDs.

        • Slak Jaw

          This is definitely a step in the right direction if you ask me though.

          • tr4gik

            Use your ears ….

            hahaha just kidding man u comment makes sense.

          • Branded Travesty

            i agree, i have really mastered my ability to DJ with sight along with my ears. I am able to mix without headphones for alot of tracks i know very well. which comes in handy when DJing parties and quick shifting

        • Scoop

          A visual cue for sound. Totally necessary.

        • XCAKID

          I DJ with a laptop now, but having learned on TT’s and vinyl, only time I look at my laptop is when I am selecting tracks and adjusting BPM. I don’t like to look like I am checking my email when I am DJ’ing. LOL
          Meh, guess to each his own.

      • Waveform display is crucial. Not for beat matching but for knowing when your tracks are going into a breakdown. Even in the old vinyl days you could see when the breakdowns were by looking at the grooves. Yes you could set a Cue point at the start of each breakdown but that’s a lot of work when the easy solution is to just add waveform display to the app.

      • BaBeBiBoBu

        Having the waveform visible is like a more detailed version of looking at the record vinyl to see where the changes are. Or you could memorize your entire collection.

  • Fred Leonard

    Is it possible to use timecoded vinyls to mix with SL-1200MK2 connected on it ?

    • Roman Seoul

      I was gonna say no, but I started thinking. You won’t be able to use Traktor Scratch or Serato Scratch Live because this audio interface isn’t certified to do so. If the Pioneer ASIO works as I would expect, you should be able to use Mixxx or another DVS that is independent of the audio interface. As for using the CDJs for timecode, I doubt that would be possible for the mixer most likely doesn’t supports audio-routing for a DVS. I’m 95% sure I’m right on all this, but I’m always open to new information 🙂

      • Fred Leonard

        Thanks for your answer. Maybe with virtual dj ? (It’s not very pro, i know, but it works with the simple Hercules DJ rmx console so, why not? )

        • Joe Lanzon

          It comes with Virtual Dj and can be used as a midi controller. As far as timecode, probably with Virtual DJ and Traktor. The Numark N4 is not Traktor Certified but you CAN use timecode with it. SSL is hardware dependent so you could technically hook up your SL box and have it work, but Serato DJ is I believe locked to only certain controllers.

    • It is a stand alone mixer so I don’t see why not. Just plug in your Serator/Traktor interface like you would any mixer, hook up the 1200’s, and go.

    • Mick

      It’s a stand alone mixer. If this would be possible, this is my new controller for sure.

  • KI

    Have you see that comparison video with the aero? Seems to miss out some of the functionality like Record to USB and being able to controlled from the rekordbox app. WHYYYYY!!

  • Levitate

    This looks like another big step in the major movement towards all-in-one (over modular) systems that’s happening with the biggest DJ tech companies. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if Native responds by introducing even tighter integration between their iOS Traktor app and existing hardware/software, and/or possibly 1:1 mobile control over Traktor Pro 2.

  • Sigh @ Pioneer.

  • Djerikt

    A cdj/djm 350 package is above $1500 for less features, this is gonna shake things up

  • zack attack

    no more djs in the future, only producers…..

    • faare faced

      that’s a good thing if you ask me

      • Anski


    • LoopCat

      Why? a producer and a DJ are two completely different things.

    • delshad

      True…in the future people will just be producing on stage live…..not mixing other peoples tracks…..or at least not as much

  • Hugo Zedendahl

    seems like a really cool pice of equipment, but i would really like to actually try it before passing judgement on it. the thing i find really cool is that this looks like the actually might have made the iphone/ipad usable in a live set, not just as a gimmick, but as a real addition to your gear!

  • Anski

    As hard as it is to watch our own hardware become obsolete, I can’t wait to see what features DJ consoles will have in 10 years.

    • Meckanizm

      Haha anski! Funny seeing you here XD

      Its Ethan from GU. By the way, beyond stoked for this piece of gear. Definitely purchasing.

      • Anski

        Hey bud! I like the concept, but after having the S4 go dark on onstage, I don’t mess with controllers anymore. At this point in my career, investing the extra money in a full CDJ/Mixer setup just feels like much-needed gig insurance.

        • tr4gik

          what do you mean ‘go dark onstage’ , sorry english is not my native language so i have trouble with expressions. On the other hand I did the same you saying, I bought myself a pair of cd2000s and djm2000 from ebay, it wasn’t cheap but its not as expensive as the brand new thing. It just made more sense, but still I see this videos and it just seems and easier and simpler with all these all in one setups, and the wifi connectivity love it. I mean for mobile djing just make more sense.

          • Anski

            The controller died. No lights, no signal, no control or audio. It was a bit stressful, as I was about to start a large event performance (I ended up having to mix on the laptop, which was awful). Lesson learned: in order to make controllers financially accessible for the public, companies have to use inferior hardware to the professional gear used in more expensive equipment. The R1 would be great for quick gigs and house parties, but when I’m playing in front of thousands of people – I need something I can rely on, haha.


            to be brutally fair, nothing is immune to failure. always have a plan b.

            my setup is 2xcdj2000nxs and a cdj2000, which you’d think would be extremely reliable, but I’ve had gear failures on stage before. (Especially with the original CDJ2000s.) There’s no amount of money that you can throw at the problem that will fix it. Gear Will Fail. Be prepared for that. Even back in the days of vinyl I had to deal with promoters who set up subs too close to the platters, stylii getting bent or snapped on my carts in the heat of the moment, etc. I’ve had flash drives suddenly stop working, laptops get drinks spilled on them, discs get scratched.

            Nothing will buy you reliability enough to say that you’re not going to have an on stage meltdown and won’t need a plan B. Nothing. 🙂

          • ripe

            1200’s and vinyl always worked. never a problem unless the cops showed up.

          • Anski

            Most definitely. Many artists I’ve worked with have called me the “most prepared DJ on the planet”, as I’ve always got backup cables, backup emergency midi controllers and OSC apps, and even backup laptops in case of the worst possible scenario. I think ultimately we’re all just trying to reduce the need for these as much as possible. Being prepared never hurt anybody!

    • Sam L.

      How about full fledged hologram hovering where the ipad should be?

      • Anski

        Have you seen Emulator? We’re getting close!

        • Sam L.

          Nope. Will check it out!

    • Dan White

      This wouldn’t make a bad contest – design/sketch/MSpaint what you think DJ gear will look like in 2023.

      • Anski

        I’d participate in that for sure! I’m sure many other have some awesome ideas as well.

    • I, Robot

      DJ? There will be DJs in 2023?

      • Anski

        Haha, they’re still called DJs today, even if they’ve never touched an actual record or disk. Hopefully the word will evolve, or we’ll come up with something better.

        • ?(??????)

          I think soon the whole scene will become so flooded with guys who have the knowledge, that the truly skilled DJ’s will be even more sought after which is not necessarily a bad thing

        • EnujhT

          Someday, the dj controller works by itself except loading of songs that you want.

  • MexicanHoes

    Stop, just stop