Video: The One v1.2 Released, Timeline Editing Demo

We haven’t forgotten about The One – but this software that aims to break ground on how DJs approach their performances has been off the radar for a few months following a PC-only initial release and quiet ramp up of fixing initial launch bugs and issues. Having been teased since NAMM 2011, it’s fair to say the developers at Audio Artery have been taking their time to build a complete timeline-based DJ solution that looks less like a traditional DJ setup and more like a screenshot of a DAW.

It starts to make a lot more sense with the new demo video they released last week – showing the editing mode being used to make a mashup between Night Train and Might Like You Better:

With the most recent update, the team seems to be aiming to fix a number of stability issues that were problems right out of the gate. The change list includes:

  • usability improvements (for example cue markers and overview gear numbering)
  • several MIDI-learn fixes
  • fixes to possible crashes in decoding audio,  detecting beats (updated zPlane aufTAKT), analyzing collections, library operations
  • fixes to retreiving and showing id tags
  • iTunes fixes
  • several new mappings (device support)
  • snap to grid fixes
  • drag & drop improvements
  • library improvements
  • tap improvements
  • layout fixes

We’ll be doing a full review of The One 1.2 soon here on DJTT – keep an eye on the blog.

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