• zarko

    are there any really good underground techno/bass/experimental/industrial pools? something corresponding with these reposted selections: https://soundcloud.com/saud/reposts

  • zarko

    are there any really good underground techno/bass/experimental/industrial pools? something corresponding with these selections: https://soundcloud.com/saud/reposts

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  • Dries Peeters

    Do the remixers get paid on these services? Or is it only for promotion? Thanks

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  • Justin Hook

    Can someone tel me if there is a record pool especially for deep house, tech house, techno?

    • Dries Peeters

      there is some good techno/tech house on zipdj, but don’t know if it’s enough for underground dj’s

  • godzillinois

    I’ve been looking for some sort of documentation or proof of the legality of pools – if I’m going to pay money I would like to know that it is at least legal music I am downloading.

    The legalese in most of these sites’ Terms & Conditions are too hard to follow for me, and I haven’t gotten any replies back from the record labels. Can you list or link what you have found in your research for this article? I’m specifically interested in DJCITY, Clubkillers and DDJP.

  • Dj Deklan

    I see this thread is old now but figured I would jump in., For me http://www.zipdj.com has been fantastic as far as selection and service (I had some pc issues that they helped me with) and price. 100% recommend!

  • DJ Carlos Diaz

    If you are looking for Latin music… The best one IMO is http://www.bpmlatino.com

    They have the most videos and the best quality of Latin videos. All genres (tropical, regional, reggaeton, pop, rock n espanol, 3ball, cumbias and remixes).

    I recommend!

  • Salza

    for european underground please check : http://salza-at-night.blogspot.nl/
    there will be a new pool with german/dutch/swiss/o.a. labels coming up in the near future

    • nicola

      whats the pool with german?

  • Sir Rocco

    I was considering registering to iDJPool and/or BPMSupreme.

    I have now a subscription on livedjservice.com (have you heard about it? it was once DDS and have been a member for 4 years now). I like the genres and subgenres and their service, but it feels like they could have done more about the site or something. Plus they don’t update that frequently. But could you give me a short review?


  • Irvin Cee

    So I just read one of those usage policies.
    “spinning at clubs/radio, mixtapes/CDs, mixshows, blogs, social media, audience-driven events, etc.), solely for promotional and non-commercial personal/professional use purposes, and with proper credit given to the Content Providers and underlying performers, producers, songwriters”

    If read that right you may not use these tracks if u are a DJ playing in the club at a regular night.
    The conditions are promotional use, non-commercial (so entrance free, not commercial event, you playing for free) and you must give credit (announce through mic or screen?) for all the performers, producers and songwriters of that track…


  • Rendition

    Which record pool focuses on EDM I play a pretty wide variety from Minimal, Deep House, Tech House, House, Electro, Progressive etc but I want a record pool that keeps up in all the different genres of electronic music. Thanks, any advice is appreciated

  • RAFH

    Are there no record pools for djs who play techno and tech house? labels like suara, drumcode, kling klong, noir, etc?

    • Fayek Helmi

      based on the amount of likes and the amount of replies (zero) i guess there isn’t. too underground it seems… good. let’s keep it that way.

    • Dries Peeters

      There is some good techno/tech house on zipdj..

  • iDJPool

    iDJPool is MP3 320k and also the new web site version is complete.
    The FTP download version is for (Bulk, Group & Folder Downloads) so you do not have to click on 1 at a time.

  • Sequence

    Great article – do you know of pools that specialise or has a large section of trance songa?

  • PresCamacho

    If you had to recommend ONE that is good and less that $20 which would it be?

    • Nick James

      What type of music are you looking for and do you need video?

      • PresCamacho

        No video, just a record pool that will keep me up to date with upcoming tracks from all genres. Trying to save time

        • Nick James

          For <$20 your two choices from this round are MyMP3Pool and BPM Supreme. Both MMP and BPM have video but they're both designed to keep the catalogs separated so you can ignore the video if you wish.

          I was impressed with both of them and they have similar selection overall. I'd say give either one a shot and maybe try the other later on to choose your personal favourite. You really can't go wrong with either.

          • PresCamacho


    • iDJPool

      Urban DJ Pool

  • alex

    I personally don’t like record pools as much. I have been subscribed to ZipDJ for a while and got pretty disappointed. You don’t get constant quality on mp3s and no wav or aiff files at all, which just sucks. Sometimes you get VBR mp3 or lower than 320 kbps. For me, as I can only speak for ZipDJ, this pool is not a legitimate way to get good audio files.

    • Nick James

      > You don’t get constant quality on mp3s

      This is an issue with all pools unfortunately and is out of their hands. Record pools rely on record labels or independent artists with distribution rights to provide the content and every once and awhile a label or artist will upload something lower than 320Kbps. If a lower quality MP3 is being distributed to one pool by a label I can guarantee it’s being distributed to all pools.

      For ZipDJ, I have 672 ZipDJ tracks on the external harddrive I have with me at work and every single one is 320 Kbps so although the odd 256 may happen it’s not very often so I hope people reading you comment don’t get the wrong idea.

      > no wav or aiff files at all

      The only pool I know of that offers lossless audio is Promo Only.

      > Sometimes you get VBR mp3 or lower than 320 kbps.

      Again, this is up to the label submitting the track and whatever a label is sending to one pool they’re sending to every pool.

      > For me, as I can only speak for ZipDJ, this pool is not a legitimate way to get good audio files.

      You will have a consistent experience just about everywhere as I mentioned. If a pool guarantees every single file as being 320Kbps then chances are they’re just chucking the odd 256 they get from labels in the trash so they don’t appear in their catalog. For lossless as I mentioned Promo Only is your only option without doing the pay-per-track route of BeatPort, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

  • R

    crateconnect.net is a good record pool

    • Nick James

      CrateConnect has been on my long list of record pools for some time and I hope to look at it one day but sadly it just wasn’t possible to include every pool out there between the two articles written for DJTechTools and no matter what I did there were bound to be pools that people hold dear that would be missed.

      If I ever look at it in the future I’ll be sure to write down my findings somewhere. Thanks for mentioning it :)

  • Mokah

    What about Franchise Record Pool: http://www.franchiserecordpool.com? Funkmaster Flex is behind it, and I’ve heard a lot about it, but would it would be great to read a serious review.

    • Nick James

      I apologize for not immediately responding to your post, I was trying to think of the best way to answer the question.

      There are undoubtedly a huge number of pools omitted from my two articles including some that I have actually used in the past like Promo Only, Ultimix/Funkymix, and a host of pools that I haven’t used but have heard of like CrateConnect, Franchise, TJ’s, 8thwonder, 12Inch, and the list goes on. It was simply impossible for me to include every single one so I made my decisions based on which pools I personally use and enjoy most and based on comments I’ve received in the past with suggestions from readers here, DJforums, and reddit.

      I don’t think I will be doing another roundup like the two articles here but I may revisit my single pool “Full Review” format on DJForums and touch on some of the omitted pools and Franchise is definitely on my list should I do that in the future.

      In the meantime I did some digging around for you and I was able to find comments on the following:

      – There were in February some billing problems where a limited number of accounts would be billed but not renewed; I would this has been fixed by now but it’s still worth noting.

      – There is some indication their remix section has a heavy focus on acapella blends and basic intro/outro edits that most DJs could probably do themselves.

      – A comment in April indicates they are slightly slower than other pools to upload new content, not by a huge amount but by a few days at least.

      Other than that most of the comments appear to be positive and I found a number of people who have been with them since they launched and have been happy customers the entire time.

      Personally, looking at their front page I am a little concerned about their sorting methods. In their “recent releases” box I see a whole bunch of tracks that say “(Techno) Artist Name – Track Name” but then under genre say “House”… For one of the tracks I decided to look in to it “(Techno) AFFKT – Dorola and Kruso (Dan Remix) [House]” and discovered neither is correct and the track is in fact Deep House. Obviously that’s not really an issue with content and more with delivery but I get a little neurotic about things like that and even on my favourite pool I have gripes about the way they lump some genres together.

      If I ever do sign up and write a proper review I’ll let you know.

  • AjaAzo

    Are there any record pools with files prepped for traktor? Please answer

    • Nick James

      Not in my experience. There are two factors I believe that drive the trend of files already analysed in Serato.

      – Serato Scratch Live is a free download and doesn’t require hardware or a license of any kind for analysing files or adding cue points. Every person working for the record pool could have a copy of Serato on their workstation without any cost to the pool.
      – In clubs you’re far more likely to find Serato users which to some extent is due to the point about the software being free above; many clubs provide Scratch Live hardware in the form of an SL box or Rane mixer in their booths and because the software is free any resident or visiting DJs can download and install Serato and use the shared hardware. That licensing model especially early on in the DVS days gave Serato considerable market share in nightclubs.

      Of course, regardless of which software the audio is prepped for (if at all) the files are still just MP3s, the analysation process just adds a few extra ID3 tags. So you’re still able to take those files and prep them in the software of your choice be that Traktor, Serato, VirtualDJ, Mixxx, Rekord Box or whatever you might be using.

    • Christian Lee

      Im a tractor guy for years.. to be honest.. Serato has my interest & is currently taking the lead i feel right now.. Im switching soon!

    • Rich Beatz

      there is actually a Traktor database software that converts all the tags and cuepoints of serato songs. I forgot the name of it, just formated my computer, hence i’m here searching for a new record pool to use

  • Steve Oaks

    Anyone know any good pools for lossless audio?

    • Nick James

      To date I have not come across one (that I can remember off the top of my head anyway). I personally still use 320Kbps CBR MP3s and have had zero issues. I have the internet speed and capacity for lossless but I just can’t hear the difference (not wanting to turn this in to a debate, just stating my position).

      If I find a pool with lossless I’ll let you know but I have a feeling you’ll have to stick with Pay-Per-Track if you absolutely must have lossless.

      • Steve Oaks

        The only one I’ve found is Promo Only’s online service. Just looking for more track diversity. Thank you Nick!

  • Marquee Mark

    Nick James! I’ve read all of your other reviews scattered around forums and reddit, but it’s awesome to see your new batch all compiled here. Keep up the good work – think ima finally get on one of these pools thanks to you!

    • Nick James

      Hey, thanks! I really appreciate it and hope you find a pool that serves you well.

    • Nick James

      Hey, thanks! I really appreciate it and hope you find a pool that will serve you well.

  • Nukemi

    Nice, thanks for this! This is really relevant for me right now.

    I have been considering registering to zipDJ as a “mobile DJ”, as i’ve heard it has a decent collection of DnB that is my main genre.

    I would like a place where i can obtain instrumentals/remixes/acapellas for my chosen genre. Would zipDj be the best choice, or should i consider Mymp3pool as well? What would be your recommendation to choose?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Nick James

      > I have been considering registering to zipDJ as a “mobile DJ”, as i’ve heard it has a decent collection of DnB that is my main genre.

      ZipDJ definitely has one of the better selections of DnB of any pool, it’s tossed in with Dubstep and Breaks in the sorting options which means you have to dig a little but that’s common just about everywhere and if you know artists and labels that you can use as starting points it makes the filtering a lot easier.

      > I would like a place where i can obtain instrumentals/remixes/acapellas for my chosen genre. Would zipDj be the best choice, or should i consider Mymp3pool as well? What would be your recommendation to choose?

      Tough one, if we’re still talking about Drum and Bass I am not sure what the acapella/instrumental situation is. Most pools focus their acapella releases on Top40/Club tracks because that’s the area where you’ll find official acapellas most often. Electronic music producers don’t often release acapellas and instrumentals (most DnB tracks are pretty instrumental anyway).

      For DnB ZipDJ would probably be fine by itself but if you have the means to sign up for multiple pools it never hurts to expand your musical sources.

      • Nukemi

        Nice one !

        Thank you for answering. You guys ay DjTT are always so helpful. Keep it up!