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Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals From Serato, NI, Moog, and More

We’re well into our own Black Friday madness in the DJTT store, but we’re not the only people out there offering great deals on DJ products. A number of manufacturers are offering their own major discounts on software, gear, and accessories, and we’ve put together a quick round of the best. See them all inside and add your own finds in the comments at the end of the article.



Serato has dropped their prices for Black Friday on “most black colored” items in their store, including t-Shirts, slipmats, phone/computer cases, and a load of different copies of control vinyl (half off, $15-17 for a set of the new remastered control tone). They’ve also put a Serato DJ + Video bundle on discount to $150, which could be a deal for DJs looking to update and get video at the same time. Check out all of the deals in their store here.



Numark has chipped prices on two of their products until the end of Cyber Monday. The iM1 mixer (with built-in iOS dock) drops to $49 – a pretty good price for a simple two channel mixer. Also the Orbit wireless controller, released earlier this year, down to $69. Check out both deals on Numark’s sale page here.



Our friends from Berlin have also put together a ton of software-based deals for DJs and producers alike, dropping the price of Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ for iOS by 50% on all platforms. At the same time, they’re knocking 50% off of Komplete’s Instruments and Effects, Maschine’s Expansion packs, and iMaschine as well. See all of the deals on their Black Friday page – good until December 9th.



Ableton’s dropping all of their software by 20%, including Live 9, upgrades from older versions of Live, Live 9 with Push bundles, expansion (instrument, effects, etc) packs, and Max for Live. Check out all of the prices here – probably not a bad time to update to Live 9 if you’ve been putting it off.



There are only a few companies out there who make custom skins for DJ gear – and one of them, Styleflip, is running a Black Friday deal dropping the price of all of the skins down by 30%. Styleflip can create custom skins for laptops, phones, headphones, mixers, controllers, and more – to get the discount, place an order on their site and enter discount code GVTHX2013 at checkout.



The esteemed synth-makers have cut the price of their awesome Animoog iOS synth application. If software synths aren’t your thing, they’re also offering a 10% off all hardware purchases made on their site, and any order over $250 (pretty common when buying Moog gear) will get a free EP-3 Expression Pedal. Their deals last until Monday night as well, so check them all out here.



While we’re still waiting to hear what’s coming up next from this relatively quiet (as of late) manufacturer, they’re taking this opportunity to discount their flagship models of DJ gear. If you’re in the market for a SC3900 or SC2900 CDJ, or perhaps the four channel MC6000 controller, they all have deals going on for the next few days. Check out the pricing in their most recent email newsletter.



The fine folks over at Mix-Crate put together a fun dj gift guide which contains a wide range of gifts for your local dj including shower head speakers and more.


When looking for all of the best holiday deals for this article, we stumbled across a few incredibly comprehensive collections of gear discounts for producers as well. Check out these great lists for deals on hardware, software, VSTs, instruments, sample packs, MIDI packs, and much more:

Of course there are also a number of additional sales going on at the major music store retailers – keep a keen eye out and maybe you’ll find something really juicy! If you succeed at getting an unbelievable deal on DJ or production gear, share it in the comments so that we can all check it out.

  • AJ Sorenson

    Handmade Maschine cases at for $75, promo code CYBER.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    So yeah… I upgraded Maschine (to version 2.0) and picked up 2 more Maschine expansion packs during the feeding frenzy known as Cyber Monday. Mood: Happy.

  • funky dragon

    thanks for giving

  • YS

    Any word on Push discounts for Cyber Monday?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Yeah, go to the Ableton site. It is marked down.

      • YS

        Saw they have the Live + Push on sale but I already have Live 9. Thanks though.

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          Doesn’t that suck? Most companies won’t make special deals for people who already have one part of the deal they’re making.

  • Mario García

    On best buy the numark idj pro in 150 bucks

    • Jerry

      I dont see that deal!

      • Mario García

        Only best buy mexico bud

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          I wonder why we can’t buy things from wherever we want? It might have been worth the shipping and handling fees if someone would fill your order.

      • hugh

        Appears on Numark website now for US..

  • drizden

    Hdj-2000 Pioneer headphones $207 at guitar center… silver only…. however I went to sam ash and the not only matched it but let me pick white ones…. sexay!