• EA

    wish it had rotary encoders like the SL mkII and velocity pads like the impulse. and why do they keep making launchpads without velocity pads c’mon now!!

  • leavesremix

    The launchkey mini looks very useful, but if it has the same shoddy build quality as its bigger brother, I’d steer clear for sure. I use an akai mpk mini almost daily, and I can almost guarantee it will last much longer. I say this after having purchased and returned a Launchkey 49.

  • DjFIL

    Odd that the one with the keyboard and another row of launch buttons (vs the extra row of knobs) is the same price. Was expecting a bit of a price difference.

  • Michiel y Gil

    Really don’t understand that they used pots on the Control and not endless rotaries. That would make the unit so much more flexibel and in line with how the launchpad is used.

    Apoth, I would really advise you to wait for the twister or get another unit like this but with endless rotaries. Think livid code, arturia minilab, apc. If you’re eyeing on the Twister, you probably know that they are not even in the same league. (no i don’t work for djtt at all, just my 2 cents)

    • Jimmy Burn

      i never heard of the twister and cant find any info on it


    I really want to buy a Midi Fighter Twister… but this is catching my eye… When is the Twister coming out DJTT guys?

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    The LaunchControl seems to bring the LaunchPad up to APC40 standards (with bigger buttons). Expect a lot of these to sell for $99.