• Bryce Tubbs

    Did you ever make part 2??? This is amaizing almost 3 years later and you have blown up. Great to see

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  • compliments this site

  • Exiled Asia

    Where’s Week 3 – Rich Media??

  • Paul Howard

    Check out my underground music archive collection on YouTube.


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  • Si

    Did the rest of this series get finished?

  • Sebas

    This read like a big long advertorial for justgomusic

  • Roman K

    Great article, exactly what i am trying to find more info on right now.. Thanks as always DJTT

  • TCMuc

    How to upgrade your social media strategy: post an article on your own successful blog/website anouncing you are going to do just that so people get curious and follow you on facebook, twitter, etc so they can keep track of the changes… 😉

    All kidding aside, I disagree with Terry’s recommendation regarding the number of daily tweets/post, especially if you say that “Not all of these posts need to be high value, media rich content”.

    I’ve acutally unfollowed artists who used to post an awful lot of meaningless stuff. I guess the worst example is a female techno DJ who is really successfull at the moment and who seems to be retweeting literally everything her fans post about her on twitter.

    I’ve my timeline gets cluttered by your meaningless posts, I’m probably not gonna read any of them or simply unfollow you.

    Contrary to what many social media experts believe, I don’t think there is anyone on this planet whose life is interesting enough to justify more than one (or two) posts per day.

    As a follower, I’m interested in information about upcoming gigs or releases so I don’t miss any of these.

    I’m not interested in: what you had for lunch, how “[insert random city] totally rocked last night” (especially if posted after each and every gig…) or anything that could end up on https://twitter.com/DJsComplaining

    But the article is great and probably really helpful for a lot of people, and I really appreciate your efforts!!

  • @DjOoohYeti

    I really Appreciate this!!!

  • Dave Andersson

    I am going to employ as much of this as I possibly can as of 10 minutes ago. I’m gonna try to follow this week by week, and see what happens. Engaging directly with people, particularly those who share the same interests and frustrations, is proving immensely helpful!

  • Devlar

    Great article!! Please keep them coming, this is hugely relevant if you plan to take your music outside of your bedroom. Social media is an area that gets more or less ignored for me and I hate self promotion. Unfortunately this is exactly what promotors look at. Skills are useless if you aren’t valued for your work. Keep it up DjTT!

  • guest

    Wouldn’t recommend Justgo.. it’s still in beta and isn’t that great compared to competitors (hootsuite, or just doing it yourself a few times a day)

    • Josh Roberts

      I disagree. Nice self promo, do you work at Hootsuite “guest”? Hootsuite is only is for posting to FB and Twitter. JustGo is like Hootsuite on steroids! I can track my FB, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube followers in one place plus schedule all my music uploads to Soundcloud, Youtube and Mixcloud. It’s built by DJs for DJs and Terry even sent me some social media tips. They’re definitely legit dude.

      • christen

        I tried hootsuit and also tweetdeck but they are just like, for writing stuff on facebook and twitter. never heard of just go but the music uploader tool sounds freakin awesome because my biggest problem is i dont ever have enough time to get my shit on mixcloud or youtube. will try that today.

        i dont really understand how to use stats though…hoping just go’s stats are really simple cos i am not good with numbers. would be cool if this article series covered how to use stats.

      • Guest

        No, I don’t work at “Hootsuite,” I was actually going to make a similar content about JustGo probably paying or something to get the plug on DJTT, but I didn’t.

        JustGo May let you track your followers but the statistics are often incorrect and not very detailed, and if you want to do any real social media work you’ll need to log into them individually anyways.

        The soundcloud/youtube upload tags don’t work on the respective sites, so you still have to go do them there, as well.

        • Josh Roberts

          It’s working fine for me dude.. They’re still in Beta and they’ve added every feature I asked

  • Vic Perez

    Personal social media manager???
    Sad world we live in.

  • leshawn

    you guys are wrong. posting to fb 2-3 times a day will kill your edgerank. especially if you are posting from “JustGo” —use facebooks native scheduler. 1 post a day at most. 4-6 times per week. I run social media for awesome bands and DJs….

  • Samuel

    I enjoy most of the articles I read on this site, even the ones that are not releted to me directly as Im interested in all things to do with music tech and djing. I see a lot of complaining in the comments so heres an idea, read the title of the article and if you dont find it appealing then dont read the rest, or if you do try not to complan. 😀 Keep up the good work Ian & the DJTT crew.

  • This is great man! Much needed advice and clarity to massive and confusing topic! Big ups

  • James ‘Pioneer’ Burkill

    no matter how good you get at social media, But you still gotta bring the skills to the decks, and interact in the real world. I do use social media but know i get no where near enough work through this media or followers.but that don’t bother me as main work I get is through word of mouth,and my reputation, still fact as solid today as ever, it’s who you know, not what you know…

  • Djfreshy

    can not wait I feel like everything is so over used and not used correctly this will really help sort out better direction to head towards! Cant wait for next week!

  • thejone

    I needed this! I’ve been really cynical about social media, but this has inspired me to make a real effort. thanks Ean!

  • Feleti

    Great article! Looking forward to the series! I’ve recognized social media as a necessary evil for some time now, but my attempts at effectively using it have been seriously lacking; hopefully, this will help me to improve my consistency if nothing else.

  • DJPossess

    Great article except for the “think outside the box line.” Think outside the cliche’ dude. Also, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT….you gotta approach this from the point of view of DJ’s with day jobs. We arent as fortunate as you, Ean, or alot of fulltime working DJs. I put in 35-40 hours of work a week and then try to do some music on my commute or at home. Its not easy man. But I have a passion for it that drives me. Thanks!

    • christen

      yeah man i have the same problem…with college and then my part time job i dont have any time for doing anything for my dj career. i think the biggest problem for djs like us is not having enough time to do stuff like social media or promotion – like everyone says, its the only way to get yourself heard now.

  • Guest

    Great article! Looking forward to the rest of the series! I’ve recognized social media as a necessary evil for some time now, but my attempts at using it effectively have been seriously lacking; hopefully, this will help me to improve my consistency if nothing else.

  • Kaunis G

    Ean, everytime i come to your website… its always some interesting insights that you are giving… thanks to you we all get information what we want… Just do it for 4 weeks. i’m starting the same… Love the idea of this tutorial… because this really maters right now!. it doesn’t matter how technically cool are you, if no one doesnt know who you are, and here comes the social media!. so again, thanks for starting it and am waiting for the next week post 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I actually really like this idea! It’s gonna be interesting to see how fast you can raise your fanbase. You caught me like half a year ago with the Depeche Mode Remix I stumpled upon. Since then I’m following you, hoping that there will come some similar content.
    I’m looking forward to see that this project is going to be a huge sucess for you AND DJTT!

  • Erik Mitchell

    Look forward to this series, playing & creating music are only a fraction of the battle. Unless you’re comfortable playing for just yourself & a few friends, you gotta learn the marketing aspect of today’s social world

  • drhiggens

    again with the poor text layout…..

  • Anonymous

    This article came at just the right time for me. My social media reach is definitely lacking, plus I’m a bit anti-social IRL. I’m going to follow along and incorporate a similar plan.


  • Sykes

    Good info.

  • This is something I need to do. I will be following this indeed.

  • Damgood

    Noticing a lot of the newer people are grumbling about the “static” (what I call the white noise of the internet, all the garbage that wastes time). This article will seem very rudimentary to the younger crowd, but it is most relevant to the older generation of DJs (the ones of us who have spent hours recording a perfect mix & then burning a stack of CDs to hand out to promoters…back when promoters actually listened to people’s music before they booked them). I myself am guilty of not adopting social media as quickly as I should & I run all the online stuff for an entire artist management group (booking@boomshockrecords.com if you want some awesome DJ/producers in the southeast ).

    The biggest tip I can give to anyone starting out: Make a **page**, not a **profile** for your pseudonym!!!! I see this constantly & it isn’t cool. If you use it properly, a page will get you where you really need to be professionally. If you use a profile, it will be easier at first, but when you finally do take the plunge & make a page you will be months behind everyone else. You can quickly amass “likes” but they may not be relevant at all unless you build them organically (as in, without broadly targeted ads or “get 10,000 likes” type methods).

  • Kill3r-k

    Terry actually contacted me Via e-mail. At first I thought it was a gimmick but I can honestly say terry has helped me out with a few simple yet effective Social media Marketing tips. I can vouch that JustGo Music is a viable marketing option for Dj’s.

    South Africa

  • kasatasound

    This is like an instructional video with a very slow bloom on it, nice one y’all.

  • Sneaky

    Ean think this is a much needed series. As a bedroom d aspiring producer, getting what you do out there is the biggest step. I’m taking the time to design my own websites. It is important to have digital real estate. Every known dj has a huge variation of their online presence.I’ve seen websites profile pages that haven’t been updated in 3 months!!! If I am fan and don’t get an oportunity to see you play, how do I know you are still in the game?

    Its all about engagement and being part of the communith. Digital is the new scene and its important to stake your claim

    • Kidd Vicious

      What he said.

  • D.j. Ed Keebz

    This is going to mean more Ean Golden content 🙂 I love the job you’re doing Ean, keep it up!

  • MannequinMuzic

    Videos for sure. But you’re right, there is so much value to social media and staying connected. I like how Facebook also allows you to preplan your social media a month in advance, however JustGo Music looks rad!

  • Niels

    Honestly. The market is so saturated with free mixes, tracks,etc that it kinda puts me off following any of it. The problem with this free content is that it’s hard to estimate the quality of it, so to find that one cool track or mix or whatever, there’s a tsunami of fodder to endure. So my advise to any of you DJ’s is: focus on having fun, getting gigs, making cool tracks, etc. It’s better to have people making a concerted effort to find out about you than casually following halfhearted attempts at “getting yourself out there”.

    As for your own trajectory Ean. What turned me on to this site were the tutorials and wealth of information that could be found here. I realise there’s only so much you can say about DJ’ing, so I get the shift towards productions and maybe the more loosely affiliated aspects of DJ-life (such as social media strategies and such).

    It’s not for me though. I’d rather see you guys making more videos with DJ’s and producers about the way they operate. Remember Jeff Mills’ ‘Purpose Maker Mix’?

    That tought me so much about dj’ing. I watched it endlessly just to see how he eq’d tracks, etc. I do the same with Boiler Room sets still. It’s inspirational to see other people at work. Hoping to see more of this on you site.

  • DubluW

    I some of you are missing the point here. Instead of ean filming a video and showing it back to you, you can actually watch what he’s doing and how he progresses right in front of you, with a clear cut summary of what he’s achieved and how he’s done it. To those who want to progress and up their game this is invaluable.

  • Mark Stevenson

    Great Choice of articles. I’m all for new DJ technique videos but the fact is that social media is a must these days. Not only useful for the music world but anyone who has business / blog on side. Keep up the good work chaps!

  • DJ Bloodhound

    social media… that’s all you guys do anymore. where’d all the great videos go? where did the DJ tutorials go? in the past few months ive learned how to advertise myself, and how others advertise themselves… but what about the thing we are supposed to advertise… the skills? why not get back to teaching that? because im done hearing about social media.

    • Arkane

      Went to the homepage and clicked back six pages before I could find anything close to this kind of “advertising yourself” DJ biz advice, that article on Talking to Promoters. Are you sure you’re not thinking of digital Dj tips or someone else?

      • FAg

        lol, digital dj tips is wack

        • sammsousa


    • Did you like last week’s article that I wrote on cue point strategy? http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/06/03/real-uses-of-real-cuepoints/

      • Djstormtroopa

        Watched the video, but there wasn’t anything in terms of how to quickly switch between the types on the fly. I live by my cue points, sometimes 5 or 8 isn’t enough, and I am trying to get the hang of saved loop points, but sometimes my cue’s get lost and I have to remake them.

  • Rutger Willems

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no, you hardly make any videos these times don’t waist any more time on facebook make those awesome vids like you used to do and help me become a DJTT addict again.

    • Our commitment is un-changed here at Dj TechTools. We want to help, inform and teach you amazing things about digital djing. This new effort on social media won’t take away from Dj TechTools, it just means I am not ignoring my personal artist/dj career as much in the process.

  • Luke Macdonald

    Will be following this with you Ean! Great article