• if they only did this for a cdj 2000 midi only it would be a good idea … i know this is fake but why is there no deck like this for midi?

  • mike hunt

    is mike hunt in the parking lot mike hunt has any one seen mike hunt lol

  • Aiden Cameron

    I think that this is an impressing bit of marketing.

  • Youri

    It might be a hoax, in fact it is, but I think this is a test by Pioneer to see what the DJ’s and everybody in that particular scene think about such a strategy. It’s a marketingconcept 🙂

    • Dillinger23

      Dude, this is NOT a marketing concept. Pioneer has NOTHING to do with this, it is satire FFS

      • Youri

        Wow, stop. Why are you using profanity against me ?
        Everything okay with you ? Because I doubt you’re a grown up person. Ease up ..

        • Dillinger23

          I’m sorry if you were offended by internet shorthand. I apologise and take back the three final letters.

  • Lylax

    the site that the image comes from is total satire. if you think its real…..then your fake.

  • Dillinger23

    My cun……….

  • 031999

    whoo my first shoutout. Thanks Dan! haha 🙂

  • AP3X

    How is it a CDJ if you download the music :S

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    The joke is really on us. Pioneer could easily release a CD-less deck now but it would still cost $1500 instead of the $300 it should cost.

    • Stack1

      Are you saying decks without CD’s would cost significatly less? CD drives cost alomst nothing to include, which is why they do. They are very inexpensive and would have almost zero effect on their cost to manufactur the unit.

      • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

        Their CDJs prices are driven by what the market will pay rather than the cost of production/technology. This is a strategy that seems to work well for them.

        The Pioneer XDJ Aero is two decks with a mixer for $1200. A CDJ-less deck could have the same functionality as one of those decks but they won’t release one because it would cannibalize the market for their more expensive CDJs.

      • Kutmaster TeeOh

        Yea but repairs are a b*tch.

  • James ‘Pioneer’ Burkill

    on a more serious note bet it won’t be long before the CD lazer element goes and we could end-up with a unit looking like this to play just flash and laptops although it aint new all the new DJ midi controller separates coming out like from Berhinger, NI, ect… how long before pioneer jumps on the bandwagon and makes “a new industry Standard” lol

  • Anonymous

    Of course it is. Adverts every 20 minutes haha. I hope they do – it would be hacked within hours giving us shiny free pioneer decks 🙂

  • Charles Mykid

    of course Pioneer would release a CDJ for the stunning prize of 0…. you just have to put 100 in front of that specific 0

  • meh

    they taking the Michael

  • Apples are not cool

    The money the’d be losing ;_;

  • Joe Brown

    Michael Hunt… Otherwise known as Mike Hunt…

    • Dillinger23

      I know his brother Isaac…

      • Kastle

        m good friend with their uncle , Harry Balsak

  • DiscoStu

    Not even April Fools day. They should have waited.

    • ithinkmynameismoose

      No way, much funnier April fools jokes have lost their humour because everyone knows to look for stuff like this then. Random is funnier because it fools people.