• Julio harris

    Yo tengo. Virtual Dj No puedo instalar orbit ?

  • Tom Razin

    there should be a wireless midi plug/adapter so all my controllers can be wireless.

  • Jim

    This device looks ridiculous. Like a children’s toy. But it is $100. I bought one.

  • Jim

    This device looks ridiculous. Like a children’s toy. But it is $100. I bought one.

  • Mad Zach

    this would be the tits for a vj set

  • djtakesnorequests

    Is this compatible with Serato DJ ? Thanks, community.

    • Markkus Rovito

      As long as you have a Serato DJ-approved controller, you should be able to use the Orbit as a secondary controller and create mappings for it in Serato DJ.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I didn’t want to like this controller, because it seemed silly to me at the time and I already had a Maschine Mikro Mk2, however I played with one at Guitar Center and it seemed… actually… pretty good. While you CAN use this as your only controller, I get the feeling that the designers made that an after-thought and really focused on the color-changing buttons, the knob, and the fun of using the X-Y motion-control. This (to me) felt natural, unlike the playing around with the MF3D. I felt like a dog on a leash with the MF3D and was ‘reminded’ by the USB cable that I had exceeded my movement range when it tugged back on me… or when it simply came out of its’ socket (and interrupted my fun).

    I recommend playing with an accelerometer controller at least once because it will bring back childhood memories of playing with airplanes. You really get a sense of ” rrrrrRRRRRRRRRrrrrrooooooooOOOOOwwwwwwOOOOOrrrrrrrrrrrr….” when you move the controller around. I was tempted to install a machine gun sample on one of the buttons, but the sales person wasn’t having it, so I mapped a fast rimshot loop… which was kinda’ odd.

  • Anonymous

    i already have a wireless hand held midi controller, its called an ipad

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Looking at it the only use I can really see is using it as hotcue triggers (1-8 on decks A and B) for Traktor Scratch Pro.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Do you use the Remix Decks in Tracktor, how about Effects?

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        I control effects with an F1. I don’t really use the remix decks.

  • Morten Nestander Varsi

    Never gonna buy that..

  • Smokey

    Reminds me of “Simon Says”

  • Chris

    If batman were a dj, this would be his belt buckle….

  • Big C

    I see this honestly as being a really interesting tool for lighting.

    • Cody Lanoue

      I want to use it with rand VJ and Martin Light jockey. I think it would be great!

  • Stewe

    Pretty cool device to play around with. Nice review!

  • Edward Midgley

    Or just buy a MidiFighter 3D?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      What do you feel the MF3D has that makes it a better purchase than the Orbit? I thought that the wireless connectivity at least made the Orbit more fun.

      • Edward Midgley

        The fact that the knob in the middle makes me think the Orbit is awkward, and also how playable, easy to use, and better looking the MF3D is.

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          I’ll be honest, the knob gets in the way if you’re trying to play a 4×4 trigger grid, I hit the knob with my finger quite a few times when I tried it out. To be fair, everything is awkward the first time you do it. If you buy one, you’ll either learn to pick your fingers up a bit higher, or play the buttons as two sides (4×2 left and 4×2 right).

          That being said, the buttons are “squishy” (like the Novation Launchpad or Native Instruments Maschine) which is nice if you’re playing fast, for a long time, or both. I use a Maschine because it’s more playable to me. I know the MF3D has buttons on the side, but they’re not as ergonomic as the Orbit shoulder buttons… it’s also nice to see what bank you’ve selected at a glance.

          The simple fact that you (the DJ) can spin around (and dance unfettered within a reasonable distance) without losing connection to the DJ program is certainly important. If someone wanted to crowd-surf with a MF3D, they wouldn’t make it very far.

          Playable: I’d say the MF3D has a slight advantage on a flat surface but only because there’s a knob in the middle (the MF3D doesn’t have a knob so it’s not as flexible). When you pick up the devices and play them, the Orbit doesn’t have to be tethered and that makes a big difference… the Orbit walks away with portable control.

          Easy to Use: I’m going to say since there is a multi-use knob, clearly visible bank buttons, and the shoulder select buttons, the Orbit has the clear advantage here.

          Better Looking: The MF3D is a box with a cable hanging out of it, the Orbit looks like a hand-held videogame console… tough call there.

          • Edward Midgley

            I guess a lot of it is down to opinion, I would find this controller more of an ‘extra controller on the side I SHOULD use’ rather than the MF3D which I would find to be far more of a useful tool and would use all of the time when mixing and performing live. Though I can see why some people would prefer the Orbit, in my opinion it’s a no-brainer for the MF3D.

          • DJ_ForcedHand

            I think the MF3D would be a much better product if it had velocity sensitive buttons.

          • Chaser720

            I got a hold of one of the Orbits today at Guitar Center and the buttons weren’t really comparable to my Maschine. I’d say more like the F1 without the click.

          • DJ_ForcedHand

            Oh absolutely, The Maschine has velocity sensitive buttons (which to me has a secondary function of changing a parameter via pressure being applied… and the buttons are bigger too).

  • Someone