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  • lolmayonnaise

    Are you seriously recommending using lossy audio instead of lossless?

  • Patch

    I had high hopes for this article.

    Did not deliver.

  • Deksel

    Hey DJTT,
    Should n’t we take it upon ourselves to create an awesome, OS independent (online? Co-creative?), speed of light mapping editor that will allow us to create insane mappings really fast (for the new MF twister for example). Something like the remix decks project.
    Does n’t seem like NI is listening…

  • alkaruno

    Yet another advanced Beatport search: http://tracksfinder.com/search/advanced/

  • Ginkgo

    Another great resource: whosampled.com, and especially the iOS app. It will scan your iTunes library and reveal the sample sources of all your tracks.

  • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

    I could not for the life of me figure out how to install beets 🙁 haha

  • Dom

    So here’s my question… With Audio Hijack pro… It is my understanding that YouTube only plays at 192kbps. Anything above like 16khz is cut off even if u upconvert it to 320kps.

    • reminixe

      not 16, more like 18-19khz depending on the bitrate, though obviously 320kbps is still far superior

      The article never mentioned youtube though, this is more for finding samples or recording things directly from your DAW, as full tracks being DJ’d at 192kbps is not good

    • Faggot-Tits McGee

      Who cares about what you lose at the top end? It’s the bass you need to worry about. The vast majority of people over 18 can’t hear over 17kHz or therabouts anyway. Also “upconvert” means nothing. A 192kbps mp3 bounced as a 320kbps mp3 is still just a 192kbps mp3. My personal minimum, (and I mean minimum; as in I have to play it but can’t find a 320 kbps mp3 anywhere) is 224kbps, below this low end (and quality in general) starts to disappear

  • kkkkkl

    umm what about trainspotter? best traktor library utility

    • Futureglue Musik

      Yep. Use it all the time.

  • Jerr1233

    Good article concept, too bad that almost half the list is apple only apps. Oh well hopefully some of these developers will release PC versions.

    • Trackhunter

      Hi there, Trackhunter is actually not Mac only, the PC version is available directly from http://www.trackhunter.co.uk

    • ChaZ

      Like a twin brother of “XTREME MAPPING” who loves to wonder in PC-land.

      • achilles

        It also runs in a VM 🙂

        • ChaZ

          Oh yes! Am gonna try that 🙂 Link for cracked XTREME MAPPING?

  • santi elena is cool

    i mean belly

  • santi elena is cool

    soundcloud to your daw, are you guys serious, what about bakery to my bally app?

  • Aken

    Very cool article!

  • Gu3d3Z

    I already use the Xteme MAPPING time, a pity not been updated which makes it incompatible with the current vs Traktor, and several times I sent an email to the developer and never heard back. Undoubtedly one exelente application until the VS 2.6.2 of traktor, hopefully be updated soon

    • It’s sad to hear that. The developer is of XtremeMapping is sitting in another room next to my office. I’ll have a talk to him about it and get back to you.

      • Gu3d3Z

        this sounds like music to me …. I hope he us good news.

        • Singoalla

          And here are the good news… Xtreme Mapping 1.5 is on the Mac AppStore, bringing support to 2.6.x versions including the Remix Decks commands 😉

    • Dan White

      What does not work in XM past 2.6.2?

  • A correction to your article: Trackhunter is not an OSX only program. There is also a version for Windows and he has intent to release Linux, Android, and iOS versions.


  • killmedj

    I would definitely add Snapper by Audioease to this list. So good for sample hunting from the web! well anywhere on your computer to be exact.


  • Yakov

    One more entry for this list: http://www.MetaBliss.com from Mixed In Key. An Excel-style meta data editor for ID3 tags that lets you copy/paste values from one file to another. It also has a “Global Replace” function that removes all “Purchased at Beatport.com” type of junk from the tags.

  • Saleem

    Does the SC Cloud Browser only allow you to pull loops and samples? If it allows you to pull tracks and all audio on SC, then that seems very problematic from a copyright standpoint.

  • Joe Andolina

    Looks like I have a lot of homework to do especially checking out Xtreme Mapping. Thanks for the list.

    On the mac I like Tangerine from Potionfactoryfor getting a rough set lists together.
    Beattapper is a simple bpm counter for android.

  • Alexio Beez

    I use :
    -DJTT audio script :this is a must if you use your laptop for home use and djing.

    -Tottal Comander when I want to make some music selection on a usb stick or external hdd..The best for creating folders and copying music on the fly!

    -Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader.Since most of the tracks you rip from old cd`s has no cover art,this little guy is pretty handy.

    -TeraCopy-when I want to copy/move big amounts of music,this is better then usings windows file copy program…

    -Network WDM ASIO Link: when comes handy when jamming with your band/friends .

  • splenda

    You can download trackhunter for PC as well on their website.

    • Dan White

      Nice catch, I’ll update the article!

      • Guest

        wink wink djsevolved.com Dan =)

  • Xtreme Mapping is a must for anyone that uses Traktor. It actually makes midi mapping enjoyable because of it’s sheer speed.

    • leavesremix

      I still can’t believe Native Instruments hasn’t improved their midi mapping after all these years. Something as simple as allowing the user to adjust the the size of the window would help so much.
      I’ll have to check xtreme mapping sometime.

      • You can actually resize the window now. It’s funny they enabled that feature but didn’t really announce it. The speed in Xtreme Mapping comes from being able to use keyboard commands and do mass channel reassigns. For example I had a Maschine mapping that was using channel 1 for midi messages and it conflicted with the Ableton mapping. I went into Xtreme Mapping highlighted all the commands and changed them to channel 16 in a couple clicks. If I had to do this in Traktor it would involve changing the channels of each mapping 1 by 1.

        • Futureglue Musik

          OMFG! thanks for letting me know u can resize.

      • Jake Hale

        it’s worth the headache of setting up a hackintosh (if you’re into mappings like I am).

        I wish they would make a linux/web/chromeOS app version if they’re going to be so anti-windows.

        • Oddie O’Phyle

          I built a box with the release of 10.6 (vanilla kernal instead of iATKOS), but i do wish that they would release Traktor for RedHat. I don’t personally believe that MBP’s are worth buying for production anymore and finding a lappy that is fully compliant with OSX86 is a pain in the rear.

  • Network WDM ASIO Link Driver – Windows

  • Jake Hale

    lots of cool stuff: I’ll add that I use Vmware to run a virtual OSX machine to use half these tools on a PC

    • zzzuperfly

      damn maybe I should do that – or maybe not – is it is easy to set up? I have had to recover everything twice now due to hardware crashes and I am a bit vary of complicated setups nowadays…